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Sunday, April 15, 2018

A month ago, I was in coma for 3days - Actress, Halima Abubakar reveals

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar who has been struggling with health issues in the past year has just revealed that she was in come for 3-days last month.

According to the actress,

'Okay I have good news! God really showed out. Am a woman after Gods heart! Today mark a year,of my distress and A month ago ,was in coma for 3days, thought I was gone. But just a month ago my family was in deep shock! So I hope you don't joke about your healthcare. And don't laugh at people cos they wish you nothing but greatness. God is amazing .look at me all stunning and happy. My Docs rock. Hopefully it won't be tagged pityparty. I don't need your pity. MY TESTIMONY

Beautiful photos from Wedding event of former Beauty Queen Ijeoma Okafor and her husband

Former beauty queen ijeoma Okafor tied the nuptial knot on Saturday 7th April2017 in Asaba with her hearthrob, pastor Julius Ekweozor.

The couple looked lovely. Checkout beautiful photos from the wedding event below...

See how celebrities reacted to Khloe Kardashian-Tristan Thompson cheating scandal

Following claims that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with their baby daughter, several celebrities have weighed in on the cheating scandal.

Some of them defended Khloe, and advised her to break-up with Tristan and deny him access to their baby, while others think what happened to her serves her right due to the fact that Tristan's previous girlfriend was pregnant when she began dating him.

See the celebrities who have reacted so far.

Sara Gilbert: "If this has happened multiple times, this guy is not changing and his timing, the fact someone can be so selfish when a baby is as stake. To put a pregnant mother in distress like that, is something that I would never recover from."

Julie Chen: "If I were Khloe Kardashian, I would A completely ice him, change all my numbers. I would not let him have any access to the child and I would raise the child by myself with my family and tell the child, your father is dead."

Wendy Williams: On Thursday morning, Williams unloaded on one of the women Tristan allegedly hooked up with, Lani Blair. Showing footage of her with Thompson outside his hotel, she said, "Ew, but, the thing about getting implants, you gotta massage them so, it looks like nobody actually massaged it. Clearly, she wasn't born with that butt!"

Then she shifted her attention towards Khloe. "Hearing all this stuff, I felt bad for Khloe at first, until ... until I realized, wait a minute now, wasn't Tristan expecting a baby with his girlfriend? The only person I feel bad for is the baby," she continued. "I don't feel for Khloe. Khloe, you know when you pulled up on him that he had a girlfriend named Jordy Craig and Jordy was 5 months pregnant."

"By the way, sidebar, just a little note to women out there, when you're dating and you know a guy is expecting a baby with a woman, here's the thing, it might be over but the fact is -- and only people who have babies know -- when a baby enters the world, everyone goes to mush," she said. "Khloe, you jumped in some mess you don't need to be involved with from the beginning."

She also called out Tristan for being a potential fame seeker. "When you're a famous girl, you gotta watch these not-so-big players. I didn't even know who this guy was and now he's on Hot Topics, he's in The Post," said Williams. "I don't even know who the stars of the Cleveland Cavaliers are, as far as I'm concerned he's the star. I wonder how they treat him in the locker room."

When someone in Wendy's audience suggests she get back with Lamar Odom, Williams at first shot down the idea, before giving it a second thought. "Lamar, she's not going back to Lamar. Lamar, you don't want that action, do you? Lamar, go back to your life," she said. "She's not gonna come back to you. Although she does have a baby ... so she won't be badging your regarding a baby situation. You know what, let's follow that!"

Sharon Osbourne: "what goes on between the two of them" or if they maybe had some sort of "arrangement," she would have warned her own daughter against dating someone like Thompson. "If Kelly had come home to you and said, I just got together with a guy who's left his last girlfriend and she's pregnant. Would alarm bells not have rung? Would you not have said to her, just be very careful here?" Morgan asked her.

"No woman who's about to have a baby should ever be put in this position," he continued. "I would also throw this out there though, leopards tend not to change their spots. When she got together with this guy, let's not forget his previous girlfriend was pregnant. Khloe Kardashian knew that and she began, in my view, very insensitively flaunting their relationship, their love affair while this other woman was pregnant and gave birth. So, this guy has had form for this and Khloe can't really sit back and pretend to be absolutely shocked that he's doing exactly the same to her that he did to his last girlfriend."

