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Thursday, December 29, 2016

DOWNLOAD MUSIC:Mr Eazi – Mad Over You (Mix)

Mr Eazi – Mad Over You (Mix)

So, Mr Eazi was in the studio the other day and decided to play around with – Runtown’s Mad Over You.
Listen and share your thoughts below

VIDEO: Minjin – Boogie

“Afro Hip Hop Act and Swaga Records frontman, Minjin liberates the visuals to his buzzing dance track – ‘Boogie’. The song which has been on rotation for a while is a delight for clubs and parties.

The video was shot in Lagos by respected cinematographer, Matt Max and features a cameo appearance from popular actor and comedian Amaechi Muonagor.

Expect many more dope projects from Minjin and Swaga Records in 2017. For now, enjoy this.”

VIDEO: Demmie Vee ft. 2Baba – Awesome God

“Nigerian born recording artist and song writer Awotungase Ademola Sodiq AKA Demmie Vee, discovered at a Car wash in Ikeja area of Lagos by the president of HND Records; was a real diamond in the rough, struggling to make ends meet. Inspired and motivated by his child hood dream of putting lyrics and music to his memories in a bid to entertain the world and inspire many.

Born in April 1992, he graduated Secondary school from Comprehensive High school in Ketu Lagos, where he endured shame over and over again as he could not afford the fees repeatedly. Kalaputa pikin(which means strong child) was a moniker given to him by a close friend who witnessed his pain. Today, being signed to Hope Never Dies Records is ironic and a true testimony that indeed there is light after darkness.

His musical idols have long been Asa and 2Baba with whom he was featured on a single (Awesome God). Demmie Vee is the first up and coming artist ever to be featured by the legendary artiste.
He in fact sounds very much like 2Baba and “Awesome God” is reminiscent of 2Baba’s earliest singles, though it is heavily tinged with gospel, as an ode to the singer’s gratitude to God for his talent and breakthrough.
“My greatest desire is to build homes for the less privileged and put everlasting smiles on people’s faces”.

Awesome God is an Afro Pop/ghetto Gospel song. Emotive and direct, it speaks about the greatness of God in the lives of one who has experienced a breakthrough after a prolonged period of hardship, disappointment and pain.

The single was written by Demmie Vee and Produced by Finesse.

Please enjoy the video and listen to the song.”

Ebonyi state lawmaker, Maria Ude Nwachi shares throwback photos from her 2004 wedding

Member of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Maria Ude Nwachi a.k.a Afikpo Chic posted photos from her wedding in 2004 and described her groom in glowing terms.

"WOW. That was a solid 12 years ago. Agbogho emee ka ibe ya mere. Ude Ehugbo alagha wo oo!! Maria Egwu bu zu nyee madu oo. Onuru kari ibie. The groom, Mr. Nwachi, was my first ever boyfriend before I moved to America. He was the first man to know me.

If you see the beatings I used to get when I'm found in his house which is directly opposite ours ehh. I was 18 years old then. His neatness attracted me to him. Then he was always in crispy white shirts. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my life. I am not saying it because he married me. He is a gem. He no get problem. He does not like wahala and is very considerate of the feeling of others. As baddest as I can be, getting him to be upset with me no even easy.
When I'm misbehaving he chalks it up as an American spec matter. Maka na ngugu abugu nri hahaha. He adores me and can never stop until the end of earth. A woman can live with him for years without a single quarrel. Omaari nwanyi alu. On'olu nwanyi kpoghokpogho. Hubby Nwachi, you remain my first love, my first man, and you will always be loved. Thanks for the memories and good times." More photos below...

Buhari's fight against corruption: Government officials have luxury cars but can't buy fuel now- LA times

US Newspaper LA Times published an article on its website, stating that Nigeria has started to feel the impact of its current fight against Corruption as some government officials with Luxury cars can't afford to buy fuel now. Read the interesting article below...

