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Saturday, February 18, 2017

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:LK Kuddy – Turn Up (Freestyle)

LK Kuddy - Turn Up (Freestyle)

LK Kuddy – Turn Up (Freestyle)

KKTBM’s latest afro-pop recruit LK Kuddy, popularly known for his Wizkid and Yung6ix assisted hit single. “With You” wows in a new freestyle.

The latest offering from Kuddy is labelled “Turn Up“, and reaffirms listener’s of his ability to deliver stellar pop numbers.

LK Kuddy is releasing this trap freestyle as a teaser, before he unlocks his double official singles.

Enjoy and turn up

Timi Dakolo Ft. The Yard People – Medicine (prod. Cobhams Asuquo)

Timi Dakolo Ft. The Yard People – Medicine (prod. Cobhams Asuquo)

Timi Dakolo Ft. The Yard People – Medicine (prod. Cobhams Asuquo)

It’s the month of love and as usual, Timi Dakolo always kills it.

Enjoy this serenading performance from the love doctor titled “Medicine” which is produced by Cobhams Asuquo.


DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Trigga – Big Bumpa (Daddy Yo Refix)

Trigga – Big Bumpa (Daddy Yo Refix)

Trigga – Big Bumpa (Daddy Yo Refix)

Fast rising act ‘TRIGGA’ originally from Grenada island but resides permanently in Nigeria drops he’s refix to starboy WizKid ‘ Daddy yo’ in anticipation to he’s first an official single that drops soon.

He gives he’s soon to be fans a tip of what to expect in he’s first single and the type of sound he will be bringing to the Nigerian industry.

Trigga is well known in the industry and with this refix which has already gained grounds everywhere in Lagos,on the streets and clubs.

Timaya x Davido – Kekwanu (prod. Shizzi)

Timaya x Davido – Kekwanu (prod. Shizzi)

This song, Kekwanu, by Davido and Timaya, was initially suppose to be on Davido‘s sophomore album – The Baddest – back in 2015, but the album never came out.

Fast-forward to February 2017 and the Shizzi-produced mega jam surfaces online. Apparently, it’s now a Timaya song albeit still unofficial.

'Is this the change we promised Nigerians? - Ben Murray-Bruce writes

Read his piece below...

Two weeks ago, the Chairman of the Senate Committee of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Dino Melaye, made a startling revelation that shook me and many right thinking Nigerians to our foundation. At a time Nigeria is going through a daunting economic recession, it was revealed that we plan on spending the sum of N250 million to build a gatehouse for the Vice President of Nigeria.
Whenever I think of the budgetary provision of N250 million to build a gatehouse for the vice president, I am moved by the inequities and inequalities of Nigeria.

