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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tiwa Savage slays fo Elle SA (photo)

Nigerian singer, songwriter and performer Tiwa Savage is featured in the September issue of Elle South Africa in a stunning photo by Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Young student and beauty pageant contestant who died in an accident laid to rest (photos)

20-year-old Sandra Ali Bakare, a Public Administration student of University of Calabar and a contestant in the upcoming Queen of Elegant Nigeria 2016, died in an auto accident earlier this month. She shared a photo from the pageant on her Facebook page on August 3rd and died days later. Her friend posted photos from her funeral along with a tribute on Facebook..

Check out Lindsay Lohan's demand list for an interview on a Russian Tv station

Lindsay Lohan is demanding a huge ransom to appear for an interview on Ruski TV. According to reports from TMZ, the former actress was offered to appear on the most popular talk show in Russia "Pust govoryat.", where the host intends to interview her about her relationship and breakup with ex-fiancé Egor Tarabasov. TMZ got a copy of the sate owned Tv station, Channel 1's letter to Lindsay, in which they asked her to send her list of demands. See the demand list she sent

-- a private jet
-- security
-- 1 year Russian visa with extension
-- 500,000 British pounds
-- hair, makeup and manicurist onboard jet
-- Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite

One other thing, She wants to meet with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin and get photos with him!

They were also told Lindsay is negotiating and some of the demands have been met.



The song is produced by Sky Beat, this song is on a special request as BXY storms back to base. Get the song below

Listen & Download “BXY – Price My Style” below

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Haymuz James – Abeg (Prod. By Double Dhee)


And ladies do you remember that song tittled IYAWO…that song that rocked airwaves and became an anthem on your streets with the Hook ‪#‎OLOBELOLOKO‬?.. Oh yes you do!!…

That young,talented,cute and hot boy came back with another dope sound titled MY BOO….he came with this song that has this blend of african flavour with the hook ‪#‎IFYOUHELPMETOSEEMYBOO ‬that has already took over the street.

Now he is coming back with this song titled ABEG. this song is one of the doppest songs on earth.

Words aint enough to explain how wonderful the song is,download and enjoy how he laid his amazing voice on this wonderful song. download and enjoy.

Listen & Download Haymuz James – Abeg (Prod. By Double

Former Super Eagles footballer Pius Ikedia collapses during friendly match

Former Super Eagles player Pius Ikedia was admitted to hospital yesterday August 20 in Amsterdam, Holland after he collapsed on the field during a friendly match.

The 36 year old was playing with other former Ajax players during an exhibition match to mark the 50th anniversary of the club, when he suddenly fell. He was revived on the pitch and later taken to the hospital.

"It was a close shave with death for Pius. We only thank God that with proper care, we were not celebrating the death of another Nigeria football star on the pitch.” a top source told AfricanFootball

Saint West will break hearts when he grows up

He's so cute and really looks like his dad...

John Kerry’s Visit: Beyond The Cover Story By Reuben Abati

Read his article below...

Essential elements of intelligence and the intelligence cycle in overseas relations include what is better described as “the cover story”. It is an old conundrum referring to the story that is put out to the public and sustained as a narrative to mask far more strategic interests in government-to- government relations.
It is based on that established thin line between the right to know and the need to know and indeed in diplomatic relations, if ordinary people are allowed to know everything, there will be utter chaos on the streets around the world.

I make this point in the light of the excitement that US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit appears to be generating. He will visit Nigeria, August 23-24, after Kenya, 22-23, and from here, he will jet off to Saudi Arabia, 24-25.

