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Monday, November 5, 2018

Keyshia Ka'Oir flaunt her curves as she poses with husband Gucci Mane in new loved-up photos

Jamaican-American model, Keyshia Ka'Oir shared these loved-up photos of herself flaunting her curves while posing with her husband, Gucci Mane during a recent Yacht trip.

See full photos below.

Mother kept her 2-year-old daughter's body in her car for 3 days after her boyfriend assaulted and beat the child with a belt until she was unconscious

2-year-old Hazana Anderson was reported missing on October 28 but an investigation later revealed that she was sexually assaulted and beaten with a belt by her mother's boyfriend after which the mother stuffed her body in her car and drove around with it for 3 days.

Court documents have revealed the chilling details of the toddler's death and it's heartbreaking, to say the least,

Hazana Anderson, from College Station, Texas, was sexually assaulted ber her mother's boyfriend, 32-year-old Kenny Hewett. She was also reportedly struck with a belt multiple times by her mother, 21-year-old Tiaundra Christon, and her mother's boyfriend on October 19.

It all began after Hewett took the toddler to get food on October 19. When the two returned about 30 minutes later, Hazana was crying and Hewett began beating her with a belt. Hewett then allegedly ordered Christon to hit her daughter with the belt and she obliged. When she wasn't hitting her hard enough, Hewett began beating her again, court affidavit says.

The physical assault made the child lose consciousness. After realizing that she was unconscious, they tried to put in her in a cold bath to revive her. That didn't work so they tried to use a hair dryer to raise her body temperature, but it ended up burning her skin.

Christon said it was while she was removing her daughter's clothes to put her in a cold bath that she noticed signs of sexual assault on the child. When they recognized that the child was dead, Christon wrapped her body in a plastic bag and put it under the back passenger floorboard of her car. She then drove around with the body for three days.

On October 23, Christon and Hewett tied a heavy rock to the body with a rope and tossed it into a body of water. They then reported her missing on October 28.

Christon told the Department of Public Safety in a statement that the three were staying at the Downtowner Inns and Suites hotel in Houston from October 17 to October 20.

When being questioned on October 28, Christon had told police she has last seen her daughter at 8am at Gabbard Park in College Station. She claimed she had gone back to her vehicle to get a bottle for Hazana but when she returned the girl was missing.

But police became suspicious after they found Hazana's clothes in a dumpster. They later recovered the body on Halloween near Moses Bayou and State Highway 146 in Galveston County.

Christon was arrested and charged with tampering with a corpse, child endangerment, and giving a false report to police. She is currently in the Brazos County Jail with bail set at $750,000.

On October 31, Hewett was arrested and charged with tampering with a corpse. he is being held in Gavelston County Jail with bail set at $500,000.

APC calls on security agents to probe Atiku’s recent political meeting in Dubai, PDP reacts

The All Progressives Congress APC, has called on security agents to probe the recent “strategy meeting” PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, had with his team in Dubai.

In a statement released by its deputy national publicity secretary, Nabena Yekini, the party said there is more to the trip. According to Nabena, the political meeting of the PDP presidential candidate was for other sinister political purpose.

“There is more to the meeting that meets the eye. Nigeria has enough meeting/conference rooms, many of which meet international standards. It is therefore clear that the Dubai meeting was for other sinister political purposes ahead of the 2019 general elections. Our intelligence, anti-graft and security agencies must be awake to its responsibility of investigating the Dubai meeting. Cash-and-carry politicians must be prevented from moving illicit cash around to induce voters and sponsor election violence and rigging.”

The party claimed that the personalities involved in the said meeting which had in attendance, Bukola Saraki, Peter Obi, Reno Omokri and others, had a series of meetings in a similar fashion in Nigeria but that it was obvious that the meetings failed to yield the desired results here in Nigeria and so they moved to Dubai to perfect their sisniter plans. The party asked security agencies to check suspicious movements of cash.

“We are mindful of how millions of dollars were confiscated in an aircraft belonging in a Nigerian PDP sympathiser in South Africa in the lead-up to the 2015 elections. Another round of election is here and it is not unlikely that they are playing a repeat performance, under the guise of holding a meeting in Dubai. Our security agencies should be on the watch for a stitch in time saves nine.” the party statement read

In a swift reaction, the PDP says the call for a probe into Atiku's Dubai meeting, shows the ruling party is petrified of their imminent defeat in the 2019 election. Read their statement below

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says the chaotic fretting by the Muhammadu Buhari Presidency and the All Progressives Congress (APC) over the strategy meetings by our Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, is defeatist and a clear sign that they are already petrified ahead of the 2019 electoral contest.

