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Monday, April 10, 2017

Filinx Ft. Nazor C – Game Over (prod by krizbeatz)

Gzee Magabush – Update (prod. Liquid)

Gzee Magabush – Update (prod. Liquid)

The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately. You have to keep your self updated!

Gzee_Magabush is here again with a banging new single after the release of All_Well in 22nd of December which make wave around the city and top blogs.

Kindly Download Update and Install your self for greatness.

VIDEO: Kuebounce – Dakun

VIDEO: Kuebounce – Dakun

VIDEO: Kuebounce – Dakun

Kuebounce is an alternative music and Afrobeat singer who is influenced by diverse music genre from fuji music, reggae, juju, highlife, rap to soul, heavy metal. He listens to any and every musician he can find and has been able to blend his musical style thereof.

Signed to Espee Entertainment, Kuebounce is here with this love ballad rendered in the most subtly-sweet African melody.

“Dakun” is produced by Kuebounce with accompanying video shot on location in Abeokuta, Ogun State by Director Uche of Campfire Films.

G-Druz ft. Skales – Slow (prod. Young D)

G-Druz ft. Skales – Slow (prod. Young D)

G-Druz ft. Skales – Slow (prod. Young D)

Charles Gabriel, popularly known by his stage name, ‘G-Druz’ returns with brand new tune, ‘Slow’ –a collaborative effort with Skales.
G-Druz keeps impressing with is intelligent craft that is now broadening his increasing fan base since he made his official debut into the Nigeria Music Industry in 2015.
The Kogi born G-Druz serves up this attention catchy tune after the release of highly-rated tracks like, ‘Ire’, ‘Sana Wole’, which were released in year 2015.
‘Slow’, a song reviewed to be classy by industry veterans and music pundits was produced, mixed and mastered by one of Africa’s foremost sound engineers –Young D.
Sociable G-Druz who’s never boring on social media can be connected via @GDruz on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. ‘Slow’s’ music video, directed by one of the Nigeria’s music exports doing well in diaspora –Ajayi Scenelock, is also slated for release soon.

PREMIERE: Tiwa Savage – All Over (prod. BabyFresh)

PREMIERE: Tiwa Savage – All Over (prod. BabyFresh)

The First Lady of Mavin Records, celebrated Afro Pop Queen Tiwa Savage makes a grand return with a very sweet single titled “All Over“.

The singalongability level on this BabyFresh-produced joint is as high as it gets, making me believe this will surely become a hit.

Looking forward to watching Tiwa Savage perform this joint for the first time ever at the #BBNaija Finale today!

Welcome back, Tiwa

Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different - Toke Makinwa

Media Personality, Toke Makinwa, is currently in the U.S on a tour for her bestseller tell-all book, On Becoming. She shared some advice via Instagram this morning, reflecting on the importance of moving on from your past. She wrote;

"Make peace with your past, accept the apology you never got from the people that hurt you, do it for you. Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different so stop replaying it in your head, stop making excuses too. It happened and it's ok. The burden of guilt will crush you so breathe and embrace the new normal. Anger will eat at your soul and no one deserves to wrinkle your face so smile even when it hurts, your heart will thank you for it later and don't seek revenge, you waste your life living for someone else if you do one day you'll wake up and realize that what seemed so huge is now sooooo little. Whatever you do, wake up each day and write a new chapter of your life. Do it on your terms and LIVE, you never know when the dice will roll in love"

Bisi Alimi shares story of how he was attacked in Lagos 10 years ago

Popular Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has shared a story of how he and his boyfriend were attacked in Lagos 10 years ago. According to Bisi, the attackers barged into their home late at night and started to beat him, accusing him of representing Nigeria in a bad light. Read the first two sets of the story below...

10 years ago today, I escaped an ordeal that has scared me for life, I might be brave, look brave, act brave, but dear, underneath that bravery is a brutalised and damaged person. Many times when I flashback to that day, I cry, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I went into that very depressing place of self hatered and I loath myself.Here is my long story

It seems like yesterday but I made a vow not to remember to the point where it pained. It was a very lovely Monday, the sun was shining and as usual I was getting on with my life.

I had just returned from the Internet cafe, where I had endure a long walk of shame with abuse and name calling. How I had endured that for almost 5 years I had no idea. I think it's more about the friends I had than my ability to cope.

We were beaten together and harassed together, sometime the ordeal is alone. I think knowing we had no where to go to, we got used to it, at least we had each other.

This Monday (9 Apr 2007) marked a month I had returned from attending a conference in London and that was my first trip out of Nigeria ever.

