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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Barbra Streisand comes for Donald Trump and it's epic

The entertainer who is a prominent supporter of Hilary Clinton tore into the Republican presidential nominee in a piece for Huffington post and she pulled no punches. Responding to Trump's jibe that Hillary doesn't look presidential, she called him "a raccoon in a tanning bed with a flying squirrel on his head", she also accused him of “spreading and reflecting bigotry and hatred” throughout America. Read the piece

When a politician ends almost every sentence with “believe me”... don’t! He’s probably lying.According to PolitiFact, Donald Trump’s statements are rated “false,” “mostly false,” and “pants on fire” 71 percent of the time. In other words, the majority of the time that Trump speaks, he is not telling the truth.

But do the facts matter to Donald Trump or many in the media who are too entertained to correct his lies? We saw how Matt Lauer didn’t challenge him. Chris Wallace, the Fox News personality who is hosting one of the debates, has gone on record saying that facts are not relevant to him. This should be profoundly unacceptable to the American people. Our country and its stability is on the line. Facts do matter!

When Trump throws around words like “crooked,” he’s really describing himself and he doesn’t even know it. In psychological terms, it’s called “the disowned self.” Psychiatrists have explained how a person who refuses to recognize his own flaws will often project them onto other people.

As an article in The Washington Post recently said, “Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling.” This is a man who has bankrupted companies, reneged on bank loans, and cheated small business owners. For someone who claims to be a champion of the people, his m.o. is actually to stiff the little guy. Trump is notorious for refusing to pay painters, carpenters, plumbers and all sorts of vendors the money he owes them. The contracts he signed mean nothing to him. After the work is done, he’ll offer pennies on the dollar and say, If you don’t like it, sue me!... knowing full well that these mom-and-pop businesses don’t have the resources to take him to court. Even so, he’s been sued nearly 1,500 times over the last 30 years.

To those supporters who believe he’s a rich businessman and think he’s going to make them rich... get the facts straight. Investors in his failed casino ventures lost 90 percent of their money between 1995-2005. When the going gets tough, Trump vanishes. He eventually filed for bankruptcy, leaving others holding the bag.

And this man has the nerve to insult Hillary, who has always cared about other people? From the time she was in college, she’s been working to improve the lives of others... women, children, minorities.
What has Donald Trump ever done to serve others?

He only cares about promoting himself.
While Trump was being investigated and then sued by the Department of Justice for refusing to rent apartments to black and Hispanic people... Hillary was in Texas helping to register black and Hispanic voters.
While Donald had to be shamed into coming up with the contribution he promised to veterans... Hillary actually got legislation passed when she was in the Senate to expand their health care and other benefits.

While Donald has vowed to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn the ruling on marriage equality, Hillary declared that “gay rights are human rights” when she was Secretary of State.
Trump is both spreading and reflecting bigotry and hatred. He said a judge was not capable of doing his job because of his Mexican heritage.

One in five of his supporters believe slavery should never have been abolished and 61 percent believe President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. For five years, Trump has wasted our time with his crackpot birther conspiracy theory. Only now he has suddenly had a conversion, but he doesn’t even have the decency to apologize. And he has the audacity to say Hillary started it all... another outrageous lie. He sounds like a child on the playground trying to escape punishment.

He’s basically a bully, but like all bullies, he’s a coward at heart. He skipped out on a debate because he didn’t like the moderator. He can’t handle the tough questions. He’s so thin-skinned that as soon as anyone challenges him, he sues them.

Hillary has been attacked right and left for decades and is still standing.

She has negotiated with leaders around the world to keep us safe from nuclear threat because it would destroy the planet... while he shockingly said, “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?”
And he has the nerve to call her “trigger-happy”? “Unstable”?

His ignorance is astounding.

So how come Hillary is not getting credit for all her accomplishments? It goes back to something I’ve felt for many years...strong women, powerful women have always been suspect.

Some men are challenged by strong women... afraid of them... and some women are jealous of them.
Strong women have too many opinions for some people... they prefer women who are quiet. They want us to speak less and smile more. After Hillary answered questions on national security, Reince Priebus complained that she didn’t smile enough. Well, guess what... there was nothing to smile about. As she said, this is serious business.

