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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Actor Femi Adebayo thanks God for getting married eight years after his divorce from his first wife

The actor who tied the knot with his new wife, Maimunat over the weekend, took to social media to express his joy of getting married again eight years after his divorce from his first wife. On Social media, Femi wrote

"Mr and Mrs Femi Adebayo Alhamdulillah Thank you everyone for your prayers,support,spiritually,finacially,morally,physically,Ire Oni tan ni Ile gbo gbo wa, I'm grateful to everyone that stood thru the darkest times,8yrs of divorce it's indeed a long time,but God indeed is all knowing and perfect ,Peace be unto everyone,My fans thank you,thank you".

"Exist to be happy, not to impress" - Adrienne Bailon on her fiance, Israel Houghton

Gospel singer Israel Houghton and The Real co-host/singer Adrienne Bailon revealed that they were engaged when she showed off her diamond ring in front of the Eifel Tower, via Instagram in August. In a post shared today, she declared that she'll choose him over and over again.
"I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you. #HappilyEverHoughton #HappinessNeverGoesOutOfStyle #ExistToBeHappyNotToImpress ," Adrienne wrote Houghton faced criticism when he started dating Adrienne after he divorced his wife.

Aisha Buhari is worried about the people creating division whithin APC. "This worries us a lot now"

Wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari has said that some individuals have started creating division among members of the APC. Mrs Buhari stated this in an interview with the Hausa Service of the BBC which was partially aired today.

“This worries us a lot now. Because they believe they are the ones who suffered, but are no where today. Those who didn’t do anything who don’t even have voters’ card are the ones in position, doing everything."
According to Daily Trust, a part of the interview quoted the wife of the president as saying

“What I am afraid for them is the rebellion of 15 million people," a reference to the number of the people who voted the president into power.Asked whether the president knows those causing the problems for his government, Aisha Buhari said:

“Whether he knows or he doesn’t know, those who voted for him know. There is nothing I will tell him. He can see. Among all the people he selected, if he is asked among 50 people, he doesn’t know 45. I don’t know them despite staying with him for 25 years."The BBC will air the interview in full later.

Learn how to mind your own business' - actress Rita Edochie advices critics of her makeup style

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has been criticized a number of times by people bothered by her choice of makeup. She took to her social media accounts to sound off on her critics, advising them to mind their business and move on. In her words:
"One man's meat.....when you see most of them that are almost nude, you don't say anything bcos they are the kind of pictures you all like. You will keep seeing my makeup (black pencil) and will keep getting scared until you get off or you learn how to mind your business. Chaaaaiiiii i Love myself so so much."

Mercy Aigbe-Gentry stuns in new photos taken as she vacations in London

The actress who is currently on holiday took to the streets of London and other spots for a stunning photo shoot. See more photos

Makeup artist: @Rayjeweledbeauty
Assistant: @shehadeverything

Kevin Hart, his ex-wife and new wife and his kids in new photos

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart, who was honored with the 2,591st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday, posed for photos with his wife Eniko Parrish, his ex-wife Torrei Hart, and their two kids, daughter Heaven and son Hendrix.

VIDEO Premiere: L.A.X – Awon Da

L.A.X Awon Da video

VIDEO Premiere: L.A.X – Awon Da

Rasaki Records/Starboy act, L.A.X releases the visuals to his latest buzz single “Awon Da“.

L.A.X has surely had a good 2016.

VIDEO: 9ice – Economy

VIDEO: 9ice - Economy

VIDEO: 9ice – Economy

9ice wastes no time in dropping the visuals to his new and banging song ‘Economy‘.
If anyone knows how to get groovy, it’s 9ice Alapomeji. 9ice, brings new levels of energy, masterful lyricism and a whole lot of country situation to the scene with his dramatic, new video, “Economy.”

Directed by Unlimited L A

VIDEO: Phyno – Pino Pino

VIDEO: Phyno - Pino Pino

VIDEO: Phyno – Pino Pino

Phyno quickly drops the visuals to his latest single, a love song titled Pino Pino released just 2 days ago.

