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Thursday, March 26, 2020

You Cannot Fly Him Abroad He Will Be Treated In Our Rotten Hospitals- Nigerians Mock Atiku

Yesterday night, former vice-president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, announced that his son tested positive to coronavirus. He made this announcement on Twitter. In his tweet, he noted that his son has been rushed to a hospital in Gwagwalada, Abuja.

Reacting to the news that Atiku’s son tested positive to the novel virus, some Nigerians on social media have mocked the politician. According to them, if not for the viral nature of the virus, Atiku would have sent his son outside the country for treatment but with the recent pandemic, Atiku would have no choice but to treat his son in some of the unequipped hospitals in Nigeria.

Photo credit: Channels Television

Read some of their comments on Facebook below:

Pius Johnson wrote, “Before now he would have been flown abroad for medical care. But now that there is no way out, he must stay in Nigeria to be treated in our rotten hospitals. Our politicians think they are always wise. Now that their evil ways have caught up with them; they have realized they are not wise after all.” (sic)

Evangelist D D Musa wrote, “Wish him quick recovery. Nigerians as a whole, the government as well as individuals should learn from this COVID-19 pandemic. You see big men and politicians taking their children abroad for schools and medical stuff and we fail to develop our medical facilities. God will help Nigeria and Nigerians.” (sic)

Mosugu Gideon Quentin wrote, “This is a typical tale of Lazarus and the rich guy, but in this tale both are alive to tell the tale...#coronavirus must humble our leaders!!! I think the judgement of God is upon us, it will first visit the powerful and mighty, this is just to humiliate and humble them and it is a major of sign of warning.” (sic)

Micheal Babajare wrote, “Yeeeeeeee! As the Mr coronavirus started from the elites and the politicians children then you will see the government active. Selfish people in government.” (sic)

Bamidele Ogunniyi wrote, “Why don't you fly him abroad for treatment as usual? I wish you top people fall sick right now to witness the state of our hospitals that you neglected for years.” (sic)

Olagode Opeyemi wrote, “Imagine that! Meanwhile he is one of them that use looting strategy to put all our economics indices into harshness.

I wish all that loot Nigeria treasure can be affected, they and their families respectively.” (sic)

Chidi Francis wrote, “All of you that killed our health sector in Nigeria will pay severely this time around. We have been begging you people to fix our hospitals but rather you prefer the ones in abroad.” (sic)

Sunny Opeoluwa wrote, “The sins of the father has visited the son. Thank you Jesus.” (sic)

Oseni Ramon wrote, “Then entire Atiku's family should be in self isolation centre. Because they might have had contact with the victim.” (sic)

Adeniyi Edward Babalola wrote, “Wetin concern me.... yourself will be positive soon..., FFK and some other #pdpig e-rat can visit their leader son now in Hospital since they don't believe in COVID-19.” (sic)

Photo Credit: Eagleonline

It is common knowledge that politicians and their family members hardly treat themselves in Nigeria because they don’t trust our hospitals. These Nigerians are probably mocking Atiku because of he won’t be able to send his son abroad for treatment because of the travelling restrictions.

After his announcement, it dawned on Nigerians that indeed, this coronavirus is real!

We wish Atiku’s son and every Nigerian affected by the coronavirus a quick recovery...

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