It’s a tough time in Nigeria’s civil service. The government money that sloshed through bureaucrats’ personal accounts until last year has dried up, leaving many facing a novel fate: They have to survive on their salaries.

Stories abound of mid-level bureaucrats in the capital, Abuja, with luxury houses and multiple European luxury cars, who can no longer pay for gasoline. Others have had to withdraw their children from prestigious foreign schools and colleges.
“There are now civil servants who have to live just on their salaries. They were living above their standard before,” said Mala Mohammad Yaro, an auditor in the Maiduguri state government. “They are now complaining.”
Nigeria has seen many billions of dollars leak out of government coffers in past decades, with the state oil company one of the worst offenders.
Nigeria ranks 136th among 167 nations on the “perceptions of corruption” index compiled by the advocacy group Transparency International, with first being least corrupt (Denmark) and 167th the worst (a tie between Somalia and North Korea).
Corruption in various forms — bribes, overcharging, skimming from government accounts — is so embedded in Nigerian culture that when then-British Prime Minister David Cameron was caught on video this year calling Afghanistan and Nigeria “fantastically corrupt,” the Nigerian president didn’t object. Well, I think he’s being honest about it,” President Muhammadu Buhari told CNN. He added, “I don’t think you can fault him.”
Buhari has unleashed an anti-corruption sweep that has touched people across the country but left bureaucrats, in particular, in despair.
In Kano, the country’s second-biggest city, a civil servant who got his job through a family connection 15 years ago is tall, thin and, these days, gloomy.
“It’s like a tradition,” the civil servant, Ibrahim, said of corruption in the bureaucracy. “Because the government had plenty of money, they didn’t care much what happened.”
Ibrahim, who declined to be fully identified because of the corruption crackdown, says he was not a big-time crook, like the accounting and revenue officials.
“They used to buy houses, marry beautiful wives,” he said. “They used to send their children abroad [for education]. Some of them had many very expensive cars.”
But that’s getting harder now after Buhari implemented a reform last year that is simple and elegant: Government departments and agencies used to have more than 10,000 accounts in various commercial banks. Now there is just one government account in the central bank, the Treasury Single Account.
In the stroke of a pen, myriad scams were wiped out. Banks could no longer lend government money back to the government at exorbitant rates. Bureaucrats couldn’t siphon off bank interest. Money could no longer be discreetly detoured out of the breathtaking tangle of accounts. Scandalously inflated government contracts could be easily traced.
Now the government actually knows where its money is and how it’s spending it.
“The Treasury Single Account has affected us all,” bemoaned Ibrahim. “Civil servants are crying, because everything they did before, they cannot do any more.”
He cannot afford to run his car. Even buying food is a problem. He’s embarrassed when relatives who have always depended on his largess expect support.
“In our tradition, if you have money you will give it to your family,” he said. “But now the money is not even enough for your own needs.”
The biggest thieves, according to Ibrahim, were those who had access to government accounts; other bureaucrats have long been known to generously pad their salaries with bribes.
A World Bank survey in 2014 found that 55% of firms in Nigeria expected to pay bribes or give gifts to bureaucrats or politicians and others to “get things done,” more than double the average in sub-Saharan Africa. Forty-five percent said corruption was “a major constant.”
The effects of such corruption are far-reaching, the World Bank says. Corruption is a major stumbling block toward reaching the U.N.’s sustainable development goal of ending poverty by 2030, according to the bank.