Well, here you are! The Fada Fada crooner shows us yet another side to his amazing self with the official video his latest tune, Pino Pino, which was released on his birthday.
The video was directed by Patrick Elis and shows Phyno in a very “cozy” mood with a beautiful lady.

36 drivers sent to Psychiatric hospital for beating traffic in Abuja

No fewer than 36 drivers in Abuja have been sent to psychiatric hospitals for proper examination after they beat traffic lights. Deputy Director / Chief Press Secretary of the Federal Capital Territory, Muhammad Sule, made this known in a press statement released yesterday October 10th.

“The FCT Police Command in collaboration with officers of the FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Services have so far arrested 36 motorists for beating traffic lights in the Federal Capital Territory and have been subjected them to psychiatric evaluation at the Karu Psychiatric Hospital.
This is sequel to the directive of the FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello, for the Nigeria Police Force, FCT Command to arrest any motorist that beats traffic lights in the Federal Capital Territory and be taken to psychiatric hospital for immediate test. All the motorists so far arrested and conveyed in ambulances to the hospital have undergone psychiatric tests at the hospital but were certified by the doctor to be medically fit. Those arrested have been made to face the consequences of their actions as they have been made to pay fine to serve as a deterrent after bearing the cost of the psychiatric test. Meanwhile, the culprits have also been made to attend a compulsory three-day lecture at the headquarters of the FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Services on the importance of complying with traffics signs and road markings. The exercise that commenced about 5 days ago (5/10/16) by the Police on the directive of the Minister is a continuous one as it has entered week two. It would be recalled that the Nigeria Police Force recently deployed very senior officers within the ranks of Assistant Superintendent of Police and Inspectors to man the speed bikes to ensure high level of discipline from them to curb impunity and work in disciplined, efficient and effective manner”the statement read

The night Bill Clinton let Trump dodge the bullet that should have killed his campaign, then walk all over Hillary- Piers Morgan

Read his piece below...

Wow. I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that last night’s debate was the most sickeningly squalid spectacle in the history of US politics. To see the remaining two candidates for the presidency trading blows about sexual assault and rape was so unedifying it defies any parody Saturday Night Live might ever come up.
Who won?
Most polls so far say Hillary Clinton.
But I think Donald Trump did, simply because he was still standing by the end – physically and metaphorically.

Many predicted this would be Trump’s televised 90-minute political funeral following the leak of those indefensible Access Hollywood sex-charged tapes. The fact that he lived to fight another day says a lot about Teflon Don’s astonishing resilience under fire and his impenetrably shameless rhino hide.
But it also says a lot about Hillary Clinton’s essential weakness too. This should have been the night she landed the White House.

After years of telling us she was the No1 candidate for women, she was handed a gold-plated gift enabling her to prove it once and for all. There was Trump, the man she’s always accused of being a sexist, misogynist creep, actually caught on camera being a sexist, misogynist creep. Worse than that, Trump appeared to be openly boasting about using his celebrity status to commit sexual assaults on women.

‘I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women,’ he told NBC presenter Billy Bush. ‘I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.. Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything.’It’s hard to imagine any ‘October surprise’ that could possibly suit Hillary’s agenda more than this. All she had to do was stand on that podium last night and read out exactly what Trump said about women. Then repeat it a few more times during the debate to ram his own repellent words down his throat.
No male presidential candidate could possibly withstand such an excruciating barrage from a female candidate. Virtually every woman in America would have been cheering her on as Trump wilted and withered on a stage of shame.
The Donald would have been damned by his own dirty diction in front of 100 million people. The trickle of Republican figures disowning him would have turned into a tsunami. Would even his VP pick Mike Pence have stood by him? In which case it would have been game over, surely? But when the moment came, Hillary blew it. She tried to go there, of course.

Yet there was one huge problem: her husband Bill, sitting just a few yards away in the front row.

