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Monday, August 29, 2016

Cardinal Okogie writes open letter to President Buhari

Read the open letter written by Emeritus Archbishop of Lagos, Cardinal Anthony Okogie to President Buhari below

Dear Mr. President, Last year, when you assumed office, the chant of “Change”, your campaign slogan, ushered you into the Presidential Villa.
Today, cries of “hunger” could be heard across the length and breadth of our vast country. Nigerians hunger, not only for food, but also for good leadership, for peace, security and justice.
This letter is to appeal to you to do something fast, and, if you are already doing something, to redouble your effort. May it not be written on the pages of history that Nigerians die of starvation under your watch. As President, you are chief servant of the nation. I therefore urge you to live up to the huge expectation of millions of Nigerians. A stitch in time saves nine.

The way forward
This is the second year of your administration. You and your party promised to lead the masses to the Promised Land. It is not an easy task to lead. But by campaigning for this office, you offered to take the enormous task of leadership upon yourself. Nigerians are waiting for you to fulfill the promises you made during the campaign. They voted you into office because of those promises. The introduction of town hall meetings is a commendable idea. But in practice, you, not just your ministers, must converse with Nigerians. You are the President. You must be accountable to them. The buck stops on your desk. Even if your administration has no magic wand at least give some words of encouragement.

On this same score, please instruct your ministers, and insist that they be sincere and polite at those town meetings. Their sophistry will neither serve you nor Nigerians. Mr. President, if you want to leave a credible legacy come 2019, in all sincerity, please retool your administration. Change is desirable. But it must be a change for the better. Let this change be real. Change is not real when old things that we ought to discard refuse to pass away.

You will need to take a critical look at your cabinet, at the policies and programmes of your administration, and at those who help you to formulate and execute them. You will need to take a critical look at the manner of appointments you have been making. It is true that commonsense dictates that you appoint men and women you can trust. But if most of the people you trust are from one section of the country and practice the same religion, then you and all of us are living in insecurity.

The Nigerian economy has never been in a state as terrible as this. You as President are like pilot of an aircraft flying in turbulence. Turbulent times bring the best or the worst out of a pilot. We can no longer blame the turbulence on past administrations. You know quite well that some of the officials of your administration served in previous dispensations. Blame for what we have been experiencing is in fact bipartisan in character.

The entire political class needs to come together, irrespective of party differences, to acknowledge its collective guilt and to seek ways of saving the sinking ship that our country has become. This cannot be done if some officials of your administration demonise and alienate members of the opposition.

If a large portion of the blame for the present situation is to be laid on the doorsteps of the entire political class, the search for solution must involve everyone. That is why no one should be alienated. All hands must be on deck. This is the time to revitalise moribund industries, reinvigorate our agriculture, make our country tourist and investor friendly, and enable our young men and women to find fulfillment by contributing to the common good.

None of these lofty goals can be achieved without good education. On this particular issue, recent appointments you have made in the education sector raise a question: have you really appointed the best? Still on education, it is important that our universities be allowed to use their own criteria to admit students. It is a gross violation of the principles of federalism and academic freedom for the federal government to insist that only a federal parastatal can decide on who gains admission into our universities.

It is the role of the university senate, not of government bureaucrats, to decide on who gets admitted and who is awarded a certificate. The war on corruption Mr. President, your desire to wage a war on corruption is just and noble. But a just war must be waged with just means.

Those who have stolen the wealth of this country have broken the laws of our country. They must be treated according to the law and not outside the law, and the outcome of the judicial process must be respected by government. Even accused persons have rights. Where those rights are violated, we risk a descent to anarchy. It is our candid opinion that corruption is not found in only one party. No political party in Nigeria has a monopoly of looters. That is why we need an EFCC that is thoroughly independent of the presidency, and an Attorney General without party affiliation working in partnership with various independent accounting institutes. This will ensure that we come up with an objective list of those who plundered our treasury.

Mr. President, pardon me if I sound like a gratuitous counselor. I owe you the truth and nothing but the truth. In my life as a public figure and a religious leader, I have offered my counsel, for whatever its worth, to quite a number of Presidents in this country. I do this because I desire that you succeed. For the success of the leader is the success of the citizens. If there is no solution to Nigeria’s problem there may be endless war. You strike one town, you gain it, and you come again to regain it.

Remember that you cannot put a crown on your head. It is the people who put it on you. Otherwise one day, you will get tired of it. Please listen to the legitimate cries of your fellow citizens.

Cardinal Anthony Okogie, emeritus Archbishop of Lagos, wrote from Lagos.

