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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Boy, 3, crushed to death by his mother's partner in her presence because he was making too much noise

A mother sat by and did nothing as her 3-year-old son was crushed to death by her partner with an electric car seat.

A court heard today that Adrian Hoare, 23, was sitting in the back seat of an Audi with her son Alfie Lamb when the boy was “squashed” in the footwell by her partner, 25-year-old Stephen Waterson.

Alfie Lamb had been put into the rear footwell of the car by his mother. Waterson then allegedly pushed back the front passenger seat over Alfie twice because he was “angered” by noise the little boy was making.

Waterson and Hoare claimed he had collapsed while they were in a taxi, but they both now face manslaughter charges, accused of killing Alfie on February 1 last year.

Adrian Hoare

Waterson called 999 after Alfie’s death but fled before paramedics arrived and gave a false name when later questioned, jurors heard. Hoare, who stayed behind with her dead son, claimed Alfie fell asleep and then was “unresponsive”, the court heard.

Duncan Atkinson QC, prosecuting, said the toddler was fit and well when he entered Waterson’s Audi but died from “crush asphyxia” sustained during the journey through Croydon in England.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson said:

It was caused by the front passenger seat of the vehicle, Waterson’s seat, being moved back further into the rear passenger side footwell at a time when, as was known, Alfie was in that footwell.

He added:

Alfie was squashed by the car seat and suffocated because there was no room for him to breathe.

This movement of the seat was a deliberate action by Waterson who was angered by the noise and fuss that the three-and-a-half-year-old was making during that fateful journey.

The court heard that they were in a car being driven by Marcus Richardson Croydon, south London, last February. Waterson was in the passenger seat while Hoare and friend Emilie Williams were in the back with Alfie.

Mr Atkinson said:

During that car journey something happened to Alfie to compress his chest and abdomen so that he went from and active toddler, to a very seriously ill and brain damaged one.

Three days later paramedics were called to their home and the boy's mother told them they had got into a taxi and put him in a child seat where he fell asleep.

She said:

We tried to wake him and found him unresponsive. The taxi driver kicked us out and f**cked off.

Narrating what transpired, Mr Atkinson said Waterson first pushed his seat back on to Alfie to try to silence him, but other passengers in the car urged him to move forward and set the boy free when it was obvious that he had hurt the boy and he was struggling to breathe.

Atkinson continued:

However, when Alfie made noise again Waterson deliberately moved his seat back again, and he kept it in that reversed position, squashing Alfie as he again showed signs of breathing problems until he went ominously quiet.

Mr Atkinson said Hoare had put her son Alfie in the footwell of the backseat and failed to stop Waterson from hurting her son.

He said:

Given the lack of space even for a child of Alfie’s size and his obvious signs of breathing difficulties, she did nothing to help him.

He added:

Alfie’s mother had a duty to protect him from avoidable harm and yet she had failed to do this by inappropriately placing a young child in the rear footwell of a moving car.

She failed in any meaningful or sufficient way to address the consequences of Waterson’s actions.

Waterson, Hoare and another passenger in the car, 19-year-old Emilie Williams, have admitted lying to the police in the wake of the death.

Waterson is also accused of assaulting the driver of the car, Marcus Richardson, to intimidate him when he was co-operating with the police investigation. Hoare is also accused of assaulting Ms Williams to intimidate her during an argument relating to the incident. Ms Emilie Williams is due to be another prosecution witness.

Hoare and Waterson, from Croydon, deny manslaughter but admit conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

The trial continues.

A Promise Kept: 1,000 Nigerian villages get access to Satellite TV

More Nigerian villages have benefited from the 10,000 African Villages Project, an initiative of the Chinese Government to provide digital TV access to rural communities across Africa.

This was revealed during the launching ceremony of the project in Kpaduma Village, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory.

