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Monday, April 3, 2017

Jidenna, Jagged Edge, Tiwa Savage others light up Pepsi Corporate Elite Retro Black Tie Event

If day 1 of the Pepsi Corporate Elite Weekend Takeover was mind-blowing, especially thanks to the unveiling of Tekno as the 2017 Pepsi Brand Ambassador, then Day 2 put a twist to the entertainment as the Retro Black Tie event featured performances by Jidenna, the timeless Jagged Egde and other foreign artistes. Tiwa Savage, Flavour, MI, P Square, Falz and J Martins were some of the other artistes that brought the house down.

Glitz, elegance and class filtered through the whole of Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos, as ladies arrived in their stunning dresses while the guys looked dapper in their suits and ties, looking exactly like the corporate elite they are.

The crowd went into a fever pitch when American R&B sensation, Jagged Edge stepped on stage to thrill the crowd with hit classics like Where The Party At, Let’s Get Married and Wifey. It was a night of thrill filled entertainment, never to be forgotten… and it was brought to you courtesy of Pepsi.

See more pictures below:

Miss Bumbum 2016 claims Cristiano Ronaldo hit on her behind his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez's back

Erika Canela, shocked the world when few months ago she made history as the first black woman to win the famous 'Miss Bum Bum' contest in Brazil. Fast forward to April 2017 and she is in newspaper headlines again.

This time, she claims that the world's most famous athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo asked her out and even could have slept with her behind his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez's back.

20 year old Erika claimed that she got messaged on Instagram by Cristiano and at first she didn't believe he was the one until she checked his profile and saw he had over 90 million Instagram followers, then she replied him. She then revealed that Ronaldo asked her out on a date to which she obliged.

According to her, Ronaldo during his international break with Portugal then invited her to come over, but she arrived late and he told her he only had 15 minutes for her, a statement which annoyed her.. Seeing that she wasn't interested in spending just 15 minutes with him, Ronaldo then told her to go and blocked her on Instagram and Whatsapp afterwards.

Read the full transcript of her revelation below;

'Erika Canela, 20, told a Portuguese magazine that #cristianoronaldo messaged her after she left a reality TV show 4 days ago on Saturday 25 March - & ended up sending a car to pick her up from her Lisbon hotel after tempting her into a date.

Here is the TRANSLATED original article:
"He sent me a message four days ago, when I was still on the reality TV. [Nr: Saturday, 25] I went out at night, I arrived in a bar, I get Internet Wi-Fi, I called my mom, I noticed there was a message from Cristiano Ronaldo but I thought it must be some fake. I clicked on the photo, it said 'Hey', I noticed that there were 90 and a few million followers, it was a verified account and I couldn’t believe it. I sent a heart to ask 'Hi, how are you?' Soon after, like an hour, he sent me a message with a video of me saying, 'Wow, all that?' I said yes, that it was me. "
The conversation ended and, in the morning, Cristiano Ronaldo replied.
"In the morning, he woke up and apologized because he had fallen asleep and proposed to meet at his home. I explain to him I have to take a flight and I will try to change flight. And he said he'd love to meet- I went to the airport, I was able to change the flight.” According to Erika, the meeting was scheduled for 20:00 Sunday. A car was sent by the Real Madrid player, was waiting for her at her hotel's door, in the Saldanha area of ​​Lisbon. However, Erika ended up being about 20 minutes late. And CR didn't like that delay. Our journal was at the local and caught her while entering into the car which was driving to (Avenida da Libertade). The brazilian left the car and re-entered, and returned to her hotel.
Erika explain what happened for TV7dias:
"I was a little late. I couldn't have access to internet because my phone was having problems but after I could. In the car I talked with him and he became angry. He was a little rude, I didn't like it, he said he had little time because he had other commitment I say to him I'm not a woman for 15 minutes or half an hour and I left." She admits to have been hurt:" I would like to date him but he used me like an object. I was nervous and upset. I thought it was ridiculous. #rumor #ronaldo #cr7 #tabloid

U.S will deal with North Korea single-handedly if China won't help, & if they don't, it won't be good for anyone' - Donald Trump

Ahead of the Chinese president Xi Jinping 's state visit to the U.S this April, Donald Trump has issued an ultimatum to China, saying it's either the Asian giant helps the U.S in putting a halt to North Korea's nuclear program or they don't help the U.S at all and if China refuses to, it wouldn't be good for 'anyone'.

North Korea has advanced it's nuclear program in the last couple of months and military experts believe it won't be long before North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un develops the capability to launch nukes into the United States.

Trump has always blasted North Korea's nuclear program, blaming former president Barack Obama for allowing Kim go this far with his military expansion, but promised he will deal with North Korea one way or the other with or without China's help- as China has refused to support America in it's criticism of N.Korea's nuclear program.

