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Sunday, August 14, 2016

See Nigeria’s Top 20 Richest Musicians And Their Net Worth

Music has been paying heavily in Nigeria for the past ten years. No wonder average Nigerian youths sees music as the quick means to wealth and fame.

Why not! When a good number of artistes have risen from nothing to something over the years, enjoying wealth that can only be imagined by average people. The question is Who is the richest among these musicians and how much are they worth?

In music, your popularity determines your worth, you don’t make poo if you are not popular. How do we determine the popularity of an artiste? Do not let their noises or that of their fans deafen your ears, some aren’t worth that much, while some worth so much.

The number one means of knowing how popular a musician or music is, is by checking out it’s YouTube stat. If you are popular, it will show on your YouTube views, no manipulation. And if you have a great stat on YouTube, you are a great artiste, making good money.

Another means is through awards but since most music awards are heavily manipulated, we are going to skip awards and use other means such as endorsement and ability to pull crowed and command good appearance fee. Self promotion isn’t gonna count in this rating.

Here I present to you the top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria and their estimated net worth. This list is the most detailed and most accurate you can find anywhere on the internet. Enjoy

20. Patoranking – This guy is making name for himself in the music industry in Nigeria and it’s not surprising that he made the top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria despite that it’s not been quite long since he breaks into the limelight.

His hit song (Girlie O) featuring Tiwa Savage has grossed over 4 million views on YouTube as the time this article was being written. Patoranking’s net worth is estimated to be – N350,000,000

19. Olamide – One of the craziest rapper in Nigeria and Africa. So crazy he called himself Badoo. Olamide has built name and fortune for himself in the music industry in Nigeria. Right from the first day I heard him first song, I knew he was gonna make it in the music industry.

His song with the highest YouTube views is “Eleda Mi” with 1.2 million views. He was able to over take Patoranking due to the fact he has multiple single with collective views of more than 5million. He is believed be to be the mastermind behind the rise of Shoki. Olamide’s current net worth is put at – N560,000,000

18. Chidinma Ekile – Chidinma has one thing going for her – she is extremely likeable. That alone has skyrocketed her take home performance fees and worth to an enviable position. From a mere contestant in MTN Project Fame to a household name in Nigeria, Chidinma has created wealth that her peers could only dream about.

Her biggest video to date is “Kedike” with 1.2 million YouTube hit, followed by “Oh Baby” featuring Falvour with 600,000 views. And collective views of about 5 million. Chidinma’s net worth is put at – N572,000,000

17. Duncan Mighty – He has refused to step an inch away from the Niger Delta oil. With unique beats, superior voice quality, and dance step to match, Duncan Mighty is considered one of the most successful artistes ever come out of the Niger Delta.

He most popular song on is “Obianuju” and “Port Harcourt Boy” which has collective views of 3.1 million. With strong affiliation to the Niger Delta politicians, Duncan mighty is estimated to worth – N700,000,000.

16. Yemi Alade – How she made it? I don’t know, but she is currently the biggest female musician in Nigeria after Tiwa Savage and may overtake Tiwa in a couple of years if not months. The first day I heard “Jonny” played in my car by one of the Nigerian F.M Station, I knew something serious was about to hit us.

Yemi currently has the most successful and most popular music video by any African female artiste on YouTube. The total views for “JONNY” as at this time is 13,435,171. Yemi Alade’s current net worth is N820 million.

15. Ice Prince – He broke into the limelight with “Oleku” featuring Brymo which currently has 3.1 million views on YouTube. Ice Prince Zamani is one of the finest rapper in Nigeria. To me, he is better than M.I in terms of flow.

Few days ago, the picture of when he was younger and hustling hit the internet and you can see how far she has been transformed from a naive young boy to a world class superstar! Ice prince net worth is – N870,000,000.

14. Phyno – The only hardcore rapper I’ve ever seen in Africa. He does it like no other, providing new dimension to rap music in Nigeria. Phyno is to the Igbos what Olamide is for Yorubas but he does it in a completely different fashion. So good that rap haters like me is forced to like rap music.