Speaking to journalists, the Chief Executive Officer, StarTimes Nigeria, Justin Zhang noted that StarTimes was contracted by the Chinese Government to deliver on the project across Africa, adding that no fewer than 1,000 villages in Nigeria have benefited from the project, an initiative which could help meet the ITU’s demand for African countries to achieve digital migration of TV industry before the year 2020.

According to him, “We have entered an advanced stage in the installation of satellite TV access to 1,000 Villages in Nigeria. The villages identified for this project will receive 2 solar power projector TVs for the community, digital TV sets, 20 Satellite dish and decoders where they can watch more than 100 international and local channels all free of charge, just as we have done in Kpaduma village”

Also commenting, the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed commended the Chinese Government’s initiative towards fostering a better China-Africa partnership. He noted that the project would be an eye-opener to the villagers, many of whom prior to now have not had access to satellite TV or an opportunity to see the world beyond.

The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian expressed China’s willingness to continue to bring projects that will better the lot of Nigerians and Africans at large, assuring that that the friendship between China and Nigeria will be preserved via infrastructural projects that will uplift the people of the local communities who need it the most.

On December 4th, 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation that China would implement satellite TV programs for 10 thousand African villages. The project, known as “Access to Satellite TV for 10,000 African Villages”, is part of China-Africa cooperation programs and is aimed at enabling African families in rural areas to have access to the digital signal with high-quality images and rich TV programs.

Nigerian man professes love for his babymama hours after he publicly stated he was dumping her for stabbing him in Tanzania (video)

A Nigerian man took to Facebook to state that he was dumping his babymama after she stabbed him in Tanzania one month after they welcomed their child. But he has now changed his mind and returned to Facebook to profess love for her.

Davish Hotish earlier shared photos of his bleeding hand and stated that he was stabbed by Igwe Chioma, his babymama. He also said he was leaving her.

He wrote:

Today I call it quit with Osellar Igwe, all I have done is was to make her happy. I brought her from Nigeria to Tanzania just to make her happy, so I can take good care of her while she was pregnant, all through the pregnancy it was hell for me but I kept doing all I could cause people do say that pregnant women are always paranoid, So I kept doing my best to make her happy.

Later, he returned to Facebook to reveal that he has forgiven her.

Sharing a photo of her playing with their newborn daughter, he wrote:

To Err is Human, I love my wife regardless, I wanna spend the rest of my life with only her and my daughter no one else, YES we break up to make up, I’m just so stupid I had to bring our affairs on here, I thought social media make people not break them, I LOVE MY WIFE SO MUCH, I thought people would understand and she would learn to be a more better person, we all make mistakes, I do a lot which is to bring my family issue on here and that would never happen again, SHE’S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND I WILL NEVER HURT OR MAKE HER SAD, FOR YOUR INFORMATION INSTABLOG FUCK YOU CAUSE SHE DIDN’T STAB ME, WE WERE BOTH STRUGGLING WHEN I HIT MY HAND ON THE GLASS THAT MADE IT PIERCED THROUGH MY TORSO ! But hell I would never tolerate anyone not even any stupid blog calling my wife names like BABYMAMA CAUSE SHES NOT, SHE’S MY WIFE ! We have a beautiful daughter together and last I remember I wanna spend the rest of my life with her, TO YOU CHIOMA, I’M sorry forgive me, you’re not perfect, I LOVE YOU AND I WANT THE BEST FOR US, I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY ! Iyawo mi Eleyinju ege mi, Ife mi, Aya mi, Onitemi IYA TEMITOPE! You might be stubborn but you are the most loving, beautiful, courageous, Elegant wife anyone could ever ask for, YOU MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY AND NOTHING NOT EVEN THESE USELESS BLOGS WILL STOP ME FROM LOVING YOU ! FORGIVE ME ONE MORE TIME ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ??? Thanks for giving me such a wonderful, smart, beautiful daughter ?????? YOU ARE MY ONE IN A MILLION !

