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Sunday, September 4, 2016

APC’s lack of vision, incompetence and poor handling of Economy caused recession, not Dr. Jonathan, says the PDP

Read the press statement below...

Our attention has once again been drawn to the recent inconsiderate statement attributed to the Governor of Jigawa State, Abubakar Badaru and similar comments from people of like minds to the effect that the previous Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Administration was responsible for the current Economic Recession.It is really disappointing that a notable personality as highly placed as a State Governor could be drawn into making idle and pedestrian claims without the benefit of facts. It is either he does not realize the obligation of speaking responsibly in that position or he is grossly ill-informed; in which case, we could only try to put the facts before him, and hoping he would recognize them.

In the first place, this blame is misplaced because our elementary understanding of economics teaches us that the major cause of recession is inflation and poor handling of the economy given that the higher the rate of inflation, the more impoverished people become, industrial production and GDP decline resulting in massive job losses. Perhaps we should quote those who should know and tell Governor Badaru that wrong economic policies of the All Progressive Congress (APC)-led Government caused the current stagnation and recession in the Country.

Larry Ettah, President of the Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA) did not mince words when he said few days ago that, “It is quite evident that the lack of clarity about the economic agenda of the current government contributed to the current economic stagnation and recession.” He said further, “In recent times at our AGMs, we have variously described our operating environment as challenging, unpredictable, unstable and energy sapping. These words are of course, true and descriptive of what our members have experienced in keeping their businesses afloat.”

However beyond that, we make bold to tell Governor Badaru that Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party Government saw this coming since 2011, and wanted to deregulate the sale of hydrocarbons in 2012, but Badaru and his co-travellers who are now in the All Progressives Congress (APC) frustrated the effort. The former Administration also wanted to encourage more savings in the Excess Crude Account (ECA) and set up the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) but the Badarus of this world who play politics with serious national issues and were state governors at the time took the Federal Government to Court and did everything to frustrate the effort. Thank God some of them are among the ‘best brains’ in the APC Federal Government of today.

Governor Badaru should know that you can't plant grapes and harvest mangoes. It is no secret that the policies and statements made by key government actors have not been business friendly and Nigerians and foreign business men took their hard currencies out of the Country. When professionals were advising the Government to woo investors, characters like Badaru were busy de-marketing Nigeria all over the world. They should be reminded that great leaders take over countries either in recession or war and still succeed in turning them around; quite unlike the prevailing situation where a Ruling Party plunges the Economy into an avoidable recession, only to turn round and begin to whine helplessly like a baby.

World history is full of many examples where genuine leaders take over countries whose economies are stagnated and move them to positive growth. Like Franklin D. Roosevelt, the President who ruled the United States from a wheel chair during the time of unprecedented economic depression and total war, introduced an ambitious programme for relief, recovery and reform called “the Great Deal”, which began to yield considerable dividends in weeks and Americans are the better for it today.

In his first hundred days in office in 1933, Roosevelt was reputed to have renewed the American spirit and optimism by immediately addressing the effects of the depression. Through the Great Deal, he introduced a variety of programmes targeted at getting Americans back to work, provide relief for the vulnerable, get industry and agriculture back on their feet, and engender accelerated recovery and economic growth. Or, how about the recent change of government in the United Kingdom where the new Prime Minister, Theresa May formed her Cabinet within hours to ensure that the doubts arising from the uncertainty of Brexit Vote do not get the better of her citizens?

Badaru and those who still think like him should tell Nigerians the character of the economic team in place that has been managing the Nation's economy since 29th of May 2015. This ‘economic management policy’ of unhealthy propaganda and blaming the previous administration ceaselessly, will not take us anywhere.

Will Badaru and his Party men continue to blame Jonathan and the PDP ‘till 2019 and use Jonathan for the 2019 campaign instead of showing their scorecard? The good thing is that Nigerians who were being hoodwinked at first, are now seeing through the deception of this
unending blame game. It is on record that one APC governor after his inauguration for his second tenure publicly announced that he inherited an empty treasury. He was quickly reminded that he couldn't have inherited empty treasury from himself. This unfortunately, is the face of the comedy and farce that now characterize governors and governance in this Country. Any dispassionate assessment of economic performance under Jonathan would obviously frown at Governor Badaru’s type of impulsive conclusion without recourse to the strong macroeconomic fundamentals recorded under Jonathan, which laid the foundation for meaningful growth.

