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Monday, November 7, 2016

“I Am So Good In Bed He Keeps On Leaving His Wife At Home To Crawl In My Bed” – 22year Old Lady Brags

A Zimbabwean woman has become a controversial figure in Zimbabwe following her recent claim that she is very good in bed.

Talent Taderera, 22, said she is very good in bed that is why the boyfriend cannot get enough of her and keeps cheating on the wife. This came to light after Talent accused the boyfriend of leaking her n*de photos.

She said because she is a master in sex, her on-off boyfriend Anesu Gondo, 26, can not let her go. Gondo is a former Dynamos striker now plying his trade in South Africa. She also claimed the footie ace suspected her of using love potions to drive him crazy, H-metro reports.

“He has been telling people in my neighbourhood as well as my relatives that I use love potions on him but that is not true. There is nothing mysterious about how he feels. The only reason I am sure he cannot take me out of his life is because our s*x life was great.

I am good in bed and he cannot have enough of me which could be the reason why he is so confused the way he is,” said Talent.

As a result of her sexual abilities, Talent revealed that Anesu would always demand n*de pictures from her as he wanted to see her in her birthday suit frequently.

“The juju claims he is making are not true at all because the truth of the matter is he still finds me so attractive. Many times he has asked me if I could send him n*de pictures and I have been sending them to him in trust that he would keep them private.

Now what bothers me is that he has been leaking the pictures to people in our neighbouhood just because I have made up my mind that I no longer want him. He even sent me messages threatening to make the pictures go viral and he is doing all this to fix me so that I don’t get another man in my life,” she said.

Speaking on the challenges they faced in their relationship Talent said;

“When I first started going out with him in 2014, he had lied to me that he was single. We broke up after I found out the truth. He kept coming back and I agreed to be his girlfriend even though he had a wife. Our relationship was not smooth because he is very violent, we broke up several times after he had assaulted me but still he would come back to me asking for forgiveness.”

However, Talent’s boyfriend Anesu has reacted and insisted Talent is using juju on him.

“My life is in the hands of this woman, she used juju on me and I cannot resist her. I no longer want her in my life but I would be lying if I say I no longer love her. The reason I have decided to publicize this issue is because I want to expose the juju she uses on me. I am confident that the way I feel towards her in influenced by juju because it has been confirmed by different prophets whom I have gone to consult,” he said.

Anesu went on to reveal that even though they were currently on separation they were always meeting regularly for s*x.

“I am so surprised by my actions because I always find myself going back to her. I am sure she can even confirm what I am saying. I have caught her cheating many times but in all those incidences, I am the one who ends up asking her forgiveness. We still had s*x even though we were no longer together. I will be going back to South Africa soon so yesterday we were actually planning on spending quality time before I leave,” he said.

Anesu continued:

“My marriage life was seriously affected ever since I started having an affair with Talent. On Tuesday I was arrested after I assaulted my wife for insulting Talent over the phone. I am not the one who leaked the n*de pictures that Talent is accusing me of leaking, they were leaked by my wife after she found them in my phone.”

Also, Anesu’s wife during an interview confirmed her husband’s claims that Talent uses love potions.

“There is no joy in my marriage because of this woman, my husband cannot leave her and we face a lot of challenges because of that. Last night we ended up fighting because of her and it really pains me a lot,” she said.

Source: H-Metro

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Boogey x Bigfoot – Sheesh


Nigerian rapper, Boogey presents another lyrical exhibition in collaboration with producer, Bigfoot. He delivers a peculiar mix of scenario creation, braggadocio and introspection over a hard-hitting rap

This is the third collaboration between the artiste and the producer (Spinning feat. Ese Peters, Nephilim feat. Eva & Tay), and to keep tradition alive, it is released on Boogey’s birthday.”

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Chidinma – Fallen In Love


Chidinma is back and she’s fallen in love. The songstress liberates a new single – “Fallen In Love” after a self-imposed lull. This single marks the beginning of a new musical journey for her.

The song was produced by Masterkraft.

Listen Up






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Eugy – Don Corleone (Prod. Mikespro)

Eugy – Don Corleone (Prod. Mikespro)

As promised, Eugy continues to release new music before the year ends. After picking up ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Ghana Music Awards UK, he delivers this new banger titled ‘Don Corleone’ produced by Mikespro.

Bringing the familiar dark sound featured on international hit ‘Dance For Me’. This is one is definitely for the streets. 

VIDEO: 2Baba – Hate What U Do To Me


African Icon 2face has released the video to his classic tune “Hate What U Do To Me”. Although the song dropped with his “Ascension” album back in 2014, it feels brand new and buttresses the timelessness of the legend’s music.

The video illustrates the song’s theme of a complicated love-hate relationship and takes us through an array of his confused emotions.”