He went on to share a couple other live videos. One showed him displaying his injured arm, which had been stitched, while Chioma sat beside him with a swollen face, looking like she had been crying.

Davis said:

All forgiven, mmm?

Chioma, all forgiven?

Chioma seemed reluctant to reply at first and Davis prompted her saying in a raised voice, "soro now", meaning "talk now." Chioma eventually nodded her agreement reluctantly.

However, something about the video doesn't seem right. The relationship appears toxic and Chioma seemed afraid while Davis looked like he was intimidating her.

A second video shows them playing around and dancing with their newborn daughter.

Photos: Police rescues man who attempted to jump into Lagos Lagoon

A middle aged man who attempted to commit suicide by trying to jump into the Lagos Lagoon on the third mainland bridge today January 15th, has been rescued by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) patrolling the area.

A tweet posted on their official twitter handle, stated that the man was prevented from jumping into the Lagoon by officers on patrol along Third Mainland Bridge.

He has been handed over to Adekunle Police Station for investigation.

Kim Kardashian celebrates her youngest daughter as she turns 1

Chicago West turns 1 today and Kim Kardashian celebrated her on Instagram.

The mother-of-three shared a very beautiful photo of her daughter to mark her birthday and wrote:

Happy Birthday to my pretty girl Chi!!!! The sweetest baby in the whole world! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

I remain Lagos Commissioner of Police- Edgal Imohimi

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, says he remains the police boss in the state despite earlier reports that he has been redeployed.

Recall that reports were rife on Sunday January 13th that Imohimi had been redeployed to Abuja to take over as the Commissioner of Police in charge of the Explosive Ordinance Unit at the Force Headquarters. He was meant to handover to Kayode Egbetokun today January15th.

However at the handover ceremony, Edgal told newsmen that the handover will not proceed as he has gotten an order from above to remain as the Commissioner.

“I am sure that you know Mr Kayode Egbetokun, he is an old timer in the command. You all know that our first job is about order and direction. We were about concluding the handing and taking over procedure when we were instructed by our bosses from Abuja to suspend action for now. So, there will be no change of guard for now. Of course, we would keep the press briefed about any development. But I am happy, humbled that you find it serious enough for you all to come to witness what we are doing here. I consider it an honor.” he said

N2bn ONSA Fraud: Former Accountant General, Jonah Otunla absent in court again, trial adjourned to February 7th

Justice Nnamdi Dimg alt='N2bn ONSA Fraud:? Former Accountant General, Jonah Otunla absent in court again, trial adjourned?to February?7th' class='img-responsive text-center' style='margin: auto;'ba of a Federal High Court, Abuja, has again adjourned the trial of a former Accountant-General of the Federation, Jonah Otunla, to February 7, 2019. The adjournment is consequent upon the absence of the defendant in court. The Court however stressed that if he is again absent at the next adjourned date, the Court will be compelled to hear the application of the prosecution seeking for a warrant for his arrest.

Otunla is being prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on a five-count charge of money laundering involving the diversion of about N2 billion from the account of the Office of the National Security Adviser, ONSA.

He was to be arraigned on December 7, 2017 along with Ade Adelakun, and seven other companies – Gold Reef Industries Limited, Lambster Nigeria Limited, G.C. Electronic Limited, Sinmilak Nigeria Limited, Wehsac Farms Limited, Shepherded Field Global Resources Limited and Stellavera Development Company Limited, but his absence stalled his arraignment.

The case was rescheduled to January 22, 2018, but yet again he was absent in court, and though his counsel, Ahmed Raji, SAN, represented him, his absence stalled his trial, as Adelakun who was present in court, could not take his plea. Raji had told the Court that his client was away “for medical treatment abroad”.