In particular, despite interfering global downturn, the overall real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate stood at an average of 5%, a growth that was largely driven by the non-oil sector in line with the success of the diversification effort of the Administration. There is no doubt that there was obvious improvement in inflation pressure which stood at a single digit and provided the stability and guarantees needed for the economy to remain stable. It actually borders on ignorance to claim that no cost cutting measures were introduced when the Jonathan Administration in one sector was able to reduce its food import bill from well over N1t to N684.7b as at December 2013 and subsequently cut it further down with improvements in local food production. Where was the Governor when Jonathan’s Administration embarked on comprehensive reforms in different sectors towards infrastructural renewal, promotion of sustainable development and the growth of the Nation’s economy to become the largest in Africa?

Did he ever wonder why despite the “signals towards end of 2013 to 2014”, as rightly identified by the Governor to be the beginning of hard times, the economy remained stable with single digit inflation during those periods?

Let Gov. Badaru be reminded that it was because of the milestones recorded in the local production of rice and other staple food that ensured robust local supply and remarkable progression which limited the demand for scarce foreign exchange needed for importation. We would be disappointed if the Governor was oblivious of what was happening around him in the area of agricultural revolution; especially, as farmers from his part of the Country openly expressed their support and gains from these initiatives. Again, when he said that “the past leaders did nothing to stop a looming recession”, we have no choice but rise to put the facts right. Less we forget when the Senate approved $52 benchmark for the Administration’s last Budget at a time Oil was selling for about $60 and crashing further, the Government did not just sit down and watch events unfold. Under the leadership of the Finance Ministry, the Administration developed a scenario-based fiscal template with definite responses designed to track and tackle varying challenges in the volatility regime.

We should also remind Badaru that the recent visit of the Facebook Founder, Mark Zukerberg to the Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) in Yaba, Lagos State, wouldn’t have happened if Jonathan did not have the Vision to set up the two ICT incubation centers in Lagos and Calabar. The former President built the Centers in support of youth entrepreneurship, just as he did with other successful youth-focused programmes like the Youth Enterprise with Innovation (YOUWIN) and the Nagropreneur Initiative that turned agriculture into an attractive industry for youths.

Need we remind the Governor that all these were possible because of the performance contract model Jonathan developed for his ministers where key performance indicators (KPI) were jointly agreed and signed against which each minister’s measurable effectiveness was benchmarked?

In view of the above submissions, it is clear that the current economic recession in the Country was not caused by previous PDP's Administration or leaders but due to the poor management of Nigeria's economy, lack of vision and incompetence of the present APC's led Federal Government that drove Nigerians into this avoidable life threatening quagmire.

Finally, we want to therefore advise the Government of the day to stop the blame game and look inward towards resolving the recession by inviting economic experts irrespective of their political leaning to join hands with the Administration at these trying times.


Prince Dayo Adeyeye
PDP National Publicity Secretary

The most Dangerous Man In North Korea By Reuben Abati

Read his piece below...

When our public officials fall asleep while attending a meeting, or an official function, the standard Nigerian reaction is to have a hearty laugh at their expense. Harmless laughter. You’d remember many photographs of our lawmakers turning the National Assembly into an extension of their bedrooms, sometimes snoring loudly in the middle of a heated and loud debate: not that many of them would be of much use anyway even if they were awake.
Governors, commissioners, high ranking government officials have also all been caught at one time or the other, sleeping on duty. Well, those whose circadian switches go off like that should count themselves really lucky they are Nigerians. If they were to try that in North Korea, they will face the firing squad!