The cover story is that he will hold talks with President Muhammadu Buhari, Northern Governors and religious leaders, give a speech on “countering violent extremism” in Sokoto, and thematically focus on “counter-terrorism efforts, the economy, the fight against corruption and human rights issues” during the trip. Nicely, correctly crafted cover story! America loves Nigeria. America wants to help Nigeria. And once we are told this story, even our foreign ministry officials get really excited. They tell the President: “this is big! It shows America is supporting the administration. Mr. President, America loves you, don’t mind those tweeps on social media.” They would have forgotten most conveniently that Secretary John Kerry has been visiting Africa since 2014, and before him, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did so too. We tend to be overly impressed by the recognition, but we often fail to look beyond the cover story.
The Americans don’t consider a visit such as this the circus that we think it is. And that is why the Foreign Affairs Ministry must put up its thinking caps in preparing the briefing notes for President Buhari. They must anticipate one critical question that the cover story does not cover: what does America want? What is in this visit for the United States? And what does Nigeria want? And what should the Nigerian President say to Mr. Kerry at that critical moment when he suddenly requests for a one-on-one and all Presidential assistants are asked to leave the room? That is usually where the rub is, that critical moment when the Nigerian President is left alone with a strategic guest and he may not know exactly what to say to messages and statements for which he had not been prepared. And when the American envoy makes requests, what should he say at that very moment? We have a lot at stake, and it is important that this particular visit is not treated as another opportunity to have a nice dinner party and showcase Nigerian culture and arts.
John Kerry attended President Buhari’s inauguration in May 2015. This is what he wrote, inter alia,after the visit: “Last May, I shared in an extraordinary moment. I had the privilege, together with many leaders from across Africa, of bearing witness to the first peaceful, democratic transition of power between two parties in Nigeria. I traveled to Lagos earlier this year to emphasize that for the United States, Nigeria is an increasingly important strategic partner with a critical role to play in the security and prosperity of the region. I also said that it was imperative that these elections set a new standard for democracy in the continent. There is no doubt that this is a decisive moment for democracy in Africa…In Africa, as elsewhere, there is a deep hunger for governments that are legitimate, honest and effective….”
Secretary of State Kerry will be visiting Nigeria tomorrow I believe, to carry out a year-after, on-the-spot, hear-see-for-yourself assessment. He must have heard that a year after his last visit, so much has happened in Nigeria, and the rest of Africa. Africa itself is at a tipping point, growth has slowed down tragically, commodity prices have declined, old problems and wounds have resurfaced, and democratic renewal has not resulted in “honest and effective” governance, and in all this, Nigeria faces special challenges; it is at the outmost edge of that tipping point. The threat level in the country has gone up, policy uncertainty is high, the people’s voices are not being heard and generally, things are hard: unemployment, security issues, human rights, and an economy in recession capable of exacerbating social crisis and so on.
America will expect President Buhari to defend his administration. The briefing notes must take care of that, but let no one be fooled: no one may have talked about behind-the-scene meetings, the truth is that the American team will not listen to only one side of the story. There will be undeclared meetings with civil society, the opposition, the business community and other interest groups, who in typical Nigerian fashion will speak their minds. Right now, that may not be complimentary. Non-state actors are perhaps more important sources of intelligence because intelligence is neither mere information nor publicity or a strictly state-based activity. Take this: John Kerry may be visiting to enable the American government make up its mind about the Buhari government.
But why should anyone care about what America thinks? We are after all, a sovereign nation, and Secretary of State John Kerry should not even be talking to President Buhari, he should meet with his counterpart in our own foreign ministry. Hold it. The difference is that America remains the world’s superior power and it does not joke with its self-assigned role of the world’s police, even if at the centre of that mix, is the paramount element of America’s national interest. Nigeria, being the most populous country in Africa, and an oil-rich country with international investments, is of strategic interest to the United States.
We are, by that fact also, a threat to America’s interest in a number of ways. The first is the threat of Nigeria becoming a festering spot for terrorism, and home of the world’s deadliest terror group. Since May 2015, the Buhari administration has made efforts to curb terrorism in the problematic parts of the North, but in the past few weeks, with the re-appearance of Abubakar Shekau, the factionalisation of the Jama’t Ahl as-Sunnah lid Da’wah wa’l Jihad with a faction led by Abu Musab al-Barnawi, and the further confirmation of a linkage with the ISIL, it seems obvious that the threat of terrorism in Nigeria is far from being resolved. The potential of that threat getting worse is even far more evident now more than ever.
The second threat is the Niger Delta, and the resurgence of violence in that volatile part of the world. America may have discovered Shale oil and its reliance on Nigerian Brent crude may have reduced, but American multinationals still have significant investments in Nigeria. America has every reason to protect American investment and citizens. The third threat is Nigeria’s continuing romance with China. The Jonathan administration did not hide its interest in China and Sino-Nigerian relations. I believe his administration paid dearly for this open, and well-intended friendship with America’s rival in Africa. The Buhari administration continued in this regard, where the Jonathan administration left off, since in any case, Nigeria is non-aligned, but the sub-text is that the United States may not be too comfortable with the Chinese encroachment on spaces it once occupied and the open complicity of traditional allies in undermining American interest. President Buhari should be briefed to listen very carefully to both what is spoken and that which is unspoken.
The fourth threat is the security situation in the country. In the last month alone, both the United States and the United Kingdom have released, perhaps the most damaging travel warnings to their nationals living in or doing business in Nigeria. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel by British nationals to 11 states of the Federation, and strictly essential travel to another seven states. The United States warns against travel to about 20 states. Both countries cite “high threat from terrorism, kidnapping, violent crime and demonstrations/civil unrest.” What is left? It is as bad as both major partner-countries alleging that Nigeria is not safe for anyone. Their European allies and other countries may not have issued any travel warnings, but the disclaimers from the US and the UK can be taken as a reflection of the assessment of the Nigerian situation and international reaction to Nigeria’s change agenda since 2015. Whoever is preparing the briefing notes for President Buhari should take this into consideration.
And may I advise that the briefing should avoid the initial reaction by Information Minister Lai Muhammed. He dismissed the travel warnings as untrue and advised the Nigerian media to ignore and not promote the story. It actually seems as if the local media acted as directed. Which is stupid. What has been overlooked is that foreign embassies in Nigeria from where intelligence about local situations is sourced are non-partisan. Ahead of the visit by Secretary of State John Kerry, the Foreign Affairs Ministry should have engaged the relevant embassies and assured them of the administration’s efforts. They could have issued ahead of John Kerry’s arrival, a reasonable account of what has been done so far, in a manner that does not compromise the sovereign, but which deals with the perception issues thrown up by the pre-Kerry visit build up by America and its allies.
And of course, whatever the tone of the diplomatese, always look beyond the cover stories. John Kerry’s visit may be the tipping point for the Buhari administration and it may well not be, considering the fact that the United States is itself in transition, but if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton becomes President, we would be dealing from January 2017 with someone who knows Nigeria too well. In the meantime, President Buhari should have something specific to say to the United States through Kerry. It’d be wrong to treat this as a farewell visit by a lame-duck American administration. Not yet and certainly not so. President Barack Obama will leave office in November without ever visiting Nigeria