It felt great to be back as I never really liked London, it was too cold and too clean.

As I walked home that Monday I saw a friend of mine, Jude, very tall and muscular guy, a gay guy as well but on the downlo. He was living with his sister on the estate. We exchanged pleasantries and he walked with me home, asking what I brought back from London.

Jude is a very nice guy but a player, I have seen him played with the hearts of my girls, he is one guy that is very cute and he knew it and made his money from it.

He walked home with me and as usual, told me he is hungry, I told him we have food at home. My girls always cook, they are the best irrespective of whatever shit is going on now.

We got to mine and he went through my bag and saw some DVDs and he wanted to borrow Brother2Brother, but I have problems with Jude, he never returns my DVD so I refused to give this to him, he begged and after charming me, I offered to give him the DVD. My boyfriend charmed me into doing that as well.

He had it but with a very strong warning to return it that night or he will never get any DVD from me ever again. He ate, chatted a little bit more and left. My boyfriend (I won't mention his name for security reason) settled in to watch another DVD

My boyfriend and I had been together 4 years, we both live in the estate and there is a funny story behind our dating. I had had a bet with my best friend Femi (he died of AIDS complication 10 years ago), and the rest was story.

My boyfriend lives in the same estate with me and I wondered how he was able to deal with the showers of abuse that we both face everyday. I love him so much, he was 10 years younger, a very cute charming and promising young man and I felt that was what drew me to him.
Around about 9pm, NEPA has taken light so thanks to my neighbour Iya Lanre, we had access to generator to give us power, the usual over dramatic Mexican telenovela was on, we had our light off and using the tv light as the room light. We had just had dinner, both of us, cuddled up on our bed, watching tv, then there was a knock.

He looked at me asking if I was expecting anyone, another knock. All my girls had gone home and none planned to sleep over that night, then I remembered it might be Jude returning my DVD. Then another knock, I got up walked to the door and opened it.

The person at the door gave me a very 'dirty' slap, I went blank and saw stars, pushed me with his leg and I fell backward hitting my head on the floor, then they entered. I knew they were they because I heard more than one voice, but I have no idea how many. He turned me over, but before then, had removed my shirt and my trouser, I was left with my underwear. He told me to face the floor and one of them put his leg on the back of my head.

I heard my boyfriend begging and they told him to be quiet, they started beating him and they were beating me too, it felt like iron, it was hard and painful; what they were using to beat me.

After over 2 hours, which included causes, abuse and the fact that I was disgracing the Nigeria government during my trip to London (I had granted an interview to BBC network Africa).

Then one of them said; let's do this and go. I had no idea but suddenly I felt a cold steel touching my head and then it hit me, it might be a gun, then my fear was confirmed, the other said, we need to make it look like a robbery, let's turn the house upside down and take as many things with us.

While they were doing this, I heard another knock on my door, it was my neighbour wanting to know if I am in or not as it is almost midnight and she wanted to lock the gate. I couldn't answer, but they forced me to tell her not to, few minutes after that knock, I guessed they had a peep, saw the road was clear and ran out of my room.----------------------------------------------
This is the story of the attack that changed my life. I am marking the 10years anniversary.

NB: yesterday I said July instead of April, I am really sorry about that.
As the men hurried out of my house I held my breath, I was nervous as I was not sure if they had left indeed. Slowly I turned around and I realised we were alone. My boyfriend still had his face on the ground and his hands tied to his back just like mine.

We managed to untie each other and that was when the reality hit me, from deep in my soul I screamed out, I shouted; ole! Ole! Ole!

I was running as I was screaming
My house is in an isolated area of jakande estate. It was not part of the estate. It was actually an area set aside for animal farming. Next to my window is a pig farm. I was so poor that is all I could afford. It was my first freedom and it felt so right. I rented it when I was 27 years. I was struggling with the pressure from my parents to get married and I felt leaving home will be my first step to being able to be in control of my life.

I was running and screaming thief! Thief! With no idea where I was running to or what I was running from. I got to the nearest bus stop to my house (oja bus stop) and it was at that point I realised I was actually only wearing an underwear. ( the nearest bus stop to my house is about 10 mins walk, I guess I ran there in 1min)
My screaming attracted a lot of people and they asked what happened and I narrated the story to them. It was then I was told I have bruises and swollen head. I had to go to the hospital but in nigeria looking the way I was looking, hospital won't treat me without a police report.
I walked back home, in tears, pains and shame. The news has travelled far. Since my coming out, I had lost all form of connections with my family, so I was shocked when that same night I got a call from my mum.
I put on some clothes and headed to the police station. I got there around about 1:30 am. I explained what happened to the officer on duty and he gave me a police report with instruction to come back at day break to make a proper statement. I got back to the estate and headed to the 24hrs clinic where I was treated and went back home.
All the while my boyfriend was at home, crying and in shock. He told me that my travel box was missing as when as so many thing, then I hit me, what about my passport, we searched everywhere but couldn't find it.