Yes, in North Korea, such careless sleeping attracts the death penalty. In that country of 25 million people, there is a despot in power. He is Kim Jong-un. At 32, he is the world’s youngest leader but probably the most dangerous man in the world. He rules his country like a concentration camp and continues to commit some of the world’s most frightening crimes against humanity. Human lives mean nothing to him. He is so desperately paranoid, the slightest act of irritation in his presence could make him commit murder. His word is law. He is supreme commander, judge and executioner.
I was literally shivering when I read the latest horror story from Kim Jong-un’s North Korea. Two high-ranking officials were ordered executed by the dictator. Ri Yong Jin, a senior official at the Ministry of Education, was accused of putting up an “inappropriate posture” while “The Marshal” was delivering a speech. Ri Yong Jin’s crime was that he dozed off. Former Agriculture Minister, Hwang Min’s crime was that he dared to disagree with Kim’s guidelines for designing a working policy on agriculture. He developed his own ideas. He used his own initiative. He was accused of trying to undermine the leader. Both Jin and Min were marched to the stakes within 24 hours and executed with anti-aircraft guns. Kim Jong-un is not satisfied with an ordinary gun; his victims have to face anti-aircraft guns, and you can imagine the impact of such a special purpose gun, targeted at a human being.
Since assuming office in 2011, Kim Jong-un has murdered more than 70 persons, including elite government officials who all lived in fear. His own uncle, Jang Song-taek, was one of the earliest victims at the beginning of his dictatorship. Others include a military officer who was executed for drinking during the official mourning period for Kim Jong II, Kim Jong-un’s father, and the proximate genetic source of his megalomania. In 2015, the architect who designed a new airport terminal in Pyongyang was executed because Marshal Kim did not like his design! And Ri Yong Jin won’t be the first man to die for succumbing to the call of nature. In April, former Defence Minister Hyong Yong-Choi also faced the firing squad for falling asleep during an event. The North Korean Human Rights situation is a threat to the whole of mankind. The use of execution, extra-judicial killing, torture and forced labour as tools of political control is one of the worst abuses of power ever known.
The United States has imposed sanctions on Kim Jong-un. The United Nations has also officially condemned his atrocities, but Kim Jong-un is dangerous, again because of the nuclear power and missiles at his disposal. Starkly egoistic as he is, he could throw the world into utter chaos, were he to press a nuclear button. The United Nations Security Council has an obligation to take the situation in North Korea more seriously. Kim Jong-un’s matter should be an urgent matter of concern for the International Criminal Court (ICC).
I mean, to kill a man for falling asleep? Polysomnographers insist that there is nothing any one can do about sleep. Even when you don’t suffer from somnipathy, when it is time for the body clock to switch off, it does so on its own. The best option is to give in to nature so the body can rejuvenate. Many public officials and business executives run crazy schedules. They over-stretch themselves, either travelling over long distances and rushing from one meeting to another, without any opportunity to take a few moments of rest - jet-lagged, tired or exhausted, they could doze off. This is why at many meetings, there is always a coffee pot on standby or sweets or as I have seen, kolanuts and just about anything that you can put in your mouth to enable you focus on the event at hand. But even these offer limited help. Balancing work with rest is often a challenge for busy people. The whole world knows this, except Kim Jong-un who is so insecure he cannot stand other people’s humanity.
I think of all the government officials in Nigeria who sleep during meetings. If they were to be in North Korea, they would all be dead by now. I recall incidents involving soldiers on parade, even soldiers of the Guards’ Brigade, suddenly slumping, drawing sympathy, and one particular incident involving a former Minister of State for Defence, who suddenly slumped while standing at attention at a military event. Try that in North Korea: immediate execution by a firing squad would be the result. And if I were North Korean myself, and I had served as official spokesperson to Kim Jong-un, I would have been executed by a firing squad long before 2015.
I used to doze off too at meetings. My boss ran a tough schedule and he had more stamina than his staff. We could return from a foreign trip by 2 am, and we would all be expected to be at work by 8 am. If you know how these things work, it could take another two hours to properly disengage and go home, leaving you with only two hours of sleep. In our case, the principal would have been up and about by 6 am (only God knows how he always did it) to attend morning devotion and spend some time in the gym, all before 8 am. We the principal aides would struggle to arrive, still sleepy but struggling to appear capable. Sometimes, the source of the grogginess may not be jet-lag but just work (and God, we worked!).
From one meeting to the other or a function after another, in the course of the day, I used to doze off occasionally. Note taking often kept me awake, but there were moments when I simply lost control. You know that kind of thing: you’d suddenly realize it and jerkily regain consciousness. On such occasions, I often caught the President glancing at me. But one day, I guess I overdid it. In the middle of a meeting, I must have snored – that kind of snoring that produces noisy decibels and note-changing, level-revising, rhythmic modulations. It was the President’s voice that shook me out of the slumber.
“Abati, what is that?”
I opened my eyes.
“Next time you are feeling sleepy, just go out, walk around for a few minutes and come back. But don’t snore when we are having a meeting.”
In North Korea, that would have earned me an appearance not before an anti-aircraft gun, may be an armoured tank! Kim Jong-un is crazy. The problem is not form; it is the psychology of power. The civilized world must stand up for the right of every human being to be human and not have to die because of a leader’s ego. There is a nightmare going on in North Korea and that is probably better explained by the number of North Koreans who are fleeing to the neighbouring countries of Japan, China and South Korea.
North Korea - the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK!) - is a hermit state where even the right to information or free speech is impossible. People are not allowed to communicate with the outside world, there are restrictions on movement and rights of association, there are no labour rights, the state is so repressive, there is even a strict national policy on men’s haircut: not more than 2cm hair growth is allowed. Why? You can’t grow your hair higher than that of the self-styled “great person born of heaven!” What exists in that country is not leadership, but a cult of personality, and the only personality is the leader whose legitimation derives not from the people but dynastic inheritance. North Korea is a living demonstration of the dangers of power acquired not on the grounds of intellectual brilliance or competence or the people’s choice, but heredity.
Regime-change is a popular phrase in closed-door international circles, what is needed in North Korea is not just regime change, but a people’s revolution that takes power away from class dynasty and hands it over to the people. The world has enough dangerous men already, tolerating a schizophrenic in the Korean Peninsula who has access to nuclear power makes the world a bit more dangerous than it is already.