Nigeria’s anti-corruption drive has been made more urgent by the country’s worst recession in three decades, as the oil-dependent economy reels with the decline in oil prices. The economy shrank more than 3% in the second quarter of 2016 alone. Nigeria spends $4.4 billion a year on civil service salaries, 40% of all spending, a figure the government says is unsustainable.
The crisis comes as Nigeria’s oil revenues have been hit further by rebels in the oil-producing southeast, who have blown up pipelines, forcing a drop in production from 2.2 million barrels a day to 1.4 million.
The Single Treasury Account has reduced corruption and helped the government get control of revenue, but it had left commercial banks severely stressed, according to Garba Ibrahim Sheka, an economics professor at Bayelsa University in Kano.
“If we compare the costs and benefits, most of us will say it’s better that the government has come up with this policy because it has checked one of the major issues in the country, which is corruption and theft of public funds,” Sheka said. “Civil servants are complaining. People have been reduced to their natural position.”
But when there’s less to steal, there’s less to spend.
“Blocking someone from stealing public funds will reduce his frequency in the market,” Sheka said. “If retailers can’t sell as much, they will buy less from manufacturers.”
Shopkeepers in Kano say their businesses have shrunk, partly because civil servants — once a large part of their clientele — are no longer flush with money.
“Business has gone down by 40% in the past year,” says Vashir Musa, 33, a shopkeeper selling Chinese-made shoes, Timberland knockoffs and bags. “People have to manage on their salaries. They don’t have a surplus above their salaries, and they need that for the basics like food and school fees.”
The scale of embezzlement in Nigeria is astonishing. Judges, senators, former governors and deputy governors, political staffers and ex-bankers have been swept up in recent months in an unprecedented anti-corruption drive.
Seven judges, including two Supreme Court judges, have been arrested on corruption allegations. The sacked head of the military, Alex Badeh, is being tried on charges of stealing $3.1 million from Nigerian air force accounts to buy houses in Abuja.
A cousin of former president Goodluck Jonathan has been charged with the theft of $40 million that was supposed to pay for tactical communication kits for Nigeria’s special forces.
A former customs boss, Abdullahi Dikko, also has been arrested and accused of pocketing $40 million.
A former national security advisor, Sambo Dasuki, tops that. He’s been in fraud scheme prosecutors say reached $13 billion.
Not all civil servants are distressed about the anti-corruption measures. Yaro, the government auditor, said corrupt, rich civil servants often derided him as a loser.
“I’m prone to honesty in my life,” he said. “Because I embrace a moral way of life, people look down on me as a poor man.”
In the past, some government departments would deny him access to cash books and accounts. The single government account has “made my life easier,” he said.
There are different forms of corruption: non-existent “ghost workers” on the government payroll, overcharging on government contracts, diverting money from government accounts. And bribes.
Ibrahim used to double his salary in “gifts.”
“Before, people used to give money if you did a very beautiful thing for them. But now people have no money in their hands. People used to give me shoes, clothes, even watches,” he said. “You would thank them and tell them you would have a very long relationship with them.
“You’d quicken processes for them. We used to handle those jobs with extra care.”
Like many civil servants, Ibrahim doesn’t believe the anti-corruption campaign will stick. After all, none ever has before.
“It cannot be permanent,” he said.
Sheka, the economist, agreed.
“Even if the government blocks corruption on one side, another side will open. This issue of corruption is in our blood.”

