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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Twitter Drama: The full gist about Uche, the 'rape allegation' and Bimbo who went from Berger to Ajah to 'visit' him

Nigerian Twitter is currently lit up with this hilarious, yet serious drama about a guy named 'Uche' who has managed to exonorate himself from rape allegations by a lady he had an affair with in 2016.

According to Twitter user @omogedami, she claimed her friend Bimbo was 'raped' by Uche and she went on to make a thread about it with screenshots of chats as back up.

Uche Immediately responded with his counter thread and screenshots of chats saying he never raped her and not long after the supposed vitim, '@b_moree_' did her own thread too saying, 'First thing, I did not accuse Uche of rape, as you can see, I said ‘I allowed him’ I didn’t want to have sex, but I did, because I didn’t want to get raped again'.

Nigerians on social media are having a swell time with this story with hilarious memes and tweets.

See the full drama below.

Uche's Thread...

Today is one day i am so grateful i don't delete chats.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

I'm about to burn shit up.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

First things first...i hate drama so i like to keep my private life private....but when your name gets dragged for no blur the lines and face the drama you were trying to avoid.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Secondly, someone should tell @b_moree_ to unblock me because the drama she sought has found her.

And as such...i am going to address the allegations...— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Thirdly, i want to apologize to my friends because of this drama...but there is nothing worse than being called a rapist and it cannot be left to speculation.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

And after i have addressed won't be mentioned is the price one has to pay for associating with skreps.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

I have a problem with the people telling me to let it go NOW....when all day my name have been thrown around..

Why should i let it go NOW?— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

First of all, a friend sent me a DM when the allegations came asking what the nonsense was..told him it was a load of crap and he decided he was going to take it up as he engaged @OmogeDami in a DM convo and she babbled meaninglessly...— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Here are the chats....— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

This was the end of the chat...and then seeing as she made no sense whatsoever...— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

....i decided to look at the screenshot which was where the 2nd allegation came from and i realized i actually knew who sent it...which happened to be @b_moree_ ...result of unfortunate hoeing in times's how i know...zoom the avi on the screenshot...— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

And the "B" is also clear....even though @OmogeDami tried to scribble it off.....thankfully i don't delete conversations anywhere....i don't end— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows I would never drop screenshots of chats for any reason...but when you are being accused of have no 2016, @b_moree_ and I planned to meet after series conversation, last screenshot was her leaving the next day...— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

After meeting her...i totally lost interest after “everything” because she wasn’t what she appeared to be on the timeline...and as such the conversations forward to a year later....— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Please how am i a "nice guy" if it wasn't consensual?? More than once that night?? And as clearly seen in the was a case of "Girl likes boy, they have sex, boy don't like girl, girl is angry" But she has the audacity to call me a rapist...— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Hello @b_moree_ coming for you legally is a waste of my time and resources because you are a SKREP. I am really angry but nah, you do not deserve me coming at you with all that this is where your story ends...— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

But be rest assured, you called me a rapist...falsely....i am not a violent person but to God who made me, i will drag you by that skinny skrepy waist of yours to the nearest police station if our paths every cross...ANYWHERE.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Once again i apologized to my friends who might be offended by this....being called a RAPIST is something you don't let stick...especially in this time and i am sorry for the is what preeq wey no dey hear word caused.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

And as for you @OmogeDami you will have to name the girl who said i tried to forcefully have sex with her...oh you will have to..Lord help you.

Amen.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Now i can go have some herbs and pepper soup....cos i really need to calm my nerves.— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Bimbo's Thread...

I’ve been getting so many DMs about so here.
First thing, I did not accuse Uche of rape, as you can see, I said ‘I allowed him’ I didn’t want to have sex, but I did, because I didn’t want to get raped again.— I said what I said (@B_moree_) June 27, 2018

I know I am not the most liked person on Twitter, so any reason to drag me. I’ve made my peace with that and I don’t care about being liked. I just want to address the fact that I did not accuse Uche of rape. And no dear Uche, you did not hurt me, this is completely hilarious.— I said what I said (@B_moree_) June 27, 2018

The part where I said he forced me, yes I didn’t want to have sex with him, but he kept pressuring me, so I gave in because I’ve been raped twice and I didn’t want it to happen again.— I said what I said (@B_moree_) June 27, 2018

Again as a rape victim, accusing someone of rape isn’t something I would do for fun because I know it’s not.— I said what I said (@B_moree_) June 27, 2018

Nigerians react...

Shaa serves uche right. Every time posting fine fine pictures and stealing all the girls and im at home with lotion ?— Uwa wu Uwa Chukwu (@Kena_Ewuru) June 27, 2018

1. Bimbo went from Berger to Ajah to collect preeq
2. Uche lost interest as soon as he met her
3. Uche then focused more on his laptop after making out
4. Bimbo gets angry, later nursed d anger for years then calls uche a rapist— Sub Delivery Blog (@SubDeliveryBlog) June 28, 2018

Uche was now trying to say it was back in the day .. nah G , Na your spec be that ...— Ina (@ina_tope) June 27, 2018

I'm even surprised to see that the Uche guy can forcefully knack a woman.
I always thought Uncle Uche was gay— Auntie Anne (@Nigerianne) June 27, 2018

Just IMAGINE for one second that Uche had no chats or evidence to defend himself. Just imagine it his words against hers.

Just imagine his life and reputation getting destroyed over a gendered lie.

This ugly fact scares the living hell out of me. The #Metoo witch hunt is real— Kelvin Odanz (@KelvinOdanz) June 28, 2018

Bmoore ft Uche - Berger to Ajah

"She say do you love me I tell her only partly I only love my bed and laptop I'm sorry"— The BoyWonder (@neenoe_) June 28, 2018

How Uche is coming outta this. ???— Mr_Beans. ???? (@CHI_JI0_KE) June 28, 2018

Uche used VAR from 2016..— Tolu. (@KaineSays) June 27, 2018

Your WCW Cried for a Penalty.

Uche Brought VAR from 2016 ?

Your WCW is nowhere to be found.— St. Smokey (@OGCarterMillz) June 27, 2018

How most Dudes that delete chats are right now after seeing the VAR move by Uche ???— BeingHumanAintEnough (@realdanielemeka) June 27, 2018

Me trying to analyze this Berger to Ajah Trip

From her house to Berger bus stop - 100
Berger to Obalende - 250
Obalende to Ajah -300
Ajah to Uche Estate -100
Estate to House - Walk down.

Total fee spent: 750 naira only— Tunde Eleniyan #NaijaIssaGoal (@KobokoGCFR) June 27, 2018

What uche ordered vs uche's reaction ??— EMIR (@Jydeskillz) June 28, 2018

Uche waiting for Berger snack to come vs when Berger to Ajah snack arrives????— #RecallIbirogba (@josh_cr7) June 28, 2018

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