One of the counts reads: "That you, Jonah Ogunniyi Otunla being the former Accountant General of the Federation and a Director and signatory to the ECOBANK account of WEHSAC FARM LTD, Otunba Ade Adelakun, being the Managing Director/Chief Executive officer and a signatory to the accounts of Goldreef Industries Nigeria Limited, Fidelity Bank, Lambster Nigeria Limited- Zenith Bank, G.C Electronics Ltd - GTB and Sinmilak Nigeria Limited- Fidelity Account, Col. Bello Fadile (now at large) being the former Director, Special Duties in the office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) and also a Director and signatory to the accounts of Helpline Organisation, sometime between June and August 2013, in Abuja within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court directly converted the sum of N2,000,000,000 (Two Billion Naira) only transferred to the accounts of Goldreef Industries Limited-Fidelity Bank (N550 million), Lambster Nigeria Limited- Zenith Bank (N650 million), G.C Electronics Limited - GTB (N450 million) and Sinmilak Nigeria Limited- Fidelity Account (N350 million) from the account of the Office of the National Security Adviser with the Central Bank of Nigeria purporting to be for the supply of security equipments when you reasonably ought to have known that the said fund formed part of the proceeds of an unlawful activity of Col. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (retd), the then National Security Adviser (to wit: criminal breach of trust and corruption) and you thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 15 (2)(b) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2011 as amended in 2012 and punishable under Section 15 (3) and (4) of the same Act”.

His absence also stalled his expected arraignment on April 30, 2018 prompting the prosecution led by Francis Jirbo, to file an ex parte motion seeking for the issuance of a warrant of arrest against Otunla. Jirbo had argued that: “The first defendant (Otunla), having jumped administrative bail has failed severally to appear before the court. I hereby apply for a warrant of arrest to produce the defendant and to be properly charged by this Honorable Court”.

Jirbo had also told the Court that the oath of warrant of arrest, filed on March 1, 2018 was brought pursuant to Section 37 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015. It disclosed that “Otunla and Adelakun were investigated by the EFCC and had responded by making statements in writing, while their accomplice, Fadile, bolted out of the country and is currently said to be living in the United Kingdom as a fugitive”.

At the resumed sitting, on January 15, 2019 again Otunla was absent in Court, but a new twist was brought to the trial as the Court was informed that Adelakun was dead. However, the Court ordered the defendant to produce a death certificate as evidence before the Court “or an affidavit of death to be filed to authenticate the death”.

Photo: Blessing Arowojobe remanded in EFCC custody for N7m fraud

Photo: Blessing Arowojobe remanded in EFCC custody?for N7m fraud
The Lagos Zonal office of EFCC, on January 15, 2018 arraigned one Blessing Aishatu Arowojobe before Justice Mojisola Dada of the Special Offences Court sitting in Ikeja, Lagos on a one-count charge bordering on obtaining money by false pretence to the tune of N7,065,000 (Seven Million and Sixty Five Thousand Naira) only.

The petitioner alleged that Arowojobe, approached him with a business proposal sometime in January 2018. He further alleged that he later transferred a sum of N7, 065,000 to the defendant in February 2018 for the procurement of ‘garri’and cassava from Edo State.

The defendant, however, allegedly diverted the money to her personal use.

The count reads: "That you, Blessing Aishatu Arowojobe, between February 3 and February 22, 2018 at Lagos, within the Ikeja judicial Division, by false pretence and with intent to defraud, obtained the sum of N7, 065,000 (Seven Million, and Sixty-Five Thousand Naira) from one Tim Onyeator by falsely representing to him that it was the cost of ‘garri’ business and purchase of plots of land for cassava plants, which pretence you knew to be false."

The defendant pleaded “not guilty” to the charge when it was read to her. In view of her plea, the prosecuting counsel, Franklin Ofoma, asked the court for a trial date and also prayed that the defendant be remanded in prison custody.

Counsel for the defendant, G.A. Elebhose, prayed the court for a short date to allow him file and serve a bail application on behalf of his client. Consequently, Justice Dada adjourned the matter to January 23 and February 11, 2019 for "hearing of the bail application and commencement of trial.

The defendant was remanded in the EFCC custody.
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