My neighbours came around, it was like someone had just died, many people were sharing their version of event and what they saw. In the midst of these was a cloud of fear hanging over the house

By the time I went to sleep, it was around about 4am. It has been a long night, I couldn't sleep, I was traumatised and kept asking why me??

In the morning still high on energy, I had a shower and headed for the police station. I was not expecting the police to do much. I didn't see the guys so I can't describe them and since there was no light, my neighbours could hardly help as well with their version of event.

However I was not expecting what happened at police station.

As I arrived, I asked for the officer the night before as instructed, then gave my name. I was then introduced to the day team who will be handling my case. The officer in charge called me into a room and started questioning me. And then suddenly he said

'Based on the information we have, we are made to understand that you used your house to harbour homosexuals'. Then argued that according to their investigation, what was an internal fight within my group of homosexuals.

I was furious, I asked if he has asked anyone in my house, he refused to answer, and just then he dropped the bombshell.
'I am afraid I will have to detain you here in the cell'. I was shocked. I am the victim here, I tried explaining but he won't have it.

They took my wristwatch, my trainers and other valuables and locked me up in the cell, this was around about 11am.
Worried that I was not home yet, my boyfriend came to the police station to look for me around 1pm and that was when he told me my mum had been to the house and had discovered some of my stolen items including my passport.

I was relieved and tried telling the officer this but he won't have none of it. He then asked to see my parents. My father and mother arrived the station around 2:30pm and were told that according to report, I am a notorious homosexual who has been terrorising the estate and people would wish I didn't come back.

This was just too much for me, I just couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I was released to my parents with an instruction to do something to me or people might. I came back home with my
Parents and that was when my mother asked about the visa on my passport and the prospect of leaving Nigeria for good.

That evening, all my daughters came to my house, they were in shock and terrified. I told them the latest developments and instruct them that someone will have to take over the organisation we started 2years ago.

That night we cooked, we cried, we ate, we laughed but deep down we were scared.

I remember one of them holding me so tight and saying he was really scared, what if they had killed me.

With this thought in my head and the horrible reality of the ordeal I had experienced in the last 24hrs, lying in my bed tears rolling down my eyes, I closed my eyes and slept off.
To know what happened on the 11th, you will have to come back tomorrow.

Only 35 people attended Agbani Darego's very private wedding

On Saturday April 8th, former Miss World, Agbani Darego became Mrs Danjuma. The 34year old beauty queen married the 1st son of billionaire businessman, Theophilus Danjuma, Ishaya Danjuma.

Their wedding was a very private one, with only 35 people in attendance. It held at the Amanjena - Luxury Resort in Marrakech, Morocco. Ishaya is said to be in his 30s, been married once to an Asian lady but they had no children. Big congrats to the couple.

Photo: Senator Daisy Danjuma's son, Yuki Omenai and wife welcome daughter

Yuki Omenai, son of Senator Daisy Danjuma and his beautiful wife, Moriam have welcomed a daughter. The couple got married in a classy wedding that held in Spain in May 2014 (Read here). They welcomed their first child, a boy in September 2014. Congrats to them.

Bursting loose! Remy Ma puts cleavage on display (photos)

Rapper Remmy Ma looked great in a jumpsuit as she attended ‘The Fate Of The Furious’ New York premiere hosted at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday night....

Omarosa's wedding dress...(photos)

Omarosa got married to Pastor John Allen Newman at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C over the weekend and her dress is what most is talking about. Ladies, you like?

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk welcome their first child

Oscar-nominated actor, Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend/Russian supermodel, Irina Shayk welcomed their first child two weeks ago. The baby is the first child for the couple who have been dating since spring 2015. They did not find out the baby's sex before childbirth, instead opting for a surprise. They still haven't announced the sex of their child yet.

