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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Prosperity Pastor Joel Osteen slammed on social media for closing his Houston megachurch's doors amid Hurricane Harvey disaster

Prosperity preacher and millionaire, Joel Osteen, the famed pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, is facing massive criticism on social media for not offering shelter at the megachurch to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

In a post on Twitter Saturday, Osteen said he was praying for those affected by the storm, which has dumped 20 to 40 inches of rain on the Houston area alone, with more on the way.

The $50-million preacher, who lives in a $10 million home, shut the doors to his massive Lakewood Church in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey — even though it can hold up to 17,000 people.

Osteen posted a notice on his website that the church would be shut over the weekend — and it remained closed Monday.

The preacher said he was unable to offer his venue as a temporary shelter because the highway in front was flooded.

But Twitter user Charles Clymer posted a picture of the roadway leading up to the church — which used to be the home of the NBA’s Houston Rockets — that showed all was high and dry Monday morning.

“Front of @JoelOsteen’s huge Lakewood Church in Houston at 11 am. Closed due to “flooding.” Person who took it asked to be anonymous,” Clymer said.

Then the church advertised how people could help victims but stikll didnt open its doors to victims for shelter.

Read more comments below. The Pastor eventually changed his mind after so much criticism.

Joel Osteen came under so much criticism on social media that he changed his mind.

“A source at Lakewood Church just told me they're planning to open their doors to Houston's homeless and displaced. Finally,” Clymer tweeted at 8:40 p.m.

He then posted a picture of blow-up air beds and said the church was preparing to open its doors.

Actress Victoria Egbuchere releases photos to mark her Birthday

The beautiful actress and producer turned a year older yesterday and she released these beautiful photos to mark her Birthday.

'He's simply amazing & I'm so blessed to be his diamond' - Wife of fmr Super Eagles goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama celebrates him on his birthday

Promise, the wife of former Super Eagles goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama took to her Instagram page this morning to celebrate him with a message of love as he turned a year older. She shared his photo above and wrote;

Happy birthday to my dear husband, lover and friend.
One day is never enough to celebrate this great man.
He's simply amazing and I'm so blessed to be his diamond.
May your new year usher in bountiful blessings, such that the world will marvel at the greatness of the God you serve.
I love you Honey.

North Korea fires a ballistic missile that flew over Japan leaving residents scared

Yesterday, North Korea fired a missile over Japan which the country's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called the "most serious and grave ever" threat to the country.

The missile was fired just before 6 a.m. in Japan. The launch of the missile set off series of warnings in the northern part of the country urging people to seek shelter wia messages on their mobile phones and there was panic among residents.

According to reports, the missile flew over Erimomisaki, on the northern island of Hokkaido, and broke into three pieces before falling into the Pacific Ocean, about 1,180 kilometers (733 miles) off the Japanese coast.

The missile was in flight for about 14 minutes, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at an emergency press conference. "There is no immediate report of the fallen objects and no damage to the ships and aircraft," he added.

Japanese Prime Minister condemned the launch as a reckless act saying, 'we have fully grasped the movement of the missile immediately after their launch and have been taking every possible effort to protect the lives of people. It is a serious and grave threat which impairs the safety and peace of the region'.
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