" FYI: Thompson and Kardashian started dating around the time he broke up with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, who was pregnant at the time of the split."

Chelsea Handler: "A recent study reported that millions of Americans are binge drinking regularly… Yeah, no shit. Donald Trump is president, Facebook is sharing our information, and Tristan cheated on Khloe… of course we’re drinking."

Kenya Moore: " I know I'm late but feel so bad for @khloekardashian no one should steal your joy when you are pregnant esp when it's her 1st child. Sending a hug and peace and love."

Olivia Culpo: " Not everyone you meet will give you the respect that you deserve. PS WHAT ARE SOME MEN SOOOOOOOOOO selfish and disrespectful and gross and, ugh..yes Tristan Thompson this is directed toward you and every other self-centered man."

Meghan McCain: " If I were pregnant and I saw those videos of him motor-boating a woman, making out with them and then going into Four Seasons... it would be so bad. I'm from Arizona, we're old school. I would not forgive, not forget and I'd lawyer up."

Sunny Hostin: " I'm such a traditionalist and my mom always told me, You lost them how you catch them.' And when she got with him, another girlfriend was three months pregnant. There's no real commitment there, they're not married. This baby's going to be fine. The suggestion that there's some deep commitment there, there's no commitment and I think she knew what she got. That's how she got him. I personally would not let him in the delivery room. "

Sarah Hyland: " I'm taking this whole Khloe Kardashian cheating scandal very personally. I'm traumatized. Khloe, you probably won't' see this, but I support you girl. She added, ' On a darker note, I'm personally victimized by Tristan F--kface."

Julie Chen: If I were Khloe Kardashian, I would A completely ice him, change all my numbers. I would not let him have any access to the child and I would raise the child by myself with my family and tell the child, your father is dead

"Westworld" star Evan Rachel Wood and blogger Perez Hilton got into it on social media over whether it's appropriate to call the woman Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated with a "ho."

Perez Hilton tweeted: "Khloe Kardashian's cheating boyfriend didn't just kiss that ho - he f-cked her!"

Wood then asked, "Why call her names?" Hilton's response: "I would say a ho is definitely a woman who knowingly f-cks a man whom she's know has a girlfriend AND that girlfriend is pregnant!"

Wood hits back: "Well, we never really know the whole story though, or what she is being told, or what her story is," Wood tweeted. "Just saying, slut-shaming can be dangerous and hurtful. I would keep the heat on him, even tho it isn't really our business anyway."

"People can lie and manipulate and take advantage," she continued. "We don't know her name and she can't defend herself. Speaking from personal experience I would just be careful not to publicly shame a woman for sex, especially without knowing the details. Thats all."

"Valid points. And Tristan is a dog! He's done this repeatedly," Perez responded, before posing this question to his followers: "Was I wrong to call the woman who hooked up this past weekend with Khloe Kardashian's babydaddy a ho?"

Chrishell Hartley: " It is sad to see when a woman doesn't recognize her worth & keeps picking the wrong men. We have all done it, but hopefully it makes you learn what you DO want bc of it. @khloekardashian I am rooting for you girl! "

Jalen Rose: Number one, " Khloe, when you got with him, guess what? You knew he was in a relationship. You get it how you live. Number two, Tristan, You have a baby on the way a Kardashian. And to the side-chick, you could have googled this. You knew he was in a relationship. That's a flagrant foul.

2baba’s Daughter, Isabella Idibia Makes Nollywood Debut, Features In Her First TV Show With RMD

Nigerian music legend, 2Baba Idibia and Annie Idibia’s first daughter, Isabella Idibia has just been featured in a new TV series, “The Mr X Family TV Show”.

Isabella will feature alongside Veteran Actors, Richard Mofe Damijo and Ego Boyo.

RMD would be father of Isabella Idibia in the TV Show.