The U.S under Donald Trump believes China can deal with China single-handedly if they want to, as the country accounts for 70% of North Korea's income from trade and could block their nuclear program by freezing their income but China has said so many times that the U.S keeps exaggerating Beijing's influence over North Korea.
''If Beijing won't help solve it, then we will alone'' Trump said in an interview published Sunday in the Financial Times.
"China will either decide to help us with North Korea or they won't, If they do, that will be very good for China, and if they don't, it won't be good for anyone."
When Trump was asked to clarify if he believed the US could solve the problem without China, Trump said: "totally."

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said in an interview with ABC News on Sunday, that the US should "no longer take the excuses from China that 'they're concerned.'"
"They need to show us how concerned they are... the only country that can stop North Korea is China, and they know that," she said.
China has also advised the U.S to stop military drills with South Korea and Japan as it wouldn't help anyone.
"On one hand, North Korea has violated UN Security Council resolutions banning its ballistic missile launches; on the other hand, South Korea, the US -- and now Japan -- insist on conducting super-large-scale military drills. It's a vicious cycle that could spiral out of control -- and such a scenario would benefit no one," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said during a recent press briefing.

Photos: South African man killed by robbers three weeks after his wedding

The general manager of an Edleen Dairy shop died in hospital on Friday morning, March 31, after being shot during an armed robbery in Midland, Geuteng, South Africa on Thursday night, March 30.

Dyke Motsepa tied the knots with his wife Kido Nyareli on March 11th.
He succumbed to his injuries, a bullet wound to the stomach, while being treated at Tembisa Hospital.

According to Norkem Park South Africa Police Service, Motsepa was wounded during an armed robbery at Pizzarology, a wholesale dairy distributor on Modderhill Road next to CR Swart Drive, during which two armed men ambushed two general managers and a security guard.

According to a co-worker, Emmanuel, he and Motsepa had just finished locking up the shop at about 6.30pm when the incident occurred.

“I was waiting in the car for Dyke as he was setting up the security alarm. That was when one of the security guards at the complex said he noticed a white Golf parked inside the complex.
''He went to the car and told the person inside they were not permitted to park there. But the person ignored him,"When he was done, Motsepa got into the passenger side of Emmanuel’s car.

"A few moments later, I heard an extremely loud bang on my side of the car [driver’s side]. It was a man carrying a big gun telling us, ‘Phumani! Phumani emotweni!’ (get out of the car), which we did."As Emmanuel and Motsepa got out of the car, the armed man instructed them, along with a security guard, to get onto the floor. Moments later, a second man, armed with a small handgun, walked up to the group while talking on his cell phone.

"They started asking us where the manager was and we told him he was gone. They didn’t believe us and told us we were lying. The guy with the big gun saw someone looking down from the flats nearby and became nervous. He called someone and told them to bring the car around because someone was watching them," Emmanuel explained.A Golf pulled up and he went to the car. The second guy also started walking away and that’s when Emmanuel and Motsepa saw an opportunity to escape.

"As we got up, I heard a huge bang. When I looked, I saw the second guy with the small gun had shot Dyke in the stomach."
He then fled in a white Audi. Motsepa screamed in pain and walked towards a passageway at the shops, where he fell to the ground.

“He asked for us to call his mother."

By this time tenants from other shops had come outside after hearing the commotion and called an ambulance and the police.

Emmanuel had known Motsepa for years after Motsepa had started working at the shop about seven or eight years ago.

"He had become like a brother to me because he knew my family and I knew his."

Motsepa, who lived in Ivory Park with his family only returned to work about three days before the incident after being on leave for his wedding.

"Just yesterday he was showing us photographs from his wedding day."

A woman who worked with Motsepa and Emmanuel described the deceased as a “fantastic person who was very loving and kind"

More photos from their wedding, below...

Shina Peller's wife release stunning new photos

Quilox boss, Shina Peller's wife, Ayobola Peller shared these stunning photos on her Instagram page in celebration of her birthday. More photos after the cut.

Runtown x Sess – Mad Over You (PRBLM Remix)

Runtown x Sess – Mad Over You (PRBLM Remix)

Fast-rising hip-hop producer, Sess The PRBLM Kid remixes what has been the biggest hit of 2017 so far, Runtown‘s “Mad Over You“. The outcome? Check it out below.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Orezi ft. Davido & Special Ed – BomBom

Orezi ft. Davido & Special Ed – BomBom

Orezi and Davido are 2 acts whose paths have crossed on multiple occasions. In 2013, a joint HKN deal almost materialized, and in 2015, they dropped the hit collaboration “Shuperu (Remix)“.

It turns out during the 2012/2013 spell, they recorded a few unreleased songs, with this tune “BomBom” being one of them. 5 years later, we get to hear it. Listen/download below.

DJ Waje Waje Ft. ScoobyNero – Kolobi (prod. TRK)

DJ Waje Waje Ft. ScoobyNero – Kolobi (prod. TRK)

DJ Waje Waje Ft. ScoobyNero – Kolobi (prod. TRK)

Internationally recognized TeamScoobyNero official Dj Waje Waje has dropped his first official single titled “KOLOBI”. He features Nigerian diaspora music artist, ScoobyNero on this one!

This is a vibey Anthem.


