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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo - A Pastor only by name - by Femi Fani Kayode

Read the article by FFK below...

No matter how hard he tries to make it look as if it is no big deal and no matter how much he ignores it and tries to brush it under the carpet, the 5.8 billion naira scandal in which the House of Representatives have indicted Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for theft, larceny, diversion, misapplication and misappropiation will not go away.

No matter how much he tries to wash himself with his self-righteous soap and brush, the filthy stench of corruption and abuse of office will never leave him.

No matter how many open markets he visits in a blaze of publicity and in a desperate attempt to prove that he is a man of the people, the bloated flies that customarily trail filth, garbage, open sewers and rejected goods will continue to follow him and raise fundamental questions about his infantile claim to holiness, infallibility and sainthood.

Some have erroneously argued that Osinbajo could not have stolen the 5.8 billion or indulged in any form of wrongdoing because he is a Pastor.

They also claim that the grievous, unproven and outrageous allegations that he has made against President Goodluck Jonathan, President Olusegun Obasanjo, the late President Umaru Yar'adua and indeed every single PDP-controlled Federal Government that was in power over the 16 years before our nation was afflicted with the Buhari plague and APC contagion three years ago must also be true, again because he is a Pastor.

On both counts this is not only an intellectually lazy cotention but it is also pure hogwash. I say this because Osinbajo is far from being what many think he is. His conduct over the last three years has proved that conclusively.

As far as I am concerned he is a Pastor only in name. In my view he is not a Pastor but an eager accomplice, common sidekick and ever-ready man-Friday to the most hated, despised, compromised, dishonest, brutal, divisive, incompetent, cruel and evil dictator that Nigeria has ever known.

I say this because no real Pastor would do what he has done over the last three years and neither would any tolerate or participate in the evil that his boss and their government have unleashed on the Nigerian people since they came to power.

Pastors see evil for what it is and fight it openly. Failing that they at least shun and condemn it. They certainly do not espouse it, enjoy it, wallow in it, encourage it, support it and thrive in its commission.

They do not point fingers at the innocent and accuse them falsely and neither do they eulogise or deify the corrupt. They are not deceitful cowards who have sold their souls to the devil for cheap political gain, filthy lucre and a morsel at the tyrant's table.

The truth is that it irritates me to no end when some refer to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as a Pastor. It is like referring to Judas Iscariot as a disciple of Jesus Christ or Rasputin as the Pope.

The Bible says "thou shall know them by their fruits". It says "the devil presents itself as an angel of light". It speaks of "wolves in sheep's clothing". It talks about "shepherds that feed on the carcasses of their own flock".

Osinbajo is a fake Pastor in the same way that Judas was a fake disciple and Rasputin was a fake priest. Like Judas and Rasputin he was secretly planted amongst the disciples and in the Church by satan.

When you speak of Pastors you are referring to holy and selfless men who lift up, inspire and encourage others, who are filled with compassion and love, who are called to ministry by the Living God and who are deeply courageous and strong.

These are tried and tested men and women who are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and the light of God. These are men and women that are driven by the quest for righteousness, justice and equity and who have no fear of tyrants, bullies or the agents of the devil.

These are men and women who despise evil, wickedness and injustice and who support and assist the suffering, the deprived, the weak, the vulnerable, the wounded, the afflicted, the persecuted and the poor.

These are men and women that speak truth to power and that give wicked rulers and heartless men of wealth and power sleepless nights.

These are men and women that have successfully passed through the furnace of affliction, who have mastered their calling, who are clean-spirited, who are committed to spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ fearlessly and who do not steal, kill, lie, bear false witness, falsely accuse, compromise with evil or seek to destroy their fellow human beings.

When we talk about Pastors we are talking about a rare and special breed of people who are committed to humanity, self-discipline and the work of God and who have chosen to answer the highest and most noble calling.

When we talk about Pastors we are talking about men and women llik the late Bishop Ajayi Crowther, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the late Apostle Ayo Babalola, the late Rev. Timothy Obadare, Bishop David Oyedepo, Prophet T.B. Joshua, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Dr. Paul Enenche, Bishop David Abioye, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Apostle Samson Suleiman, Dr. B.O. Ezekiel, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Rev. Samson Ayokunle, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, Archbishop Jasper Akinola, Bishop Emmanuel Gbonigi, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Prophet Emmanuel Kobe, Pastor Rhoda Awiliki, Pastor Solomon Kayode Anjorin, Pastor Bayo Oladeji, Dr. Israel Akonji, Pastor Emmanuel Omata and so many others.

