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Monday, March 25, 2019

PDP kicks as INEC declares Ganduje winner of Kano state governorship election

Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, was yesterday declared winner of the governorship election in Kano State by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. The Returning Officer, Bello Shehu said Ganduje polled a total of 1,033,695 votes to defeat the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate, Abba Yusuf, who polled 1,024,713 votes.

INEC had declared the governorship election held on March 9 inconclusive and a supplementary election election fixed for March 23.

In the March 9 election, Yusuf had polled 1,014,474 votes to beat Ganduje who got 987,819 votes, leaving a difference of 26,655, but a rerun was scheduled.

In the supplementary election announced by Shehu earlier, Ganduje polled 45,876 votes to beat Yusuf, who scored 10,239 votes.

However, the PDP has rejected the results saying its candidate, Abba Yusuf, won the election. Read a statement from the party below

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says its candidate, Abba K. Yusuf, is the rightful winner of the Kano state governorship election, saying any declaration that does not reflect such cannot stand.

The whole world knows that the PDP and its candidate, Abba Yusuf, won the Kano state governorship election since March 9, 2019, having fulfilled the constitutional requirement of securing the highest number of votes and the statutory 25% in two-third of the state.

The so-called governorship supplementary election in Kano is a national disgrace and a mere figure allocating exercise by compromised INEC officials, who collaborated with power drunk politicians in the All Progressives Congress (APC) to award results to the APC candidate.

The party therefore cautions INEC against any attempt to import contrived figures from the illegitimate March 23 charade as such will be a clear recipe for anarchy and serious crisis in the state.

The people of Kano state have a long history of firm resistance against corrupt and oppressive forces. Their will must therefore not be stretched in this election.

The Kano people have abundantly expressed their rejection of the corrupt and incompetent government of Abdullahi Ganduje and his party, the APC, and no amount of machination can cow or force them to abandon their resolve for a new governor in Abba Yusuf.

by Linda Ikeji at 25/03/2019 8:42 AM

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TYNII about 2 hours ago

It's only right when it goes there way, stupid peeps.Like this! 3Dislike this! 13Reply

Ibrahim about 2 hours ago

This kano governorship election is the worst ever election I have can ganduje win when pdp candidate was already leading with 26k plus vote..what happened? Men apc can rigg oh!!!Like this! 18Dislike this! 0Reply

Koko about 2 hours ago

Whenever APC win it is always rigged but if it’s in there favour they will be shouting democracy. Stupid bunch of hypocriteLike this! 5Dislike this! 6Reply

Juliet Iwuno about 1 hour ago

Congrats to him! Mum Jay take note!Like this! 0Dislike this! 1Reply

KATOZYM about 1 hour ago

O'level English is above you, that can't be typo error @ there. No wonder you work in LIB.Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

dapohigs about 35 minutes ago

@Katozym, Lol🙏Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Kelvin smith about 2 hours ago

The man uglyLike this! 5Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 42 minutes ago

Right out from Osun Play bookLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Zubby about 2 hours ago

Everybody is crying foul. The worst election of the centuryLike this! 8Dislike this! 0Reply

Miali Talatu about 2 hours ago

The fraud announce by Inec cannot stand .Like this! 11Dislike this! 3Reply

Anonymous about 2 hours ago

Now this just shows APC controls INEC. With all the violence over the weekend as regards this election, INEC still has a winner? How?Like this! 11Dislike this! 5Reply

Neeyo about 2 hours ago

INEC n APC b bringing dif problems to Nigerians forcing Governor's n President on d citizenLike this! 4Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

Kano is too strategic for APC to let go, so they used all government machinery to rig it. This is another Osun Re-run model.Like this! 2Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

TYNII, you are an APC card carrying member from Ekiti. Please note, all those elections were declared inconclusive in the first place to rig them, and to impose especially Gandollar on Kano people.Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

Babariga banking continua!Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

sham of an election and INEC still declared a winner. UnbelievableLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

the courts will decide the winner. His victory is short livedLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Edet Grace about 1 hour ago

Exactly what they wanted to achieved, this man and his deputy already loosed this election long before it was conducted, when they saw the result was going against them they call the inec officer to declared it inconclusive, they want to retained Lagos and Kano by all means because they know those are the two most populated states in the country, but God will judge, may this punishment of this rigging fall on them and their.....Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

steven tobi about 1 hour ago

APC is a joke 😡😡😡Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Linda's Boy friend about 58 minutes ago

This is crazy. What is this country turning to?Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 50 minutes ago

Kick boxers...political entrepreneurs...Go get busy with normal enterprise! ASSHOLES!Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 23 minutes ago

This man's look irritates me. Thief!Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 4 minutes ago

INEC is a big disgrace to Nigerians.Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

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