Charly Boy writes on the current state of the nation, says he is scared for the Future of our country

In a post he shared on his IG page today, CharlyBoy said he is scared for the future of Nigeria because many things appear scattered. Read below.

My people, I no go lie, fear dey catch me for the future of our country. I know that there is no vaccine against mismanagement/incompetence. Most Naijas may have concluded that the CHANGE mantra was only 419.
There is great fear in the land, most people are not sure where the country is headed, and what many Nigerians are asking is whether you feel us, your subjects, if you feel our plight at all. I see so many of my people walking with their heads dangling over their shrinking shoulders, being swept by hunger and poverty in the land of plenty. God are you there? My people are desperate for someone to believe in, Nigerians needs a Talk and Do Presido, no go-slow for the matter because many things don scatter. We certainly need someone who practically leads us through this pain with sincere action and not mere intents or words. I don talk my own, how we go do am?

Singer Halsey flashes under-boobs and gets touched at privates during VMA Performance (photos)

21 year old American singer and songwriter Halsey put on a racy performance at the MTV VMA's with The Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart as she allowed him touch her on her genital area while performing and also flashed her under boobs as well as her enviably tiny waist. The pair who showed so much chemistry while on stage, performed their hit Billboard number one tune, Closer. More photos

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife meet Pope Francis in the Vatican

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan visited Pope Francis in the Vatican city and gifted him a model of a Facebook drone. He also gave the Pope a book about 'people using the internet in new ways'. The tech CEO said it was something he'll never forget.
'You can feel the Pope's warmth and kindness, and how deeply he cares about helping people,' he wrote on Facebook alongside pictures from the visit.

He said the drone is symbolic of an ideology he and the Pope share.
'We told him how much we admire his message of mercy and tenderness, and how he's found new ways to communicate with people of every faith around the world. We also discussed the importance of connecting people, especially in parts of the world without internet access,' Zuckerberg wrote.The drone, called Aquila, a solar-powered aircraft the social network plans to use in order to give internet access to people in developing countries.

'Together they spoke about how to use communications technology to alleviate poverty, encourage a culture of encounter, and to communicate a message of hope, especially to the most disadvantaged,' the Vatican Press Office said in a statement. More photos...

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande simulate oral sex act during VMA peformance (photos/video)

Last night Nicki Minaj and singer Ariana Grande turned heads and eyes as they
 simulated receiving oral sex from male dancers during a sporty performance
 at the MTV Video Music Awards 2016.

The duo performed their reggae infused Side By Side live at the event and
in the final moments of their jaw dropping performance, both Nicki and
Ariana pushed down the heads of the dancers towards their genital region
much to cheers from the crowd. More photos and the video after the cut.

Watch Kanye West's 'epic' speech at VMA's as he gives shout out to ex Amber Rose, Ray J and Taylor Swift (video)

Kanye West last night at the MTV Video Music Awards showed just why he
 is Kanye as he gave a speech to premier his new video.

He gave shout outs to his wife Kim K, his ex girlfriend Amber Rose, Ray
 J- who starred in a popular sex tape with his wife years ago and then called out
 Taylor Swift- who smartly avoided turning up at the star studded event despite 
being nominated.

Introducing his very racy video for track Fade, Kanye reminded the VMA's
 crowd that they are the blessed ones while simultaneously weighing into the
 issue of gun violence.

With the crowd chanting Yeezus, the rap star said: 'I am Kanye West and it feels
 really great to say that - especially this year. I came here to present my new video
 but before I do that I'm going to talk.'

'For people to understand just how blessed we are, Famous was an expression 
of our now, our fame right now, us on the inside of the TV... I had the audacity to 
put Anna Wintour right next to Donald Trump.'Kanye then made a few jokes making
 reference to his wife's sex tape partner Ray J and Amber Rose.

'I mean, I put Ray J in there bro! This is fame, bro! Like, I see you Amber. 
My wife is a G! Not a lot of people’s wives would let them say that. We came 
over in the same boat, now we're all in the same bed. Well, maybe different boats, 
but, if you think about last week, there was 22 people murdered in Chicago.'
'People come up to me like, ''Man, that's right, take Taylor down,'' - Bro,
 I love all of y’all. That’s why I called her.
'So I was speaking at the Art Institute last year and one kid came up to me and 
said ''Three of my friends died and I don't know if I'm going to be next.''
'If you're seeing people dying next to you you might think, what's the point? 
Life can start to feel worthless in a way. I know times for me, I sit down and
 talk to older, like, rich people, you know? A.K.A. White. And they tell me
 don't compare yourself to Steve Jobs. Don't compare yourself to Walt Disney.
'My friend [J. Sakiya Sandifer] told me there's three keys to keeping people
 impoverished; taking away their esteem, their resources, and their role models.
'Kanye then said his 'role models are artists, merchants' and he is one of his own
 role models.