This is Isabella’s first lead on a Tv show and her mom, Annie Idibia is so elated about it. She took to Instagram to gush about it, writing:

OMG OMG I Am Beyound Excited My Lil Miss SUNSHINE #isabel Got Her First Lead On The Biggest Show Coming Up On T.v…#themrxfamilyshow I Can’t For You Guys To Watch Her And Her New Incredible Tv Family!! We All Missed @mofedamijo And @officialegoboyo On Violated And Checkmate right??? Me I Don Miss Them And Cant To Watch. #mrxfamily #rmd #isabelidibia

So So Proud Of My Sunshine

Thanks Papa @mofedamijo For believing in Her

Photos: Nigerian Millionaire Storms Market Disguised As A Poor Man Begs For Money Then Dashes 2 Women Who Gave Him Money N400K

An Imo state born millionaire and philanthropist, Engr. Ndubuisi Emenike, on Wednesday the 11th April 2018 decided to take the market people at the popular World Bank Market in Owerri the capital city of Imo State, by surprise.

He stormed the market as a poor man that needed assistance and surprisingly, he got little attention.

According to one Darlington Flowrymz Ibekwe, that narrated the story on social media, the multi-millionaire who disguised himself as a beggar – went round the market begging for a sum of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) and so many people turned him down.

People laughed at him, some asked him to get out of their shops angrily, but in all these, he remained calm and kept asking.

It was then reported that a lady offered him one thousand naira and another offered him a thousand naira again making it the sum of two thousand naira.
He collected the sum and after a moment, called out the two ladies. To the surprise of the entire market people, his entourage of over seven (7) exotic cars drove in and he pulled out fresh cash bundles and rewarded them both with Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) each making it Four Hundred Thousand Naira (N400,000) and also returned the cash they gave him to them.

The World Bank market Owerri in Imo state was agog with surprise as the philanthropist urged them to always lend a helping hand to those in need as they never know where their blessings might come from.
The rich man however gave the reason for the generous act and in his words;

“Today is my daughter’s birthday Kourtney Emenike and I couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating it if not touching lives”.

The beneficiaries could not believe their eyes until the millionaire philantropist left the scene and then they realised the money is all theirs to keep.


Uganda plans to slap a new tax on social media users from July to raise revenue, which human rights activists denounced as another attempt by President Yoweri Museveni to stifle freedom of expression and quash dissent to his 32-year-rule.

The move is unlikely to go down well in a country where more than 40 percent of people use the internet. Data costs in Africa are already among the world’s highest, according to digital advocacy group World Wide Web Foundation.

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija told Reuters in a phone interview that the tax will charge each mobile phone subscriber using platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook 200 Ugandan shillings ($0.027) per day. He dismissed concerns it could limit people’s use of the internet.

“We’re looking for money to maintain the security of the country and extend electricity so that you people can enjoy more of social media, more often, more frequently,” he said.

Human rights activists begged to differ, and some took to social media to criticise the proposal.

“It’s part of a wider attempt to curtail freedoms of expression,” Rosebell Kagumire, a human rights activist and blogger, said.

Of Uganda’s 41 million people, 23.6 million are mobile phone subscribers and 17 million use the internet.

Kasaija said the proposal, to be included in the budget for fiscal 2018/19 starting in July, had been sent to parliament this week for review after the cabinet approved it.

The government blocked access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp during the last general election in 2016, a move used by other entrenched rulers in Africa in response to grassroots movements against them.

Among other governments in East Africa moving to regulate internet use, Tanzania introduced a law last month requiring any citizen operating a blog or website to pay an annual licence fee of 1 million Tanzanian shillings ($440). ($1 = 3,690 Ugandan shillings, 2,261 Tanzanian shillings) (Additional reporting and writing by Omar Mohammed Editing by Maggie Fick and Hugh Lawson)

Photos from the grand wedding of ex-VP Atiku Abubakar's son, Tony, in Dubai

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and his wife, Jennifer, yesterday threw their son, Tony, a grand wedding in Dubai. Tony got married to his fiancee, Whitney. The wedding took place at the Madinat Jumeriah luxury hotel and from the photos and videos shared online, it was a very classy wedding.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce, AY, Ramsey Nouah were amongst the guests at the wedding. See more photos below

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