Reekado Banks Set To Release Debut Album “SPOTLIGHT”

Reekado Banks suit

Reekado Banks Set To Release Debut Album “SPOTLIGHT”

Next-Rated star, Reekado Banks is set to release his debut album “SPOTLIGHT“. The Mavin Records prodigy who gave us hits like Katapot, Oluwa Ni and many other heavyhitters like Sugar Baby, Tomorrow, Corner and the current wave-making tune, Standard, is finally done with the creative process for his first official body of work.

Neymar leads Brazil to defeat Germany as they win their first Olympic football gold

Neymar shed tears of joy after delivering Brazil's first men's soccer gold medal with the winning penalty in a 5-4 shootout triumph over Germany after a thrilling final ended in a draw following extra-time on Saturday.

Brazil had lost the Olympic final three times - in 1984, 1988 and 2012 - but they finally got the gold they craved on a dramatic night at the Maracana stadium in which they outplayed the Germans but were saved three times by the woodwork.

Kim K puts her curvaceous body on display while on vacation in Mexico

Kim Kardashian who is vacationing in Mexico put her curvaceous body on display as she hit the beach with her friends in Casa Aramara, Punta Mita, Mexico

D'banj stylish in Agbada

The Kokomaster, Dbanj, attended a wedding looking very stylish in Agbada. He's joined by comedians, Ali Baba and Tee-A. Another photo after the cut..


Life After YBNL: Is Lil Kesh’s Career Still On Track?


Lil Kesh Buzz is finally dieing down ever since he left YBNL..

Following the expiration of his two-year contract with YBNL in May, it seems the Headies next-rated award nominee’s music career has gone cold somewhat.. or has it?

Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter Keshinro Ololade, popularly known by his stage name Lil Kesh, started his music career in 2012 while rapping among his peers in Bariga, where he was raised.

He soon attained some fame following the release of his single ‘Lyrically’.
Olamide and Lil Kesh

After signing with Olamide‘s label, YBNL in April 2014, he released a number of popular singles, including ‘Shoki’, ‘Gbese’ and ‘Efejoku’, to further garner more popularity.

Along with nominations for several awards, it’s quite obvious that Lil Kesh has experienced a rapid climb in the Nigerian music industry.

This rapid rise saw him shockingly depart from YBNL to his own record label, Y.A.G.I (Young And Getting It). But since doing so, it can be said that the buzz he once had has began to fade.


