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Monday, April 16, 2018

Its not Juju! Zone 2 Police PRO, Dolapo Badmos explains how Davido's new bae won his heart

Zonal Police PRO, Dolapo Badmos in a cryptic Instagram post has just explained how Davido's current boo, Chef Chioma won his heart.

And according to her it has to do with her exceptional culinary skills in the kitchen.

Read what she wrote below...

The best way to an African man’s soul is through food. All ladies out there should learn how to prepare dishes! No man wants to be eating from restaurants all the time. Homemade food are the best! if you are confused ask that boy that killed Goliath why after 3 or 4 baby mamas, he is sticking and dotting roundabout that @chef.

That girl has obviously won the game and will be getting her left 4th finger filled with Mr D’s ring soon! You all thought it’s juju??? No no no she’s gotten him through dishes (power of food) young ladies get yourselves into kitchen and learn how to make good recipes and mr right will stay.

Kate Middleton must follow a strict fashion rule at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding

Kate Middleton will have to follow a strict fashion rule when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding next month.

As a matter of fact, all of the ladies who will attend the wedding must follow the fashion rule. The future queen consort, Kate Middleton, will have to wear a hat. Not a fascinator, not a hairband, not a feather on a clip. It must be a hat.

All of the women at Harry and Meghan’s wedding will have to wear one, including Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla Parker Bowles, Princess Anne and Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, to name a few.

While the royal females will all be decked out in hats, it is not a rule exclusive to the royals. The Anglican Church requires women wear hats to religious events, such as christenings or weddings, but this is not a rule strictly adhered to by many church-goers.

'I won’t abuse your trust' - Buhari tells Nigerians in Diaspora

President Buhari has assured Nigerians in the diaspora that his administration will not abuse their trust and confidence. The President spoke in London Sunday while receiving the Buhari Diaspora Support Organization, led by Mr Charles Efe Sylvester.

“I am happy that people like you are here, on your own, defending the country. You have shown courage and sacrifice. I assure you that your confidence in us won’t be abused, we will do our best to justify it,” President Buhari said.

“We will do our best to justify your trust in us, and that confidence won’t be abused,” Buhari added.

He noted that Nigeria is endowed with tremendous human and natural resources, but regretted that “failure of some of the leadership we had in the past led to our not being able to capitalize on resources to improve the lot of the people.”

Saying wicked people plundered the country, “and kept Nigerians poor,” the President added that looking at the condition in which the current administration met the country, without savings and the economy badly vandalized, “we have not done too badly.”

President Buhari said the damage done to the Nigerian economy in the years of plunder was massive, and that government was doing its best to recover some of the loot. He however said but it was impossible to identify and recover all.

“If they had used 50% of the money we made, when oil prices went as high as $143 dollars per barrel, and stabilized at $100 dollars with production at 2.1 million barrels per day for many years, Nigerians would have minded their businesses. You could almost grow food on our roads, as they were abandoned. The stealing was so much, and they were so inept that they could not even cover the stealing properly. I wonder how all those things could have happened to our country.” the President said.

He commended the Buhari Diaspora Support Organization for deciding to identify with the country, “when you could have stayed here, and being comfortable.” The Coordinator of the organization, Mr Sylvester, said the group was happy with the achievements of the Buhari administration so far, noting:

“You met a difficult situation, but you have overcome most of them. We are happy with the agriculture revolution, the ease of doing business, the anti-corruption war, the employment of youths through the N-Power programme, and the blockage of leakages in the public sector through the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

“We are proud of the speed with which you recovered the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls. It shows you as a worthy general. We are happy that you have declared for 2019. Majority of Nigerians are happy, but agents of corruption and darkness are unhappy. The same God, who healed you when you were ill, will grant you victory in the 2019 elections. You are a General who does not fear combat, either with Generals or non-Generals. We declare our love and support for you. You are fixing the faulty foundations of our country and second term is when you will build the enduring structure".

Meet the top 5 finalist of the 2018 Big Brother Naija

Moments ago, the trio of Lolu, Anto and Khloe were all evicted from the Big Brother Naija house.

With this, 5 housemates: Tobi, Alex, Ceec, Nina and Miracle are left to compete for the prize money and in exactly one week, a winner will emerge all courtesy of voting from viewers.

Who are you rooting for to win this season of the show?

Tell the world leaders how your administration has wrecked Nigeria'' PDP tells President Buhari as he attends CHOGM

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has charged President Muhammadu Buhari
to use the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), which opens today Monday April16th to inform other world leaders of the depressing state
of affairs in Nigeria under his watch. The party stated this in a statement released by its spoesperson, Kola Ologbondiyan

We urge President Buhari to resist the temptation of seeking to impress world leaders with false performance indices, but should present the real situation, particularly the pitiable state of our economy, escalated insecurity, human rights abuses, daily bloodletting,
persecution of opposition and erosion of democratic values in the last
three years.

President Buhari should not forget to inform CHOGM that back home, there is a national indignation and general vote of no confidence against his administration for its abysmal performance and failure to
fulfill the littlest in the long list of bogus promises they made
during the 2015 Presidential campaign.

President Buhari should inform other world leaders that due to the harsh economic policies and gross incompetence of his administration, our once robust economy, internationally rated as one of the fasted growing in the world and one of the best investment destinations, collapsed in his hands and went into a recession; that infrastructures
are collapsing and that all sectors of public and private lives are now in shambles.

He should not forget to tell the world that not only has he failed in his false promise to increase the value of naira from N1 to 1USD, his government has wrecked our currency from N160-N170 it met it in 2015 to a devastating N350-N400, with attendant horrible pressure on the economy.

