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Friday, April 5, 2019

Nigerians draw inspiration from second Anthony Joshua TVC

The Nigerian media stratosphere is agog once again as the grandmasters of data, Globacom, releases the follow up to the Anthony Joshua television commercial, where the world heavyweight boxing champion boisterously demonstrated the intrinsic values of having a reliable ally in one's corner. It was a slice of life that jogs memories about the significance of effective partnerships.

Globacom had in early February released the original copy of an endorsement television commercial by Anthony Joshua, which ignited a fire of patriotism in Nigerians all over the world.

The second version of the TVC encapsulates how Nigerians in different geo-political zones across the country were not only enamoured by the remarkable odessey of Anthony Joshua but also drew inspiration from his bricklayer to world champion story. The people who followed the AJ narrative with rapt attention, leveraged the superiority and nationwide 4G spread of Globacom to follow the story.

In the sequel TVC, a University of Lagos female student was spotted watching the Anthony Joshua commercial. And she is followed by a teenage boy who is also seen savouring the TVC from the comfort of his father’s sitting room. The TVC then dovetails to fishermen throwing their net for an harvest in Lagos. The commercial cruises to a not-too prosperous tailor in Aba tapping inspiration from Anthony Joshua’s message. This is swiftly followed by a group of female basketballers drawing wisdom from Joshua’s message in Port Harcourt, where some lady basketballers were jointly watching Joshua’s message on an ipad on the court. This is closely followed by a classroom setting in Sokoto where students gathered to watch Joshua’s message on a laptop. A young boxer also took tutorials from the world champion and he later won his bout while a lady executive in Abuja was also shown watching the message on her phone.

The voyage of the TVC to the aforementioned cities is a clear testimony to the nationwide coverage of the Glo 4G, rated as Number 1 in the country in view of its spread and coverage. The intention of Glo to draw allegory as the number 1 in superior data coverage with the ascendancy of Anthony Joshua as the world's number 1 boxer is unmistakable.

The synopsis of the Anthony Joshua TVC is pegged on the enthusiastic announcement of his status as a Nigerian backed by a mega Nigerian telecommunication brand, Globacom.

Anthony Joshua reveals the similarities between him and Glo. Some of these include the never-say-die, unlimited, can-do spirit of Globacom. Celebrating the striking semblance, AJ said, "You need strength? Yeah, that comes from the hard knocks that life throws at us. And we are Nigerians, we know all about that".

He goes on to compare life challenges with boxing, saying "You don't stay down, you've got to fight. You have to dig deep to be a world champion".

Further building a case for what makes him a passionate Nigerian, AJ said, "there is always been a big piece of my heart as a Nigerian and I do believe that it is that piece that sets me apart. It always says to me, 'never give up, dream big! We come from a nation of warriors and that is why I believe in Glo.We have that same tenacity, that Nigerian fighting spirit that makes us game changers! We are relentless. We don't just face our challenges, we step into the ring to win again and again and again. If you believe in yourself, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Yeah, I used to be a bricklayer in England but now I am heavyweight champion of the world!.

The clincher in the TVC was when AJ, referring to Globacom, said there was nothing better for a boxer than having a reliable partner in his corner.

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