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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

'The obvious exclusion of Kenyans on the Lion King soundtrack is depressing' - Victoria Kimani calls out Beyonce

Earlier today, Beyonce unveiled the tracklist of her new album, The Lion King: The Gift, which is the musical accompaniment to the new Disney movie.

The album features six Nigerian popstars including include Yemi Alade, Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, Tekno, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage as well as Ghana’s Shatta Wale.

Now, Kenyan singer, Victoria Kimani says, 'as much as we celebrate with our fellow Africans. The obvious exclusion of Kenyans/East Africans on this Soundtrack is depressing. The movie was based on Kenya'.

Ya’lll coulda atleast had Lupita or Barack on the outro ?? since we don’t have artists in East Africa ?— VICTORIA KIMANI (@VICTORIA_KIMANI) July 16, 2019

I don’t expect other Africans to have any compassion or care for what I am saying. So .... no need for you to chime in.— VICTORIA KIMANI (@VICTORIA_KIMANI) July 16, 2019

I don’t expect you people to sympathize with the rest of Africa .... they raised you to be self centered .— VICTORIA KIMANI (@VICTORIA_KIMANI) July 16, 2019

South Africa deemed most dangerous country for 'solo' women travelers while US is ranked as the worst in the West

South Africa has been deemed the most dangerous country in the world for solo women travellers to visit but America is the worst in the West.

The 'Women's Danger Index', based on the 50 most visited destinations across the globe, evaluated eight crucial risk factors. These include whether or not women feel safe to walk alone at night, homicide rates and gender inequality.

The study, by travel bloggers Asher and Lyric Fergusson, found South Africa was the worst for violence against women by non-partners, homicides, and how safe women feel walking alone at night. Thailand is the worst in the Far East a region popular with backpackers overall, and the worst for attitudes towards violence against women.

America came out worst in the West for its homicide rates, non-partner sexual violence, and intimate partner violence, while Australia was rated second worst for 'non-partner sexual violence', reflected in a recent survey which found that 'one in seven young Australians say rape is justified if women change their mind'.

Countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iran came top for countries which discriminated against women as far as their role in society goes. Croatia despite being one of the poorer European countries is rated one of the safest countries in the world just to walk the streets.

The eight factors were: Safe to walk alone at night?, intentional homicide of women, non-partner sexual violence, intimate partner violence, legal discrimination, global gender gap, gender inequality and violence against women attitudes.

The UK came 40 out of the 50 in the danger list with a marginally higher rating for 'Safe to Walk Alone at Night' than the other seven factors. Spain is deemed the safest country in the world, just ahead of Singapore and Ireland.

Bloggers Asher & Lyric said of the danger index: 'To measure safety abroad, one cannot look at only data on street safety, rape or violence. It also depends on the general attitude of the culture, minutiae of the legal system, and systematic oppression of local women.

These issues can affect everything, from easily getting a taxi alone to having your voice be heard in a conversation to even needing a male escort for your personal safety.

A lot on our list, such as attitudes toward partner violence, may not affect solo female travellers directly, but these factors are a good indication of overall attitudes within the culture.'

Elderly couple die on the same day after 71 years of marriage

An elderly couple from Georgia who were together for 71 years have died just 12 hours apart on the same day.

Herbert DeLaigle, 94, and Marilyn Frances DeLaigle, 88, got married in 1948 and died on Friday at a hospital in Waynesboro. According to WRDW Herbert died at 2.20am, and Marilyn Frances died exactly 12 hours later.

The couple met in a Waynesboro cafe back in 1947 where Marilyn was working.

'Frances worked at a little cafe we had in Waynesboro named White Way Cafe. I kept seeing her going in and out, in and out and I had my eyes set on her. And then I finally got up the nerve to ask her if she would go out with me sometime' Herbert DeLaigle said in a 2018 interview with WRDW.

Marilyn DeLaigle went on to spend six years in Germany with her husband who served there during the Second World War. He served again in Korea and Vietnam before eventually retiring from the Army after 22 years of service. Together they had six children and a total of 16 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and even three great-great-grandchildren. A funeral service was held for the DeLaigles on Monday this week.

Again, US lawmaker Al-Green files impeachment notice against President Trump

US lawmaker Al Green on Tuesday filed articles of impeachment against President Trump under a process that will force a House floor vote by the end of this week.

Green introduced his articles of impeachment after the House passed a resolution largely along party lines condemning Trump for suggesting that four progressive freshman congresswomen of color Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) “go back” to their countries.

Green said that the House should go beyond condemning Trump and move to remove him from office. It will be the third impeachment floor vote forced by Green in the last two years, but the first since Democrats took control of the House. Green previously forced procedural votes on articles of impeachment against Trump in December 2017 and January 2018. Both efforts drew the support of about 60 House Democrats.

A total of 84 House Democrats currently support launching an impeachment inquiry, as well as independent Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.), according to The Hill’s whip list. But Democratic leaders and the majority of the caucus are not yet on board as they seek to continue ongoing investigations of the Trump administration. A floor vote will force all House Democrats to go on the record about an issue where they have yet to reach consensus.

