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Thursday, June 20, 2019

It's not cool" BBNaija's Princess reacts to Uti Nwachukwu declaring Ceec the most successful housemate of BBNaija2018

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Princess has reacted after Uti, without prompt, referred to CeeC as the housemate who has done better than others since leaving the house in 2018.

Uti Nwachukwu declared Cynthia Nwadiora "the most successful housemate of BBNaija2018" (read here). This didn't go down well with Princess and she took to her Instagram Stories to react.

She revealed a lot of housemates have suffered depression since leaving the house and are battling feelings of inadequacy. Therefore, to be compared amongst themselves is not cool.

She said that as a former housemate himself, Uti should know better.

Read what she wrote below.

Husband accused of killing wife after 48 hours of marathon BDSM during their 'honeymoon period' in Germany (Photos)

A German man accused of murder is facing manslaughter charges for killing his new bride while engaging in marathon BDSM sex on their honeymoon.

Ralph Jankus, 52, who was on trial Wednesday in Krefeld, Germany said himself his wife Christel, 49, took part in a 48-hour sex session days after they tied the knot.

The pair engaged in a fatal 48-hour romp in July 2018 involving bondage and other sadomasochism techniques, which left the new bride with severe internal injuries allegedly after a sharp object was inserted into her, prosecutors said.

Experts later determined there was a barbed hook inserted in her that led to the internal injuries when it was removed.

Prosecutors allege the groom failed to get his new wife help and left her suffering for four days before emergency services arrived at the scene and were unable to save Christel.

The Self-confessed sadomasochist who started dating his wife in 2011 now faces manslaughter charges at the court in Krefeld, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, in western Germany.

He is being prosecuted for failing to call for help, allegedly leaving her injured for four days, although, he claims he was not aware his wife was seriously ill.

When questioned, he told police the sex had been consensual and that he had been taking part in sadomasochism sessions for the past thirty years.

He told police: 'It was our honeymoon period.'

He added that he loved his wife dearly, that the sex had been consensual and that instead of going on honeymoon, they had enjoyed a steamy sex session lasting days.

He took to Facebook after her death to inform friends and pay tribute to his late partner.

“I want to thank you all for the goodwill messages received on our wedding day,” he wrote. “Unfortunately I have to tell you that my dear wife suddenly died just eight days after our wedding. All the happiness I have experienced was in the years with my wife.”

The victim's 30-year-old son, according to Daily Mail, claimed his mother had been abused as a child and was mentally unstable. He added that his mother was dominated by her husband and had started wearing clothes that covered her up well.

According to the report, she had also allegedly reported abuse at the hands of her husband before they got married, in 2017, but later withdrew these allegations and had spent some time in a psychiatric clinic.

Her son claims that she fled to a women's shelter in 2018, before turning up happier and marrying her partner in July of the same year.

He said: 'She had injuries over her whole body and in her genital region.'

The son said: 'I made accusations to her that she was putting up with too much and that it should never have gone this far.'

He added he had seen bruises which his mother had shown him and she allegedly told her son that she never wanted to see her partner again and never wanted to be hurt by him.

He claims that Jankus 'abused, mistreated and humiliated' his mother, but added: 'I do think she loved him though.'

The trial is ongoing.

South African lawmaker, Phumzile van Damme says she punched a man in self-defence after he hurled racial abuse at her

A black South African lawmaker has confirmed that she punched a man in self-defence after he allegedly hurled racial abuse at her.

Phumzile van Damme from the opposition Democratic Alliance said she got into a row with a white woman at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront when the man intervened. She said the man, who was white, was "threatening violence" and used vulgar language to tell her to get out, referring to her as "you black".

The V&A Waterfront, a top tourist site, has apologised for the incident. Ms van Damme was unhappy with the treatment she received from a security officer when she reported the incident.

Ms van Damme said she was standing in a queue in the supermarket when she had a quarrel with a woman who allegedly told her she would "push [her] aside". "Then when I went out, she was standing there with her family in a threatening manner. And I went to her and said, 'why are you looking at me in a threatening manner?' Then she said, 'it's because you're black', Ms van Damme said in a video on Twitter.

She said a man, who was with the woman, "was threatening violence so in self-defence I punched him in the head". Ms van Damme said she accepted V&A Waterfront's apology and their commitment not to tolerate unacceptable behaviour from its patrons. She has, however, threatened to file charges with the police.

French DJ, Cassius' Philippe Zdar dies after accidentally falling off a building in Paris

French DJ and producer Philippe Cerboneschi (also known as "Zdar"), one half of French dance duo Cassius has died after accidentally falling from a building in Paris.

"He made an accidental fall, through the window of a high floor of a Parisian building" his agent Sebastien Farran said.

Cerboneschi formed Cassius with Hubert Blanc-Francard (aka Boom Bass) in 1996. They produced for bands such as Phoenix, Beastie Boys, Franz Ferdinand and French hip hop star MC Solaar. The two had met a few years earlier, when Cerboneschi was already working as a sound engineer for artists like Serge Gainsbourg and had created Motorbass, a first duet with French DJ Etienne de Crécy.

Zdar’s solo production for other artists earned him a reputation in his own right. He stepped in to save Phoenix’s debut album, United, when sessions with the initial producer went awry. His next fully fledged work with the French soft-rock group was with their 2009 breakout album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which won the Grammy award for best alternative music album in 2010.

Cerboneschi was awarded a 2010 Grammy Award as a mixer and producer for French indie pop band Phoenix's fourth best-selling album.

Boyfriend fakes proposal and invites his woman's friends just to disgrace her, and his reason will shock you (video)

A boyfriend planned a fake wedding proposal just to disgrace his girlfriend in the midst of their friends.

The man's anger had to do with something his woman told her friends about him. According to him, the lady told her friends that he gave her oral sex while she was "on her period"

In the trending video, the man is seen on one knee with his hand going to his pocket as though to bring out a ring. The girlfriend looks surprised and pleased.

"She deserves it..." he said as he reached into his pocket.

But, rather than bring out a ring, he brought out his hand with the midfinger out in a "f*** you" sign."

"Ladies, will you go and f*** yourself. F*** you," he said at this point.

The woman's friends screamed in horror. The woman, shocked, shouted at the man saying, "why would you do something like that?"

The man replied: "That’s what you get for telling your homegirls I ate you out on your period."

Watch the shocking video below.

Toke Makinwa flaunts new glowing look in sexy jumpsuit (Photos)

Media personality and author, Toke Makinwa took to Instagram to show off her stunning look to the premiere of Funke Akindele's new movie,“Ayetoro Girls.”

The 34-year-old rocked a black/gold metallic stripe Jumpsuit and carried a matching gold purse which she paired with her heels.

See full photos below.

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