Shameful, irresponsibile that DSS is now leaking Nigerians phone conversations to Sahara Reporters - Fayose

Read the statement below...

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has accused the Department of State Service (DSS) of recording telephone conversations of Nigerians perceived as critical of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s All Progressives Congress (APC) government, editing the conversations and leaking same to Sahara Reporters, which has now become the official propaganda platform of the federal government.
Governor Fayose, who said he was not bothered by the new sinister antic of the federal government, added that; "Rather than sitting down and be monitoring peoples phones, the federal government should provide food for Nigerians and save the lives of those that are being killed in Southern Kaduna and other places."

The governor, who reacted to his telephone conversation with Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike that was published by Sahara Reporters today, through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said; “If the President and his hatchet men in the DSS, EFCC and other federal government agencies do not know what to do other than to record phone conversations of their perceived political foes, they should just resign and save the country from this harrowing experience."

He said it was obviously that they were being threatened by the complimentary comments of notable Nigerians like Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi and others about him because those comments negate the cabal's evil intentions.

The governor described the DSS recording telephone conversations of Nigerians and leaking them to Sahara Reporters to publish as the height of the political rascality, manipulation, oppression, suppression and irresponsibility by agents of the federal government that are trying so hard to cover up the crimes they perpetrated against the people of Rivers State.

"They should even go beyond taping of my lines and come to live with me in Ekiti government house so that they can do per seconds live recordings of whatever I say because in the year 2017, by the grace of God, I will still say more without apology," he said.

Governor Fayose said for the first time since democracy returned to the country in 1999, Nigerians were celebrating Christmas and new year with hunger and sufferings beyond measure. "Nigerians are asking for food on their tables, they want employments, they want security, not recording of people's phone conversations and handing it to a road side online platform to publish.

"Unemployment and job loss are increasing at a very alarming rate while the electoral process is daily being bastardised. "Rather than tackling hunger and the country’s economic woes, they have embarked on diversionary tactics with irrelevant stories of Governors Wike and Fayose’s phone conversations, governors who do not bear arms and have no control over any security apparatus," the governor said.

He said: “I knew it before now that telephone conversations of prominent Nigerians, especially National Assembly members and opposition figures are being monitored, but I have remained unperturbed in my resolve to play my roles in rescuing Nigeria from the jaws of tyranny, which the present APC federal government represents."

While maintaining that the APC led federal government do not respect the laws of the country, Governor Fayose said; “They know that what they are doing is illegal and clear contravention of Section 37 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which provides that; ‘The privacy of citizens, their homes, correspondence, telephone conversations and telegraphic communications is hereby guaranteed and protected.’ “However, because they are criminally minded and are running a tyrannical government, using the DSS, EFCC and other agencies, one is not surprised at the current development.

He encouraged Nigerians not to keep silent in the face of this tyranny, saying; "it will get to everybody one day, some day.” He said; "Like I said before, their style has become so predictable. Whenever Nigerians cry of the pains and sufferings they are going through, they will come with flimsy stories like; “20 Chibok girls found,” “$1 billion found in Mr A, B or C bedroom,” “Boko Haram technically defeated,” “We have captured Sambisa forest,” "Governors Wike and Fayose’s phone conversations leaked," etc just to divert attention. "Regrettably, Governors Wike and Fayose that bear no arm remain their headache while their agents that bear arms like guns, armoured tanks and fighter jets etc, using them against Nigerians have not been called to question.

"Going by the barrage of pains being inflicted on Nigerians by his cluelessness, if I will give the President a candid advise, I will tell him to resign because he has failed Nigerians, whose votes he obtained by deception. Under his watch, Dollar is now N500 to $1, their is unprecedented hunger in the land, Nigerians are being killed in Southern Kaduna and other places, "It is better for the President to resign because he appears not to have capacity for positivity.

"If all the presidents that ruled before Buhari had behaved like he is behaving now, he himself will be in jail. "However, let me say it once again, I am one person who is not afraid of death or incarceration. I will keep telling Nigerians the truth, which obviously hurts Buhari and the cabal around him."

Serena Williams is engaged to billionaire Co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian

Tennis champ Serena Williams has announced she's engaged to boyfriend of 15 months, Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.The 34-year-old champion revealed her engagement story on Reddit – with this short poem below..

"I came home
A little late
Someone had a bag packed for me
And a carriage awaited
Destination: Rome
To escort me to my very own "charming"
Back to where our stars first collided
And now it was full circle
At the same table we first met by chance
This time he made it not by chance
But by choice
Down on one knee
He said 4 words

Photo: Beautiful family Christmas photos of Nigerian woman and her adorable triplets

Abuja-based designer of women's wear, Samantha shared these beautiful family Christmas photos on Instagram. The adorable triplets will turn one year next month, January 2017. Another photo after the cut...