Mr. President should not forget to inform CHOGM that under his administration, more than 16 million Nigerians became unemployed, 18 million more became underemployed while another 27.44 million refused to work in 2016 for various reasons not unrelated to frustration in the polity.

Our dear President, who is already seeking re-election, should not forget to tell the world that due to his harsh policies, the middle class has been wiped off, families are in distress; hunger, poverty and strange diseases are now ravaging our people to the extent that Nigerians, once considered the happiest people on earth, are now resorting to slavery and suicide as options.

President Buhari should not shy away from informing the world that his
administration has failed in guaranteeing the safety of lives and
property; that under his watch, our dear nation has become one of the most insecure countries to live in; bloodletting, violent attacks and sectorial crisis have become the order of the day; insurgents and marauders are having field day pillaging innocent citizens while our land has practically transformed into a large funeral palour.

Furthermore, President Buhari must tell the world that he has woefully
failed in his much touted fight against corruption; that his
administration is merely engaged in personal vendetta, direct persecution and media trial of opposition members, while known corrupt
persons in the All Progressives Congress (APC) continue to enjoy
official cover of his Presidency.

He should not forget to confess that his administration has done nothing about the Presidency cabal involved in the alleged stealing of N9 trillion ($25billion dollars) in NNPC and billions of naira National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) intervention funds.

We therefore urge Mr. President not to allow his handlers to mislead him to colour his presentation at CHOGM as such will detract from his integrity as a leader.

As for us in the repositioned PDP, we will continue to stand with Nigerians in their collective quest to end the APC misrule and return the nation to path of truth, national cohesion and economic
prosperity, come 2019.

Friends drown after falling into sea while taking selfie

Two men have died after one of them fell into the sea while taking a selfie and his friend jumped in to save him.

Carlos Jair Balanta, 22, and 19-year-old Kevin Andres Gil Campo drowned at the seaside town of Arica, in Chile.

According to, they were trying to take some memorable pictures near the water but tragedy struck when one of them slipped while taking a picture and his friend tried to get him out.

The friends were said to have been travelling from the Colombian city of Cali to the Chilean capital of Santiago to start a new life.

Kevin Andres Gil Campo

A relative of Campo said: "They, without knowing about this, got too close to the edge, they were taking a selfie, they slipped and a wave, the waves were very strong that day, they dragged them and took them to the sea."

Campo’s aunt, Araceli Restrepo, added: "They were travelling to find their fortune, as is the dream of anyone who travels to another country, to look for decent work. They were young, studying, they had finished their college and were studying something more technical."

Carlos Jair Balanta

The men’s bodies were apparently found four days later after an intense search by the coast guards. Mr Campo’s body will be repatriated to Columbia, while Balanta’s remains will stay in Chile as his mother lives in the country.

#BBNaija: Watch the epic moment Ceec walked back into the house when her other housemates thought she had been evicted(Video)

#BBNaija: Watch the epic moment Ceec walked back into the house when her other housemates thought she had been evicted(Video)

The shock on the faces of Alex, Nina, Tobi and Miracle after Ceec walked in on the celebration yesterday evening was epic. They thought Ceec had beevicted but she sashayed her way into the celebration. Watch the video below

Gay-rights lawyer sets himself on fire in protest against climate change

A popular gay rights lawyer and environmental advocate set himself on fire in protest against climate change.

The charred remains of 60-year-old David Buckel were found by passers-by in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, New York City on Saturday. Police said he was pronounced dead at around 6.30am.

The Daily News reports that Buckel left a suicide note in a shopping cart near his body that said he hoped his death was "honorable" and "might serve others."

The New York Times reported the note said: "Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result – my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves."

Prospect Park where Buckel's body was found

Susan Sommer, a former Lambda Legal attorney who is now the general counsel for the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice in New York City, told the Times that Buckel "was all about justice, but he was also all about what it means to be human."

Sommer added: "He was a very smart and methodical lawyer. He knew his craft and his trade and was strategic in how to build the blocks toward a sweeping victory."

Actress Eucharia Anunobi, berates husbands/wives who own houses/investments but keep them away from their spouses

In a post she shared on her IG page this morning, actress Eucharia Anunobi, berated husbands and wives who keep their properties away from their spouses. She wrote

You're married . The rule is two becomes one . As a husband or wife , you have investments , houses built in different places , you have money stashed in various banks .
This your wife / husband doesn't know of the existence of all the above . You're happy right ? Gleefully you say to yourself : am so smart ! Now , consider this : if you were to drop dead right now , or so ill that you can't talk , who gets to inherit and take care of these things ?
Banks get enriched . Strangers cum government inherit your properties . Wicked personal lawyers divert your assets because you gave them instructions : Don't let my wife / husband know that I have these things .
Now , who's the fool ? Truly the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God . For it is written , He taketh the wise in their own craftiness - 1 corinthians 3 :18 - 20 . Proverbs 13 : 22 .
Is it not time , you realise that who you really have is your spouse ?
Beloved ones , have an amazing week . Peace always in JESUS name

VIDEO: K.O – Swagganova

Off his sophomore album – “SR2″, South African rapper – K.O dishes out the video for one of the standout singles titled “Swagganova”

VIDEO: Vicarman – Smile

VIDEO: Vicarman – Smile

VIDEO: Vicarman – Smile

Victor Okoh who goes by the name VICARMAN is a Lagos based Reggae-Soul/Dancehall artist under the management of Fibre Music. The creative and unique artist who studied Business Administration and Management is from Edo State and was born on the 22nd of June in Warri Delta State. His new single ”SMILE” which is already on your social media, blogs and electronic sales stores like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the rest, is now followed with a video for your viewing pleasure.

The song was produced by Ebase, mixed and mastered by Zeeno Foster and the video was directed by Stanz Visuals.

Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @Vicarman1
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