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Sunday, February 24, 2019

''I leave him to God'' Olajumoke Orisaguna reacts to claims her relationship with her baby daddy is in crisis

Last week, an interview in which the lover of Bread seller turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna, Sunday Orisaguna, alleged that their relationship is in crisis, went viral.

Sunday in the viral interview, was quoted to have said that his union with Olajumoke is currently in crisis as she no longer respects him, keeps late night and has no regard for their home.

Olajumoke shot into limelight in 2016 after she unknowningly ''photobombed'' a photo shoot celebrity photographer, TY Bello was having with London-based rapper, Tinie Tempah, in Lagos. Many Nigerians took to her after the photos surfaced online.

Well, Olajumoke, has reacted to the controversial interview Sunday granted. In a fresh interview with Punch, she denied claims that they are no longer together. She insinuated that their differences is not unconnected with the fact that she no longer gives all her money to him. She added that she leaves Sunday to God.

“Anybody can say whatever pleases them with their mouth. He is the one that has been spreading such stories. When a man knows everything about you, he can choose to do whatever with that information. As for me, I am okay and there is nothing wrong with me.” she said

Denying that there was any rift in their union, Olajumoke said,

“Whatever is going on is known to God. We are still together. He has never discussed all what he has been saying outside with me, so I don’t understand what he is driving at because we sleep in the same house. Well, he can continue saying whatever pleases him but I will not say anything bad about him. There is nobody I will discuss his matter with; I just leave him to God. God will judge between us.”

Asked if Sunday was displeased because she no longer gave him money, Olajumoke said,

“Now you understand what I have been saying. I do not need to break it down beyond that; you already know what I mean. I will not say anything bad about him. I have handed him to God.”

Reacting to the claims that she has broken up with her former manager, Azuka Ogujuiba, Olajumoke said

“Azuka was one of the people that assisted me at the inception of my career. She is usually busy and that is why I decided to change my manager. I still communicate regularly with Azuka and we have even spoken today (Thursday). She and TY Bello are like sisters to me.”

Olajumoke said she hadn’t become a spendthrift since she came to the limelight. “I have always been a good manager. Even when I was working in the bakery, I knew how to manage the resources available to me. Can you imagine a man not working for two years and being fed by a woman?”

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