Check out Apostle Suleman's last tweet

Lagos state government denies that the epidemic meningitis disease has killed two residents

The Lagos state government has denied reports that two persons were recently killed by the epidemic Cerebro Spinal Meningitis disease that has claimed over 400 lives. The Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control (NCDC) on Friday released a statement claiming that three residents of the state had contacted the disease and that two of such persons have died from complications from the disease

The Lagos state Ministry of Health has however refuted this claim, stating that there is no truth to it. In a statement released by the Ministry's director, public affairs, Adeola Salako, the state Commissioner of Health, Jide Idris says the report was false and capable of causing undue panic. According to Idris, the cases of Meningitis recorded in the state are the non-epidemic ones which is different from the strain of the disease that has killed over 400 persons in some states.

“The report is untrue and does not represent the reality of the situation in Lagos state as at today. For the avoidance of doubt, there are two main types of meningitis. The epidemic prone meningitis, which is referred to as cerebrospinal meningitis (CSM), is caused by a bacteria called neisseria meningitides. Its occurrence is seasonal or cyclical, depending on the level of herd immunity and climatic conditions. The second type of meningitis is non-epidemic meningitis, which is usually caused by a virus or other bacteria, but not by neisseria meningitides. The non-epidemic meningitis occurs without any seasonal pattern or periodicity.”According to Idris, a disease surveillance notification officer in the Lagos Island local government, reported nine suspected cases of meningitis from Massey Street Children Hospital with two deaths in March this year. He said, however, that none of these was confirmed as due to CSM.

“Although, all the nine cases presented with clinical features of meningitis at that hospital, laboratory tests proved that they were either due to Haemophilus influenza or Streptococcus pneumoniae and not Neisseria meningitides. The ministry was also notified last week of a three-year-old boy, presenting clinically as meningitis at a registered private facility in Lagos, but the laboratory investigations did not confirm CSM. The blood culture yielded no growth but the urine culture yielded Klebsiella and not meningococcus; the patient is already responding to treatment. None of these cases, presented with a history of recent travel to any area with an outbreak of meningitis and neither were visits from such areas recorded with the aforementioned cases.’’The commissioner urged all residents of the state to maintain a high level of hygiene during this period of the outbreak. According to him, such hygiene measures should include washing of hands with soap and water frequently and thoroughly.

“Also, avoid direct contact with the discharges from an infected person and covering of mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. It is strongly advised that people should avoid overcrowding in living quarters, provide cross ventilation in sleeping and work-rooms and other places where many people come together. People should get vaccinated with CSM vaccine when they travel to areas where meningitis outbreaks have been reported’’ he said

Woman arrested for leaving her disabled ex-boyfriend in the woods to freeze to death

A Georgia woman, 27-year-old Ruby Kate Coursey , has been charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend, 33 year old Troymaine Johnson, according to Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore. Coursey has been charged with felony murder and neglect of a disabled adult after allegedly pushing him out of her car and leaving him at a hunting camp to fend for himself.
The GBI Crime Lab determined Johnson’s cause of death was homicide due to hypothermia.

His body was found at the hunting camp in the woods off Triune Mill Road on March 17 – four days after he was last seen.

The sheriff’s office found him after receiving a tip from Coursey's brother and sister-in-law, who told them Coursey said she had left a man in the woods.

At the time, she was taken into custody for an outstanding probation warrant and not charged in his death pending the results of the autopsy.

Troymaine Johnson, a paraplegic who did not have use of his legs and only had partial use of one arm, was last seen alive March 14, when his ex-girlfriend Coursey allegedly picked him up to go for a ride or trip to the store, leaving his wheelchair at home, rather than take him to the store, Coursey allegedly drove to a hunting campground about 70 miles south of Atlanta, left Johnson next to a camper and drove off.

Records show temperatures at that time had plunged into the mid-20s. "Those were some of the coldest nights in recent days," Kilgore said in the release.

When the autopsy result came out, she was charged Monday with murder and neglect of a disabled adult — both felonies.

A motive for the alleged killing was unclear, officials said. Johnson, who was affectionately known as "Troy," was remembered as a talented rapper as well as a funny and kindhearted man, WMAZ-TV reported.

“He could just see somebody and start rapping about them right off the top,” his cousin Sade Owens told the television station.

Source: PEOPLE

Another Nigerian teen, Jude Okonkwo accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools!

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Jude Okonkwo was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, joining a growing club of Nigerian teens who have achieved the distinction....Ifeoma White-Thorpe (class of 2017) Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna(class of 2016) Obinna Igbokwe, Harold Eke (class of 2015)
The 17-year-old Chaminade High School will have his pick of the elite schools — Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University — and must decide where to enroll by May, 1, 2017.

"I’m so grateful that, after all of the work I’ve put in, I’m able to reap the benefits as well — and that all those who have helped and watched me see that hard work has truly paid off," said Okonkwo, who hopes to set a good example for his four younger siblings.