Fan asks OAP Toolz for her dress, she responds with a hilarious answer

Abuja-based designer of women's wear, Samantha shared these beautiful family Christmas photos on Instagram. The adorable triplets will turn one year next month, January 2017. Another photo after the cut...

Photo: Beautiful family Christmas photos of Nigerian woman and her adorable triplets

Abuja-based designer of women's wear, Samantha shared these beautiful family Christmas photos on Instagram. The adorable triplets will turn one year next month, January 2017. Another photo after the cut...

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo loses $4.8m to ponzi scheme

Popular Nigerian Pastor and founder of Kingsway International Christian Centre located in the UK, Matthew Ashimolowo, has lost $4.8 million to a Ponzi scheme after members on the board of his church invested the money into the scheme.

The ponzi scheme is owned by former Premier League soccer player, Richard Rufus, who used to be a defender for Charlton Athletic.

Rufus who is a former member on the board of the church, promised investors along with the church a return as high as 55 per cent. He was last year found guilty of defrauding about 100 investors out of a total of $10,731,159 (£8,682,343) in the £16-million investing scheme

Christian Post who shared a report of findings from an inquiry published on December 14th by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, disclosed that the church had a net loss of about $4.8 million (£3.9 million) after its trustees invested over $6.1 million (£5 million).

Kingsway International Christian Centre was the single largest investor in the scheme. The Charity Commission in the report presented after its investigation, stated that the church’s trustees made an initial investment and entered into an agreement in which they were guaranteed that the church's investment would earn a profit of about 5 percent per month, with the exception of August and December when they were guaranteed profits of about 2.5 percent.

“The inquiry established that in practice, however, the investments resulted in a net loss of £3.9% million to the charity,” the report explains The report states that the church’s trustees who handed over the funds were guilty of “mismanagement.”

The commission found that the church’s trustees did not “exercise sufficient care when making the decisions to invest £5 million of the charity’s funds through the ex-trustee’s investment scheme.” Read the report from the Charity Commission's investigation

VIDEO: Omi Hanifa – Privacy

VIDEO: Omi Hanifa – Privacy

VIDEO: Omi Hanifa – Privacy

Ogunbote Sulaimon Ademola popularly known as (OMITIKOLOTA) Omi Hanifa is back after a little break from the music scene. Omi Hanifa who is the front line artiste of LABEAT MUSIC is leaving no stones upturned with his new banging track Titled “PRIVACY”.

Omi Hanifa as worked with Majek Fashek, Bash and many more.

Twitter & Instagram @omihanifa7

Debbie Reynolds dies at age 84, just a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher dies

Actress Carrie Fisher, suffered a heart attack while returning from a book signing event in London on Sunday, she never recovered and died on Tuesday. The following day, Wednesday, her 84 year old mother, Debbie Reynolds, who rose to stardom in "Singin' in the Rain" suffered a stroke and died from it.

According to TMZ, her son Todd said Debbie was rushed to a hospital shortly after 1 PM when someone at the Beverly Hills home of her son, Todd, called 911 to report a possible stroke.

Debbie and Todd were making funeral arrangements for Carrie, who had died on Tuesday of cardiac arrest at age 60.
Debbie famously divorced Eddie Fisher in 1959 after his affair with Elizabeth Taylor. Debbie married 2 more times in 1960 and 1984.

Carrie's relationship with Debbie was the focus of Carrie's semi-autobiographical book, "Postcards from the Edge," which was later adapted for the big screen, starring Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine.

Photos from Uche Jmbo's birthday party

Uche Jombo was a year older yesterday. She and her friends including Kate Henshaw, Ufuomma Mcdemmot, Chioma Akpotha, Yvone Jegede and others were treated to a warm celebration by Mo Abudu and the wedding planner team. More photos

Blac Chyna rocks blonde dreads and puts her boobs on display

New mum Blac Chyna showed of her boobs in new photos wearing blonde dreads. You like the dreads? More photos after the cut...

