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Tuesday, November 15, 2016






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Emeka – In My Zone

Eric Many records signs new act, “Emeka” in a multi million naira contract!
– Gets new home in Lekki, Brand new car and sign-on fee
– Drops new hit song and cute promo photos

In July 2016, rising pop sensation Emeka released a cover version of Wizkid’s song, Shabba.

Since then, his career has been on a steady rise and he was immediately under the radar of Eric Many records, a massive player in Nigeria’s music industry.

Eric Many, a record label that nurtures raw talents led by billionaire businessman, Okwudili Umenyiora picked interest in Emeka’s talent and has over the last couple of months nurtured and developed his craft and talent.

The label has now officially signed Emeka as its new act, joining its frontline act, Runtown.

The new mouth watering deal comes with a new apartment in Lekki, a brand new Toyota Camry and an impressive sign on fee.

Reacting to the deal, a super excited Emeka said the contract was a dream come true.

In his words, ‘every artiste wish to be signed under Eric Many Records. I’ve always dreamed of this day, when a worthy partner would recognize my talent and choose to work with me to give music lovers good music. Eric Many is that record label that everybody wants to be part of. I’m really grateful to God for this opportunity. I don’t even know how to say it.’.

Equally excited about the deal, Mr. Umenyiora (popularly addressed as Dilly) said he saw in the artiste a talent uniquely suited for the global music market. “Of the thousands of artists applying to get signed on to Eric Many every year, picking Emeka was very special. Emeka can compete with the very best globally, that is the reason why we are excited to have him join us at Eric Many. He will be joining label mate RunTown to showcase Nigeria before Africa and the rest of the world’.

Wasting no time, Emeka has just released his debut single under his new record label. The new song titled ‘IN MY ZONE’ was produced by ‘Seven’ And it’s a certified club banger laced with heavy punchlines and a sweet melody.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Skool Boi – Lucky (prod. Pheelz)

Skool Boi – Lucky (prod. Pheelz)

Skool Boi – Lucky (prod. Pheelz)

Kelvin Chinonso Udeh a.k.a Skool BOi came into lime light after thrilling fans and lovers of good music on his single featuring mayorkun of DMW in a song titled Gbemi.

School Boi who is signed to Three Wise Men Records Movement is here with another exciting thriller titled Lucky which features D.A.
Produced by Pheelz

Listen, Enjoy, Download and share your views.

Woman jailed for killing her cheating husband in road rage attack after being taunted by his mistress

A woman who killed her cheating millionaire husband while chasing his mistress in a road rage attack, was jailed for two years in September.

In an emotional interview from behind bars, which is set to air on Crime Watch Daily today, Frances Hall, 53, says she still loves her dead husband, Bill Hall Junior, the owner of Bill Hall Jr. Trucking, even though his mistress sent thousands of taunting messages, including videos of the pair having sex.
Frances was jailed after being convicted of killing her estranged husband Bill in San Antonio, Texas in 2013. Her husband's younger lover, Bonnie Contreras, 34, allegedly sent the wife sex tapes and pictures of hysterectomy diagrams saying Hall was broken, disgusting and not a real woman anymore.

The couple were married for 34 years and have two adult children, while Bill's affair with Ms Contreras lasted three years. The taunting finally struck a nerve when Frances saw her husband's mistress Ms Contreras driving their 'family Range Rover' on Oct 10, 2013. Ms Contreras was being followed by the now late Bill Hall, on his custom made Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Frances did a u-turn and started to chase the mistress. She began to ram the car Ms Contreras was driving - in what prosecutors say was a fit of rage, but accidentally hit and killed her husband in the process.

Now in Jail, Frances claims to still love her late husband.

'The times he was leading this secret life, he made sure I was his number one,' she told the program. 'I love him and he is the only man I will love this way. Sometimes, I tell my kids that all that’s left of me is a shell of a woman. But I have to be there for them, they lost their father.'Hall could have been sentenced up to life in prison for the collision but a jury concluded that the woman's 'sudden passion' was a mitigating factor in her guilt in the death of her trucking company husband. Her attorneys argued the wreck was an accident but she got a two-year prison sentence for aggravated assault.