The party said since the emergence of Atiku Abubakar as PDP Presidential candidate, the panic-stricken Buhari Presidency and the APC have abandoned governance for smear campaign and now fret over the strategy meetings because they know that the outcome will dismount their incompetent, deceitful and disconnected administration.

APC is panicking over our strategy meetings because it did not only fail to deliver on the promises it made in the past, but is also completely bereft of ideas required to solve the problems it caused, even as it knows that it cannot drive our country in this 21st century.

Is it not ludicrous that the APC has become so disoriented that it is now issuing statements about the venue of our meetings which does not offend any section of our laws, and for which it has now rented itself to lies and spurious allegations?

By its statement, the APC has demonstrated its confusion, lack of organization and tact to manage itself and the responsibilities of governance; the very reason our country has been in dire strait since the last three and half years of the Buhari administration.

Moreover, the APC and its Presidential candidate, President Muhammadu Buhari are entangled in enough personal and collective crisis and we counsel them to face their problems instead of dabbling into the issue of venue for our meetings.

If President Buhari and the APC had sat down to draw up strategies for governance, our nation would not be facing the economic, social and security woes that have brought her to its knees in the last three and half years

The PDP and our Presidential candidate will therefore not allow a dysfunctional and rejected party like the APC to distract us from our partnership with Nigerians in the all-important mission to remove the incompetent administration of President Buhari.

Finally, the APC should know that it is fighting a lost battle as Nigerians are with our candidate, Atiku Abubakar, and they know that he will not engage in anything illicit.

Texas newlywed couple killed in helicopter crash less than 2 hours after getting married (Photos/Video)

A newlywed couple from Texas died in a helicopter crash in the early hours of Sunday morning alongside their pilot, just hours after they said 'I do'.

The Houstonian, the student newspaper at Sam Houston State University, identified the bride and groom as university seniors Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman Byler in a post reporting the accident.

''Will Byler, of Bellville, and Bailee Ackerman, of Orangefield, were killed as they flew off in the family helicopter, as they left their "fairytale wedding," Wedding guest Eric Smith wrote in a Facebook post. The pilot also reportedly died.

The groom's grandfather, William Byler confirmed to ABC13 that the wedding took place at a family ranch while the crash unfolded about an hour and a half later after they got married.

The crash also was confirmed by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), who tweeted on Sunday morning that investigators were looking into the crash of a Bell 206B helicopter in Uvalde, a city roughly 80 miles west of San Antonio.

US based woman accuses Runtown of of $124k fraud, shares receipts and screenshots

A US based woman identified as Shawn Rene has accused Nigerian popstar, Runtown and his brother of fraud.

According to her, 'I wrote him two checks in two companies name, $32,000 and $107,000, after he got the checks and cashed he started saying stories, later on he started saying they would pay after runtown’s show in Canada, I and my fiancée couldn’t have it because, we never invested on anyone’s music, I even had to come down to Kenya just to be certain my fiancée wasn’t involved, and even arrested the Alex, and after investigations and all we found out it was jack, his brother and wife trying to play a fast one on us, his wife claimed they had the money returned to me, which I also have the record of'.

She went on to say, 'I and my fiancée has used over $18,000 for both legal fees tickets and hotel bills already, he had to even travel to Nigeria to make a report also. This past months I have been dealing with cancer and chemo and catching flights from Texas to New York regularly just as result of my fiancée trusting his fellow country man so much. I gave this people $107,000 and they only paid $150000 to my fiancée. Above was when jack got the check, and also a 3 way call with him Alex and my fiancée'.

LIB however reached out to Runtown's management who said its a blackmail attempt and the Nigeian security agencies have been notified. According to them,

'Its all lies, We have contacted the Nigerian security agencies, DSS and EFCC who are all on the matter at the moment. Runtown has never and will never defraud anyone'.

See the videos and screenshots shared by the woman below....

'Ask students before you go on strike' Dean, Faulty of Law, Ambrose Alli University distances self from new ASUU strike

The Dean, Faculty of Law of the the Ambros Alli University in Edo state, Professor Suny Edeko, has distanced himself from the strike action declared by the leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU on November 4th.

In a post shared on his Facebook page this morning, Professor Edoko says strike is an outdated means of negotiation by the professors of negotiations. He faulted claims by ASUU leaders that the universities are underfunded.

