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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Jealous husband sliced off part of a man's ear for saying 'hi' to his wife

A Jealous husband sliced off part of a man's ear because he said "hi" to his wife.

Ajmal Mahroof, a father-of-five, let his emotions overtake him when he saw the victim walking through a park, He then confronted him and asked, "you have been talking to my wife - why?"

He went on to physically attack the man, during which he cut off a piece of his ear. The victim was left permanently disfigured and scarred from the wound after surgeons had to stitch his left ear back together after the attack.

A judge said Ajmal's reaction was "over-the-top". He said all that happened between Mahroof's wife and the victim was an "exchange of greetings".

Leeds Crown Court heard Mahroof carried out the attack close to Hyrstlands Park, Batley, West Yorkshire, on October 17 last year.

Mahroof, 37, was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to wounding with intent and possession of a blade in public.

Sentencing Mahroof, Judge Mushtaq Khokhar said: "This particular incident is concerning because you did not know [the victim] from Adam. It was just because you saw him talking to your partner. What took place between them was simply an exchange of greetings."

Carmel Pearson, prosecuting, said Mahroof's wife was waiting for her husband in the park at 1pm when the victim recognised her as a friend of his own girlfriend. Miss Pearson said the victim approached the Mahroof's wife to say "hi" but "she immediately told him not to stop and talk, saying her husband would be along."

The man then walked away but Mahroof pulled up alongside him in his car a short time later. He jumped out of the vehicle and produced a machete.

Mahroof said to him: "You have been talking to my wife."

The man told Mahroof that he had only said "hi" but Mahroof swore at him and called him a liar.

He said: "You have been talking to my wife, why?"

According to Mirror UK, Mahroof then struck him to the side of the head, causing a cut to the ear. He then hit him again, causing cuts to his fingers. A third blow struck him again on the ear, slicing part of it off.

Mahroof, of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire in England, was arrested after a member of the public who witnessed the incident took a picture of his car.

Mahroof has previous convictions for violence and drugs offences.

Anambra State house of assembly makes genotype test compulsory before marriage to reduce the number of sickle cell patients

In a bid to reduce the number of sickle cell patients in the state, the Anambra State House of Assembly has passed a bill that makes genotype test compulsory before marriage.

The bill, which was sponsored by Charles Ezeani, member representing Anaocha II constituency and 15 others, was passed on Tuesday. The new law also seeks to reduce abuse, stigmatisation and exploitation victims of sickle cell anaemia go through in the state.

The new law states that parents and guardians should not give out their children in marriage until a genotype test is carried out. According to the law, no religious body or marriage registry “shall perform solemnisation of Holy Matrimony”, without presentation of a sickle cell disease prevention certificate from the intending couple.

As punishment, parents, guardians, as well as priests, pastors and marriage registries that perform the marriage without genotype test, risk going to jail. “Anybody who contravenes the provisions of this section shall be guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of N200,000 or imprisonment to a term of three years or both," the law states.

Speaking after the passage of the bill, Ezeani said that love is blind but the new law would ensure that lives are saved, and unnecessary death prevented.

Bobrisky clapsback at actor Charles Awurum

Bobrisky clapsback at actor Charles Awurum
Bobrisky has replied Nollywood actor and director Charles Awurum, after the later took to Instagram to slam movie producers featuring Bobrisky in their movies.

Awurum in a video he shared on Instagram, called out Nollywood movie producers that feature Bobrisky in their movies. According to him, the producers are encouraging a man that is known to ''sponsor a colony of boys to become gays and start behaving as women''.

See Bobrisky's clapback below as well as the video posted by Charles Awurum.

Bobrisky clapsback at actor Charles Awurum

Photos: King of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn who has been divorced three times marries the deputy head of his personal security detail

The king of Thailand has married the deputy head of his personal security detail, and given her the title of queen. The surprise announcement comes before his elaborate coronation ceremonies begin on Saturday, when his position is consecrated.

King Maha Vajiralongkorn, 66, became the constitutional monarch after the death of his father in 2016. He has been married and divorced three times before and has seven children.

A royal statement said: King Vajiralongkorn "has decided to promote General Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya, his royal consort, to become Queen Suthida and she will hold royal title and status as part of the royal family".

Queen Suthida is King Vajiralongkorn's long-term partner and has been seen with him in public for many years, though their relationship has never before been officially acknowledged.

Footage from the wedding ceremony was shown on Thai TV channels late Wednesday, showing other members of the royal family and palace advisers in attendance. The king is seen pouring sacred water on the head of Queen Suthida. The couple then sign a marriage registry.

In 2014 Vajiralongkorn appointed Suthida Tidjai, a former flight attendant for Thai Airways, as the deputy commander of his bodyguard unit. He made her a full general in the army in December 2016. The previous king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, ruled for 70 years, making him the longest-reigning monarch in the world when he died in 2016.
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