Now the mistress, Ms Contreras is suing the family for $2.5 million because of the alleged emotional stress from the car chase.
'I know that I never broke up that family. That family was already broken,' she said, claiming that Bill Hall told her early on in their relationship that he was separated and going through a divorce. 'I'm not a bad person, I just fell in love, I couldn't help it.'

Ladies, would you rock Yemi Alade's top

Ladies, would you rock Yemi Alade's top

Bird becomes an internet sensation in China because people think he has the same hairstyle as Donald Trump (Photos)

A golden pheasant in China has become an internet sensation because some Chinese people seem to see a striking resemblance between the bird’s hairstyle and that of Donald Trump.

Pictures of the animal became widely shared on Chinese media today after a journalist from Hangzhou area of China, took a picture of the male bird and pointed out the 'striking similarity' between him and the US President-elect.
The keeper of the bird, Mr Gao, who works for Hangzhou Safari Park in eastern China, where the five-year-old bird live, told MailOnline that he was surprised to hear the news, however he had begun to notice the resemblance between the two:

'I had not noticed the likeness in the past because I had not paid particular attention to the pheasant's hairstyle. 'But after Trump was elected President of America, I start seeing more pictures of him and I think the pheasant looks a little bit like him.

Chinese internet users have been amused by a collage of the bird also known as 'Little Red' and Donald Trump, with many expressing their thoughts on the resemblance.

More photos below...

'I don’t have babymama drama because I’ve been celibate for years' – Lynxxx says in new interview

In an exclusive interview with LIB, Lynxx reveals that he has been celibate for a very long time even before he encountered the Holy Spirit. According to him, he has managed to stay off the Baby mama drama which has become a norm in the industry by abstaining from sex.

The singer who just released an album talked about his music and life after he became born again, revevealing how his life has impacted people around him and his fans. Read the full interview below..

LIB: Congrats on your new album. What is the story behind your new album 'The Album before the Album?

The story behind my new album is my experience. It is basically me being open and sharing my personal experiences. What I have been doing and what u have been influenced by and just making a body of what I feel represents me.

LIB: How long did it take you to record the album?
It took me about four weeks to put together the project but it was 6 years in between my last album but once the process started, it took me about four weeks

LIB: What were your major challenges while recording the album?
I actually didn’t have any challenges to be honest with you. It was actually a very seamless process, writing, creating and production was easy because I am working with a producer who understands my sound and I think as an artist, once you know what your music is all about, what you are trying to share with your fans and you have the right producer who understands your sound, it's pretty easy.

LIB: What has been the reception from your fans since the album dropped?
The reception has been crazy. Digitally we have done a lot of numbers because it came out on the internet before the streets. On the streets as well, it’s doing pretty good. Overall, I like the fact that out of the 18 plus bonus tracks people have chosen different angles of the album for different reasons.

LIB: How has the transformation to real Christian life being for you?
It’s being great; it’s the only way to live. When you live a purpose, you never have to guess what you’re supposed to be doing and you have an understanding of life on a spiritual level. So you see things for what they are and what they are meant to be.

LIB: What led to the transformation from hip hop to gospel and back to hip hop?
I am not doing gospel, I have never done gospel

LIB: But you have released a gospel song, “ I serve him?"
Well, you don’t have to do gospel music to praise God. The same way you don’t have to be a pastor to live a Godly life.

LIB: Rumours made round that you were moving to Gospel
It made rounds but did you ever hear me say that? I never said it. My album is out, go listen to it. I don’t know where that came from. I’m not the first artist to make music and thank God for life. I don’t think people are getting the message.

LIB: Even with the inspirational stuffs you post on social media
I still do it. It’s not about my music being the gospel; it’s about my life being the gospel. If I am a gospel artist and I’m singing God this, God that and you don’t see it in my life, what benefit is that to you?