The talented singer has dropped some passable songs, ‘Kojo‘, and ‘Bend Down Select’, all of which have similar style with his previous hit songs, yet aren’t breaking grounds like those hits. Could this be due to his departure from YBNL?
The singer even released the video of one of his songs ‘Problem Child’ and tagged YBNL and YAGI, just to let fans know the bond between both labels still exists. But its seems the fans are having a hard time coming to terms with his new direction.
Perhaps it is too early to believe Mr Me YAGI’s career has taken a knock, just as it is important to commend him for taking such a bold step in starting his own record label.
But then, Kesh still has a very long way to go and needs to act quickly in order to keep up with the industry and become a major player in it.
Now, The Big Question is “Is Lil Kesh’s Career Still On Track?
We want to hear from you all, Drop your Comments. Below

Only My Wife Can Make Me Happy” – Mr Ibu

Nollywood actor, John Okafor better known as Mr Ibu, is not talking about Nollywood and its challenges anymore as he has now focused his attention more on his family.
He might be a very busy man but his family has always been his top most priority and he has not stopped appreciating how far he has come with his wife there to support him with one hour of prayers.
The actor who some time ago said he is done with child bearing has now made it a duty to continually appreciate his wife for standing by him all through the hard times and each time he expresses his happiness, he has words to qualify her.
Mr Ibu disclosed that the only thing that makes him happy is when he turns his face and see his wife smiling then he knows all is well.
“The only thing that makes me happy is when I look at your face and see you smile. My Heart is settled because she is the contrast of my face,” he said.

Hande Kader: Outcry in Turkey over transgender woman's murder

The murder of Hande Kader, a transgender woman, has caused an outcry in Turkey's biggest city Istanbul. Turkey remains conservative on LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) issues, but on Sunday activists will stage a rare protest in Istanbul, writes Rengin Arslan of BBC Turkish.

"Hande was one of the nicest people in the world. She was very calm normally but also hyperactive. She always went to the LGBTI marches. She pursued a cause that she felt right until the end."

Davut Dengiler describes his 23-year-old flatmate, Hande Kader, whose body was found in a forest in Istanbul last week.

Ms Kader, a sex worker, was last seen entering a client's car one night. Mr Dengiler had hoped she was still alive but he found her body in Istanbul's morgue for unidentified persons.

"I was about to leave the morgue. I felt a sense of lightness for not having found her there. At the last minute, a doctor there said, 'There's also a burned body - look at that as well.' I did. I told them identifying features. They then looked at the computer, at the report. The doctor put his hand on my back and gave his condolences. I lost myself," he said.

He explained Ms Kader's reaction to the deaths of other trans people: "She would go crazy when trans individuals were killed. She'd be so sad... She had been stabbed and beaten before. This didn't happen only to Hande. It happens to all of them."

LGBTI activists protest against violence towards trans people, but the rest of Turkish society rarely reacts.

Under the state of emergency, declared after the failed coup attempt of 15 July, restrictions on demonstrations are in place.

But for the first time, famous figures in Turkey have joined the calls to raise awareness of Ms Kader's murder and to take part in a demonstration scheduled for Sunday evening in Istanbul.

According to data from the rights group Transgender Europe, Turkey has the highest number of trans murders in Europe.

But "there is no safe country for trans people" as the group's 2016 report observes.

Ms Kader tried to call attention to trans murders in Turkey and the lack of justice. She was usually in the front at demonstrations.

But it is perhaps the images of Hande Kader that have been shared innumerable times on social media that best explain the trans woman who is still waiting to be buried due to the processes of identification, post mortem, and DNA testing.

In 2015, police had banned the annual LGBTI Pride march in Taksim Square in Istanbul. They tried to disperse the crowds, using water cannon, rubber bullets and pepper spray. But Ms Kader stood stubbornly against the police.

She reproached journalists: "You take pictures but you do not publish them. No-one is hearing our voices."

Hande Kader's voice was silenced finally by murder, in a way no one would want to imagine: she was burned.

She earned a living through sex work, always putting her safety at risk. Like other trans individuals forced into prostitution, she worked on the street.

She sought a way out but could not find it.

"She did not like this work," her close friend Funda said, adding, "but who would like it, anyway?"
Violent ends

The trans individuals I spoke to nearly all have stories about how they "escaped death."