And Trump says Hillary doesn’t look presidential? What does that mean... coming from a guy who looks like a raccoon in a tanning bed... with a flying squirrel on his head? That’s what a president is supposed to look like? A wrestler who dies his hair blonde?

Republicans play dirty and their smear tactics unfortunately work. As they say, “If you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it.” And that’s what’s happening and it’s terrifying.
We can’t allow ourselves to be swiftboated again. We can’t let that happen to Hillary... a woman who has the temperament and the experience to be president... unlike Donald Trump, whose idea of foreign policy was bringing the Miss Universe pageant to Russia. How can you support a man who says, “Women... you have to treat them like sh—“ and believes such hateful things about 51 percent of the American population?

These views are deplorable. Hillary Clinton was right to denounce Trump’s racism, sexism and xenophobia.

And then he has the nerve to say he’s going to make America great again??

Here are some more facts. The New York Times just reported that household incomes rose for American families by 5.2 percent last year, according to figures from the Census Bureau... the biggest one-year increase since 1967! Household incomes are now higher than when President Obama entered office. The stock market is above 18,000, which means it has more than doubled since Obama came into office.

If we want the country to continue to improve, we must continue President Obama’s incredible policy work, successful despite the worst opposition we’ve ever seen in Congress, and vote for Hillary Clinton — and down the ballot for Democratic senators and congresspersons who will not be negative and obstructionist. Instead, they will work with her to get legislation passed on gun control and campaign finance reform. My heart sinks when I read that billions of dollars have already been spent during this Presidential election cycle. Just think what that kind of money could have done for medical research... our schools... our infrastructure.

We cannot allow America to fall into the hands of a narcissist who has shown no regard for anyone but himself... a bigoted and misogynist reality-TV character with no political experience and no qualms about lying loudly and often.

There is NO equivalency between these two candidates. Only Hillary Clinton has the skills, the knowledge, the temperament and the compassion to lead this nation.

Budget padding: Search your conscience before you destroy the House- Jubrin tells Dogara

As the budget padding scandal continues to rock the House of Representatives, sacked Chairman of the House committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, has written a letter to the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, asking him to search his conscience and step down from office for investigation before he destroys the House of Representatives. Read the letter below...