Green read aloud his articles of impeachment on the House floor, saying that Trump is “unfit to defend the ideals that have made America great” and “unfit to ensure domestic tranquillity” and “promote the general welfare.” As with his previous articles of impeachment, Green accused Trump of having “sown seeds of discord among the people of the United States” by inflaming racial tensions and “brought to the high office of president of the United States in contempt, ridicule, disgrace, and disrepute.”

Green, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, forced the vote in January 2018 after The Washington Post reported Trump described African nations as “shithole countries.” Some Democrats in favour of impeachment said on Tuesday that Green’s timing isn’t ideal given that special counsel Robert Mueller will be testifying before Congress next week about his report on whether Trump obstructed justice in the Russian election interference investigation.

Declare state of emergency on security – PDP tells President Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party has called on President Buhari to declare a state of emergency on security in order to address insecurity situation in the country.

The PDP National Chairman, Uche Secondus, made the appeal at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja while reacting to the open letter of former President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Buhari. Secondus said the advice was necessary looking at the increasing rate of cases of killing and kidnapping across the country.

He recalled the killing of the then female international aide worker and the recent killing of Funke Olakunrin daughter of Pa Reuben Fasoranti, leader of the Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere. Secondus said that the worsen security situation between April and now had made concerned patriotic leaders to voice out their concerns.

These leaders, according to him, include Mr Obasanjo; the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan; Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka; and former governor of old Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa, among others. Secondus described Mr Obasanjo’s letter as truth that could not be run away from, if the insecurity situation must be addressed.

“Former President Obasanjo in a timely tirade to the President on Monday raised all the issues and properly situated the security position in the country. He went further to highlight the implications of the current state of the nation and where we are headed if urgent steps are not taken. “As National Chairman of the main opposition party I cannot agree less with the former President.

“I cannot agree less with him where he said among other things that Quote. The main issue, if I may dare say, is poor management or mismanagement of diversity which, on the other hand, is one of our greatest and most important assets…”.

Secondus said the PDP whole-heatedly associates itself with the position of the patriotic Nigerians. “The PDP urges President Buhari to respond appropriately to their timely advisories by declaring state of emergency on security in the country and go further urgently to address the issues raised in Obasanjo’s letter.

Secondus said the killing of Mrs Olakunrin was the high point of murdering of innocent Nigerians across the land. “It certainly cannot be well for a nation that creates an ugly situation where a 94-year-old Nationalist would be burying her 58-year-old daughter. “This certainly is not Nigeria of our dream.”

Nigerian footballer Ademola Lookman set for a move to RB Leipzig from Everton in a £22.5million deal

German club, RB Leipzig have reportedly agreed for a deal with Everton to sign Nigerian footballer Ademola Lookman.

The news of his imminent move comes after the 21-year-old winger enjoyed a successful loan spell at the German club just last year.

According to Sky Sports News, Lookman who was born in the UK to Nigerian parents is expected to make the switch to Germany in few days after Leipzig made an improved offer of £22.5million for him.

During his short loan spell at the German side, Lookman scored five goals and provided four assists in 11 matches during his short period at the Bundesliga side.

It breaks my heart and I weep because I and your mum don't live together anymore - Ubi Franklin writes his son, Jayden on his 3rd birthday

Ubi Franklin's son, Jayden, turns 3 today July 17th and the music executive via his Instagram page shared a beautiful love letter he wrote to Jayden to mark his birthday.

Ubi in the letter, recounted how Jayden was born in Northern Arizona and how he has grown so fast before his very eyes.

The father of three stated that it breaks his heart and makes him weep to know that himself and Jayden's mum, actress Lilian Esoro, no longer live together after their marriage packed up. Ubi however added that he takes solace in the fact that they jointly take responsibility for his upbringing, He also added that whenever Jayden sings, he reminds him of Lilian. Read the letter below.

Comedian Aphrican Ace buys a house in US

Popular Instagram comedian, Aphrican Ace, has become the latest Nigerian entertainer to own a house in the US.

Sharing a photo of his new property, Aphrican Ace recalled how he was mocked when he bought a Range Rover in a rented apartment 2 years ago. He concluded by stating that social media pressure shouldn't affect the way people live their lives. He wrote;

Everything happens in due time! I remember when I bought this car 2 years ago, some people said it's dumb to buy a range rover when you live in an apartment...which makes sense to a certain extent, but NEVER judge someone's decisions if you dont know their options! Anyways, 2 years later, I can finally park this Range Rover in front of my own Home! To God be The Glory!! Don't let social media people rush you with their perceptions of how YOU should live YOUR life!

South African musician, activist Johnny Clegg dead at 66

Johnny Clegg, the musician and singer known for playing his music in defiance of the apartheid policies of South Africa, died on Tuesday after a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Clegg died at his family home in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday, July 16, at the age of 66.

“It is extremely tough for [his family] and we ask the media and the public to respect them and their privacy at this time,” said Roddy Quin, his manager of 30 years.

“For everyone, it’s devastating,” he added.

Before his death, the activist co-founded two interracial bands, including Juluka with Sipho Mchunu and Savuka with Dudu Zulu. His music which was influenced by Zulu and folk harmonies was described as groundbreaking during the apartheid era, and it gained him international renown and the nickname "White Zulu."

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