Police arrest 61-year-old man who has been raping a 10-year-old girl in a hotel for months in Abia State (photos)

The intelligence policing strategy of the Abia State Police Command has led to the arrest of a 61-year-old man who has been raping a 10-year-old girl in a hotel for months; fake Nestle food manufacturer; armed robbery suspects; burglars and cultists.

Police arrested one Timothy Onyeukwu, 61, caught having unlawful carnal knowledge of one female child of about 10 years old in a hotel. Acting on a tip-off, the operatives of the Central Police Station Aba, swung into action and arrested the man while the little girl was taken to hospital for medical attention. The suspect confessed to have been sleeping with the little girl for months in the hotel.

Police operatives attached to the Central Police Station Aba, in collaboration with the National Taskforce on Illegal Importation of Goods and Adulteration of Products, Abia State, on December 27, arrested one Tochukwu Okorie, aged 19 years, who specializes in production of fake Nestle products at Eziukwu market Aba. Items recovered from him includes:

1. Three cartons of adulterated Milo
2. Three cartons of adulterated peak milk

The suspect confessed to the crime and he is helping the police in its investigations with a view to apprehend other members of the syndicate.

On December 25, operatives attached to the Central Police Station Aba, arrested some armed robbery suspects who have been terrorizing Aba and its environs. The suspect includes:

1. EMENIKE ISAAC ‘m’ aged 19 years
2. CHUKWUDI EZIOHURU ’m’ aged 20 years
3. CHRISTAIN CHIMA ’m’ aged 28 years
4. FRIDAY OKENWA ‘m’ aged 26 years

The suspects were arrested along Obuohia Road by Asa Triangle Aba, while robbing people coming back from church on Christmas eve service.
Items recovered from them include: Two knives, One lady’s hand bag containing bible, one lady’s belt, one eye glass, a desktop charger and one spanner.

The intelligence led policing strategy of the force paid off, when the operatives attached to Ndiegoro Division Aba, on 18/12/2016, arrested one ODINAKA NNAMANI ‘m’ of no fixed address, who robbed one Nwabuike Oluebube ‘f’ of Igweilo Street by Ibadan road Aba, of her phone.
Items recovered from him include: One L.G. screen touch phone and one Itel screen touch phone. The suspect confessed to the crime and that he belongs to a three man gang terrorizing Aba and its environs.
Effort is being intensified towards arresting the fleeing gang members.

The operatives attached to the Central Police Station Aba, on December 26, acting on a tip off, arrested suspected burglars, namely:
1. EMMANUEL DAVID ‘m’ aged 21 years
2. ODIGONMMA ANYIKWA ‘m’ aged 23 years
The suspects burgled no 3 Umuda Street by Ngwa Road Aba, resident of one Okwudiri Nwabude. Recovered from them includes: One Dell Laptop, One Kenwood speaker with two small speakers, One standing fan, One AIWA compact disc, one first bank ATM card, a bag containing one DVD MP player, StarTimes decoder and 1/4 bag of rice. The victim has identified all the items as his property.
Working on the intelligence received, operatives from Ndiegoro Police Division Aba, on December 27, arrested suspected cultists that have been terrorizing residents of Aba metropolis.

Items recovered from them include: One H-mobile phone belonging to one Queen Dimkpa, a black bag containing knife and broken bottles, and 28 wraps of substance suspected to be cocaine.
The suspects are members of ARRO-VERTING CONFRATERNITY and have confessed to the crime. They are helping the Police to fish out other fleeing members of the cult.