When we talk about Pastors we are not talking about hopelessly compromised and morally challenged charlatans and crooked politicians like Osinbanjo who consistently attempt to defend the indefensible, who thrive on perfidy and falsehood, who tell one hundred lies a day, who indulge in the most outrageous and brazen acts of corruption, who persecute the innocent, who collude with evil and bloodthirsty men, who encourage the perpetuation and commission of barbarity and wickedness, who turn a blind eye when lives are being destroyed, who refuse to raise their voices when innocent blood is being shed, who speak from both sides of their mouths and who encourage mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

When we talk about Pastors we are talking about those that we revere, love and admire and not those that are only Pastor in name.

We will have to sack some of you to implement N30k minimum wage- Governors tells Labour

The Nigerian Governors Forum last night had a meeting in Abuja to deliberate on the N30, 000 minimum wage being demanded by the Nigeria Labour Congress.

After the meeting, the governors stated that the only way they can afford the N30, 000 minimum wage is to downsize the civil service. According to them, they cannot affot to pay that amount with their current meager revenue allocation.

Speaking to newsmen after the meeting, the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum and Governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari, said that a committee will be put together to meet with President Buhari to discuss the need for an increase in state revenue allocations .

“Following a meeting of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum where we deliberated on the national minimum wage, governors resolved to re-strategise and put together another committee to meet with the President once again, to work out another formula towards quickly resolving the problem associated with the proposed N30.000 minimum wage which is impracticable unless labour agrees to a downsizing of the workforce all over the country or the Federal Government itself accedes to the review of the national revenue allocation formula. Members of the committee who were nominated to see the President include the governors of Lagos, Kebbi, Plateau, Bauchi, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi. Enugu and Kaduna.” he said

Governor Yari said that he and his colleagues had seen the report of the Tripartite Committee report presented to President Muhammadu Buhari. The report suggested N30, 000 minimum wage. President Buhari last week received the rpeort and said he will study it and advice the national assembly members accordingly.

Yari said that the committee did not consider the submission of the governors who had earlier said they could only afford to pay N22, 500 as minimum wage.

“We have seen what has been presented to the President by the (Tripartite) Committee. As a member of the committee, our representative there said the committee did not take our submission of N22,500 because it came late. I am surprised. How can you do this without the input of the states because the states are the key stakeholders in this business. So, a situation whereby our report was not taken or considered by the Tripartite Committee … then I don’t know how the committee wants us to work.” he said

According to Governor Yari, the state governors really wnat to pay the N30, 000 but are currently constrained by their meager revenue.

''We still say we want to pay, but the issue is the ability to pay. If we say no, it is not about the ability to pay, just pay, I don’t know how this formulae will work and I don’t know how we can get a solution to the issue.We are paying N18,000 (as minimum wage today), but when the President assumed office, about 27 states were not able to pay, not that they chose not to pay. So, now you say N30,000, how many of them can pay? We will be bankrupt (if we pay). So as Nigerians, we should look at the issues seriously. While other people are saying that governors are riding jets and living in affluence, that one is not luxury but compulsory. Like Lagos that is paying about N7bn as salaries; if you say it should pay N30,000, now it will be N13bn. From our calculation, it is only Lagos State that will be able to pay N30,000. As Nigerians, this is our country; there is no other country we have and we should be fair to this country.”

Speaking further, Governor Yari said

“As for the way forward, we will continue to talk with Labour. Let them see reasons and difficulties some of us have. For instance, the money Lagos State is using to pay is not coming from Abuja. They have a way of getting their money from the IGR and that is why they can afford to pay. They get money through VAT (as well). Apart from Lagos, even Rivers State cannot afford to pay. So we have been crying out about this since 2011 but no one will listen.

“One critical example is that some states ration their salaries while some others put everything they earn on the table and ask labour to come and see and ask them to suggest how much should go for capital and personnel costs. Some say 70 per cent for personnel cost and 30 per cent for capital projects and yet the states cannot pay and they put the remaining as outstanding.”

Oyo State government begins rebuilding of Yinka Ayefele’s Fresh FM

Oyo State Government has began reconstructing Yinka Ayefele's Music House, Fresh FM, which was demolished on August 19, 2018.

The Oyo State Government carried out the demolition claiming infringement of some building laws but after the media outcry and the condemnation from the masses, the story has now changed. The Governor Ajimobi led APC government has taken up the responsibility to rebuild the same structure it demolished for violating state laws.

According to reports, construction workers are on site and they have a deadline to ensure that the building gets its look back by December 2018.

The Head of News at Fresh FM radio in Ibadan, Samson Akindele, confirmed that it will be ready before December to enable them meet up preparation for the Christmas celebration which the radio station organises for children every year.

“A lot has happened since the demolition in August. We’ve had a lull in the activities going on here. “Just about two weeks ago, after all the meetings and agreements, the ministry of works in Oyo state through the office of the permanent secretary and the commissioner came in to start fulfilling the promise the governor made that indeed the partial demolition was an activity done in error.”

Chelsea facing potential two-year transfer ban after FIFA probe into the signing of Bertrand Traore and 13 other young players

Premiership club, Chelsea is facing a potential two-year transfer ban following a long FIFA investigation into the signing of Bertrand Traore and 13 other young players.