There is no urgency or importance in building a new gatehouse for the vice president’s already over priced house, but if even we need to build such a house can we not build it with less than 10% of the cost?
At the black market rate (which is the most commonly used rate in Nigeria) N250 million is equivalent to $500,000. At the official rate, it is worth almost a million dollars. With that type of cash you can buy a mansion in Washington DC and a well developed property in London. Isn’t it a pity that all it can buy the Nigerian government is a gatehouse?
Now we want to borrow $30 billion from other nations and foreign financial institutions. But why should any other nations or foreign financial institutions lend us money when we have not shown prudence in managing the little that we have?
I can assure you that I did my research and not one of the ten richest nations in the world is spending the equivalent of 250 million for something as inconsequential to the well being of a nation as a vice president’s gatehouse.
Why should America, Britain or China lend Nigeria any money when the gate man of our Vice President is living in a house that only a millionaire in their own country can afford?
Should they lend us $30 billion so we can build more luxurious and befitting gatehouses for our other public officials?
Is this the change we promised Nigerians?
With a minimum wage of N18,000 the N250 million to be spent on the Vice President’s gatehouse can pay the salaries of 13,888 Nigerians!
How many staff are being owed salary by the federal government? How many staff are being owed salary by state governments? How many pensioners are dying while waiting to collect pension that never comes?
How many internally displaced persons are dying of hunger while we budget N250 million for a gatehouse? N250 million can feed one million people for a day and 200,000 people for a week.
Recently, I was driving on a federal road in the South-east and a portion of that road was so damaged that it was a death trap. I wonder how many people have been killed on that road. Certainly, from my estimation as an entrepreneur who has built several malls and other real estate projects across Nigeria, N250 million will be sufficient to repair that portion of the road, but no! We have to build a gatehouse for a VIP!
Nigeria has some of the worst maternal and infant maternity rates in the whole world. 10% of all the women who die in childbirth are Nigerian women according to the UN. Meanwhile Nigeria only has 2% of the world’s population.
The main challenge we have in reducing maternal mortality is funding and we are approaching international aid organisations to help us raise funds to help reduce death amongst our pregnant women. Can you imagine how unserious we look to them when they read that we are spending N250 million on a gatehouse while begging them for money?
We really must make better use of our scarce resources at this time. We cannot expect others to lend to us from their own hard earned resources when we have demonstrated a propensity to squander the little we have.
What we have demonstrated in Nigeria, especially within the last two years, is a strong propensity to major on the minor and minor on the major.
With the way we in government treat Nigerians, I sometimes suspect that our people will prefer to go to hell if our leaders are found in heaven!
And another thing, for a nation that wants to come out of recession, Nigeria is not spending enough on education.
The proposed allocation for education is N50 billion, which is only a third of the proposed allocation for defence.
There is a reason why LEARN and EARN rhyme. If a nation wants to earn more she must first learn more. This budget proposal does not take that into account.
We are still working with an obsolete Industrial Age thought process that operates under the wrong notion that nations become rich because of what they have under their soil.
I have got news for the executive: today’s nations can only grow rich by what is between the ears of its citizens! We are living in the knowledge worker era.
Apple, Google, facebook and yahoo are now more valuable than Exxon-Mobil, Shell BP, Chevron and AGIP. The world is changing and we must change with it.
I have been studying Anambra State for a while. This used to be one of the most educationally disadvantaged states in the South. But since the era of former Governor Peter Obi till today, the state made education its priority and allocated the bulk of its budget to education and the more Anambra budgeted for education the more their economy flourished.
They do not borrow. They did not participate in the federal government’s bailout to states. They have one of, if not the best subnational economies in Nigeria. Nigeria as a whole is importing food, Anambra as a whole is exporting food.
And their secret is education. They have consistently featured as number one in WAEC and NECO results.
If we want Nigeria to earn more money, that cannot be achieved by selling more oil. It can only be achieved by learning more to earn more.
As a nation, we are spending N49 billion maintaining about a 100 embassies and consulates. What do we get in return? That expense is a drain and not an investment.
We can spend only a fraction of that amount. Do we need a consular in every nation to issue visas? Several nations that are richer than Nigeria are doing away with consulars in preference for entry point visas.
Turkey has a policy where you pay $40 and you get your visa online. It is reducing their recurrent expenditure because now they maintain only a skeletal staff in their embassies and it is increasing their revenue because without the bottleneck and hassle of getting visas through the traditional means, people are flocking to countries like Turkey, like the UAE and other countries that have online visa policies.
Instead of N49 billion, we can spend only 10% of that and use the balance N45 billion to build infrastructure and educate our people. In fact, we can be like the UAE and Turkey that can afford to use the millions they get from online visas to run their embassies.
Two months ago, the presidency released a statement announcing that they have recently weeded out 50,000 ghost workers from the pay roll of the federal government.
If that is true, then why isn’t that being reflected in the budget for recurrent expenditure? If you have weeded 50,000 ghost workers from the system then there must be a massive drop in our recurrent expenditure. Something is not adding up.
Recurrent expenditure in the 2017 budget is N2.98 trillion. Let us just call it N3 trillion. Recurrent expenditure in the 2016 budget was N2.6 trillion.
Are we sure that the executive did not make a mistake and instead of weeding 50,000 ghost workers from the system it actually added 50,000 ghost workers because the recurrent expenditure has increased.
Has minimum wage increased? No? There are too many ambiguities that need to be cleared up.
And on housing, certainly we can do much more than what the 2017 budget proposes to do.
The American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, theorised that our most basic human need is for shelter. Let us relate this to Nigeria.
Nigeria has a 17 million housing deficit. If Abraham Maslow is correct, it stands to reason that lack of shelter, among others, is one of the single largest drivers of corruption in Nigeria today.
Civil servants and politicians steal largely because they have no hope of ever owning a home and they do not want to be destitute after their retirement. This is why the EFCC seizes a lot of houses from corrupt people.
If home ownership represents man’s basic need, then no government has succeeded in meeting this need. After all, what is the essence coming to power if the most basic need of the electorate cannot be addressed?
Nigeria needs to solve this challenge because if we do, we will go a long way to improving the human development index of Nigeria and reducing the misery level as well igniting the type of economic activity that will ease our current recession while also fighting corruption.
There is no way government can build 17 million houses. At best, the budget of the ministry of housing can build a couple hundred thousand houses annually. If we are to plug this deficit, we have to rely on the private sector just like developed nations.
We have over N6 trillion of our pension funds sitting in financial institutions. Let us deploy these funds into productive sectors of our economy.
The naira gets devalued and the return from investing pension assets in government treasury bills and bank deposits is less than the rate of inflation. Real estate is one of the few investments that outstrips inflation. The safest investment anywhere in the world is real estate.
Why don’t we use these funds to fund our real estate development and end our housing deficit?
We can and we should use the pension funds to stimulate the housing market while the government subsidizes the mortgage rate for low income earners so that they can borrow at single digit interest rates.
Promoting home ownership will lower corruption and what else could be a safer investment for our pension funds? After all, no one can run away with a house. They can run away with a car or with cash, or with shares, but a house is immovable and best of all it largely continues to appreciate in value. It only makes Commonsense to use pension funds in this way.
And I do not even see why government has to sell land to property developers and private housing estate builders in the first place. In my opinion, if you want to build houses for the masses, government should give you land free of charge!
Of what use is the land when it has no property or farm on it? At least if you allow people build on it government can charge them property taxes.
Our president and governors live in houses paid for by tax payers. It is time we return the favour to the taxpayers and the masses. It is time we begin running Nigeria in a businesslike manner and provide our people the dividends of democracy. It is time we deliver on the promised change.

