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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Joe Biden will not inherit any followers from Trump's POTUS Twitter account when he becomes president next month


Joe Biden will not inherit any followers from Trump

Twitter has announced it will not transfer the millions of followers from Trump's POTUS account to Biden when he takes over the US Presidency on January 20, 2021.


According to Twitter who allowed Trump make use of the followers it got from Obama's then POTUS account, Biden's POTUS account will start with zero followers when he becomes president .

Twitter plans to wipe out all followers from the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts once Biden is sworn in on January 20th, rather than transferring the accounts’ existing followers over to the new administration, according to Rob Flaherty, Biden’s digital director.

The accounts for @VP, @FLOTUS, @PressSec, @Cabinet, and @LaCasaBlanca will also have their followers wiped, Twitter said. 


The Wall Street Journal reported this week that there was contention between the Biden camp and Twitter over whether followers would transfer over.

This is a reversal from what Twitter did in 2017 when the Trump administration took over accounts from the Obama administration. Back then, Twitter essentially duplicated the existing accounts, creating an archive of Obama-era tweets and followers and building a new set of accounts for the incoming administration that retained all of those followers without any of the tweets.


Twitter hasn’t explained why it’s changing the policy this time. Twitter told The Verge it is “in ongoing discussions with the Biden transition team on a number of aspects related to White House account transfers.”

Biden’s team seems to be unhappy about this change in policy, given the significant digital advantage they’ll be losing. Flaherty said the transition team “pushed back and we were told this was unequivocal.”


On Inauguration Day, anyone who follow one of the handles being transitioned will receive a notification that the account is being archived, a Twitter spokesperson said. They will also be given the option to follow the Biden administration’s new accounts. 

This will be a major digital set back for Biden as those accounts have significant followings.

 @POTUS has 33 million followers, @WhiteHouse has 26 million, @FLOTUS has 16 million, and @PressSec has 6 million.


Donald Trump’s @POTUS account will be renamed @POTUS45 and “frozen as-is,” the Journal reported. He’ll still be in control of @realDonaldTrump, albeit with fewer protections than before.

Super Eagles player Joel Obi involved in racism storm in Italy


Super Eagles player Joel Obi involved in racism storm in Italy

Italian club, Chievo, has accused a player of another Italian club, Pisa, of allegedly using racist language against Super Eagles midfielder, Joel Obi.

According to Serie B side Chievo, Joel Obi was racially abused at the hands of a Pisa player, Michele Marconi, who allegedly made an offensive "slave" comment to Obi.

Chievo drew 2-2 in Tuesday December 22 league clash, a result that leaves them in ninth place in the league but the match experienced unsavoury scenes when, after full-time Michele Marconi directed racist abuse towards Obi, according to Chievo.

"Following the racist phrase 'the slave revolt' said by the Pisa player Michele Marconi to the midfielder Joel Obi during the first half of the Pisa - Chievo Verona match, the club expresses the utmost solidarity towards its player, the subject of a slanderous and bleak phrase, which has nothing to do with the most elementary and basic values ??of sport, ethics and respect," the club wrote on its official website following the match. 


Super Eagles player Joel Obi involved in racism storm in Italy

"AC Chievo Verona strongly condemns and stigmatizes the racist behavior suffered by Joel Obi, and regrets that a phrase heard by most on the field was not followed by any disciplinary measures: neither by the referee, nor by the assistant and fourth official, nor the federal prosecutor. 

"AC Chievo Verona, always a staunch supporter of the values ??of ethics, respect and fair play - will continue to remain at the forefront of the fight against any form of racism or violence, on and off any playing field."


No action was taken on the field against Marconi, who played 77 minutes of the clash before being withdrawn for Alessandro De Vitis. 


Nigeria will be safe when politicians stop using thugs — Governor Yahaya Bello


Nigeria will be safe when politicians stop using thugs ? Governor Yahaya Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state has stated that Nigeria will become safe only when politicians stop using thugs for elections. 


Appearing on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Wednesday December 23, Bello alleged that political thuggery was the norm in Kogi before he came into power but he has continously refused to play that kind of dangerous or unnecessary politics. 


The North-Central state Governor also averred that he has dealt with criminals irrespective of political affiliations by using the laws passed by the Kogi State House of Assembly and the existing security architecture. 


He said; 


“When I came on board, I inherited a state that was largely divided along several lines. For you to aspire to be anything politically in Kogi State then, you must have what we call ‘boys’ or thugs or touts and then use it to intimidate people during political dispensations.

“Once the political exercise is over, the so-called boys or thugs or foot soldiers would be abandoned and then left to themselves and by that, they breed into something else or a hydra-headed monster that you will not be able to curb at the end of the day. There are several history and intelligence to that across the country.

“But I refused to play that kind of dangerous or unnecessary politics when I came on board. My ascension to office is known to everybody in the world. I chose my path immediately and decided to deal with criminals irrespective of political affiliations by using the laws passed by the Kogi State House of Assembly and the existing security architecture.”

Kankara abduction: Such incident won’t happen again - IGP


Kankara abduction: Such incident won?t happen again - IGP

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu has assured residents of Katsina state that the recent abduction of the 344 students of Government Science Secondary school, Kankara, will never happen again in the state. 


Adamu made the promise before a closed-door meeting with the top echelon of the Nigerian Police Force especially those in charge of tactical operations as well as the Police High Command in Katsina.


The Special Adviser to Governor of Katsina state on security Ibrahim Katsina, the chairman of the state branch of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN, Alhaji Manir Atiku, and other stakeholders were also present at the meeting. 


The police chief also revealed that the aim of meeting was to restrategise and come up with tactics that will not give bandits or criminals rooms to operate in the state at any time of the day and night.


He said; 


“The recent Kankara incident was unfortunate. I am in Katsina to ensure that such an incident will and shall never happen again.

“We are in Katsina today to ensure that the state is crime-free.

“Internal security is the job of the police. We should never give an opportunity to criminals to operate and we have resolved not to allow either bandits or any other criminals anytime to operate either in the morning, afternoon, or at night.

“That is why we are liaising with our partners including security agencies and other stakeholders like the Miyyetti Allah, not to allow bandits and other criminals to operate.”

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