September 22, 2016
Hon Yakubu Dogara
The Speaker,
House of Representatives,
National Assembly,
Dear Mr. Speaker,
I write you this letter to express the deep agony and pains that overwhelmed me when I watched a person with soiled reputation preside over the House sitting on Wednesday.
It was another bout of mental torment when I watched you taking advantage of the office of the Speaker and publicity inherent to vomit all sort of lies in a desperate bid to attract public sympathy, paint me in bad light and use the institution of the House to cover the fraud you perpetrated in the 2016 budget and other monumental corrupt practices.
It is therefore no surprise that rather than address the allegations of budget fraud and corruption I specifically leveled against you, 3 Principal officers and a few other members (not the entire House), and open it up for discussion if you have nothing to hide, you embarked on a wild goose chase.
Every right-thinking person knows that you were acting a shameful script by referring the matter to the Ethics Committee so that you can conveniently be a judge in your own case. You didn't even refer the allegations against you to the Ethics Committee but rather chose to refer a so-called "breach of privilege of members" in a clear attempt to force members to carry your cross through a well-orchestrated blackmail.
To hide a lie, a saying goes, a thousand more lies are needed. Contrary to what you said in your speech, where you recklessly quoted TS Elliot, your so called maturity and silence during the last two months were simply because you are guilty as charged. And you know too well you are!
In any case, you are aware the privilege of a member does not accord him or her immunity to being exposed if involved in corrupt practices. And if exposing budget fraud and corruption amounts to misconduct, then prepare for even the worst misconduct in the next few days.
You have successfully dragged 360 members into an offense committed by you and a few others. In the next few days, members will have to decide whether they are with you or with millions of conscientious Nigerians. No action that symbolizes corruption than standing with an embodiment of corruption.
Mr Speaker, I was taken aback when I heard on good authority that you were boasting that Nigerians will soon forget, and I will be left alone. Smiling sheepishly, my mind made an instant flashback, reflecting the struggle and sacrifice we made to make you what you are today. I then wondered how you forget the stuff I am made of and the courage of my conviction so easily. I conclude you underestimated how resolute I could be to champion a cause I believe in or stay on the side of the truth. My conscience is the guiding torch of behavior, you need to be reminded.
Mr Speaker, it was a shameless act to behold seeing you hitting the gavel and asking that investigation of such weighty allegations be conducted and report submitted back to you within one week. Just imagine that after the petitions I submitted against you, Mr President directed the anti graft agencies to conduct investigation and submit report within one week. You would have been shouting foul play all over. Even with the civilized approach of the anti-graft agencies you still went on air to say they cannot investigate or prosecute you. You have refused to appear before the anti-graft agencies despite pressure from the general public for you to go and clear your name.
Mr. Speaker, it is dismaying to note that the House is already sitting on a keg of gunpowder. Let's see if history will repeat itself or history will be made. In any case, if we look at the history of the House, where are the accused and where are the accusers today? Who laughed last? Once you stick to the truth, God will be with you! You might force your illegal suspension on me, but I care less because I have optimism that most of you will go to jail.
In your speech, you called on the Government to take responsibility for the recession. It is leaders like you who steal public money front, back and center and abuse their offices that destroyed our economy and brought us down to ground zero that should take responsibility.
Your call on Mr President to address a joint sitting is a desperate bid to use the unblemished reputation of Mr President to shore up your battered reputation and credibility. I cannot make decision for the President, but If I were the President, I will simply relate with you with a long spoon because of the irritating and stinking reputation you have earned.
You know very well that while you presided over the House on Wednesday, most Nigerians and those of us that didn't put on the#iStandWithCorruption mufflers didn't see a Speaker in you. We saw a fraudster, a rogue and a criminal who has become a disgrace to the institution of the House. Why are you afraid to open up the matter for discussion? Why do you find it too much a sacrifice for the country to step down and allow for a free and fair investigation to save the image of the House? It is clear you will do anything to hold on to power even on the alter of blackmailing your colleagues. It will be tragic if the House condones a situation where some few corrupt members will commit offense, and then use the institution of the House as a shield to evade justice. This is the script you are trying to implement. I assure you we will do everything within the precinct of our powers so that the corrupt members like you will be fished out and dealt with to preserve the sanctity of the institution.
On a final note, I have the following posers for you: Did you consult your colleagues when you and the 3 other principal officers stole our 40 billion? Or when you diverted federal governments projects to your farm? Who did you consult when you inserted fraudulent projects worth about 20billion naira into the budget? Didn't you and members of your cabal go solo when you inserted about 2000 projects worth 284 billion naira into the budget, or when you manipulated the house rules and inserted draconian clauses, a House rule you continue to use despite the fact that it is a subject of litigation? What about the way you abused trust in the 2015 SDG? Or how you tried to force me to fraudulently insert projects worth about 30 billion naira in the budget? Can you explain how you absconded with 20% of inputs meant for the House after the harmonization? How about cutting a chunk off members' emoluments for rent of houses and guest houses? Why did you refuse to circulate copies of the internal budget of the House? How about mismanaging finances of the House through questionable procurements? How about trying to use running cost of members for a fraudulent mortgage and many more?
Mr Speaker these are the allegations against you. All members of the House are aware that I have raised these allegations, and whether they act on it or not Nigerians are watching. But what remains clear is that you have become a lameduck Speaker who is vulnerable and cannot walk with his head high. Do you expect all these allegations to be swept under the carpet? You have neither attempted nor addressed these allegations but you move around freely and try to keep a bold face. Do you really love this country? Do you really love the House or care about its image? Search your conscience, make a soul-searching and do the right thing by stepping down with the 3 others to allow for a free, fair and unbiased investigation in collaboration with the ongoing external investigation.
The House is an institution that always stand for justice, equity and fairness. How damaging will it be when the House can not deal with issues of internal corruption in a transparent manner? With a situation like this and moreso with a rotten head, who do you expect to take the House serious? How do you oversight or investigate others? You have made the House a laughing stock. You think Nigerians are fools? Try for once to look beyond the muffler-adorning members and listen to the voices of 200 million Nigerians. If you succeed in blackmailing your colleagues, you cannot blackmail Nigerians. Let's not take the patience of Nigerians for granted.
When Francis Fukuyama wrote the book The End of History and the Last Man in 1992, he was not saying the world has come to an end but simply indicating the emergence of the last and final world order. What happened yesterday on the floor of the House was just the end of another beginning. The emergence of a struggle to establish a new order in the House of Representatives that will expose and deal with all forms of corruption both systemic and individual.
Mr Speaker, this struggle is like the rising sun, it is unstoppable. There is nothing you can do on earth to stop it. No amount of lobbying, legislative antics or blackmail of members of the House, Senate, Executive arm or individuals outside the House can help you and your cabal of few corrupt members. The day of reckoning is so close.
We all know you blackmailed members to get support and wear mufflers in a show of shame to celebrate you due to the abundance of systemic corruption (which people like you instituted) in the House that makes many members vulnerable and dependent. To you it was a "smart" move. You just want the entire House to go down with you because you know I will pull the trigger. It is gladdening that some courageous members defied your blackmail and rose to the occasion. History will be kind to them.
History will remember you as the Speaker who brought down and endanger the reputation of the House through budget fraud and monumental corruption. The House must embrace reforms. It is a reform you have lost the moral ground to superintend. How on earth a person like you who committed the biggest budget fraud in the history of the House will supervise budget reforms? It is time you woke up from your dream and embrace reality. The time has come, Whether you like it or not, justice will be served on you, Lasun, Doguwa and Ogor.
God bless Nigeria.
Yours in service to the nation,
Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin PhD MBA
Kiru-Bebeji Federal Constituency