• Ben Murray-Bruce is the Founder of Silverbird Entertainment Group and the Senator representing Bayelsa East in the National Assembly

Man charged with kidnapping a minor for sexual exploitation

A notorious Kenyan businessman from Nairobi has been charged with kidnapping and trafficking an underage girl to a neighboring country for sexual exploitation. The suspect, Abdi Hassan Mamad who appeared at a Magistrate court in Nairobi was charged with twice kidnapping of a 16-year-old form school girl to Ethiopia.
During a recent court hearing, the prosecutor said street boys were used to kidnaping the girl at Eastleigh while on her way from School and drove her to Ethiopia last September 2016.

According to him, the girl whose name was withheld was later found by Ethiopian security agents in Adis Ababa.

'The girl was driven beyond the Kenya border town of Moyale and taken to Adis Ababa where Ethiopian security agents found her and reunited her relatives who has accompanied Police officers from Kenya' the prosecutor stated.

Again on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, the accused allegedly kidnapped the girl around 8pm and then bundled her into a waiting Probox car which took off at break-neck speed towards north eastern. After the information got to the security personnel all borders were immediately closed.

The suspect was arrested in a hotel room, where he was hiding with the victim.

The accused was however granted a cash bail of Sh100,000 until April 4, 2017, when the case will be heard

Source: Nairobi New

PDP Govs Forum rejects Appeal Court judgment on reinstatement of Sheriff, set to head to Supreme court

The Peoples Democratic Party,PDP, Governors' Forum have kicked against the outcome of the Court of Appeal sitting in Port Harcourt,Rivers State that reinstated Ali Modu Sheriff as the National Chairman of the Party,describing it as a rape on the Nation;s democracy.
Addressing news men in Abuja today, the Chairman of the Forum who is also the Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose hinted that the Party would be heading for the Supreme Court to challenge the judgment Fayose while describing the Judgment as action against the will of the people said "If the people truly symbolizes what a party is, then the machinations of our detractors and the anti-democratic organs will not prevail at last. We commend the minority judgment of the lower court and we believe the truth will prevail.

