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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

US actor, Common reveals he was molested as a child

American actor and rapper, Common has revealed he was molested as a child.

In a just-released memoir 'Let Love Have the Last Word: A Memoir, he opens up for the first time about being molested as a child.

In the book, the Chicago rapper whose real name is Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn, disclosed that he was molested at the age of 9 or 10 years. He says the memories began to surface as he and his friend, actress Laura Dern, were prepping for their scenes in the 2018 dramatic film, The Tale.

He wrote; “I caught my breath and just kept looping the memories over and over, like rewinding an old VHS tape…I said ‘Laura, I think I was abused.'”

Common goes on to share what he now recalls happening to him when he was just 9 or 10 years old while growing up in Chicago. “I was excited for a road trip I was about to take with my family. My mother; my godmother, Barbara; her son and my godbrother Skeet; and his relative, who I’ll call Brandon…”

Arriving at his Aunt’s house in Cleveland, Common says he and Brandon were made to share a bed together one night of the trip.

“At some point, I felt Brandon’s hand on me,” he writes. “I pushed him away. I don’t remember saying a whole lot besides ‘No, no, no.'”

But Common says his abuser would not stop: “He kept saying ‘It’s okay, It’s okay,’ as he pulled down my shorts and molested me. After he stopped he kept asking me to perform it on him. I kept repeating ‘No’ and pushing him away,” the rapper writes. “I felt a deep and sudden shame for what happened.”

To cope, the “Glory” singer believes he “buried” the painful memories. “I just pushed the whole thing out of my head,” he writes. “Maybe it’s a matter of survival—Even now, two years after that flash resurgence of memories, as I’m writing, I’m still working through all of this in myself and with my therapist.”

The star says that he has never spoken about the one-time incident with the accused (who he hasn’t seen in over 25 years) but he has forgiven him, for his and others’ sake. “I want to be a person who helps break cycles of violence,” he writes. “This is love in action and I intend to practice it.”

At least 1 student killed and 7 others injured after two shooters open fire at school

A student has been killed and seven others sustained injuries after two shooters opened fire at a school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, police said.

One adult and one juvenile, who haven't been named by police, went on a rampage at STEM School Highlands Ranch Tuesday afternoon. They took the life of an 18-year-old student before they were apprehended by a SWAT team and taken into custody.

Kelly Paulson, who lives near the attacked school where her son and daughter attend, told KMGH that her son Christian was in study hall when he saw a "bunch of kids running out and saying, 'school shooter, school shooter.' "

Kelly Rocco DeChalk, who also lives close to the school, told NBC News that he left his house and saw a boy who had been shot in the back, sitting by a mailbox at a nearby home.

He said: "I saw all of them running, so I thought it was a gym class at first. But then I saw there were so many of them."

DeChalk said the wounded boy was with a teacher and a friend. He called 911 before taking them into his kitchen to wait.

The boy’s condition has not been reported, but area hospitals said two victims were in serious condition, two were listed as stable, one was said to be in good condition, and three were released, according to The New York Times.

The school that was attacked is an elementary, middle, and high school combined that teaches students aged 5 to 18. After the attack, parents were urged to pick their wards at the nearby recreational centre.

Police said hours after the gunfire began that they were "engaging a third suspect" with relation to the attack and the scene is still considered "unstable". But a third arrest has not been announced.

Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia loses her dad to cancer

Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia has lost her father to the cold hands of death.

The mother of two took to Instagram to announce the passing of her father who died after his battle with cancer.

She wrote: 'R I P Daddy. You Fought Hard #cancersucks #thePainIsGone

Late John Singleton's seven kids set to battle over his $35m estate as will drafted in 1993 left everything to his oldest daughter

Late American movie director, John Singleton's seven children are preparing for a legal battle on how his $35 million estate will be shared among them in the wake of his death.

The 'Boyz n the Hood' director died on Monday, April 28 at the age of 51 after he suffered a major stroke. He was buried in his native South Los Angeles on Monday in a ceremony attended by notable names such as Stevie Wonder, Ice Cube, Taraji P. Henson, Ludacris, Tyrese, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, among others.

The famed filmmaker's seven children are reportedly preparing to head to court to battle over his $35m estate, after it was discovered that he drafted one will, in 1993, at which time he only had one child, daughter Justice, 26, who he left everything to.

According to TMZ, the late director's mother, Shelia Ward, who is acting as executor of his estate, filed the will which earmarked everything for Justice in probate court Friday.

The arrangement was composed in California, where state law could open the door for Singleton's younger six children - who were not born at the time the will was composed - to carve out a piece of the estate, according to the outlet. (The only instance that could potentially exclude them, according to the outlet, was if Singleton would have added a stipulation disowning the yet-to-be-born kids, which he didn't.)

BBC Igbo shows Messi no mercy as they report on Barcelona's loss to Liverpool

Barcelona suffered an embarrassing loss to Liverpool and BBC Igbo, known to be savage when reporting on sports, took the football team apart with their headline.

Not only did they make fun of Barcelona's loss, they also shared a photo of a dejected-looking Messi and wrote a savage caption that reduced Messi to a grass-eating goat.

Translated to English, the caption reads: "Who stuffed "GOAT" mouth with grass for him to eat?"

Their headline on the story reads: "The glory Barcelona is known for has been destroyed."

Man chopped off his penis and testicles because he wanted to become a genitalia-free 'nullo'

A man chopped off his penis and testicles because he wanted to become a genitalia-free "nullo."