LIB: Pictures of you at the club surfaced online after your transformation to a Christian life. What do you have to say about it?
Just to be factual, me being born again doesn’t mean I can never go to club. I never said that. Let's separate what it is from what the world wants it to be. I am not living for anybody, I am living for God. That is me saying once I know what my purpose is, I am living for that purpose. What is wrong with going clubbing? The problem is what you do in the club, what your choices are makes it right or wrong. I could be in my house and be doing worse things. People need to focus on the reality of things. And when you say picture surfaced that I was in the club, my dj, Dj Obi broke the world record for dj-ing for ten days and that’s where I was.

LIB: Would you regard yourself as one of Nigeria’s most successful artist?
That is not what I am after so i am not bothered about rank because at the end of the day, I set out to accomplish things and I have accomplished them. So, in my life, I’m very successful. In Nigeria, that is up to you guys.

LIB: Do you believe your privileged upbringing played a huge part in the success of your musical career
I believe my privileged upbringing played a huge part in my life not in my career because I don’t see what being privileged has to do with success. I am not going to force my music on you; I am not going to force the world to listen to music because I come from a 'privileged' family. I went to school and I would give credits to my parents but at the end of the day being an artist depends on you. It depends on what you're trying to sell, your talents, skills and that is what it takes to be in the music business.

LIB: How do you manage to stay out of controversy?

By living my life, my life is simple, I live a purpose. Once you live on the right side of life you don't get into controversy

LIB: So what is your purpose in life?

As an artist, you have a purpose. Some artistes are just all about their songs. So what happens when the music is gone? You become irrelevant. So, what my purpose is; is to add value to people's life by what I have been blessed with. God has given me a platform as an artist to have a voice. The question is what are I doing with my voice? Am I leading people to God or leading them astray? There are consequences for doing the latter. My purpose is to be impactful to my generation and the generations to come after. My inspirational messages on Instagram are very impactful. Everybody has one struggle or the other and for someone to wake up in the morning and read what I posted and it makes them feel better and gives them an understanding of how to manage their situation is important. So if you take the music out of that equation, they are still going to look for me. So that is my purpose.

LIB: How do you manage advances from female fans?

I don't play into it. As a man you are always going to find yourself in such situations. You can't control actions, you can only control reactions.

LIB: Does that mean Lynxx doesn't have a girlfriend?

I refuse to answer that question... laughs.. Next time I come around we will talk about that

LIB: Any wedding bells soon?
I am getting older, I am ready

LIB: What are you looking out for in an ideal woman?

First of all, her relationship with God, her look at the world, goal oriented, she needs to know what she wants out of her life and not going as the wind blows. Someone I feel we can be friends as well as lovers. Someone who holds family dear and has good aspirations and accepts me for who I am and help me be better.

LIB: So you are not looking at physical beauty?
I think I have advanced from that stage. You can't determine compatibility by physical looks.

LIB: Do you believe your fame will make it a bit challenging for you to find a wife?
No, what is fame when there is God? When you live with God nothing is a challenge, every good thing comes from God. So why will it be a problem for me to get a wife? That is why I said when God says its time, it's time.

LIB: What was the experience that made you decide to change?

I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. When you have an encounter with the Holy Spirit, you have an encounter with the spirit of God and then you can see the truth.

LIB: How did it happen, could you shed more light on the encounter?
I was in my house and I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and I gave my life to Christ

LIB: Was it like a difficult decision?

No it wasn't, because God is going to have his way

LIB: Do you miss anything from your previous Life?

No, because the truth is that as much as people think they are free, they are in bondage. Jesus is the way, the truth and life. So if you are not with him, you are not living in his way, you are not living the truth and don't really have life.

LIB: Have you ever considered becoming a pastor in order to impact more in people?

No, everyone is called to do a different thing. 'It is not the church to stay in church. The church is supposed to go out.' The great commission of Jesus Christ is to go into the world and make disciples of all. It didn't say stay in the church and make disciples of yourselves. God wants to use me as a tool in my industry.