'There's less than 10 I can name in history - Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney,
 Jobs, West.'
'Tonight, we're here to have fun! I'm standing in front of my idol Puff Daddy. 
I'm standing in front of my wife Kim Kardashian-West. I'm standing in front
 of the future, Chance the Rapper. 2 Chainz. Jayden Smith. Bro, we are
 undeniably the influence, the thought leaders. I'm gonna play y'all 
 a piece of my art and I just hope you all have a good time
.'More photos and the video below...

VIDEO: Creddy F – Change Am For Dem

 Creddy F – Change Am For Dem

Creddy F – Change Am For Dem

Castro Music Empire act Creddy F, returns to the spotlight with the audio & video of his brand new single titled ‘Change Am For Dem’ as produced by C-Mart & a great video directed by Mattmax.

VIDEO: Eclipse – What’s Really Going On

VIDEO: Eclipse - What's Really Going On

VIDEO: Eclipse – What’s Really Going On

Ace rapper and music producer “Eclipse” returns shortly after the successful release of his EP (City Of Dreams) with this self produced piece titled “What’s Really Going On”

He speaks up on the recent happening in Nigeria and the world in general and expresses his worries and concerns about the current state of the economy.

With an apt visual interpretation by fast rising video director C.A.S, this is definitely tune every Nigerian can relate to.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:TY Bello – Land Of Promise (It Is Well)

TY Bello - Land Of Promise (It Is Well)

TY Bello – Land Of Promise (It Is Well)

TY Bello releases a new single titled LAND OF PROMISE (It is well). A comforting song with a sound that resonates across humanity itself.

In her own words, she writes. “I finished writing this song on my travel to the destroyed parts of Northern Nigeria. I saw first hand what it means to lose hope and how powerful and necessary hope is in moving forward. This song put hope on my lips and I hope it fires up the same in the heart of everyone that listens

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Tony P ft. Solidstar – Marry You (prod. DJ Coublon)

Tony P ft. Solidstar – Marry You (prod. DJ Coublon)

Tony P ft. Solidstar – Marry You (prod. DJ Coublon)

Afro Pop artiste Tony P teams up with Acheivas Music act SolidStar on this brand new Highlife track, Marry Me, produced by prolific producer, DJ Coublon. Marry You is set to be the next big love song with Guitar by Fiokee.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Jazz V – Nnukwu Mmanwu

Jazz V – Nnukwu Mmanwu

Jazz V – Nnukwu Mmanwu

From across the Niger brigde,comes a fast rising rapper JAZZ-V with unmatched hiphop energy to make your day with this lovely south eastern sound with a perfected DJ Coublon touch./

Download and enjoy.


VIDEO: Ayo Jay Performs At Blitz Radio One Showcase

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 20.42.21
Ayo Jay perfroms his hit Single “Your Number” at the Bliz showcase at Stage 48 NYC to Radio programmers from across the US. Ro James, LLoyd, Desiigner and a lot more were also present

VIDEO: Reekado Banks Receives His Car For Winning The Headies 2015 Next-Rated Award

Reekado Banks Headies Car
VIDEO: Reekado Banks Receives His Car For Winning The Headies 2015 Next-Rated Award
As the saying goes, better late than never. Mavin Records hot-shot, Reekado Banks has finally received his brand new car for winning the “Next-Rated” Award at the Headies 2015. The keys to the car were presented to him by HipTV CEO himself, Ayo Animashaun, as you can see from the short clip below. Congratulations once again, ReekyTomTom!
Reekado Banks‘ debut album, SPOTLIGHT, drops soon

VIDEO: VJ Adams – My Dream 2 ft. Nonso

VJ ADams My Dream 2

VIDEO: VJ Adams – My Dream 2 ft. Nonso

VJ Adams has made a relatively seamless transition from being a Soundcity VJ to becoming a full-fledged rapper, even going as far as putting out an EP titled “Pursuit of Happiness”.

Check out the new visuals to his song “My Dream 2” featuring Nonso.

Director: Avalon Okpe
Music: Tiwezi

Toolz and Tunde Demuren gorgeous in new photo

 The beautiful couple looked really good as they attended a wedding in traditional attire

Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy stun on the red carpet of the 2016 VMAs

Queen Bey and her daughter Blue Ivy looked stunning on the red carpet of the 2016 MTV VMAs at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan on Sunday. Blue Ivy wore a Tiara, brown boots and a brown dress with a long train. More photos

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