Pres. Buhari arrives Edo State, visits Oba of Benin (Photos)

President Buhari has visited the Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare the second, at his palace, after arriving Benin City, the Edo state capital today, Nov. 7th, 2016, for a two-day working visit.

According to reports, this would mark the President’s first visit to the monarch’s palace since his coronation as the Oba of Benin kingdom on October 20, 2016. Oba Ewurare has however, upon the president’s arrival, appealed to him to create a sea port in the state...

From the palace, the president is expected to proceed to commission some key projects carried out by the state governor, Adams Oshiomhole. The projects include; the newly constructed central hospital, the siluko road as well as the gully erosion reclamation project, at the Queen Ede Agbor road, and the New Era Secondary School now renamed Samuel Ogbemudia Secondary School.

This development is reported to be coming shortly after the valedictory session held for the out-going Governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole. It is the last time Mr Oshiomhole will be hosting President Buhari in that capacity as Governor of Edo state.

More pictures below...

Source: Channelstv

President Buhari cannot direct EFCC to investigate Amaechi, Kyari- Femi Adesina

Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says President Buhari cannot order EFCC to investigate any of his Ministers accused of corruption because the anti-graft agency is an independent body and is not controlled by the Presidency.

Adesina said this in a recent interview with Naija Standard when he was asked why President Buhari has not ordered EFCC to investigate Rotimi Amaechi and Abbah Kyari who are both ministers and have been accused of corrupt practices.

Adesina in his reply said

"President Buhari does not direct the EFCC. He maintains a critical distance from all the anti-graft agencies, and does not dictate to them. So, if any Minister has a tidy case built against him, the EFCC does its job without waiting for directives from the President"he saidRead more excerpts from the interview as shared by Adesina below

Q: When you received offer from President Buhari to serve in your present capacity, what were the virtues you saw in him that drew you to accept the appointment?

A: Let me say that I had always admired Muhammadu Buhari since he was a military head of state. I admired his discipline, his integrity, forthrightness, and simplicity. The things he represented just resonated with my lifestyle, maybe because I grew up under a father who also stood for such things. It was, therefore, my worst day when Buhari was overthrown in 1985. I believed Nigeria had missed an opportunity to be great, and one was proven right.
When Buhari joined partisan politics in 2002, I was quite glad. As a journalist who wrote a weekly column, I supported him in 2003, 2007, 2011, and 2015, when he won the presidential election. I had never wanted to work in government, but when I got an invitation to serve as Special Adviser on Media, I accepted because it was Buhari. With any other person, my answer would have been a flat no. President Buhari’s integrity, transparency, simplicity, and patriotism were the things that brought me into government.

Q: What lessons have you learnt so far in your present position?

A: At every stage in life, you learn lessons. Some of those I’ve learnt in government include the fact that some people do not care a hoot what happens to the country, as long as they realize their personal ambitions. That is why they would lie, perjure and assassinate the character of those serving the land faithfully. The power game can be quite devious.

Q: Can you mention few of the lofty accomplishments of President Buhari’s government since assumption of office?

A: The achievements are many. Beating back insurgency in the North-east. Rekindling
hope of a better future for the country. Setting a standard for transparency. Bringing corrupt people to book. Managing the treasury efficiently, despite crash in oil prices. Rolling off the diversification move through agriculture and mining. Teaching Nigerians to look inward, and not depending on imported products. Giving us a new reputation in the comity of nations. Attracting billions of dollars in foreign investment. The achievements are really many, and the government is still warming up. Nigerians are in for good time.

Q: Why do you think Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and other oppositions whom you once described as ‘wailing wailers’ have not yet found any single achievement in President Buhari’s administration?

A: Why have the PDP and those I call wailing wailers not seen all these achievements.? Well, it could be that they have deliberately turned a blind eye. They are like the child whose lollipop is taken away, and is throwing tantrums. Because their candidate was given a bloody nose at the 2015 elections, they seem to forget that elections are over, and we should all team up to build the country. But whether they like it or not, whether they see it or not, the good work will continue.

Q: As a renowned journalist, what is your position on the current investigation and detention of Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, and Femi Fani Kayode, a former Director of Media & Publicity for PDP, being investigated and detained on graft allegation?

A: The fact that the two gentlemen you mentioned were called in to answer questions shows that a day of reckoning will always come. When you hold certain positions, always be ready to give an account. Days of impunity are gone. But if their hands are clean, they have nothing to fear.

Q: A segment of the foreign and local media had been shouting that President Buhari should permit EFCC to open investigation on the alleged fraud of Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation and the President’s Chief of Staff, Alhaji Abba Kyari. Do you think this is feasible?

A: President Buhari does not direct the EFCC. He maintains a critical distance from all the anti-graft agencies, and does not dictate to them. So, if any Minister has a tidy case built against him, the EFCC does its job without waiting for directives from the President.