Phyno is a genius. Everyone wants to collaborate with Phyno for good reasons. He is hot in the market. Phyno’s net worth is put at – N900,000,000.

13. Tiwa Savage – Welcome the queen of music in Nigeria, the sexy mama, the first lady of Mavins Record! Tiwa Savage is among the very few Nigerian artistes whose average video is grossing over 1 million on YouTube. She currently has about five videos with more than a million views each. Eminado is currently doing 7+ million.

Her net worth is – N970,000,000 and may soon crossover to billion in this rating within the next couple of months.

12. KCee – Currently making serious wave in the Nigerian music scene, KCee, formerly a member of the KCPresh is one of the most fortunate guys in the industry. He picked the right beat at the right time, and the rest has become history.

His hit songs “Limpopo” and “Pull Over” are currently on 14.5 million views collectively on YouTube. KCee net worth is – N983,000,000

11. M.I – Regarded as the most successful rap artiste ever in Africa, M.I has built a reputation that will be too difficult for anyone to surmount. He is among the major stakeholders in Chocolate City Records and is credited with the rise to fame of Ice Prince Zamani.

For the sake of the record label and the stars that came through it, we are placing MI at number 11 on this list. His current net worth is – N988,000,000.

10. Timaya – Timaya’s vocal power is unmatched in the industry. He is one one the best and probably the most successful music star ever come out of the Niger Delta area. Far more successful than Daniel Wilson and others. He is truly the “Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa”.

One of his hit track “Sanko” is about to hit 2 million views while his biggest hit “Bum Bum” featuring Sean Paul has already grossed over 16 million on YouTube. Timaya net worth is – N1.1billion

09. Banky W – Two best music videos ever done in Nigeria to his credit (Lagos Party and Wizkid’s Holla at ur Boy) and a serious record label of his own, Banky W is surely a force to reckon with in the Music business in Nigeria.

From Etisalat to Samsung, he has the knack to land juicy endorsement deals anytime. Started with a copycat of Rihanna’s song, he graduated to international superstar, doing original songs and winning awards. Banky W net worth is – N1.8 billion.

08. Wizkid – From a backup [like] artiste to Banky W, Wizkid was transformed into international mega star by just one music video – Holla at ur Boi! That video created the defining moment in his career and today, he is the Wizkid you and I know.

Widely regarded as the Austine Bieber of Nigeria, Wizkid one of the stars in the industry that many upcoming artistes look up to, to be just like him. What he lacks in vocal talent, he makes up in personality appeal. Wizkid net worth is – N2.3 billion.

07. Iyanya – From a hungry project fame ex-winner to international famous superstar within the space of three years. Iyanya has shown that if you want to be successful in Nigeria, give them what they want and you will be blessed with wealth.

Iyanya’s hit song (“Kukere” complete with it’s one unique dance step) currently has more than 15 million views on YouTube. His net worth is – N2.5 billion.

06. Davido – What he lacks in physical appeal, he makes up with great vocal talent – the twisted version of Wizkid. Davido is one musician in Nigeria that I so much like his vocal talent, he is a singer and song maker extraordinaire.

His two songs “Aye” and “Gobe” are currently having 15 million and 11 million respectively on YouTube. Son of a politician and business man, Davido’ net worth is – N2.9 billion.

05. Tu Face – The one everyone respects in the industry. Tu Face has become the present day legend in African pop culture. By the time he hangs his trumpet, he will be studied in universities across Africa. African Queen remains his biggest hit ever, meaning that this legend lives largely in the past glory

He has not been able to do another song more popular than the famous African Queen or even close to it’s popularity. But what he lacks in hit songs, he makes up in reproduction, building future generation of Idibias. Tu Face net worth is – N4.5 billion.

04. D’Banj – From life in the streets of The United Kingdom to MoHit and one of the biggest superstar Nigeria has ever seen. D’Banj has proved that what you need to become successful is in you. You don’t need to look for it elsewhere, it’s within you.

His biggest song ever is the last song produced by Don Jazzy, Oliver Twist. It dethroned P-Square’s songs temporally in 2013 as the highest viewed Nigerian song on YouTube before Personally from P-Square reclaimed the number one spot. D’Banj net worth is – N5 billion.

