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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

VIDEO: Munachimso – Jagaban | Documentary + Song

VIDEO: Munachimso – Jagaban | Documentary + Song

Munachimso, popularly known as “munaisblack” on all social media platforms, is one of the founders and originators of Filthy Rich, which is an upcoming and fast growing music organization based in Western Canada and PortHarcourt. He has always been involved with music and looks up to legends such as: [James Brown, Gucci Mane, Psquare and phyno just to name a few]. He is well known for his well roundedness with music, and his ability to slay every genre he was presented with. Although he made all genres of music look easy, Munachimso’s recent works have singled out high-life, skunk music [trap], and afro beats to be his specialties.

His songs such as 24-7 and All on Me gained a lot of attention and appraisal for their remarkable originality and versatility. Munachimso himself is praised for his ability to remain in the spotlight and diligently put out music back-to-back, through the years. His hard work and dedication to his art has gained him fast growing support across the world, and he has been able to keep this support growing with his high level of focus and appreciation. His most recent project, Zero Recession: The Realest Vs. The Famous, is still in the works and is highly anticipated by all his supporters worldwide.

Early Life

Music Artist Munachimso was born Markfish Vitalis Munachimso Eseonu in April 26, 1993 in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, lived in Aba until he was five, after which his family relocated to Port Harcourt City until he was 15. It was after this time that his family migrated to Western Canada for better opportunities. Munachimso is the first of six children, and this could possibly account for his high leadership drive and his persistence at being a trend setter; he has always been known to move in a manner that suggested that he was aware that people were watching.

Music Life

Growing up, Munachimso always had a passion for music, but coming from a family where education was top priority, he split his efforts 80-20 between school and music. The vision and drive had always been there all his life, but Munachimso focused more on school and getting his Bachelor’s degree in Geology. He only started releasing music three years ago, which was around the time he was rounding up his degree program. He currently runs Filthy Rich full time with his partners Maro Abiye Ukachu, and has been able to affiliate himself with other music groups in Western Canada, one of them being the popular group, Wild Nation.

Besides being a well-rounded artist, Munchimso is known for uplifting the youths in his city and encouraging them to chase their dreams. Not just with words of encouragement, but Munachimso shows support to all upcoming and success-hungry artists in his city by sharing their works and promoting their art without asking for anything in return. His biggest pet peeve is seeing people being comfortable with being average, also, seeing talented individuals with little to no self-recognition of their strengths, or drive to work on their art at all. Overall, he has never been the type to envy the growth and success of the next person, but has always seen another person’s success as inspiration. In the words of Munachimso, “the universe dishes out enough success to serve everybody”.

Munachimso has dedicated so much to music, and has faced a lot of challenges that have only made him craftier with his art. Being a unique and different type of artist in a generation where one has to “hop on the wave” in order to come up, it has indeed been a gradual yet trustworthy process for him. His biggest goal in life as a musician, is to produce a variety of art, for both entertainment and awakening purposes. Also, to serve as an inspiration to all who aspire to be just like him, letting it be known that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to be appreciated. Munachimso is the perfect example of how the best type of recognition is given to originality.


There has never been any degrading reports about Munachimso acting out of line or getting in trouble with the law, throughout his life and career.

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