Q: How come it is under President Buhari’s government that EFCC suddenly woke up from slumber and seen to be performing?

A: Anti-graft agencies watch the body language of whoever is the President at any point in time. If your body language is tepid towards corruption, the agency would be at best lukewarm. But if you set your face like a flint against corruption, the agency would also follow suit.

Q: Regarding the ongoing investigation of former Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, do you think if she is eventually found guilty in the court, she may go to jail? Or will there be a ‘soft-landing’ for her, since sending any former First Lady to jail will be unprecedented in Nigeria’s history?

A: President Buhari does not interfere with the judiciary. The courts would always determine cases based on the evidences before them, and the law is no respecter of persons.

Q: What steps is this administration taking to ensure Nigerians enjoy surplus food at cheaper prices to beat rising inflation in the country?

A: Food sufficiency is a goal of the administration, and that is why budgetary provision for agriculture is so high. It is envisaged that by 2018, we won’t import rice, or any type of grains again.

Q: Recently, Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group in United Kingdom issued out press statement denouncing steps taken by Godwin Emefiele, Governor of Central Bank, to save Nigeria’s economy as ‘Incompetent’. They are demanding for outright sack of CBN Governor, will President Buhari approve of this request?
A: The Central Bank governor is responsible to the President, and it is his principal who can adequately assess him.

Q: Ekiti State House of Assembly petitioned EFCC claiming that Kayode Fayemi, former Governor, present Minister of Solid Minerals allegedly squandered the sum of N40billion during his reign as chief security officer of the state. What is your
A: Dr Fayemi has responded to the insinuations and allegations, and I believe he
has responded well.

Q: There are rumors that President Buhari is making plans to reshuffle his cabinet, retire tired hands and appoint more competent Nigerians into national service. Is this true or false?
A: The President assembled the cabinet, he has his standards for assessment, and he decides whether to reshuffle or not.

Q: How do you think Nigeria’s currency, Naira would be stronger on the Foreign Exchange market?
A: I am not an economist, but I believe the naira will be stronger in the foreign exchange market when we begin to earn foreign currencies. For now, oil price is down in the international market, and we don’t have many other export commodities.

Q: Finally, what should Nigerians expect from this administration as lasting legacies that would positively impact on their lives forever?

A: President Buhari would leave a strong, secure, prosperous, corrupt-free country. A country the citizens are proud of, where the youths have a future and a hope, a country that commands respect in the international arena. These would be lasting legacies.

Lea Michele channels Jennifer Lopez with a sexy bedside selfie

Who rocked the pose?

Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke Officially Invited By Website “Xvideos” To Come And Join Their Industry

The former miss Anambra beauty queen who has become the rave of the moment since a lesbian sex tape featuring her surfaced online, has been invited for a porn session by a porn site.

The porn site with roughly 200k followers asked who Chidinma Okeke is, and that she should join them for their next casting – they tweeted the question and got a reply, but have since deleted the tweet.

Photos: See The Extremely Revealing Outfit This Nigerian Mother Wore To Church Yesterday (Must See)

   Nigerian mother of one who goes by the name mmaymay247 on social media wore this boobs revealing outfit to church yesterday.

Trust Nigerians to lash at her some of the comments on the post read;
_temss She‘s a mother? And I’m sure her child wil grow to dress like her
blessing.nkb Make she naked now. Wonder what she would tell her future children.
akins.mary.3 This is totally madness, she did nt need to wear anything, make she naked her self , u re a disgrace to human hood, you re a halort men do talk about, been naked is even better than this, aja, public dog.

Photos from the star studded AFRIMMA 2016

The African Music Awards held yesterday at Eko Hotel & Suites VI, Lagos State and celebrities from all around Africa were present. Continue to see more photos..

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Mafikizolo – Kucheza (Prod. DJ Maphorisa)


Multiple award-winning South African duo – Mafikizolo liberates their latest effort entitled “Kucheza”. The song is a mid-tempo ballad produced by the prolific DJ Maphorisa co-written by Vanessa Mdee and Kly.


Olawale – My Darling

Olawale - My Darling

After Sampling different genres of music,Winner of MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 6, Olawale comes through with yet another brand new lovely & catchy tune.

Olawale is so confident of himself as he has found himself and promised to never turn back. He has been able to prove himself on this new single tagged “My Darling”. This song earned contributions from Eclipse and Biola.

Olawale is not ready to give up on his hustle. It’s high time to stick to Olawale’s lovely songs.

Listen Up & Enjoy

Rita Dominic is flawless in new makeup photos

Star actress Rita Dominic shares stylish and stunning photos. Another photo

Bonang Matheba steps out in style for AFRIMA 2016 (photos)

South African Media personality, Bonang Matheba hosted the 3rd Annual All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, which took place last night in Eko Hotel & Suites, VI, Lagos in a stunning red dress. See more photos

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