LIB: Now that you are born again, when shooting your music videos, are we still going to see semi nude girls?

What I have done is to take explicit things out of my music. This means that, I don't need to have naked girls, cursing and things that lead the youths astray. But people need to understand the line between this and seeing a girl in my video and then saying "but I thought he is born again" That is shallow. I am still going to make music about love, experiences in life and relationships. Art is art, you cannot limit art because people want to see only one side of an artist. I will make creative videos, videos that tell a story as long as it is not explicit. I don't believe in champagne, cars, women shaking their buttocks in a video. As an artist we need to challenge ourselves.

LIB: If there is one thing you are privileged to change in the Music Industry, what would it be?
I just want people to be open-minded, that's all I ask. I don't believe in limiting your ability to explore mentally, it's pointless you are losing. For instance if everybody does one particular kind of music, what happens to other genre on music? If we are chasing Pop and Club what happens to RnB, Soul, Hip Hop?
We just need to be open-minded about the music we try to make and the fans also need to open-minded to accept it.

LIB: Who are the foreign artistes you would love to work with?
I would say Soulja Boy, He is my favourite artiste. Drake would be a very interesting collaboration also.
But to be very honest with you, I only think of collaboration when am in the studio making a song. Like the way I work, I just don't say I want to work with this artiste except when there is a record that the person's sound would fit in.
So far, Soulja Boy and Drake are the top collaboration on my head.

LIB: Will you ever consider going into Politics?

Nah, I have no interest, I actually have zero interest for Politics.
My dad was a Deputy Governor like 30 years ago, even him wasn't interested in Politics not to talk about me. Am not interested, I don't follow money, if something is not my passion there's no need doing it.
It's zero politics for Lynxx.

LIB: Babymama has become one of the trends for Nigerian artistes, how have you managed to stay clear off from the drama?

Like I said, I know why am doing music, I know what am trying to achieve, that’s what matters to me and not the enemy of my achievement. I stay focused, because when your eyes are on the price it's hard for you to see things at your side so I stay focused. There's no babymama for Lynxx.

LIB: So why do you think Baby mama has become a common thing with artistes?

I can't lie to you, I don't have any comment on this because am not them, am me and i'm only responsible for my action. You know what it takes to have baby, it's 'Sex', so I think the question should be for those who have kids, I don't have kids.

LIB: You said having a baby involves Sex, are you trying to say you are Celibate?

Yes, i’m saying that. I’m Celibate.

LIB: For how long have you been Celibate?

For a while, for years per say.

LIB: Artistes owning their record labels, what's your take?

To be honest with you, owning a record label is a lot of work. I own a record label since 2004 and that played a role why I couldn't finish an album for close to 5 - 6 years.
I don't just manage myself alone, I also manage my artistes, I create opportunities for them, I look out for businesses for the label, I fund the label and it's hard-work because I can't just focus on being in the studio I have to focus on everything else making sure that everybody on the team are doing their job.
If you ask any other Boss that runs a successful label, you would know it's a lot of work and lot of money because sometime I wished I never had to worry about that.

LIB: Presently, who is the biggest artiste in Nigeria?

I don't know, because I actually don't listen to music when I’m creating music.

LIB: What is your Beauty Regime?

Omo I dey baff everyday, I dey brush every day, I dey barb every other week, I dey wear cloths every day.
I just try not to smell, if am out on a busy day sweating, I make sure I go back home to take my shower before I get back out.
Let me tell you, make sure you use deodorant, there are people I have come across and I noticed they did apply deodorant. Natural odour, C’mon you can't do that to yourself, you need to be self aware because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

LIB: What is your favourite quote in the Bible?

I think the best for me that really just explains everything is John 3:16, it explains the Love of God (For God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him will get an eternal life and not perish) it's that simple.
A lot of people say they believe God with their mouth and not with their heart and that's the difference between a born and a normal Christian.

Lady calls out UFC champion, Conor McGregor for cropping her out in a picture

A teenager, Erin Safran took to twitter to hilariously revenge on Conor McGregor, a.k.a Notorious MMA for cropping her and her brother out of a photo they all took together.