Rapper Travis Scott reportedly blasts Rihanna for cheating on him with Drake

According to a report on MediaTakeOut, rapper Travis Scott yesterday blasted Rihanna on his Apple Music radio show, claiming she cheated with Drake. Read the report below from MTO...

Travis and Rihanna were dating for about a year – until this summer, when he believes that she started cheating on him with Drake. Travis gave a really butt hurt emotional interview this morning on Apple Music’s radio show, where he said the following.

– Travis said that he hated opening for Rihanna on the ANTi Tour.
– Travis confirmed Rihanna and him were dating exclusively, yet she’d bring Drake on stage and grind against him at multiple shows. He stops short of saying that Rihanna was sleeping with both he and Drake at the same time – but he DEFINITELY implies it.
– Travis claims that Rihanna refused to do any features on his new album. He decided find a female singer that “sounds just like her” for the track “Lose”

So far NO WORD from either Drake or Rihanna.

Angela Simmons attends her baby-shower in sheer dress

Friends threw the 28 year old reality star a baby shower yesterday and she wore a sheer dress. She also announced she's expecting a boy ...

Celebration of Kano Royalty: Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on the cover of Thisday Style Magazine

Thisday Style celebrates the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and the grandeur of Kano royalty on this week edition. The pictures were taken by ace Nigerian photographer TY Bello. Also featured is the first wife of the 55-year-old monarch, and some of his children. More Pics

British PM Theresa May meets Obama and other world leaders for the first time (photos)

British Prime Minister Theresa May today met with President Barack Obama and other world leaders after making her first appearance at a major international summit, the G2 Summit at the Chinese city of Hangzhou. More photos

Rihanna puts her butt on display at her show in Philadelphia (pics)

The singer put her butt on display in a pair of sexy leather chaps as she hit
 the stage for her Anti World Tour in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday night. More photos

Rotimi Akeredolu emerges APC governorship candidate in Ondo State

A former president of the Nigerian Bar Association, Rotimi Akeredolu has emerged the governorship candidate of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State. He emerged the flag bearer following the state party's primary election held amidst tight security in Akure, the state capital Saturday September ‎3rd.

Fayose dismisses Sheriff visit to Obasanjo, says; “It’s coming together of PDP enemies”

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has reacted to today’s visit of Senator Ali Modu Sheriff to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, saying it was a coming together of collaborators in the total annihilation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).The governor said it was on record that both Obasanjo and Sheriff collaborated to destroy the All Nigerians Peoples Party (ANPP) and their meeting today must be to further collaborate to destroy the PDP.
Governor Fayose, who reacted to the visit through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said;

“Sheriff can as well begin to sleep in Obasanjo’s house, it is good riddance to bad rubbish.”The governor said; “since Obasanjo is no longer a member of the PDP and he has consistently maintained that he can never return to the PDP, only those in the same league with him can go about visiting him.”

He said it was hypocritical and deceitful for Sheriff to have said he went to see Obasanjo to seek advice on the way forward for the PDP because he (Obasanjo) was among those made the PDP to lose the presidency, despite that no one benefited from the party more than him.

Governor Fayose said Sheriff only visited Obasanjo as part of his plot with the All Progressives Congress (APC) to destroy the PDP, adding that; “no genuine lover of the PDP will go to the house of a man who openly destroyed his PDP membership card and worked assiduously to ensure the party’s failure in the 2015 presidential election to seek advice on how the way forward for the PDP.”

He reiterated his call to Nigerians to beware of Obasanjo, saying;

"The result of Obasanjo's imposition of President Mohammadu Buhari on the country is the hunger and sufferings that Nigerians are facing now."