Trent Gates, 23, cut off his testicles back in April 2016, then, in January 2017, he removed his penis with an ultra-sharp ceramic knife. He carried out the procedure after seeing a photo of another famous nullo called Gelding at the age of 15.

Trent, from Washington DC, only used iced water to numb the pain for the first procedure. For the second removal, he took regular painkillers to counter the pain.

Recalling what made him decide to remove his genitalia in his first ever interview, Trent told Metro US: "It really didn’t feel like part of me. It’s along the lines of being trans, but not quite.

"I have no desire to be a woman. It’s kind of a middle ground in-between the two, an androgynous in-between.

"I came across some pictures when I was in high school, online, and I’ve been that way since, back since I was probably, 15.

"I saw a photo online – it was like, bam, first photo I saw, that's me, I want to be there some day.

"I think it was a photo of (famous nullo) Gelding. He’s kind of like the grandfather of the community."

Trent describes himself as a non-binary person who is sexually attracted to men. He says he feels more male than female, though.

Recalling how both procedures were carried out, the IT worker said he sliced his testicles off at his apartment and later removed his penis in a North Carolina hotel room after meeting a local "spotter" online who agreed to call an ambulance if he suffered a medical emergency.

He used a knife sanitized with alcohol, then travelled to a hospital immediately after on both occasions, where a surgeon stitched him up and gave him painkillers.

He said he talked to a mental health team about his decision to remove his genitals. He also took photos of the process, which are too graphic.

He explained: "I used a ceramic (knife) because its sharper than the steel, less ripping and tearing.

"I sanitized it all beforehand with alcohol. I took every precaution. I had no infection. I went to the hospital right after. I honestly didn’t have a problem with the pain. I used a little bit of a numbing agent, a little bit of litocain on it, and i took to five milligrams of oxycodene that they prescribed me when i did my balls to take the edge off.

"It really wasn’t that painful, it wasn’t that euphoric of a feeling, it was just kind of 'Yeah, it’s happening'."

Trent continued: "I had the same surgeon both times. I was 16 hours away from where I did my balls but I had the same surgeon both times. She ran me through the ringer, because it was a couple of months after I had been at a different hospital 16 hours away. They made sure I got psychiatric treatment just to make sure I was sane and that it was a good decision.

The therapists and the psychiatric staff said 'Yeah, yeah, he’s good, he’s sane…miraculously'."

According to Metro, Trent says the wound where he removed his testicles took a month to heal, while the area where his penis once sat recovered in around two to three weeks. He inserted a catheter for several weeks after removing his penis to ensure there was a hole through which he could urinate.

He added that he enjoys sex even more now he has no penis or testicles.

He said: "I’ve actually found that my orgasms have gotten a hell of a lot more intense. The first time that I had sex afterwards, I almost passed out and was shaking for hours afterwards. It was that intense of an orgasm. It’s kind of weird. I actually do (ejaculate). It’s essentially the clear pre-cum that is produced by prostate."

He said his boyfriend accepts him as he is and doesn't mind his modified genitalia.

He also revealed that he did not tell his parents about removing his male member until after he had done so, and he has not told his three younger brothers about the do-it-yourself surgeries.

He said: "My parents were a little bit shocked but accepting. Grandparents more shocked than immediately accepting, but they are accepting, and great grandparents were immediately accepting, surprisingly."

Trent also revealed how he kept his penis in the freezer, with his mother sparking a family row after throwing it out.

He said: "(My privates) were preserved in the freezer and they got thrown out. My mother threw them out – I don’t really want to go into much more detail on that right now. they’re still working that out. They were preserved, they were brought home and then…yeah."

Trent says he has no regrets about becoming a nullo, and added that it has helped him overcome crippling depression which saw him attempt suicide multiple times while at school.

He explained: "I feel happier. I feel more me. I feel, I guess, freer in a sense. It’s kind of hard to describe it. More how I’m meant to be, at heart. I feel more like the me I’ve always felt I was.

"With people who have a problem I’m like, fuck it, its not your body, don’t worry about it."

Sharia court to chop off hands and legs of 10 people, stone 5 to death In Bauchi State

The Controller of Prisons, Bauchi State Command, Suleiman T. Suleiman has said that five persons who were sentenced to death-by-stoning; and 10 others whose legs and hands are to be amputated are awaiting the day of judgment.

Suleiman, who spoke in an interview with newsmen in his office on Tuesday on the state of prison in Bauchi, also lamented that some convicts have been in jail for over 10 years with action not taken on them. He said six other inmates have also been condemned to death, five are currently on life sentence, while 188 are on various jail terms of two years and above.

He lamented that the prison currently has 947 inmates at the 500-capacity Bauchi Prison. He said:

“The condemned convicts we have are mostly coming from Sharia Courts. These and other related cases like amputation of hand or leg have been in jail for over 10 years without knowing their fate. Their hands are not cut off, their legs are not cut off, they don’t know their fate.

“There are also those who are supposed to be stoned to death. I am worried. I feel touched that each time I go to any of the prisons to visit, they’ll be the first to confront me with questions about their case. I have written to the state governor, I have also written to the state Chief Judge to see that something is done about these people. They’re the only category of people that cannot be taken to court because they have already been convicted, but there’s no execution.”

The Prison Comptroller said that if the sentences could not be executed, they could be commuted to prison terms.

“If this cannot also be done, they should be granted pardon and counselled to be of good behaviour and released. I want the government to execute the law as it is and if they cannot do that, the governor has the power to give clemency to these convicts.”
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