03. Flavour – Virtually every artistes in the industry has featured Flavour in the songs. His vocal ability is unrivaled. He is one of the very best the industry has ever seen. From the moment he picked up the guitar, you now he is destined to the top. Flavour Nabalia is one like no other and no one could mimic him successfully no matter how hard you try. He is the one and only Flavour, and after him there may be no other Flavour.

He has everything going for him. His physical appeal, pure vocal talent, and mastery of the music instruments, Flavour is everything others desires to be. His current net worth is – N5.7 billion

02. Don Jazzy – The only musician in this list with no song to call his own. Yet, he command so much respect and money that even the best in the industry dare not ask who is he. Don Jazzy is builder, a producer extraordinaire and industry pacesetter. Whatever thing he lays his hands on becomes gold. He produced D’Banj to international superstar, and when D’Banj left, he produced other superstars.

Dorobucci, Eminado, Sulurere, Banana – these are are some of the major hits he produced after the MoHit saga. Don Jazzy net worth is – N7 billion.

01. P-Square – No one does it like P-Square in the music industry in Nigeria! When you think they’ve done their best, they come up with something completely different. They have no competition, they only compete with themselves. Outside Akon, P-Square is the biggest music stars ever come out of Africa – dead or alive!

You may ask, how about Fela, Ndiaye, Lucky Dube, Blenda Fassie, and Awilo Logomba? Well, they are all legends of music in Africa but when it comes to earning and popularity allover Africa, they are no match to P-Square with all due respect. This is based on facts and figures.

Pick up the all times African top 10 music video on YouTube, P-Square alone has 5, leaving the other 5 for the entire artistes in Africa to share!

Chop my money = 24 million+.
Do me = 14 million+.
Personally = 35 million+.
Beautiful Onyinye = 21 million+.
Alingo = 7 million+.

The only celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry that has mansion in Banana Island. They are the Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi of African music. The only artistes in Africa you can not book with less than $100,000. P-Square net worth is – N25.6 billion.


Mike Duru - JAWA

It’s Mike Duru ! Undoubtedly emerging as One of Nigeria’s finest Artistes, releases a master piece, titled #JAWA, a melodiously rearranged song of worship, which flows from a Thankful Heart that loves God.
This soulful and lovely song was produced by Him, Mixed and Mastered @ Cosmos Sound.

Mike Duru is a Gifted Gospel Music Minister, Recording Gospel Artiste, Multi Talented instrumentalist, Songwriter and Producer.
He is a passionate singer whose desire is to glorify God with his gifts. What we appreciate about this man is that he delivers intensively, personal songs that have a lasting impression on your emotions.

We envision God touching lives through his music and We highly recommend that you add this song to your latest playlist”

Pope Francis meets with Nigerian women rescued from prostitution in Italy

Pope Francis on Friday, August 12, visited a refugee centre in Rome housing women rescued from forced prostitution as part of his ‘Friday of Mercy’ gestures during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

During his visit, the Pontiff met with the 20 women rescued from the sex trade who were trafficked from their countries, including Nigeria, Romania, Albania,Tunisia, Ukraine, and Italy.

All of the women were the victims of severe physical abuse during their ordeal and are living under protection in the home run by the Pope John the 23rd community.

A statement from the Holy See Press office said the Pope’s visit to this refugee centre is another reminder of the need to fight against human trafficking, which the Pope has described as "a crime against humanity" and "an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ".

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris spotted making out with boyfriend

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris and her rocker boyfriend were photographed making out in public. They have been dating for almost a year now. See more photos

Instagram user whose amazing pregnancy yoga went viral is back & this time with baby strapped to her chest

Kokobie, who became an Instagram sensation after her pregnant yoya routine went viral is back after taking a rest following the delivery of her baby boy.