According to French online news site Mediapart, one of the organisations publishing the findings of Football Leaks, the unit recommends Chelsea is punished with a fine of £45,000 and an embargo on all signings to cover a total of four transfer windows.

The publication reported that one window relates to Traore and the other three windows involve the 13 other alleged offences.

It was also revealed that officials from FIFA's Integrity and Compliance unit have spent three years investigating Traore's transfer case and 13 other transfers involving the London club and players aged under 18.

The Burkina Faso international who signed his first professional contract in September 2013 after his 18th birthday was picked at the age of 16 in an Under 18 match against Arsenal.

Mediapart also claimed that the football governing body has found evidence to suggest Chelsea misled them regarding the real dates and acted in bad faith over the signing of Traore who officially joined the club in the January 2014 transfer window.

Chelsea on Wednesday night said: 'The club has fully co-operated with FIFA and has provided comprehensive evidence demonstrating its compliance with FIFA regulations. We will not comment further.'

A FIFA spokesman added: 'Investigations were opened concerning Chelsea as well as other English clubs. No further information can be provided.'

Sylvester Stallone takes his wife Jennifer Flavin and daughter Sophia shopping in NYC (Photos)

On Wednesday, legendary Hollywood actor, Sylvester Stallone was spotted out with his wife Jennifer Flavin, 50, and his eldest daughter Sophia, 22 as he took them shopping in New York City.

At one point, the trio who were stylishly dressed for the shopping trip were pictured posing for photos.

Sylvester and Jennifer who tied the knot in1997, share three daughters Sophia, 22, Sistine, 20, and 16-year-old Scarlet Rose.

See more photos below.

Lady narrates how she was sexually harassed and extorted by SARS officers and it's really troubling

A lady has narrated a very troubling encounter she had with SARS officers who harassed her in Port Harcourt.

Olorogun Mabel Peters said she woke up sick and went to get drugs but by the time she got back to her estate, some armed officer approached her and asked for her papers. When they saw that the papers were complete, they asked for her company ID and she explained she doesn't have it on her at the moment.

They immediately accused her of stealing a car and drove her to the station where they then changed their story and claimed that she is one of the criminals they received a call about. They ended up detaining her and seized her phone.

She went on to accuse one of the officers of sexual harassment while she was in their custody. She said they eventually asked her to pay N100,00 and drove her to an ATM to withdraw the money.

She wrote:

@opetodolapo Today is definitely one of my worst days.. I woke up a bit feverish with slight headache so I cancelled my activities for the day, at about 6:30pm I decided to go get drugs,because my condition seemed to be getting serious and also get pizza for my mum just 7mins drive away from my estate..

On getting back to my estate, a blue Prado jeep stopped right in front of me and some armed men on uniform came out asking me to park for a search, I obliged, they went through all the vehicle papers and drivers license etc very much complete..

The next question I was asked was they needed to see my company Id ,I tried to explain to them I didn't have it on me because I just drove out to get pizza from the next bus stop and they said I was under arrest for stealing a vehicle and I couldn't give them an ID of where I work, I obliged and we drove to their station and the whole story changed..

One of the officers made a phone call and he said I was among the criminals they received a call about.. I tried to beg, I even showed proof of the medications I got, they gave me a paper to make a statement,in the process they took my phones from me and started going through my phone, from my chats call logs down to my bank mails etc....

After spending 2hrs with them they demanded for a sum of 2million naira as my bail,for a crime I do not know.. This is pure wickedness and evil... I never stole, robbed, violated any rules etc... We finally came to an agreement after keeping me hostage from 6pm till 12am that I should pay them 100,000naira..

One of the officers even approached me trying to sexually harass me!! This same men didn't even mind the time they comfortably drove me to an ATM machine so I could make a withdrawal for them... These men are criminals!!

I was granted bail by 1:30am after spending 7good hours... Someone's hard earn money This Is totally unacceptable, Are you guys not meant to be protecting lives ? Why will you extort someone of their hard earn sweat!! I thought SARS had ended... (officers names are : officer Matt, Emma, security, Friday)

'My favorite and best accessory' - Billionaire wife, Fifi Umenyiora celebrates her husband, Dilly on his 40th birthday

Fifi Umenyiora, wife to Billionaire businessman, Okwudili Umenyiora celebrates her man on his 40th birthday today with a stunning photo and sweet words.

In her words, 'to the love of my life. My favorite and best accessory. My clyde, my king, man In a Gazillion, king of scorpios, daddy zaddy, man called Dilly!. Osinanwataburuogaranya 1 of Ogbunike, I thank God for your life.

You are a blessed man, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper, may God continue to lead you, protect you in all your endeavors. With this milestone. May God grant you peace and love beyond your wildest Imaginations. HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY BAE!!I Love you'.
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