TWITTER – @DJWAJEWAJE | @Teamscoobynero | @Scoobynero

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Bayo Shine – Daddy (prod. Antras)

Bayo Shine – Daddy (prod. Antras)

Bayo Shine – Daddy (prod. Antras)

Nigerian singer with Afrocentric and energetic style, Bayo Shine born Adeshina Abayomi here again with new single titled ‘Daddy’ nice tune produced by the magic hit maker, Antras.

Listen, enjoy and share

Paris Jackson steps out with hairy underarms (photos)

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris attended GLAAD media awards in Beverly Hills over the weekend with hairy armpits. Ladies, is this okay?

If President Buhari runs for president again, he would win- Femi Adesina says

Senior Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, was a guest on Channels Television yesterday where he stated that if President Buhari runs for president again, he would win. Adesina said that although the election would be determined by Nigerians, his boss would still win.

“That would depend on Nigerians, but if you ask me as an individual, I will say, yes, the president can win and win again and again.”
Addressing the call made by suspended lawmaker, Abdulmumin Jibrin, that President Buhari resigns from office due to his failing health, Adesina said Jibrin's opinion is one out of over 15 million Nigerians that voted President Buhari into office.

“That rep has given an opinion. He has a right to his opinion. We don’t begrudge him that, no one should begrudge him. But his opinion is just his opinion, it’s not the gospel. So, if he thinks the president can’t do the job, it is just his opinion. One vote didn’t bring the president to power. Over 15 million Nigerians voted for the president into office, so one person cannot say he should quit. So what he has said is his opinion and he has a right to it". He said it is only natural for President Buhari to seek for medical care whenever he is ill. “You need to be alive before you can govern. It’s only natural that if a president falls sick, he should seek medical attention. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t even rule. So, it is just natural that the president went away when he needed it. And when you have been ill, to quote him, he said he had never been that sick in his life. So, when you come back you don’t go charging in like a bull into your normal schedule. You work yourself gradually into it, and that is what the president has been doing, and he is doing it effectively. When the president came back on March 10 and he addressed Nigerians. He said after some weeks, he will go back for a review. I think that is just laying the cards on the table. I think he should be commended, not some people wanting to make it an albatross around his neck. He should rather be commended for being forthright with Nigerians. In a matter of weeks, I will be going back for review, the president said that, and for now there is no cause for us to say he will not go back, but whenever he is going, he will make Nigerians know.”

21-year-old Nigerian Mo Adeniran wins The Voice UK

21-year-old UK born Nigerian Mo Adeniran was last night crowned the winner of the The Voice UK 2017 during the show’s finale.

Mo, who works night shifts at a hotel, beat other contestants with his rendition of Iron Sky which had the judges turning their chairs. His victory left him in shock while his mentor, Jennifer Hudson, burst into tears of joy.

“Thank you everyone at home, I just want to say thank you to Jennifer and all the coaches. An amazing thank you to the most phenomenal person I have ever met, thank you Jennifer,” Mo said after he was announced winner.
Mo also won a record deal with Polydor Records and the company congratulated him via their Twitter account.
“CONGRATS TO @imjustcalledmo FOR WINNING THE VOICE UK! We'll be seeing you soon,” they wrote.

Below is the video of his rendition of Iron Sky.

VIDEO: Baykon – Show Me Love

VIDEO: Baykon – Show Me Love

VIDEO: Baykon – Show Me Love

1930 Dynasty multifaceted Nigerian Afro-pop singer/song writer Bako Adekunle Micheal a.k.a Baykon, unleashes the much awaited visuals to Dj Coublon produced hit single titled “Show Me Love” The irreplaceable singer – Baykon is a breath of fresh air with a unique style.

Baykon rides out on this award winning music video Ruff Ikonz Films directed top notch video “Show Me Love” shot in Nigeria, which pledges to rock airwaves across the globe. Watch, Listen, enjoy and share your thoughts below.

Get Connected with Baykon on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page: @baykonofficial

President Buhari congratulates Ebenezer Obey as he turns 75

President Muhammadu Buhari congratulated legendary musician, Evangelist Ebenezer Fabiyi Obey as he celebrated his 75th birthday today, April 3, 2017. Special Adviser to the President Media & Publicity, Femi Adesina, said the President congratulated Obey in a letter to the veteran musician that partly reads:

‘‘Please accept my congratulations, and that of teeming Nigerians, on this occasion of your 75th birthday anniversary.
Chief Commander Ebenezer Fabiyi Obey is a household name in Nigeria, and even beyond. You have through music flown the flag of our country proudly in many nations of the world, and you are a veritable ambassador of our motherland.’’The President said Nigerians rejoice with the septuagenarian at the auspicious moment, while praying that God will grant him more years of service to the nation, and humanity.

Kim Kardashian denies rumours that she was attacked outside a restaurant in LA

Kim Kardashian who was at a restaurant after the Fashion Los Angeles Awards show was rumored to have been attacked outside of the classy, Chinese restaurant, Mr. Chow in L.A..She has since denied the rumour by tweeting:

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