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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Kano Man stabbed by BUK undergraduate wife after 7 months of marriage, accuses her of infidelity, releases evidence

Saheed Hussain has recovered and also held a press conference, in which he revealed what led to the fight that got him stabbed by his Bayero University law undergraduate wife, Hannan Saeed.

Recall that it was reported weeks ago that Saheed was left battling for his life at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, after being stabbed by his wife of 7 months. If you missed this, read here.

Hannan's claim of stabbing her husband while defending herself against the domestic abuse she was allegedly subjected to, was dispelled by Saheed who accused her infidelity and also recounted some incidents that led to the fight at the press conference.

Sharing his own side of the story yesterday, he said;

“I caught my wife dancing indecently in my parlour where she was recording the dance on her phone and sending the video clips to her boyfriends. I told her mother about it and she asked me if my wife’s elder sister and grandmother knew what was happening and she pleaded with me not to reveal it to anyone so as not to soil the image of their family.

"I challenged one of the boyfriends with whom my wife was exchanging voice notes but said he was not aware that my wife was a married woman. This is one of over 30 voice messages I found. I also have CCTV evidence on how my wife invited her lover from Abuja and had a session with him in a hotel in Bompai, on 26th of April. She was at the hotel from 10:13 a.m and stayed up to 12:16 pm. .

"Also on that same day, a Friday, I caught her taking drugs in my house. During the last Ramadan fast, she sprinkled drops of poisonous insecticides in my food, a meal of fried eggs. I have the evidence of that too. When the problem became so serious, we had to seek audience with Dr. Bashir (Umar), chief Imam of Al-Furqan Jumuat Mosque, who is a well respected marriage counsellor in order to get advice and save the marriage.

"We went to see Dr. Bashir along with my wife, her mother and her elder brother in my car. I narrated all my accusations against her including her infidelity, promiscuity and drug abuse which she all admitted to Dr. Bashir. But it was on the same day after we returned home that she stabbed me with a knife after I seized her phone, which she used to send her nude pictures and videos to her boyfriends.”

Here is a video from the press conference below;

Said Hussain whose wife almost killed in Kano holding a press conference on what actually happened— Dadiyata? (@dadiyata) July 8, 2019

Also tweeting from the press conference, @Dadiyata wrote;

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