Photos: Kris Jenner vacations with Kourtney K & Corey Gamble in Italy

60 year old Kris Jenner looked really young as she vacationed in Capri, Italy with her oldest daughter Kourtney Kardashian and her boy toy Corey Gamble on Friday. Kris stepped out in a print dress while Kourtney wore a banana-print romper. The trio enjoyed a splash-filled adventure in the waters in Capri, Italy, the same day. More photos

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Morell ft. M.I Abaga – Bullet (prod. Magikadam)

Morell ft. M.I Abaga - Bullet (prod. Magikadam)

Morell ft. M.I Abaga – Bullet (prod. Magikadam)

Morell comes through with another outstanding song titled – ‘Bullet‘, featuring M.I Abaga, produced by Magikadam.

Fire tune guys, listen and download

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Rymzo – RUN DEM ft. Jez Blenda (prod. Killertunes)

Rymzo - RUN DEM Ft Jez Blenda (Prod.Killertunes)

Rymzo – RUN DEM ft. Jez Blenda (prod. Killertunes)

Reggae and Dancehall Sensation RYMZO steps out after a brief hiatus with Timaya protégé Jez Blendain a new Dancehall Tune titled ‘Run Dem‘.
Rymzo blesses this song with his unique voice combining excellently with Jez Blenda in this KillerTunesjoint to deliver what is arguably the Dancehall Club anthem of 2016 and beyond.

Download and enjoy the song below.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Stonebwoy – Sapashini (Dancehall Warrior)

Stonebwoy Sapashini Art

Stonebwoy – Sapashini (Dancehall Warrior)

The leader of the BHIM Nation movement, Stonebwoy marks his enskinment by the Regent of Tamale, Gukpegu Naa Alhaji Abdulai. It’s a very good look for the Ghanaian dancehall superstar whose stock has continued to rise since he snapped up the BET Award back in 2015.

Say hello to the Sapashini of Dancehall.

Produced by Armhouse Jamaica.
Mixed And Mastered By Beatz Dakay.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC :Geniuzz – Connect + Firewood

Geniuzz - Connect + Firewood

Effyzzie Music Group music star Geniuzz who recently inked multi-million naira deal as a brand ambassador for NairaBox premieres two new singles.

The new music numbers from Geniuzz titled “Connect” and “Firewood” are produced by hit-producer Echo; and arrives after the success of his singles “Underrate”, which features his label-mate Yemi Alade and “KakaRaka”. The tracks shows Geniuzz’ versatility that earned him the name; as he delivers a high-octane and thumping pop performance in “Connect”, not-forgetting the flirtatious sexy mid-tempo pop gem “Firewood”.

VIDEO: Khaligraph Jones – Wanjiru & Akinyi

Khaligraph Jones Wanjiru Akinyi Art

VIDEO: Khaligraph Jones – Wanjiru & Akinyi

Kenya’s finest emcee, Khaligraph Jones drops the visuals to his latest single “Wanjiru & Akinyi“. ENJOY

Sultan of Sokoto announces Monday, September 12th as Eid el-Kabir Day

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakar III, has announced Monday, September 12th as the Eid-El-Kabir Day. The announcement is contained in a statement signed by Sambo Junaidu, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Religious Affairs, Sultanate Council of Sokoto.

"The committee in conjunction with the National Moon Sighting Committee had received reports from various Moon sighting committees across the country. The reports confirmed the sighting of the New Moon of Zulhijja,1437 AH, on Friday, Sept. 2, 2016,
which was the 29th day of Zulka'ada, 1437 AH. The Sultan and President, Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), accepted the reports and accordingly declared Saturday, Sept. 3, as the first day of Zulhijja, 1437 AH. Therefore, Monday, Sept.12, which will be equivalent to 10th Zulhijja, and will be marked as this year's Eid el-Kabir"the statement read.

Reno Omokri and his Lookalike son in Itsekiri outfit

Reno Omokri with his lookalike son at the 19th Annual National Convention of Ugbajo Itsekiri in Houston, Texas. More photos

Tyga's $2.2-million Maybach repossessed

According to TMZ, the $2.2 million Maybach 62 S Landaulet was towed to a repair shop in Laguna Niguel, California, after it broke down a few months ago. After Tyga reportedly missed numerous car payments on the vehicle, a financing company pursued the vehicle and took it back. Good thing his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, bought him a Bentley truck
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