Thank God we have another opportunity to seek justice at the Supreme Court, which I believe will not be delayed or denied. The party will appeal the judgement as we believe in the ability of the judiciary to do justice, however we plead with our members ,leaders and supporters to calm down as we keep hope alive. If this is a price to pay, to keep our democracy alive and opposition strengthened, we are prepared to go the whole hug. The party organs will meet shortly to take concrete steps and decisions on the way forward", he said.

DSS picks up Choc City President, Audu Maikori over Southern Kaduna comment

There's been rumors all day, now LIB can confirm that operatives of DSS have picked up Chocolate City president, Audu Maikori. We learnt that he was picked up in Lagos this morning and has been transported to Abuja where's he currently being held.

His arrest is connected with his recent comments on the Southern Kaduna killings. Days ago, Maikori, retracted a story he shared online where he said that 5 students of the Kaduna state College of Education were killed in the Southern Kaduna crisis.

According to Maikori, after carrying out a detailed investigation that involved the police, he found out that his driver who claimed his brother was also killed, lied to him just to extort money.

It however appears that his retraction was not enough. He was arrested today...

Kim Kardashian wishes Paris Hilton a Happy Birthday

Kim Kardashian who has changed her hair colour to blonde, took to her Snapchat account to wish her former BFF, Paris Hilton a Happy Birthday.

Sonia Ogbonna sultry in new photo with her husband, IK Ogbonna

Gotta always spice it up to keep the flame burning.

Lindsay Lohan wants Americans to support of Donald Trump

Controversial actress and singer, Lindsay Lohan had a recent Interview with Daily Mail where she called on Americans to unite in support of it's new President, Donald Trump. In her words:

“You have to join him. If you can’t beat him, join him. It would be a positive thing for America to show their care and support.”In a 2004 interview with Howard Stern, Donald Trump spoke of Lohan saying “She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.”

When Seth Rogen realized Donald Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter he trolls him

When comedian Seth Rogen realized that US President Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. was following him on Twitter, he used the opportunity to tell him to advise his Dad to resign before he destroys the planet. He trolled him more by sliding into the First Son's DM but it doesn't look like Trump Jr. replied to any of the messages. Read the tweets after the cut...

There were people who praised him for this tweets while there were others who told him to stick to acting and not get involved in Politics.

Ghana: Landlady, daughters arraiged in court for pouring hot water on tenant

Four members of a family who allegedly poured hot water on a tenant have been arraigned in court.
The culprits, Adwoa Kumaniwaa 60, Gifty Mensah 35, Hagar Mensah 31, Irene Appiah 16 recently appeared at the Kade District Magistrate Court for pouring hot water on a tenant, Elizabeth Gyamfuaa after assaulting her at Akyem Wenchi in the Eastern Region.

The victim has since been discharged from the Akyem Wenchi Salvation Army Health Centre.

Narrating the sad incident to the Mirror, a police source said that Gyamfuaa rented a room belonging to Kumaniwaa at Sanaahene, a suburb of Akyem Wenchi.

A little misunderstanding ensued between Adwoa and Gyamfuaa which nearly developed into a fight. Adwoa subsequently informed the conduct of Gyamfuaa to her daughter, Gifty, who stormed the house at Wenchi and angrily confronted Gyamfuaa about the issue.

She reportedly slapped Gyamfuaa several times. However, when Gyamfuaa decided to retaliate, the other family members, Adwoa, Hagar and Irene, the daughter of Gifty, together attacked Gyamfuaa and subjected her to severe beatings.

Hagar then allegedly poured the hot water which Gyamfuaa was boiling on her back.

