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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Nicki Minaj sued by Tracy Chapman for 'stealing' the singer's 1988 hit 'Baby Can I Hold You'

American-Trinidadian rapper, Nicki Minaj has been sued by four-time Grammy winner Tracy Chapman.

The 54-year-old singer and songwriter alleged that the 35-year-old rapper 'stole her song' 'Baby Can I Hold You', according to TMZ,

Nicki's allegedly used 'half of the lyrics and vocal melody' of the 1988 hit to make her track Sorry, according to the lawsuit.

Nicki made 'multiple requests to license' Chapman's song in June and all were denied, according to the gossip site.

And despite stripping the song off her new album Queen, Sorry was still played on the radio according to the legal filing.

Chapman is asking that the song not be released again and that she also receive damages

'You were too busy feeding ill thoughts, bad wishes and rotten emotions' - IK Ogbonna's wife Sonia writes

Amidst the trouble in the marriage of Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, his wife Sonia has taken to her Instagram page again to share a cryptic post.

She wrote: 'You can choose between REACTING to people or situations or ACTING DELIBERATELY. Reaction is triggered and DETERMINED by others/their behavior towards us, it’s an impulse, a need to respond in the way we were approached - often aggressively or negatively and it’s sort of a mechanism of defense. But before you REACT you need to ask yourself “Is this action reflecting my true nature and who I really am or wish to be?” . Don’t allow anyone have a power over you. I choose to be in charge over my life so I ACT DELIBERATELY. Meaning, I want my actions to be a reflection of WHO I AM, no matter what & no matter circumstances. What you say or think is who you are, how I respond is who I am. I love me some me especially when I stay true to myself , against odds. Life isn’t perfect but it’s SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL, and I wish you recover from whatever you are going through so you can as well realize the same, before it passes you by because you were too busy feeding ill thoughts, bad wishes and rotten emotions instead filling your mind with gratitude & love. I’m a light baby, can’t you feel it.'

Slain journalist, Jamal Khashoggi’s body parts reportedly found in Saudi Consul-General’s garden

Fresh reports indicate that body parts belonging to slain Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, have been found.

According to reports, the 59-year-old Washington Post columnist had been “cut up” and his face was “disfigured". New York Post reports that an unstated source told Sky News that Khashoggi’s remains were found in the garden of the Saudi consul general’s home.

This development comes shortly after Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accused Saudi Arabia of plotting Khashoggi’s murder and called on Riyadh to extradite the already identified 18 suspects.

US rapper Lady Luck shares her weight loss journey (Photos)

American rapper, Shanell Jones, better known by her stage name Lady Luck, has taken to Instagram to share her amazing weight loss journey.

Sharing before and after photo of herself, the rapper wrote: #TransformationTuesday I’m not one to write long captions, but I came a long way. I have lost A LOT of weight naturally with no ?? and I am loving who I am becoming. It’s no easy journey and i often fall off the bandwagon. But it’s a constant fight win lose or draw.'

Bisi Alimi raises alarm after he notices Nigeria's anti-corruption officials following him around at a conference

Bisi Alimi has raised alarm after he noticed he was being followed by Nigeria's anti-corruption officials as he attends an anti-corruption conference in Denmark.

The gay rights activist said he finds their presence unsettling and they've been following him closely in a menacing manner and sitting in on all his sessions.

Someone suggested that they might be trying to intimidate him not to expose anything embarrassing about Nigeria and Bisi agreed those were his thoughts exactly.

He wrote:

You know you are either important or a threat when you have your country Anti Corruption officials following you around at an Anti Corruption conference.

See not that I give a two cent, but I will also like to say, I find their presence around a little unsettling.

Aside from that, it is really nice to see LGBT issues being linked to global corruption conversation for the first time and thanks to Matt Beard and AllOut for giving me and Bisi Alimi Foundation the opportunity to speak on this issue at the Transparency International Conference.

At least, I know one thing for sure, I wont go missing in Denmark.

He added:

I will be honest and say that I for once feel really threatened by this very subtle act of aggression I am experiencing. They really dont have to be around me, they really dont have to talk to me, they really dont have to sit close to me in every session but they are. This is a conference of over 1500 people, and the fact that i kept seeing them everywhere I turn is not a mistake or a coincidence.

Professor of Biochemistry, Frank Onyezili commits suicide in Benue State

Frank Onyezili, a Professor of Biochemistry at the Biological Sciences Department in the Federal University of Agriculture in Makurdi (FUAM), has committed suicide.

Onyezili took his own life, last week Friday, by drinking poison and leaving behind a suicide note. It was gathered that his decision to commit suicide might not be unconnected with depression and loneliness after his wife and children left him and moved out of the country.

Director of Protocol and Information of the university, Chief Mrs. Rosemary Waku confirmed the tragedy to newsmen on phone saying ‘Professor Onyezili committed suicide on Friday last week at FUAM’.

She stated that the late professor left a suicide note behind, but she cannot reveal the content of the note to journalists. Police spokesman DSP Moses Yamu told reporters that he was yet to get the details of the incident from the Divisional Office.

Adorable family photo of rapper Lil Wayne, his girlfriend and children in Atlanta United jerseys

American legendary rapper, Lil Wayne was picturedwith his girlfriend Dhea Sodano and his children Reginae, Neal, Dwayne and Cameron in Atlanta United jerseys.

Nicki Minaj shows off her curves in new sexy photos

The 'Queen' rapper shared these new sexy photos of herself flaunting her curves. See full photos below..

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