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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Photos: TB Joshua Gives Out N4.4Million To Deportees From Libya In One Week

The general overseer of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T. B. Joshua, has just helped the Nigerian Libya deportees with N4.4m this week. For some days now, social media has been agog with many Nigerians talking against the slave trade and maltreatment of Nigerians and other black people in Libya.

This issue has raised lots of dust as to who to do what and what to do to make things right. Aside from speaking against it, the 54-year-old cleric known for his humanitarian habits, revealed he empowers deportees weekly. He went on to also say he has spent a total of N4,450,000 this week on deportees from Libya, without questioning their religion or tribe.

‘As the influx of Nigerians being deported from Libya continues, The SCOAN continue to help in the best way they can – with love in action and words of comfort. Having stared death and brutality in the face – they can now appreciate life. Deportees enjoying a good meal provided by Prophet TB Joshua (Photo source: Facebook, TB Joshua Ministries) ‘bids to ‘make it in life’ the mostly young Nigerians, aged from 15 upwards, travelled illegally in hope of a better future abroad.

Many complained of being deceived that the journey would take two weeks and the more you paid to make the trip the smoother it would be. Today, ask them and they will tell you there is nothing smooth about an illegal road trip that entails hunger, hijackings, beatings, kidnappings, brutality and all kinds of abuse.

‘The church receives an endless flow of such deportees and on a weekly basis, they are given millions of naira. This week alone N4,450,000 was given to the deportees – without question of their religion, belief or background – alongside food and further assistance.

Maggot Infested Food Served To Corpers In NYSC Kebbi Camp (Photos)

According to an Instagram user and corper apparently serving in Kebbi, Fabrepas Emmanuel, here’s the food they were allegedly served at the camp, He wrote;

May God save our corpers from the food served in so called NYSC Kebbi state kitchen. It is well with Nigeria

See some reactions below;

Christmas Billy Hahaha my dear that’s Nigeria for you but mine was different when I did my nysc in Toronto tho it’s protein giving organism .. meanwhile those of you that used to say their grandfather refused to be sold to slavery and that would have made black Americans..dear this is the time don’t loose this opportunity..trek to Libya and be sold oo

OlodoRabata Dicaprio I weep for my country Nigeria… Corpers are been treated as slaves.. The life of a prisoner is better than that of a corper… I rather kill myself than commit suicide trying to serve Nigeria…. When I get to heaven I’d carry Nigerian flag on my hand so that God would understand that I’ve been to hell before

Firstway Dickson Nothing were person no the see for this Obobo call Nigeria… If I were you now, go straight to the person that cooked the food and force him or her to it… Ah ah what nonsense na, is it not beta to tell me that the food has spoiled that to give me to manage it. I will not do because of economy and manage food that I will eat and it will give me sickness at the end of the day o

See Beautiful Pre Wedding Photos Of This Lovely Couple

Facebook user Solomon Buchi Bartholomew just shared this beautiful photos with the below caption;
Always remember that you’re someone’s choice; just the way you are, without editing or recreation. You’re everything someone needs, and your flaws will be beautiful to them. Never for a moment regret how you look, or the natural features you came with. People will make jest of your big nose, small ear, short nature, fat body, but believe me when I say your flaws beautify you. To feel bad about them is to feel bad about your selling point.

Cool. Some folks don’t like it. But there’s someone who’d die for you for just the same reason others left you.
Build your esteem with your own words of value. You’re beautiful. Deserving of love. Enough. And someone’s choice.
It’s okay if they reject you. Someone’s praying to have you.

Confirmed!!! “Our Fellow Nigerians Were The Once Who Abducted And Sold Us Into Slavery In Libya” – Multiple Nigerian Returnees

It has been revealed that Nigerians based in Libya are also selling their fellow countrymen, amidst the slave trade revelations in the country.
On Thursday night, another 150 migrants from mostly Edo and Delta states arrived Nigeria. Many of the returnees confirmed to Punchng that they were sold by their fellow countrymen, who were getting rich in Libya.

One of them, 26-year-old Odion Saliu, a hairdresser from Edo State, said she was kidnapped and handed over to a Nigerian, who forced her to call her mother.

According to her, her mother in Benin paid N200, 000 but she was again sold by the same Nigerian for 3,000 dinars (about N794, 000). Saliu explained that the Nigerians spoke Pidgin English and some Nigerian languages.

Another Edo State indigene, Sunday Anyaegbunam, left Nigeria along with his wife in April. He said during their nine-day journey through the desert, they were sold twice by Nigerians. .

According to him, when their Nigerian “burger” (trafficker) sold them to another set of Libyan traffickers at Agadez, Niger, the traffickers sold him and his wife to a Nigerian who took them to Sabha, Libya, where they were separated in different cells. .

“We were made to contact our families on the phone and I had to ensure the payment of N400, 000 for my release and N300, 000 for my wife,” Anyaegbunam said.

He said, “The Nigerians selling people in Libya are more wicked than many of the Arabs. I have never seen people so heartless as the Nigerians who bought and sold me.

There are many of them in Agadez and Sabha, who are making so much money from selling their own people. When you approach them and say, ‘Please, my brother, help me.’

They would tell you, “No brother in the jungle.” A 25-year-old woman, Esosa Osas, who was in Libya for six months, said she also met many Nigerians selling their countrymen.

Photos: Edo State Governor Obaseki Approves 150 Hectares Of Land And N100Million For 150 Libyan Returnees In Edo State

Godwin Obaseki, the Governor of Edo State has approved 150 hectares of land and N100million seed capital for the 150 Libyan returnees and victims of human trafficking, who completed a skills acquisition training at the Edo Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) office in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

Obaseki, who made the announcement during the graduation ceremony of the returnees, directed the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to immediately liaise with the relevant authorities towards securing the land for the returnees to commence agribusinesses.

According to the Governor, the returnees will be organised into cooperatives under the supervision of the Benin Owena River Basin Authority and the Edo Agricultural Development Programme (ADP).

He said the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, marked every 2 December, by the United Nations, should be seen as a day for a deep reflection on how to bring the illicit trade to an end. He commended the returnees, 51 of whom were trained on crop production, 15 on Agro-processing, 68 on livestock farming and 52 on Fish farming, for availing themselves of the training opportunity and promised to make them ambassadors in the state-wide campaign against human trafficking and illegal migration. He explained that the returnees are victims of a country that has failed them, adding that the state government has a duty to make them realise their God-given potential.
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