Kokobie, an Ethiopian living in Canada with her Chef husband and children, posted photos of her heavily pregnant self in different intricate yoga poses, even at 39 weeks. The mother of four has been updating her Instagram with photos of new yoga routine, this time with her adorable newborn strapped to her body. More photos

Gospel singers Donnie McClurkin and Nicole C Mullen are engaged

American gospel singers Donnie McClurkin and Nicole C. Mullen are getting married. Donnie McClurkin made the announcement when he appeared on TBN's long -running "Praise the Lord" ministry show on Thursday night.

Rumors that McClurkin and Mullen, 49, were dating started circulating after the two stepped out together at the 2015 Stellar Awards. But the gospel singers never made an official announcement about their romance until Thursday.

A.R. Bernard, who was also a guest on the show hinted at McClurkin's engagement during a discussion about his new book, What Women Want From Men. Th show host Matt Crouch then stood up and announced that the 56-year-old "We Fall Down" singer and Perfecting Faith Church pastor is, in fact, on course to getting married.

"OK, are you ready for something? You want me to just drop something on ya?" Crouch asked the audience as he shouted, "Donnie McClurkin's getting married! Come on!"

McClurkin then proceeded to explain his decision. "Well praise God," he said. "Honestly, the only thing in my life that is missing is marriage. The only thing that is missing in my life that can cause real family, is marriage. Financially, I'm there. Spiritually, I'm almost there. Emotionally, I'm getting it together. But the only thing that's missing out of everything that I'm doing locally, cross country and globally is that aspect that makes family, family — is that wife that would make man whole, that element that brings favor to man."

"I have a lot of great things, but I don't have a good thing, and there's favor that can only come through marriage to a man,"

The New York-based minister talked about spending his nights watching Cartoon Network until 2 a.m. and confessed that he has come to realize the missing part of his existence is to have a help mate.

"To have someone that I can love. I'm not saying to love me, 'cause there's a lot of people that love me. I want someone that I can love, heal and comfort, protect and secure. That's what I want," he said.

Crouch asked McClurkin to name his future bride and McClurkin described how God brought him and Mullen together on an flight to Africa in December 2015.

McClurkin said that even though they've known each other for 15 years, the first time they really had a chance to talk was when they were seated next to each other on a flight to Ivory Coast, during which they spoke for eight hours.

Mullen was married twice. During her first marriage, the songwriter and choreographer endured physical and mental abuse. In 1993, she married CCM singer-songwriter David Mullen. They announced their divorce in 2014, citing "Biblical reasons" The marriage produced three children, one daughter and two sons.

Donnie has a biological son and an adopted daughter but this will be his first marriage

Photos from the wedding of the daughter of the Min. of Environment, Amina Mohammed

Samira, the beautiful daughter of the Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed, married her man Ibrahim, on Friday August 12th. Congrats to them. More photos

Rio Olympics: Go for the gold! President Buhari hails victorious Nigerian soccer team

President Buhari on Saturday praised the indomitable spirit of the Nigerian soccer team to the 2016 Olympics Game. Nigeria beats Denmark 2.0 to secure a place in the semi-finals

A statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesin, said a cheering President Muhammadu Buhari Saturday night praised the indomitable spirit of the Nigerian soccer team to the Olympics Games, which saw them flying over Denmark 2-0 to qualify for the semi-finals.

"Again and again, the unconquerable Nigerian spirit has come to the fore, showing that where there is a will, there's always a way. This was a team that was not given much chance, but which has now advanced into the semi-finals. Go for it. Go for the gold, and let the Nigerian banner be held proudly aloft once again on the global stage. We are almost there. Let's go."

President Buhari urged the Nigerian nation to pray and support the Nigerian contingent to the Olympics, especially the soccer team, so that the rest of the world will know that even in the face of economic adversity, the Nigerian spirit remains resolute and lifted high.

"And this, we shall demonstrate in every sphere of our national life," the President added.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Dino – I Pray (Prod. By Fliptyce)

Dino - I Pray (Prod. By Fliptyce)

Dino – I Pray (Prod. By Fliptyce)

Listen to “I Pray” by Dino a prayerful song produced by prolific music producer, Fliptyce.

“I Pray” by the LA Efactory Music signed artiste is inspirational.