Actress Tatyana Ali and her husband welcome a baby boy

Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress Tatyana Ali and her husband Dr. Vaughn Raspberry welcomed their first child, a boy, yesterday September 23rd. Congrats to them

Kim & Kanye West step out looking glamorous for a friend's wedding

Business entrepreneur and mum of two, Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West looked really glamourous as they stepped out in style for a friend's wedding on Friday in Simi Valley, California. More photos

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Nene Johnson – African Boy (prod. Scope Nero)

Nene Johnson – African Boy (prod. Scope Nero)

From her inspiring new-look photos which she shared back in the month of February, to the March release of her single titled “Iyele,” which was closely followed up by an Acoustic version in April, the Nigerian singer/entertainer, Nene Johnson, has had quite a busy year as opposed to her quiescent year 2015; the Soul/R&B/Pop artist kicks on the 2nd half of the year with yet another release of new-look photos and also a new single titled “African Boy,” as produced by the talented Scope Nero – the song boasts of a heavy influence on the Afro-Pop genre – groovy in all elements, the song “African Boy” was subtly crafted by the sultry singer and simply expresses the fulfilling and ecstatic emotions a woman gets from a lover who’s totally in tune with her femininity and sexuality. Known for switching up her looks, Nene Johnson shares yet another set of photos as she celebrates the release of her new single and she definitely ‘wows’ on this with her ravishing look and stunning poses; listen up and share your thoughts on this new offering as well as enjoy the view from Nene Johnson’s new-look photos, ahead of more content to come in coming months. | ENJOY

CONNECT WITH “Nene Johnson”
Twitter: @IAmNeneJohnson
Instagram: iamnenejohnson
Facebook: Nene Johnson

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Yemi Rush – Fly | Y63 Tha EP

Yemi Rush - Fly | Y63 Tha EP

Yemi Rush – Fly | Y63 Tha EP

Diaspora Afro Hip-Hop Artist of the Year winner by Podium Recognition Awards and Artist of the year nominee by African Pride Award; Yemi Rush debuts his highly anticipated EP titled Y63.