The operatives at Ndiegoro Police Station Aba, acting on intelligence gathered, on 24/12/2016, recovered one HONDA VERNCUZ SUV vehicle with Togo registration number AKO808TG, where it was hidden at Calabar Street Aba. The vehicle was snatched from the owner at gun point at Tenant road Aba, on the same date.
In another development, on the 26/12/2016, the aggressive patrol embarked by the Anti-Crime team, Area Command Aba, lead to the recovery of two vehicles earlier reported stolen at Fire Service premises Aba, from different locations at Aba. The vehicles are as follows:
1. Mercedes Benz V. boot, with registration no. AE 200 SSM ARMY COLOUR.
2. Mercedes Benz 230, with registration no GGE 488 AG ASH COLOUR.
The Commissioner of Police has directed that the vehicle be released to the owners.

You can recalled that in my last press briefing, the command issued a release on the banned of use of fireworks (KNOCKOUT). The intelligence raid strategy of the Central Police Station Aba paid off, when on 27/12/2016, the patrol team intercepted two men standing beside a bag by the roadside along Ochendo Road Aba. The suspects took to their heels on sighting the Police, and left the bag, which contained a new model 2018 thunder banger. Effort is on top gear to apprehend the fleeing hoodlums.ARREST OF SUSPECTED VANDAL OF EXHIBIT VEHICLES IN THE POLICE STATION:
Operatives of the Central Police Station Aba, on 23/12/2016, acting on a tip off arrested one OBUM NWAKO ‘m’, which specializes in vandalizing auto parts from exhibits vehicles parked within the Police Barracks.
Recovered from him are;
1. Mechanic working tools
2. Mechanic apron
The suspect was arrested while on the act of removing some vital parts from an exhibit trailer parked in the Barrack.

One Orji Ikechukwu, a phone dealer at Asa Road Aba, has been receiving threats to eliminate his life by an unknown man, who came to his shop with N300,000.00 fake naira currency in N1,000 denomination to buy phones, if he fails to return the fake money. That the man took to his heels on realizing that the money was fake.
On 27/12/2016, the operatives attached to Central Police Station Aba, swung into action and arrested one CHIDINMMA ALOZIE ‘f’ aged 23 years, who came to collect the fake money.
The suspect confessed that she was sent by his cousin brother who is one Pastor Raphael Chibuike ‘m’ of United Evangelical Church at Abuja, to collect the currency. Investigation is ongoing.

The operatives of the Anti-Kidnapping Section of the State Criminal and Intelligence Department, Umuahia, acting on information received, on 17/12/2016, arrested one CHRISTAIN AKOMA ‘m’ of Umuala Nsulu Isialangwa North, who in company of others at large conspired kidnap one Livingstone Ubani, but while on lying siege for their victim, robbed one Ifeanyi Ogbonna, to realize some money to execute the job, our operatives swooped on them, while others escaped.
The suspect is one of the notorious criminals in Police wanted list, he confessed to the crime and is helping the Police in its investigation.

The operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad at Aba, on 16/12/2016, arrested one UCHECHUKWU OBIDIRIM ‘m’ and IFEANYI CHIJIOKE ‘m’, who were robbing along Port-Harcourt Expressway Aba.

Items recovered from them include: One short locally made pistol, Two live cartridges, Nylon containing substance suspected to be Indian hemp, One flash drive, Three Nokia phones, Two Blackberry phones, One brown wallet, One Tecno phone and the sum of Three Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty Naira Only (N3,830.00).
Acting on intelligence raid policing, the operatives of SARS Aba, on 24/12/2016 arrested one NDUBUISI OKPARA ‘m’ aged 28 years who among others robbed worshippers along Ariaria Market Aba. He was overpowered by the Police.
Item recovered from him is a cut-to-size locally made barrel gun with a live cartridge.
All the suspects will be arraign in court appropriately.

Peter Okoye's reaction to Drake's 'girlfriend' game

As he shared on his page.

Single lady! T.I.’s ex-wife Tiny poses for sexy new photos

After dealing with T.I for over 14 years, (married for 6 years) former Xscape singer Tiny Harris filed for divorce from him on December 7th. The mother of four, who stands at 4 '11' has since released very sexy photos of herself to celebrate singlehood...more photos after the cut...

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