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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Floyd Mayweather buys a brand new G-Wagon for his 19-year-old daughter as Christmas gift (photos)

Flamboyant retired boxer, Floyd Mayweather has bought his 19-year-old daughter Iyanna Mayweather a brand new G-Wagon as Chrismas gift.

The 42-year-old undefeated boxer took to Instagram to show off the luxury whip and wrote: 'MERRY CHRISTMAS @moneyyaya.'

Fela’s Republic and the Kalakuta Queens’ spotlights prevalent social issues

Bolanle Austen-Peters’ Fela’s Republic and the Kalakuta Queens, which returned to Lagos this December continues to spotlight prevalent social issues in the country, with the musical scheduled to run till 5 January, 2019 at the Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The critically-acclaimed stage play infuses the celebration of the unapologetic and prophetic messages enshrined in his music into the original storyline, capturing interests through the legend’s impact on music and socio-political consciousness. It has already been staged in Abuja, Cairo and Pretoria to wide acclaim.

The play is based on real-life experiences of Fela and the Kalakuta Queens, having been adapted from the various encounters narrated by Fela’s surviving wives, Laide and Lara.

“We hope the play will create awareness, spark conversations around the issues that we are facing in our society today and get Nigerians to act positively in fighting off corruption and injustice in the country,” said Bolanle Austen- Peters.

‘Fela’s Republic and the Kalakuta Queens’ is still showing every weekend, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

"4 days in Nigeria & I have already been profiled as a criminal by the Nigeria police force because I have braids" Washington DC Police officer laments

A Washington DC police officer, who visited Nigeria for the holidays, has revealed that he was profiled as a criminal by the Nigerian police because he had his hair in braids.

@wearethe2030 shared a photo of himself and wrote: "4 days in Nigeria & I have already been profiled as a criminal by the Nigeria police force. They profile people based on looks. Male with dreads, braids and so on. I work for the Washington DC as a police officer and I have braids. Enough of the profiling! @TunjiDisu1 @aleeygiwa"

Explaining how it happened, he wrote: "Riding back to my hotel on Toyin street, Allen, Ikeja, with Taxify, and the police had stopped me twice on the same road, ordered me to step out of the vehicle asking what I do for a living. My police credentials saved me from being a victim."

Mob that attacked Deji Adeyanju were chanting Sai Baba- FFK alleges

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has alleged that the mob that attacked activist, Deji Adeyanju at the Human Rights Commission's office in Abuja yesterday, Monday December 23rd, were chanting Sai Baba, a slogan used to praise President Buhari during and after the 2015 and 2019 elections.

Acoording to FFK, he spoke with Deji who is currently being hospitalised and Deji told him that some of the persons who attacked him carried placards with the President's face on it.

Read what FFK wrote on his Facebook page below

I just spoke to Prince Deji Adeyanu. He told me that as he was about to submit his letter on Omoyele Sowore at the Human Rights Commission in Abuja he was attacked by a 150-strong crowd of young, wild, drug-crazed almajiris shouting "sai Baba" whilst the police and DSS stood by and did nothing to help.

The thugs were carrying placards with Buhari's face on it and they kept on chanting the Presidents name. He was badly beaten until he fell to the ground and went unconcious. He barely escaped with his life.

Buhari and supporters, hear this and hear it well: beating up opposition members changes nothing. It only strengthens our hand, deepens our resolve, hardens our hearts and swells our ranks.

Finally remember that you will not be in power forever and one day you will be called to account for your wickedness, brutality and tyranny.

My younger brother Deji is a strong and courageous son of Oduduwa and a proud and fearless warrior. He cannot be intimidated or broken and neither shall he die before his time.

He shall stand to the end and continue to fight for the voiceless and the oppressed. He is a Prince of the Kingdom, a leading light of his generation and I am very proud of him''.

Solid Star warns about the dangers of drug abuse

Nigerian singer, Solid Star has warned about the dangers of drug abuse.

He said drugs are "cool" until they wreck the user's life.

He wrote: "Drugs are kind of cool I mean, they are cool before they wreck your skin, your life and your family. That’s when they get uncool. It’s actually a very narrow window of cool."

London based Pentecostal Church SPAC Nation, defends itself from allegations levelled against it

SPAC Nation, the London based Pentecostal Church led by a Nigerian that has recorded unprecedented success in gathering young people and rehabilitation of delinquents in the UK has defended itself from allegations levelled against it declaring that they are borne out of vendetta by few disgruntled former members and mischief-makers.

The Church led by Tobi Adegboyega records a weekly attendance of over 2,000 people mostly young and upwardly mobile professionals; who worship and Praise exuberantly, praying passionately and seen by many as very prosperous; an uncommon move in the UK.

The Church in a press statement issued by its Board of Trustees urged members of the public in the UK and Africa to ignore the media propaganda mounted against the Church mostly orchestrated by criminals and drug peddlers whose criminal sources of livelihood were shut down by the church.

“The current bad press, a major fallout of the recent UK election where some losers wrongly accused the church of bringing its ‘Evangelical zeal’ to support some contestants who were members of the church, apparently afraid of the increasing influence of a youthful ethnic minority church.

”However, as a Charity organisation, we are non-partisan but we will support the aspirations of any of our members as permitted by the law.

According to the Uk Charity commission ‘an inquiry is not the finding of wrongdoing’.

The Church has never being under any investigation neither is it under any at the moment.

All the various allegations are twisted, inaccurate and mostly from fake online accounts. The Board will investigate any credible claim.

Our Commitment to seeing young people love God, prosper and shun illegal activities remains unshaken.

This is what we have done passionately for 14 years in the Uk without any govt funding and our results are too credible to ignore.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle release family Christmas card with baby Archie taking centre stage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's family Christmas card has been released and their son Archie took centre stage.

The enchanting family photo shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex laughing as they pose in front of a Christmas tree while Archie' shows in the foreground of the image as he stares down the camera lens.

""Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours," was written on the card.

The festive black and white card was shared on social media by the Queen's Commonwealth Trust on Monday night with the caption: "Just sharing the sweetest Christmas Card from our President and Vice-President, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Very Merry Christmas, everyone!"

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