The fighter posted the picture he took with them but not before he cropped them out. When Erin noticed it, she went on twitter to share a photo collage of the original picture and the one Conor McGregor shared.

She captioned it

"If you're having a bad day just remember @TheNotoriousMMA cropped me out of our photo"
She didn't stop there as she shared another photo with Notorious MMA cropped out of the picture on her Instagram and wrote
"I want to take this opportunity to apologize... to absolutely nobody." See their posts, below...

Actress Chelsea Eze releases semi-nude photos to celebrate her birthday

Happy birthday to her
More photos after the cut...

Banker tells court how $702,000 was paid into Badeh’s account

Fatima Daudu, the ninth prosecution witness, PW9, in the ongoing trial of Air Marshal Alex Badeh, yesterday Monday, November 14th, told Justice Okong Abang of the Federal High Court sitting in Maitama, Abuja how $702,000 was paid into the Badeh’s account in eight installments.

Badeh is standing trial alongside a firm, Iyalikam Nigeria Limited, for allegedly abusing his office as Chief of Defence Staff by using the dollar equivalent of the sum of N1.4billion removed from the accounts of the Nigerian Air Force to purchase properties in choice areas of Abuja between January and December, 2013. The offence contravenes Section 15 (2) (d) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2011 (as amended) and punishable under Section 15(3) of the same Act.

Daudu, who has been a relationship manager at First Bank since 2011 with a defined function of marketing people, converting them to customers and managing the relationship, told the court how she opened a “Visa Gold Account” for Badeh.

“The account is a card account and domiciliary account, which cannot be operated over the counter,” the witness said.

She explained how a deposit of $50,000 was made in two installments by Badeh’s officers, which was later cross-checked by her.

“I filled the teller and wrote my name on it as evidenced,” she added.
The witness added that Badeh sent money through his officers to the bank. They gave the money to me as the relationship officer and so we got to the counter and cross-checked the money,” she added.
Counsel to EFCC, Oluwaleke Atolagbe, sought the indulgence of the court to permit a detailed explanation on some of the exhibits by the witness. The witness recognised Exhibit F1, dated March 15, 2016, as a document addressed to the Head of Operations, EFCC, with the account name: “Badeh Alex Sabundu”.
Daudu explained how the money was paid into the “Visa Gold Account” between June 13, 2013 and October 24, 2013.
She said, “On June 13, 2013, a cash deposit of $10,000 was made by a third party, who is the witness and on June 21, 2013, a cash deposit of $100,000 was made by a third party, who is a witness.
“On June 27, 2013, a cash deposit of $100,000 was made by the same witness. While on July 23, 2013, a cash deposit of about $50,000 was deposited by witness. On August 2, 2013, cash deposit of $100,000 was made by Raphael. On October 17, 2013, $142,000 was deposited by witness. On October 18, 2013, the sum of $100,000 was deposited by Mrs. Daudu.”

On October 23, 2013, the sum of $100,000 was deposited by the witness herself.
Justice Abang adjourned to Thursday, November 17, 2016 for the continuation of hearing.

VIDEO: Emeczy ft. Mc Galaxy – For My Baby

VIDEO: Emeczy ft. Mc Galaxy – For My Baby

VIDEO: Emeczy ft. Mc Galaxy – For My Baby

Emeka Momah popularly Called Emeczy Unleashed the most awaited Song with a dope video along! The Anambra Born America based Afro beat and hiphop artist who started music at the age of 11, And known for his classic multilingual lyrical delivery, has dropped the highly anticipated song & visual for his hit single ”For My Baby” he featured another very talented Nigerian superstar, Mc Galaxy and the hit song was produced by Dj Coublon, Fiokee on the Guitar, mixed and mastered by Swaps, the video was shot in Virginia United State and Directed by Chris Hernandez, download and enjoy below.