Let’s Pray

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Eileen – Wonderful God


Houston based gospel artist Eileen debuts her first single “Wonderful God” a new single that professes the glorious majesty of God. This song is the definition of heavenly inspiration and should be considered among top gospel songs of the year.

Eileen begun her music career in her local church, Christ Embassy aka Believers Loveworld in Houston Texas. She began as a choir member, later becoming the choir leader and currently serving as the Regional Choir Director-Texas. Under the tutelage, leadership and guidance of Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome and her regional pastor, Rev Ken Oyakhilome, she was equipped with the unappall message of Christ which laces all the lyrics and messages of her music.

“Wonderful God” is written by the singer/songwriter Eileen, Composed and arrangements by gospel sensation John Godfrey. produced by Da Genius. The collaboration of these talents resulted to this beautiful single(Wonderful God)

“Wonderful God” is now available for download on ITunes and Amazon Music This debut aims to uplift the listeners to glorify and praise God for His majesty; wondrous work, omniscient self-existing all powerful one, who reigns on high in fullness, splendor and glory

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: doKristo C – Akanchanwa

Kristo C - Akanchanwa

Kristo C – Akanchanwa
Akanchawa is a feel good and prayerful gospel song of the highest order, a perfect blend of gospel and afro pop, performed by Kristo C, the newly signed “velvet voiced” First Class Music.

It is more than a song, its a message of hope, goodwill, joy, happiness and a perfect fix to kick your day off with, lifting up your heart and soul.

Akanchawa is a balm for the soul. Download song below and enjoy

VIDEO Premiere : Sound Sultan ft. Phyno & Flavour – African Lady

VIDEO Premiere : Sound Sultan ft. Phyno & Flavour - African Lady

VIDEO Premiere : Sound Sultan ft. Phyno & Flavour – African Lady

Barely 36 hours into the release of his amazing song ‘African Lady‘ featuring Phyno and Flavour, Naija Ninjas boss artist – Sound Sultan unleashes the equally beautiful video to compliment the song.

In the video, the beauty of the African woman is showcased and highly praised, as it should be.

Enjoy below and don’t forget to leave your comments below

Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish are married

Comedian Kevin Hart and his heartthrob, Eniko Parrish got married Saturday. His children were part of his wedding train. Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union, Ludacris and his wife, Nelly and his wife and a host of other stars were in attendance. More photos

Jhene Aiko sends a message to her haters

Jhene Aiko who was trolled by various people on Twitter yesterday, shared this photo wearing a shirt with new boo, Big Sean's face on it and giving her haters the middle finger and the peace sign, backstage in Syracuse, New York, still on her High Road Tour. Another photo

Naomi Campbell and her Empire co-star Jussie Smollett stun on the cover of Attitude magazine

Supermodel Naomi Campbell happily shared the spotlight as she graced the cover of Britain's Attitude magazine with her Empire co-star, Jussie Smollett. Jussie Smollett is a gay actor on the show and in real life. Naomi said gay men made her who she is today. Naomi enthused:

'I’ve always said without gay men, I wouldn’t be where I am today.' Another photo

E-money rides in style with his wife for a fun night

E-money, the Chairman of five star group and his wife Juliet Okonkwo stepped out looking lovely in a very expensive looking ride to have a night of fun in Lagos on Friday night. More photos

Bizarre photoshoot shows strangers completely naked and covered in paint

Up to twenty strangers stripped down and covered themselves in bright paint for a photoshoot by former US combat cameraman veteran, Aaron Ansarov. The Florida resident who aims to send a positive message using art as a medium paints naked bodies in vivid colors to prove everyone can be uniquely the same. He said:

"I've always been curious as to why people act the way they do and what it is that causes them to be so unique. "But no matter what level of social status, race, religion or education, there seems to be a common lack of self love or judgement of others that holds us back from being truly at peace with each other.
"I want viewers to see these subjects as vibrantly unique and dynamic humans being human" "I'm not a body painter, those guys are super talented in transforming a human into something else. The transformation on my shoots however is internal. The work of art is the proof."
Since he started the project last year, Aaron has captured nearly 200 subjects.

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