Kemal Ordek is one of them. Ordek, who uses the gender-neutral pronouns "they/their", says they were "lucky" to survive an attack at home.

"There are very few trans individuals who die of natural causes - nearly none," Ordek says.

"When you are pushed to sex work, it's not possible for people to reach old age. They are killed. I don't know how I survived. That's the sad part."

Ordek, a sociology graduate, earns a living mainly through sex work and is also the president of Red Umbrella, an association that defends the rights of trans sex workers.

"We are viewed not as people who can integrate into society but as the dirt of society. What grabs our attention most when we are walking on the street are the looks that see us as sexual objects," Ordek says.
'Turning point?'

"When I first became an activist, I would not be able to sleep thinking about the kind of news I'd get in the middle of the night," Ordek says.

"Even now, my phone is at the highest ringtone when I sleep at night. I wait for news: someone will be stabbed, someone beaten and I'll get called and I'll have to go there immediately. This is a never-ending mourning and state of trauma."

The identity reassignment process for trans individuals in Turkey is long and painful. Many don't dare to start on it. Because of this, trans women can't change the [gendered] colour of their IDs and can't work in brothels where they might have more security.

Sinem Hun, a lawyer who works closely on trans identity reassignment cases, says the state "wants to see" that both trans men and trans women have undergone surgery to their genitalia to establish that the gender reassignment process has taken place physically.

At the same time, she says, sterilisation is mandatory.

"There are trans individuals who cannot change their identity for five or six years," says Ms Hun. Very few doctors are qualified to carry out these operations, a difficult and expensive process in Turkey.

Turkey wedding blast: 30 dead and 90 hurt in Gaziantep

An explosion at an outdoor wedding party in the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep has killed at least 30 people and injured 94 more, the region's governor says.

The Turkish government has called it a "terror attack" and suggested it was carried out by a suicide bomber.

Gaziantep is 64km (40 miles) from the Syrian border.

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek called the attack "barbaric" but said: "God willing, we will overcome."

It happened in a part of the city where many university students live, after a wedding party spilled out on to the streets. The blast was heard across town.
Was IS behind this? Mark Lowen, Istanbul

No group has said it was behind the bombing - but government sources say it could have been carried out by so-called Islamic State, which is known to have operatives in the border city of Gaziantep.

Turkey has been hit by a series of bombs both by IS and Kurdish militants in the past year, with the last IS attack on Istanbul airport in June, killing more than 40 people.

The jihadists have recently lost ground in northern Syria, including a former stronghold, Manbij. Syrian rebel soldiers are preparing to advance further into the IS-held province of Jarablus.

If this bomb was the work of IS, there will be speculation it is a revenge attack, intended as a show of strength by a group on the defensive.

The BBC's Seref Isler, who is from Gaziantep, said the attack "took place in a city that is already on edge because of what's happening right across the border" but was even more shocking because a wedding party was targeted.

He said: "Weddings are in Turkey considered sacred and very happy occasions, so to intentionally turn it in to a bloodbath has received some very staunch criticism to say the least.

"Turkish society seems to have been horrified that this has targeted specifically a wedding, what should have been the happiest day of this couple's lives."Image copyrightSTRImage captionThe explosion happened late at night, near where people were celebrating a weddingImage copyrightSTR

Southern Turkey has been hit by several deadly blasts over the past year, linked either to Kurdish separatist militants or so-called Islamic State (IS).

Often the attacks were linked to developments in the war raging in Syria.

A suicide bomber believed to have links to IS killed two policemen in Gaziantepin May.

In northern Syria, just south of Gaziantep, there has been heavy fighting between IS jihadist militants and Syrian Kurdish forces known as the YPG.

The border town of Kobane was wrested back from IS control by Kurdish-led forces in January 2015, after months of bitter fighting.

There has been a spate of bombings in eastern Turkey in recent months blamed on the rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Earlier on Saturday, Turkey's government said the country would take a more active role in efforts to end the war in Syria. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said a future political settlement for Syria must not include Mr Assad, the PKK or IS.