In his opinion, all sectors in Nigeria are underfunded but the most important question is what had been done with the past funds allocated to Universities. Read his piece below

There are several reasons why I will not go on strike. They are all important but the most important is that strike is an outdated means of negotiation by professors of negotiation. Strike is like an expired and fake drug that can only complicate the health of the ailing baby and possibly kill the baby. If we want to inject potent elixir into the ailing baby, we must look towards other directions other than strike.

Please read the whole story and find the reasons for the strike before you comment: "The strike is to protest the poor funding of Nigerian universities and alleged plan by the federal government to increase students fees and introduce an education bank." There are a few reasons why I will not support the strike.

Firstly, there is no sector in Nigeria with adequate funding. I am sorry to say that even in a corrupt place some people feel they don’t have enough to loot. In the area of funding, note that all institutions in Nigeria deserve better funding. However, with negotiations, the Federal Government of Nigeria is fully involved in developing all higher institutions in Nigeria including those owned by the States. For example, in a state university headed by one digital vice-chancellor, the federal government presence includes (a) Twin Lecture Halls Building (b) about 1000-Seat capacity NLT (c) ICT Centre Building (d) ENT Building (e) Library Building Rehabilitated (f) Faculty of Law Rehabilitated (g) Engineering Faculty Building (h) Faculty of Arts Building (i) Faculty of Life Sciences (j) Faculty of Social Sciences (k) Faculty of Physical Sciences (l) Faculty of Management Building about to start (m) Faculty of Education Building about to start (n) 1000-seat capacity University Main Auditorium (o) Law faculty Auditorium (p) Overseas scholarship for lecturers from which my friends have benefited and (q) many more I have lost count. And this is a state university, not federal. The Federal Government is trying although things always remain to be done even in rich countries. Note that the above things are being done by the FGN in state universities and state colleges of education and Polytechnics.

Secondly, as for schools fees, I share the view that all Nigerian students deserve free education up to Ph.D. level. In federal universities where it is alleged that they want to increase school fees, depending on the university, students pay between N30,000 and N60,000 per annum. Why should I go on strike for such students when fresh students in Osun State University pay N253,000 and we are not going on strike for them. Many state Universities students pay between N100,000 and N200,000.Nobody is going on strike for them but we want to embark on strike for students in federal universities who pay lesser school fees that even if fees are increased they may never be up to N100,000.

Thirdly, Education Bank was created by a law of the National Assembly titled The Education Bank Act, Cap 422 Laws of the Federation 1990. The long title states that it is an Act to establish the Nigerian Education Bank to approve and disburse loans for educational purposes and for matters incidental to it. If there is such a bank and it is not working well, we rather find ways to make it better and not to kill it.

Fourthly, since we claim to be fighting to protect the interest of students, there should be a vote or referendum on the strike by the students so that the strike supposedly meant to protect their interest can only go ahead if those affected approve it. Students did not send ASUU to go on strike for them. Students know how to fight for their rights. ASUU,please count students out of your strike. Look for better reasons to go on strike.

Fifth, strike, no matter how strong can never end plans to increase school fees or establish education bank meant for the interest of students. There are plans even in the richest countries to increase school fees. They may or may not be concrete plans. There are plans to always increase salaries in the same way there are plans to increase school fees not only in federal universities but also in state and private universities and other schools at all levels. Should this deserve a strike that will further destabilize the already destabilized academic calendar? I think it doesn't deserve strike. But it deserves negotiations without strike.

Sixth, there are many professors or scholars and experts in arbitration and conflict including labour disputes resolution with extensive skills in negotiation. They can bring their experience and expertise to light with such level of management that there may be no strike to get what you want. Please reason this again and ask yourself whether this strike is worth it.

Seventh, where negotiations fail, use propaganda to ruin the government. A strong propaganda machine can make even a strong government to collapse. Use your brains in a superior way. You will be surprised more and better things will be achieved by that. Prove to the nation the brains you have.


Curvy actress Princess Shyngle flaunts her tiny waist and eye-popping cleavage in new sexy photo

The Gambian Ghana-based actress shared this sexy photo of herself flaunting her extremely tiny waist and eye-popping cleavage while posing in a red figure-hugging dress.

2018 MTV EMAs: Full list of winners

Camila Cabello went into the 2018 MTV EMA as the most nominated artist, with six noms, and she proved to be nearly unstoppable, walking away with four awards.

Hosted by Hailee Steinfeld, the star-studded awards show featured explosive live performances from Nicki Minaj, Halsey, Little Mix, Panic! at the Disco, Alessia Cara, and more. Not to mention, Global Icon Award recipient Janet Jackson who hit the stage in Bilbao, Spain for a memorable performance.