VIDEO: Radio & Weasel – Plenty Plenty


VIDEO: Radio & Weasel – Plenty Plenty

As promised, here’s the video for Radio & Weasel‘s latest single “Plenty Plenty“. Straight outta Uganda

VIDEO: Skales – Temper


Skales is wasting no time in putting out the visuals to his recently released single “Temper”.

The video was directed by Stanz Visuals.


VIDEO: Atela – Kekere

New Act – Francis Atela hits the streets to give us the love that we’ve been missing. Delivering the visual to his infectious single “Kekere,” Atela is sure to be on your list of favorites very soon.

Singing out, “Who is in the garden / A sexy fine girl / Can I come and see her, a sexy fine girl,” the new single is just what the lover in you needs. The DJ Coublon produced and Unlimited L.A directed clip will supply you with a full plot twist that you wouldn’t have guessed.

Atela is a real, natural talent with heart and soul. It is once again exciting to watch the emergence of a raw talent pushing for what he believes in. A native of Benue State, this singer/songwriter attended Plateau High in Jos, started singing at the age of 14 in Catholic Church Choir where he developed his skills as a musician and songwriter. He recently landed a deal with Squeeze Records.

Francis Atela turns casual listeners into full-time fans and the vocalist might very well be one of your favorite new artistes as time goes on. As new listeners are organically discovering him and fans look for more good music, Atela is currently working with some big name producers and hopes to continue churning out massive tunes. @itsatela”

VIDEO: Whykay ft Excel – Yarn


Whykay aka rapchic whose real names are Ogunjimi Elizabeth Adeyinka, A Fast Rising female rapper & Singer, She hails from ondo state ,born and raised in festac town, lagos Nigeria.The yarn crooner started rapping in 2012/2013. Her first single “red Light ” Made Wave.

She has worked with acts like Cartiair,Xcell, Steverock, Pherowshuz, YCEE etc. Whykay has been featured on couple of songs and she has featured Cartair and Xcell on her previous songs titled “go down” and “yarn” respectively.

She has been on different stages with different acts, she performed at shows like la diva hair show , Festac music fiesta and a couple of them .

She Releases The Official Video to Her Banging Single “YARN” Which She Featured Singer Xcell.

“YARN” Has Received Massive Airplay on several radio stations Across The Continent including In Nigeria ,Rwanda and Uganda because good music is appreciated anywhere .Video Was Directed By Fom FIlms @fishersofmehn Who is Also Currently Her Manager & Will Be Directing Her Future Videos.”

VIDEO: Nymsy – Iyawo Mi

VIDEO: Nymsy – Iyawo Mi

VIDEO: Nymsy – Iyawo Mi

Adeleke Adeniyi with Stage name Nymsy who has released some couple of singles in the past ‘Bad Belle’ and ‘Amope’. Nymsy returns with a new single titled “Iyawo Mi” a song inspired by one of Nymsy’s friend who just got hitched.

Blac Chyna shares beautiful photo of her daughter asleep on her chest

Nigeria may face famine in January, Presidency warns

Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Shehu Garba yesterday warned that Nigeria could face famine in January if drastic steps are not taken now.‎ Garba who gave the warning when he spoke at a radio station in kano yesterday, said Nigerian farmers are exporting most of their food products instead of making it readily available for consumption in Nigeria.

"Huge demand for our grains in the global market is creating an excellent environment for the mindless export of Nigerian grains across our borders and unless this is curtailed, Nigerian markets will be bereft of food by January next year. ‎ Over the past year, Providence has blessed Nigeria with a bountiful harvest of grains, more than enough to feed the country and to export to other countries. At present, there is a high demand for grains from Nigeria, from African countries as distant as Libya and Algeria, and from places as far away as Brazil. However, the ministry of agriculture has raised concerns about a massive rate of exportation, which could lead to a shortage of grains in Nigeria by January. President Muhammadu Buhari is not in any way opposed to or intent on tampering with that. On the other hand, exporters also have a moral obligation to make their produce available to Nigerians who live within our country’s borders, to ensure that our citizens have access to food” he said. Garba said that the ministry of agriculture estimated that no fewer than 500 trucks laden with grain leave Nigerian markets every week, headed for countries outside Nigerian borders. “The major markets involved in this exportation are: the Dawanau market in Kano, Naigatari in Jigawa, Bama in Borno, and Ilela in Sokoto, as well as three other main markets in Kebbi State,” he said.