The world knows him as a brilliant politician, but also as a serial seducer of epic proportions who, while he was President of the United States, even had sexual relations with a young intern in the Oval Office.

In comparison to Bill, many view Trump as a choirboy when it comes to women.

Earlier last night, Trump hosted a press event with four women: Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Kathy Shelton. Broaddrick claimed Bill Clinton raped her when he was Arkansas attorney general, and that Hillary intimidated her into silence when her husband launched his own bid to be president.

Willey was a former White House volunteer aide who alleges Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her during his first term as president. Jones is a former Arkansas state employee who sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. Shelton was a 12-year-old rape victim whose attacker was defended by Hillary Clinton in her lawyer days. A tape later emerged showing Hillary chuckling when talking about the case and suggesting she knew her client was guilty. She used a legal technicality to get him a substantially reduced sentence.

It was a prurient, distasteful and thoroughly self-serving stunt by Trump to sit among these women in front of the world’s media shortly before the debate started. And then take them to the actual debate itself and sit them right in the front row, feet away from Hillary.

It also proved to be an extremely effective form of ugly politics. Hillary knew they were there. So did Bill. And so did the world.

One Democrat compared it to the scene in Godfather II where Michael Corleone flies in the brother of family super-grass Frank Pentangeli to sit in the Senate committee room as a chilling silent reminder of the mafia code of omertà.

When Hillary went after Trump for his sex tapes, he instantly flew back at her about these women. ‘If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse,’ Trump jabbed.

‘Mine were words, his were actions. Bill Clinton was abusive to women, Hillary Clinton attacked those women, attacked them viciously.’
It was devastatingly brutal to watch, but as he doubtless hoped it would, it stopped the sex tape debate in its tracks.
Hillary had nowhere to go but meek retreat. ‘I’m reminded,’ she said, ‘of what my friend Michelle Obama advised us all: When they go low, you go high.’
Hmmm. I’m not so sure about that, Mrs Clinton. I think the world’s women were more of the ‘when they go THIS low, deliver the fatal blow’ mind-set. But she couldn’t and Trump knew it.

Emboldened by this knowledge, you could see his confidence levels rise for the rest of the debate as he scored valuable points against her over issues like emails, Benghazi, Obamacare and Iraq. Hillary held her own but she was nowhere near as comfortable or dominant as she was in the first debate. By the end, it was clear that Trump had won the real battle. Far from being finished, he had sent a firm message to his supporters and indeed to those in the Republican Party itching to ditch him, that he is still alive and kicking in this race.

Photos: Korede Bello hangs out with Abacha's daughter, Gumsu

'Godwin' crooner, Korede Bello, shared these photos of himself hanging out with Gumsu Abacha Fadil, daughter of former Military Head of State, Sani Abacha, and captioned it: '#MummyBellover'

Video: Mike Abdul – Korede


After dropping the single KOREDE on his birthday, Spaghetti Record Boss releases Visual to the trending hot tune.

KOREDE which is still enjoying Massive airplay, is simply A Blessing. Korede the Video is Shot by DMS Pictures the one & only “LEXTEN”.

Video: MoniQue – Yahweh

MONIQUE - YAHWEH denoised.Still004
YAHWEH by MoniQue is a cry out for genuine relationship with GOD without focus on benefits. It’s the craving and total dependence of a child on The FATHER regardless of needs or wants.

Call on DADDY with this song and let the words be your heart’s cry.

NEW MUSIC:Tolulope Isaac – Were [With Ease]

Tolulope Isaac is here again with a new single titled WERE (With Ease). With this song, Tolulopeseeks to blend old school tunes with the new as he still portays how God has always helped him get through Life.

He endlessly gives God praise for what God has done. When the world thinks it’s impossible, and God shows up, the next thing we say as humans is OLUWATISE. To God be the glory.