See the full list of winners below...


Ariana Grande

WINNER: Camila Cabello


Dua Lipa

Post Malone


Ariana Grande — "no tears left to cry"

WINNER: Camila Cabello — "Havana" ft. Young Thug

Childish Gambino - "This Is America"

Lil Dicky — "Freaky Friday" ft. Chris Brown

The Carters — "APES**T"


Ariana Grande — "no tears left to cry"

Bebe Rexha — "Meant To Be" ft. Florida Georgia Line

WINNER: Camila Cabello — "Havana" ft. Young Thug

Drake — "God's Plan"

Post Malone — "rockstar" ft. 21 Savage


Ariana Grande

Camila Cabello

WINNER: Dua Lipa

Hailee Steinfeld

Shawn Mendes





Hayley Kiyoko

Jessie Reyez



5 Seconds of Summer



WINNER: Nicki Minaj

Cardi B

Dua Lipa


Post Malone





WINNER: Nicki Minaj

Travis Scott


Ed Sheeran



WINNER: Shawn Mendes

The Carters


WINNER: 5 Seconds Of Summer

Foo Fighters

Imagine Dragons




Fall Out Boy

WINNER: Panic! At The Disco

The 1975

Thirty Seconds To Mars

twenty one pilots


Calvin Harris

David Guetta

WINNER: Marshmello

Martin Garrix

The Chainsmokers



Camila Cabello

Selena Gomez

Shawn Mendes

Taylor Swift


Clean Bandit — MTV Crashes Plymouth, UK 2017

Charli XCX — MTV Crashes Plymouth, UK 2017

David Guetta — Trafalgar Square, UK 2017

Jason Derulo — Isle of MTV Malta 2018

Post Malone — Wireless Festival, UK 2018

Migos — Wireless Festival, UK 2018

J Cole — Wireless Festival, UK 2018

Nick Jonas — MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay, Singapore 2018

WINNER: Alessia Cara — MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay, Singapore 2018


PRETTYMUCH (October 2017)

Why Don't We (November 2017 )

WINNER: Grace VanderWaal (December 2017)

Bishop Briggs (January 2018)

Superorganism (February 2018)

Jessie Reyez (March 2018)

Hayley Kiyoko (April 2018)

Lil Xan (May 2018)

Sigrid (June 2018)

Chloe x Halle (July 2018)

Bazzi (August 2018)

Jorja Smith (September 2018)


Ariana Grande

WINNER: Camila Cabello

Cardi B

Imagine Dragons

Post Malone

Davido (Nigeria)

Tiwa Savage (Nigeria) Winner

Distruction Boyz (South Africa)

Fally Ipupa (DRC)

Nyashinski (Kenya)

Shekinah (South Africa)

BEST CANADIAN ACT: Shawn Mendes (Winner)

BEST KOREAN ACT: Loona (Winner)

BEST UK & IRELAND ACT: Little Mix (Winner)

GLOBAL ICON: Janet Jackson

Bisi Alimi celebrates second wedding anniversary with husband Anthony Davis

Bisi Alimi and his husband, Anthony Davis are celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

Alimi marked the special day by sharing a throwback photo of them on their wedding day.

He wrote:

Two years ago today, in the presence of friends and families we exchanged our vows. Happy anniversary babe.

Floyd Mayweather announces New Year's Eve fight with Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa (Photos)

American professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather, has announced he will fight Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year's Eve in Saitama, Japan.

The 41-year-old undefeated boxer, who has never been beaten in all 50 of his career fights, made the announcement on Monday and also disclosed that he has signed with Japanese mixed martial arts promotions company RIZIN Fighting Federation.

Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo on Monday, Mayweather said: 'I wanted to do something different. I wanted to display my skills outside the US and be in a special fight,' he said.

'I spoke with my team and with RIZIN and we put it together.

'I have fought in the US for all 50 of my fights. As a professional, I haven't had a chance to go outside the US to display my skills and to display my talent for the world.'

His opponent, Nasukawa has fought in RIZIN championships in both MMA and pure kickboxing. He has won all four of his MMA fights and has 27 wins out of 27 in kickboxing, with 21 coming by knock-out.

For the terms of the fight which is entirely different from boxing, Mayweather said it will be decided in the coming weeks.

'As far as the weight class and the rules, we will talk about that and will get that situated within the next couple of weeks,' said Mayweather.

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