Recent smash hit singles like ‘Your Body‘ & ‘Lashibi ‘ (Bonus Tracks) has showcased the depth and range of the award wining British Nigerian Afro-Pop Artist latest EP. All songs on Y63 a perfectly rounded 9 track affair was composed and written by Yemi Rush himself showing versatility, personality, dancehall delicacy and infectious Afro-pop with R&B flavours.

Y63 features collaborations with award winners Moe Logo, Ike Chuks, Stunnah Gee as well as chart – topping producers HOD (Olamide, Ayo Jay) and long time home producerLexy Flow (LAX, Stunnah Gee)yemirushepBACK (2)


DOWNLOAD MUSIC:YQ – Styles of Making Love (prod. Young John)

YQ Styles of Making Love

YQ – Styles of Making Love (prod. Young John)

We stumbled on this song moving around the web of a Young John Produced tune ”Styles Of Making Love” by YQ.

YQ has not lost his rythm at all, especially when it comes to serenading the ladies with his olive oil voice 

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Modenine X T.R X Doc Def – Wrong Number

Modenine X T.R X Doc Def - Wrong Number

Modenine X T.R X Doc Def – Wrong Number

Nigerian rap legends Modenine and T.R (Terry Tha Rapman) have finally granted the wishes of rap fans in Nigeria after so many years, by releasing a collaborative project.

In conjunction with versatile producer Doc Def they are set to release an EP by the name ‘Crown’.

The EP will be an early Christmas gift for music lovers as it is scheduled for a November release.

The first single from the project has been released and it is titled ‘Wrong Number’.

Popular producer JFem (who produced Davido‘s ‘Owo Ni Koko’) adds his vocals to the Grime beat laced by Doc Def as the two respected lyricists do their thing on the song.

VIDEO: Shaydee – Pon Da Floor

VIDEO: Shaydee - Pon Da Floor

VIDEO: Shaydee – Pon Da Floor

Fresh off the release of his very well received 2016 single “Smile”, Shaydee returns with a banger called “Pon Da Floor”.

Guaranteed to heat up all clubs and party scenes, “Pon Da Floor” was produced by hitmaker extraordinaire Maleek Berry, and the video was Directed by Meji Alabi of JM Films.

Shaydee remains arguably, Africa’s most gifted Vocalist, and he proves his versatility again, by taking a break from his trademark Love Songs/Ballads, to effortlessly ride this thumping afrobeats instrumental from Maleek Berry, seducing all African girls to meet him ‘pon the dance floor.

It’s grown and sexy, it’s seductive and fun, enjoy  “Pon Da Floor

Photos from Peter Okoye's son Cameron's 8th birthday party

P-Square's Peter Okoye first born Cameron turned 8 years old today and a birthday party was thrown for him. More photos

Photos: Pres Buhari meets with the best of Nigerian professionals in the US

President Buhari today met with the best of Nigerian professionals residing in the US. The meeting was facilitated by his Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Matters and International Relations, Abike Dabiri. Governor of Lagos state, Gov. Ambode was also present.

Among the professionals were Top flight aeronautics engineers, physicians, I.T experts, a Judge, a top policewoman, entrepreneurs, an Import Specialist at Customs and Border Protection, professors, two straight A students, and many others.

Pharrel Williams and wife expecting baby no. 2

Pharrell Williams and wife Helen Lasichanh are expecting their second child together. Helen's baby bump was put on display Thursday at the N°5 L’EAU party for Chanel in West Hollywood. The couple who got married in October 2013, are already parents to 7 year old son Rocket Ayer.
Congratulations to the couple

Diddy's son Christian is all grown up (photos)

Diddy's second son Christian Combs is all grown up. He was spotted with his dad and grandmother, Diddy's mother Janice Combs at Diddy's pop up art show in South West, Washington D.C. Christian is 18 years old now.

Serena Williams is a hot chick in thigh high boots (photo)

The tennis champ was pictured in a white tank top, black leggings and leather knee high boots as she shopped at Versace in Via Montenapoleone, an upscale shopping street in Milan, Italy...
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