Okonkwo, the son of physicians, aspires to be a neurosurgeon and looked for schools with strong science and medical programs, including those with a combined bachelor’s degree and medical school acceptance. His unweight grade-point average is 98.9.
He also was accepted to Howard University in Washington, D.C.; Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore; Northeast Ohio Medical University’s baccalaureate-medical degree program; Stony Brook University; University of Missouri; Washington University in St. Louis and Wayne State University in Detroit.

He is leaning toward Harvard but received a full scholarship to Wayne State and generous financial aid packages from the other schools, he said, which will factor into his decision.

“It was more of an ‘Oh, shucks’ moment than a boastful moment when he got accepted. He’s a very unassuming person — you almost had to pry the fact that he got into all eight Ivies out of him," said Daniel Petruccio, assistance principal of guidance. Petruccio said this is the first time a Chaminade student has swept the Ivy acceptances since he started working at the school in 1999.
Okonkwo’s parents, Ndubueze and Chinwe, emigrated from Nigeria in the 1990s and settled in New Orleans. They lived in a two-story home in Harvey, in Jefferson Parish, on the west bank of the Mississippi River. In 2005, when Jude Okonkwo was 7, Hurricane Katrina forced them to evacuate.

Okonkwo began second grade on Long Island and remembers the experience well, he said, detailing it in one of two essays he wrote as part of his college applications.
The 6-foot-2-inch teenager runs track and is president of the Glee Club, a member of the school’s global chamber ensemble, editor-in-chief of the literary magazine and news editor of the school newspaper. He also has a self-published book of poetry.

"A lot of times, people forget that medicine and healing is a process and it’s about the human experience,” he said. “That’s why I like literature, and I think that’s some of the insight I would bring to medicine.”
Outside of school, Okonkwo plays the piano and clarinet and has been a member of the children’s choir at St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church in Dix Hills for a decade. From time to time, he is pulled into a pickup game of basketball.
For the last two summers, Okonkwo worked as a lifeguard at the Town of Huntington pool. His interactions with people in his community, along with his love of humanities, confirmed his desire to pursue health care, he said.

“Jude is a model Chaminade man — a man who does the right thing at the right time because it’s the right thing to do, regardless of who is watching,” Brother Thomas Cleary, Chaminade’s president, said in a statement.
“We cannot wait to see the incredible things Jude will continue to do with his life,”

Jude Okonkwo’s college acceptances
Ivy League schoolsBrown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Princeton University
University of Pennsylvania
Yale University

Other acceptancesHoward University
Johns Hopkins University
Northeast Ohio Medical University’s baccalaureate-medical degree program
Stony Brook University
University of Missouri
Washington University
Wayne State University
Source: Long Island News, Newsday

Photos: Death toll in suicide bomb attacks on two Egyptian coptic churches rises to 37

No fewer than 37 Egyptian christians have been confirmed dead with 100 others seriously injured in two bomb attacks at Coptic Christian churches in Egypt Sunday morning. The first blast happened at St. George church in the Nile Delta town of Tanta, where at least 26 people were killed and 71 others wounded.

A second explosion was later reported at St. Mark's Cathedral in the coastal city of Alexandria, leaving at least 11 dead, and 35 injured.

The attack came just after Pope Tawadros II -- leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, finished services, but aides told local media that he was unharmed. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks via its Aamaq media agency.

The terrorist group had recently released a video vowing to carry out attacks against Christians, who they describe as "infidels" that are empowering the West against Muslims.

2Kingz ft. Timaya x Patoranking – Bend Down (prod. AYZED)

2Kingz ft. Timaya x Patoranking – Bend Down (prod. AYZED)

2Kingz ft. Timaya x Patoranking – Bend Down (prod. AYZED)

2kingz is a duo of celebrity International Djs from Nigeria that are making Global waves tremendously beyond Africa. They are known for locking down the best A-list Parties and events and they have been celebrated very well in Africa and on the international entertainment scene.

2Kingz wish show more of their versatility by teaming up with the world best Patoranking and the Dancehall King Timaya in their debut hit single, titled BEND DOWN produced by Ayzed, Mixed and Mastered by Suka Sounds.

Bend Down is a blend of dancehall and Hip Hop. This very melodious party song is guaranteed to catch the attention of every listener.

You can stream / download Bend Down by 2Kingz from every major music streaming platform / blog worldwide.

Follow 2Kingz on social media Instagram / Twitter @2kingzofficial or facebook: @2King
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