Oritsefemi shares a photo of himself in hospital & apologizes to his fans following brutal beating by bouncers at Quilox nightclub

If you haven't heard the story yet, let us summarise. Oritsefemi went to Quilox nightclub on Friday night, got into a fight with one of the bouncers. He broke a wine bottle on the bouncer's head, cutting his face and other bouncers pounced on Oritsefemi, beating him to a stupor.

The singer just shared a photo of himself in hospital, writing to his fans. He asked for fogiveness and admitted acting unruly. He wrote;

 Hello my lovely fans, I know a lot of you have been waiting to hear from me directly. Let me start by saying I'm sorry for disappointing you all. I have never been involved in any altercation before now. I love peace and I would never hurt anyone knowingly. Things got out of hands and I reacted badly, it was a mistake, and I take the blame. I'm human and at that moment I acted unruly. I want to thank you all for your support over the years and I understand if you are angry with me, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you to those that have reached out to me. There is no 'Oritsefemi' without you my lovely fans. This will never happen again. Lessons learnt. I will continue to give you good music that I am known for not violence. Thank you once again and God bless you all for me....much love my people .

Photo of FFK at his home after his release from EFCC detention

He was released from EFCC detention yesterday after fulfilling his bail condition.

MSE Gang CEO - Emmi A, officially unveil his 2 (two) newly signed artist (Ballzee & Jay)

Emmi A (CEO MSE Gang) officially unveil his 2 (two) newly signed artist to during his birthday party last weekend in Victoria Island City of Lagos.

Famous Nigerian business man and entertainer - EMMANUEL AKHUETIEMEN, popularly known as 'Emmi A' unveils his newly signed label artists, Nduka Harry Chidiebere (Ballzee) and James Otasowie (Jay).

Emmi A unveiled Ballzee & Jay during a house party celebrating his birthday at 1004 Victoria Island Lagos on last weekend – The party was indeed a mind blowing event as celebrities and media groups flooded the event.

Emmi A has promised to give new vibes to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Ballzee was said to have turned down the roof during the party with his new hot single titled, 'AHONSHISHE' while Jay left everyone crazy with his rap skills

Download Song:

Social Media Handles:

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Magnito ft. Patoranking – As I Get Money Ehn

Magnito ft. Patoranking - As I Get Money Ehn

Magnito ft. Patoranking – As I Get Money Ehn

Magnito on another level with the remix to his hit single “If I Get Money ehn” released a few months back. Checkout the remix titled As I get Money Ehn featuring dancehall star Patoranking.
Download, Listen and enjoy.

Beautiful photos of a double amputee model

Stacy Price, 30 a double amputee model who lost her two legs to flesh eating bugs has proved that nothing is impossible.

The model who is from Allan Stirlingshire, Scotland and also a student of Glasgow University has started a campaign 'Models of Diversity' which is dedicated to changing the employment laws in order to give disabled models more rights.
The Models of Diversity is aimed at at making sure all modelling agencies represent one disabled model for every five able bodied model signed.
"According to the latest figures, one in six people in Britain has a disability but where are all the disabled models? When I was starting out, I had no-one to look up to." Stacy reveals.
Narrating how she lost both legs, she said it was Seven years ago, while on holiday at South of France, her leg suddenly started paining her and with time the pain got worse
"It just got worse and worse, so I had to give in and go to hospital. They thought it was some kind of infection but they did lots of tests and X-rays and they discovered the bones in my foot had been almost completely destroyed. Nobody could explain it - there was no wound, I hadn't injured myself. It just came out of the blue. When she got home she was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis - a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin which destroys the tissue. I also had a bone-eating bug, so it was a double whammy. I was in intensive care for six days and nearly died. Over the next few years, Stacy was in and out of hospital as the disease attacked her feet and legs.
Stacy added: 'I had bits and pieces amputated along the way - a toe here, a toe there.' Eventually, I had to have the whole leg below the knee taken off. When it started in the other leg, I knew I didn't want to wait as long for the amputation."
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'You could bleed to death' - Kris Jenner warns daughter Kim K to avoid third natural pregnancy