Listen to this song believing God to do what the world thinks it’s impossible. Trust in God and ‘Were Ni Oluwa Ma Se’

NEW MUSIC:Yoyo – Ogadinma [It Is Well]

Yoyo - Ogadinma

Award winning singer Yoyo has released a brand new inspiring single titled ‘’Ogadinma’’. We can say this song is coming at the right time to inspire and encourage our country men and women that no matter what we are going through right now in the country one thing is sure, we will come out of this strong, better and successful.

We all know the last time Yoyo dropped a single was last year December, 2015 when she dropped OSIWI, a Christmas song that rocked the music scene then.

This time, Yoyo is out with an inspirational tune that will leave you smiling and reassured that All Will Be Well.

She said in her own words “God gave me this song when i was almost giving up, now i want to share this song with the whole world to let them know that all will be well”. This is not just a song, it is a message of hope

DSS releases detained judges

The State Security Service SSS has released all the judges arrested and detained in Abuja and six other states over the weekend. According to Premium Times, all the seven judges were released on self-recognition. A source at SSS said

“They were all released on bail yesterday(Sunday) on self recognition. They reported this morning (Monday) and they have all gone back home. They will be coming back tomorrow. And everything went very procedurally well and civil.
They were released on bail on self recognition based on the fact that given their standing in the society, they cannot run away. They were instructed that they should come back today by 10am. They did report for investigation this morning and they have gone back home. And the investigation continues and preparation to charge them to court continued. Also, action was sequel to lack of cooperation by National Judicial Council. Such as refusal by the NJC to allow the affected persons to be questioned by the DSS. Investigation started some seven months ago, precisely in April 2016”‎he saidThe judges were arrested over their alleged involvement in corrupt practices.

Jhene Aiko shares loved up photo with Big Sean

Singer, Jhene Aiko who is still legally married to Nigerian,US based producer, Dot da Genius, shared this loved up photo of herself and Big Sean amid break up rumours.

Kylie Jenner steps out in Yeezys

As she shared on her page.

Nicki Minaj stuns on the cover of Marie Claire magazine

Rapper, Nicki Minaj looked amazing as she covered the November issue of Marie Claire.
The Power issue of the magazine. More photos

MUSIC PREMIERE: Dammy Krane x Davido x Shatta Wale – Gbetiti | LADIES

Dammy Krane GBETITI

 MUSIC PREMIERE: Dammy Krane x Davido x Shatta Wale – Gbetiti

When Dammy Krane, Davido and Shatta Wale join forces, you know it’s about to be a  dope vibe! Listen to “GBETITI“, a word famously coined by Dammy Krane.

The video for “Ladies” by DMW labelmates, Davido and Dammy Krane drops shortly, with official confirmation of the joint-venture.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Opynco – Aderonke (prod. Pheelz)

Opynco - Aderonke (prod. Pheelz)

Opynco – Aderonke (prod. Pheelz)

Opynco of Liberti Records who is fresh out in the Nigerian Entertainment scene is here with another lovely tune titled ADERONKE. This is Opynco’s second effort under the label’s umbrella after “SHOW ME YOUR LOVE” which was released May; a song that earned the young star a golden recognition as the first artist to sign up with LYRICASH, a music community that has Pheelz Mr. Producer as brand ambassador.

Opynco has performed on same stage with top Nigerian celebrities , Lord of Ajasa,Kay Switch & more prior to his club tours in states within the country.

His single ADERONKE is proudly produced by one of the best music producers alive “Pheelz Mr Producer” of the YBNL family who displayed his amazing production synergy, while it was mixed and mastered by IndoMix resulting to a potential HIT SONG!

‘ADERONKE ’ is a Yoruba name meaning ‘Special Care’, Opynco is definitely a talent that’s here to stay

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Mars Candy ft. Oritsefemi – Temi (prod. Popito)

Mars Candy ft. Oritsefemi – Temi (prod. Popito)

Mars Candy ft. Oritsefemi – Temi (prod. Popito)

NDUBUEZE OHUAKANWA JR also known as MARS CANDY is a recording & performing Artiste who hails from Umuamadi Nguru in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area in Imo State, born 14th November, 1994. MARS CANDY who was signed to RAW RECORDS and doing so perfectly well has dropped another wildfire jam entitled ‘TEMI’ featuring the Musical Taliban, ORITSEFEMI. This song which was produced by POPITO, mixed & mastered by SUKA Sounds has an electrifying fascinating melodious flow which will keep you stick to the groove.