"In the six months ahead of us, we shall be playing a more active role," Mr Yildirim said. "It means not allowing Syria to be divided along ethnic lines."

source bbc

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:2Baba – Serious Tinz (Freestyle)

 2face serious tinz(2)

Barely two weeks after the official Release of Mr Senator, Fortified 2face Idibia (2Baba) unleashes 2 minutes of the Tefa Produced Freestyle Song titled ‘Serious Tinz’. Dont forget Dj Zeez’s Atewo, Sossi’s Sebee and Olu Maintain’s Olu in Brazil were Products of Tefa on The Beatz.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Farabale – Don Dada

Farabale – Don Dada

Dance hall sensation, ‘Don Dada’ by Uk-based afro-pop star, takes the radio ways
Farabalé a.k.a Balé may well slip into 2016 list of top dance hall hit-makers with the release of his new electrifying single ‘Don Dada’. Click to play DJ’s dub.
Known for his quality beats and signature afro-pop flavor, Uk-based Balé, has attacked the Nigerian music scene with eyes set on spotlight glory. Dropping two well-reviewed single this year already, Balé is riding on attention by industry bigwigs to stake his claim in Nigeria’s music scene.
“I think the name Balé will soon start showing up in top artiste collaborations soon-now, that’s my thinking. Getting to what I know for sure, Balé will be household name in Nigerian music scene in no distant time. The radio airway hasn’t caught the Balé fever yet but he only just returned. Nonetheless a single like ‘Don Dada’ will set the record straight”-Top Nigerian music producer

MUSIC Premiere: Olamide ft. Lil Kesh – Sere (Ghetto Story) + Owo Blo

World Premiere: Olamide ft. Lil Kesh - Sere (Ghetto Story) + Owo Blo

 Olamide ft. Lil Kesh – Sere (Ghetto Story) + Owo Blo
 Olamide  dropped two brand banging singles titled – ‘SERE‘ featuring Lil Kesh, and ‘Owo Blo‘.

The dance floor is officially lit with these remarkable effort from who is unarguably the most hard-working artist in the Nigerian music industry.

World Premiere: Olamide ft. Lil Kesh - Sere (Ghetto Story) + Owo Blo

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Flakes – Party Shot

Flakes – Party Shot

Flakes – Party Shot

Nigerian R&B music duo Flakes is back again and hitting their fans with a brand new DJ and club-friendly song. Just as the title suggests, “Party Shot” is a completely banging track that makes the waist wiggle and is aimed straight at the dance floor.

Flakes tendency to apply some youthful energy to their music gives the duo a relevant edge in the industry.

Produced by @tymesten, mixed and mastered by Xcelldrama

Twitter and Instagram handle : @flakes4

DOWNLOAD NUSIC:JoulesDaKid – It G Ma (Freestyle)

it g ma 2

JoulesDaKid – It G Ma (Freestyle)

“Joulsey Sessions” is here and it kicks off in a big way, as JoulesDaKid has unveiled his first remix. This one — to Keith Ape‘s “It G Ma” — will likely turn heads, being one of the biggest trap songs to ever come our way from the Korean Trap Lords. Joules decides to come through tonight spitting flames so this one is definitely one for the rap lovers.

Joules is definitely making a very bold statement here about the music industry, we hear you loud and clear.



BIBEE – Ori Mi

United Kingdom returnee “BIBEE” is ready to take her space in the entertainment industry as she brings this sweet melody “Ori Mi“.

Ori Mi is a Yoruba word which means my head in English..the prayerful song, rich in melody, sweet rhythms was produced by the super talented Mystro.

Bola Adeleye aka BiBEE started her musical career in London where she performed at top events like the Panache Global Awards, and opened for the world famous 2face Idibia at the O2 Arena in London.

Bibee has fully relocated to Nigeria to face her musical career as she teams up with UDR entertainment.


VIDEO: Ballzee Beat – Ahonshishe

VIDEO: Ballzee Beat - Ahonshishe

VIDEO: Ballzee Beat – Ahonshishe

Brand new single titled “AHONSHISHE” from hot music sensation Ballzee. He’s a talented singer, songwriter, and producer from Abia state based in Ghana and signed to MSE GANG LABEL .

He’s set to lock down the industry with his style of Afro-Pop sound with this great song.

Connect with him on social media:

Twitter: @ballzeebeat
I.G: @Ballzee_beat

Justin Bieber seen with a mystery girl in London

Singer, Justin Bieber who recently deleted his Instagram account after his fans and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez gave him a hard time over his new relationship with Sofia Richie, was seen partying with a mysterious blonde girl in London. Meanwhile, his new girl Sofia, was seen in Los Angeles on Friday by herself. Justin left Tape nightclub in a taxi with the blonde girl in tow around 4am yesterday morning. More photos

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