Gyamfuaa, who got seriously injured, screamed for help which attracted some people to the scene. She was rushed to the Wenchi Salvation Army Health Centre where she was admitted for treatment.

After reporting the matter to the police, the suspects were all arrested.

Station Officer of the Takrowase Police Station, Inspector Ebenezer Asante Ampadu, said the four suspects have so far been granted bail by the Kade District Magistrate Court to reappear on Monday, March 20, 2017.

Source: Ghana Web

Photo: African woman arrived UAE in 1993 with $500 and big dreams, today she is a millionaire with 9 restaurants

Sarah Aradi from Ethiopia landed in Dubai in 1993 as a 21-year-old with only $500 and a zest for a better life.
She clearly remembers the old Dubai with fewer people around and the strong sense of community that existed. Sarah loved to cook her authentic Ethiopian cuisine and it was when her friends loved the food that she thought of opening her first Al Habasha restaurant in 1999.

To put together the capital for her business, she started exporting VHS tapes (Video Home System) of Indian films to Ethiopia as there was a huge demand for Bollywood movies.

"I set up a video shop in Ethiopia as films by Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were hot sellers. We even had the Indian ambassador in Ethiopia waiting for our VHS to be delivered."After VHS phased out, she exported CDs, mobile phones, branded sunglasses etc. In 1999, Sarah put out the first restaurant in Dubai in the Naif area, near Deira. It was a small operation but eventually the restaurant got rave reviews and had people coming from other emirates to taste her food. The second restaurant was again in Dubai in the Frij Murar area.

"Our business was booming and we made more than Dh100,000 monthly, which was a good amount for that time. I remember we bought our first Mercedes ML series with the profits from the first restaurant."Eventually, the Ethiopian community grew and number of restaurants kept growing and today Sara has nine restaurants, spread across the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaima. And it is not just the Ethiopians who come for their fix but the local Emiratis and other expats who have developed a taste for the spicy cuisine.

When she looks back at her journey of nearly three decades, she takes pride in being a successful entrepreneur in the UAE.

"I came to Dubai as a single woman and became a millionaire. Most people wait for money but I worked hard to change my life. Starting at zero, I am the owner of nine restaurants today and it makes me proud."Away from her home, the expansion of her business keeps her going and she attributes it to UAE and the government.

"If you are working hard and in the legal way by the rule of Dubai, nobody will touch you. The country is free for any expat to set up their business legally and the UAE government supports you."UAE might be a second home for her but she considers it her native country.

Source: Khaleej Times

Doctor poses with giant ovarian cyst removed from a woman

As shared by an Instagram user..Surgeon Amyr holding massive ovarian cyst that was removed from a female patient #tumordeovario: Ovarian Cyst: During a woman's menstrual cycle, an egg grows in a sac called a follicle.

This sac is located inside the ovaries. In most cases, this follicle or sac breaks open and releases an egg. But if the follicle doesn't break open, the fluid inside the follicle can form a cyst on the ovary. Depending on the type ( polycystic ovaries , endometriosis , cystadenoma , dermoid cyst )
Most women will experience a cyst on the ovaries at least once, and most are painless, causes no symptoms, and are discovered during a routine pelvic exam.
Thou Doctors aren’t sure what causes ovarian cancer but several risk factors, including:
Age -- women in reproductive age & also specifically women who have gone through menopause
Smoking & excessive alcohol intake
Taking fertility drugs (such as Clomid)
Hormone replacement therapy
Family or personal history of ovarian, breast, or colorectal cancer (having the BRCA gene can increase the risk) and so on
🔺Symptoms of an ovarian cyst include Pain or bloating in the abdomen.
Difficulty urinating, or frequent need to urinate.
Dull ache in the lower back.
Pain during sexual intercourse.
Painful menstruation, abnormal bleeding.
Weight gain , Nausea or vomiting ,
Loss of appetite, feeling full quickly.painful bowel movements, and pain during sex! .
In rare cases, an ovarian cyst can cause serious problems, so it’s best to have it checked by your doctor.
Hey! Check yourself today & live healthy 🤝
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