DOWNLOAD MUDIC:Protocol – Cobina + 10 Million

Protocol – Cobina + 10 Million

Protocol – Cobina + 10 Million

Without much delay Nigerian fast rising Afro-pop & RnB singing sensation
and song writer PROTOCO returns Two new singles titled “Cobina &
10Million” after the successful released of his last single with video
“Burutu”, Cobina and 10Million was produced by FB, mixed and mastered by
DanJiggy, which promises to rock airwaves home and abroad. Listen up,
enjoy and share your thoughts below.

Photos: 17-year-old girl commits suicide

17-year-old Dacia Reynolds was found hanging from a tree in her yard in Runaway Bay, St Ann about 1:30 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 4th. Police say that the teen is suspected to have committed suicide.

Her body was taken to to the morgue for a post mortem to determine the actually cause of death and to reveal if any foul play was involved. No motives have yet been determined by the police as to why Reynolds may have taken her own life.

She was described as a promising young woman who didn’t show any signs of having problems, so her her taking her own life came has a real shocker to her friends and family.

"She showed no signs of depression," one family member said, as a group sat comforting her bereaved mother, Verona Ferguson.

The distraught mother recalled that when she left Reynolds on Tuesday morning for work, she was not anticipating a call that would inform her of her death.

"Monday we were playing inside," Ferguson recalled. "She was always happy, friendly, and always with a smile."

"This shake up the entire district, everybody. She had an incredibly bubbly personality. She was passionate about life. Whenever she committed to doing something she always followed through," said Pastor Delroy Johnson, who visited the family.

"She was enjoying church on Sunday; she was smiling. She was a very good girl; she never had a frown on her face," another family member added.

Reynolds, a past student of Ferncourt High in the parish, had only been attending her new school of Cosmetology for two weeks. She reportedly stayed home on Tuesday because of the weather associated with Hurricane Matthew.

Source: Jamaican Observer

Emir of Kano's daughter Princess Siddika set to wed in December

Princess Fulani Siddika Sanusi, daughter of Emir of Kano and his first wife, Sadiya Bayero (Giwarsarkinkano) will be getting married in December. Her sister Yusra Khadija Sanusi shared photo of the University of Brighton Law graduate on Instagram and wrote:

"Can't believe in about two months, you'd be someone 's wife and have new siblings . And I have to share you with more than 10 other siblings. And you 'll start lying to each of your 20 (or more) siblings that they are your "best". (BTW I know it's either me, Ashraf, Imamu, Halifa or Muhammad; the rest don't even stand a chance!) It's scary knowing I won't see you before December (but you can always come to Paris, soooo...). But it's so exciting knowing in some years, I'll have like 3 or 4 more nephews and/or nieces. I wish you all the best and Allah ya baada zaman lafiya 🏾🏾🏾. I love you so much and I hope there 'll always be Jollof rice in your house because.... It's Jollof rice duh. And plantain chips. Ugh I miss you already - come visit me!! Thank you for being an amazing sister (for most of the time) and for being my friend whenever I need you (Because I have like 2 other friends IRL). JK. Keep being awesome and stay beautiful. I'll always love you "

And Siddika replied :

"Awww...My baby️I know right!!! Time is going so fast🏽Lmao you know you are my favourite (Lowkey)It's actually just you,Ashraf and muhammadAnd yes I will try and come see you before December InshaAllah.i love you more my darling,Allah ya raya Ki ya kawo miji Na gari️And do not worry about jollof rice,we are rice lovers🏻Love Love Love you!"
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