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!, Kim Kardashian, 36, was warned by her mother Kris Jenner to avoid trying to give birth naturally again. 'You could bleed to death,' said Kris, especially since Kim had traumatic pregnancies and births thus far.

The mother of two, North and Saint West, insisted that she would like to have a third child and visited a doctor to see if her body could handle another pregnancy.

However, Kim was warned about the serious risks involved. The doctor warned her about 'postpartum hemorrhage' and suggested that she should use a surrogate instead.

Her sister Kourtney agreed with the Idea of a surrogate. Kourtney told her that if she used a surrogate 'no one would have to know'. 'You could have a baby for an entire year and no one would know.'

2 year old girl expelled by school after her parents reported injury on her face, writes to Lagos Govt

Tunde Etim-Esin‎, the father of the injured little girl, wrote this open letter/.petition to the Lagos State Government, seeking for help on the alleged negligence of Remmok School and the violation of the rights of their child. Must Read:

A Petition against Remmok School on account of their gross negligence and child right violation.
Dear Sir / Ma,The above subject refers My 30 month old daughter, Miss Doxa Etim-Esin is a Kindergaten 2 student of the above named school situated at 57, Sarah Faboyede Street, Bucknor Estate, Transformer Bus Stop, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos .

Apart from being in the school within school ours, we also paid for after school care to be provided for her until we pick her up later in the evening.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, I got to the school premises at about 7.30pm and upon checking her body before picking her up from there, i noticed her right eye was bleeding. I was alarmed! I beckoned on the small boy she was left with and all he could say was...."I dont know what happened. It's not our fault."

At this point, I was left with no other option but to raise an alarm. The proprietress' daughter came out and maintained that whatever happened to my daughter was not their fault. At this point, I was so traumatised to keep calm. I kept demanding for explanations but got none. The proprietress' husband came out at that point to say I had no right shouting in his premises. I explained that whatever must have happened was big enough to warrant my raising an alarm. He ordered me out of his residence. On of the daughters also flung my child's school bags at me insisting the accident was not their fault.
I reported the issue to the nearest police station and the next day, the school management was invited. Based on their arrogant disposition, the DPO charged the teacher and she was detained. A few hours later she was released. After this scenario, we made it plane that our displeasure was basically the fact that a 30Months child had an accident where adults were around and was left without even first aid treatment for the next 5hours.

After the kid resumed school, we started getting signals that no one ever paid any form of attention to her. we doubt she had been allowed to stay in her right class. Being that the term was nearly over, we had planned to move her to a new school in the new term.

To our greatest surprise, the school, on Monday, November 7, 2016 inserted a dismissal letter in her school bag which was to be effective the very next day.

This is our concern. How can a school be so heartless towards children? Where was she supposed to be the next day? Did they make any arrangement or provision for a smooth transfer for the child? She is supposed to be in school with the other kids but she's been denied that right.

Remmok School is not fit to keep children since they even admitted they do not have what it takes to take care of them and keep them safe. The Proprietress equally admitted she is not knowledgeable in running a school.

We need justice for our little girl. We have been traumatized, as well as hospitalized throughout this incidence. We want the school to take responsibility for all the hospital and time expenses we have borne and also bear the cost of the school fees of the new school she will be enrolled in.

We also plead with the Ministry of Education to review Remmok's license to run a school.

If these are considered, we shall be grateful, on behalf of Miss Doxa Etim-Esin.

Looking forward to your assistance.

Kind regards,

Tunde Etim-Esin

See a copy of the letter the school sent Mr & Mrs Ettim, below...

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