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Friday, February 22, 2019

'When I was spending too much money on flashy cars, 2face advised me to plan my life properly' - Timaya

Last night, Nigerian pop legend 2face Idibia headlined the 'Trace Live' music concert in Lagos.

While performing at the event, dancehall star, Timaya described 2face as his role model and recalled the time 2face advised him to quit spending too much money on flashy cars and luxury.

According to him, "he told me to plan my life and stop wasting money of flasy cars and luxury".

See the video below...

Nigerian Fashion designer who made Super Eagles' ceremonial World Cup outfits calls out NFF on IG, says he's not been paid

Nigerian Fashion designer, Gt da Tailor of GT Stitches who made the Super Eagles' ceremonial World Cup outfits ahead of the tournament in Russia, has called out the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) over non-payment for his services.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote: 'NFF refused to pay for ceremonial outfit almost one year after World Cup!! This can only happen in Nigeria!!.'

"This is not a game" Ice Cube's son O'Shea Jackson Jr. weighs in on Jussie Smollett scandal

Actor O'Shea Jackson Jr. has reacted to the Jussie Smollett scandal and he had a few interesting things to say.

The rapper who is the son of Ice Cube, said he was upset about the Jussie situation because people all over the world believed him and were ready to fight for him.

He also questioned why Jussie referred to himself as the gay Tupac following the staged attack.

The Straight Outta Compton actor tweeted:

What upsets me about this Jussie situation is that people were genuinely worried about you man. And the things that you said happened could have led to some serious outcomes. People were prepared to fight for you bruh. Things coulda got ugly...... and you made it up.

He added:

The world has plenty of real monsters. You don’t have to make up any. And what for? Just further dividing people for personal gain? It sucks for the people who actually have to deal with that type of hate.

Another tweet from him regarding the situation reads:

And why did you call yourself the gay Tupac. What does Tupac have to do with anything that happened to you? Did you do this to sell records bro? Did you fake a hate crime, Enrage the Black community. The LBGT community and anti-Trump community just to sell records bruh?

He followed up with:

People could’ve gotten hurt. Thinking they’re protesting and standing up for you. This is not a game.

Nigerians roast Desmond Elliot for commissioning a 'biofil' public toilet in his constituency

Nollywood actor cum politician, Desmond Elliot representing Surulere constituency at the Lagos State house of assembly is currently under fire online for commissioning a 'biofil' public toilet in his constituency.

According to Desmond Elliot, 'this isnt just a building, its not just a toilet, but one that converts waste to manure so nothing is wasted as we keep the environment clean'.

Nigerians are however not buying his explanation...

Not too young to run, not too young to run


The very young Desmond Elliot commissions this toilet as constituency project.

Lesson: Don't give positions of authority to people based on their age. Age, whether old or young, isn't one of the characteristics of a good leader.— The Mouth That Eats Salt & Pepper ? (@Manlike_ED) February 21, 2019

Hope Desmond Elliot pooed in that toilet as part of the commissioning?— No one (@ilynem) February 21, 2019

You are insulting Desmond Elliot for commissioning a toilet, please what has your state house of assembly representative commissioned since 2015?— Your Village People (@Onyema_Donald) February 21, 2019

Very toxic, horrid and vile people on Twitter. Quick to pull others down.

Desmond Elliot didn't build the toilet..It was donated to his constituency in conjunction with the Australian high commision.

Why the eagerness to pull the man down?— Dr. Guendouzi (@fimiletoks) February 21, 2019

Desmond Elliot jus Commissioned N200k toilet for his constituency..They even laced the toilet with Ribbon. Desmond ur Actn n Pol. Career didn't teach U anythng only to build Toilet!!!! We will throw All APC aspirants in that Toilet. #NeverAgain #RejectPoverty— Ink_Hart (@rizzza) February 21, 2019

One week after he got into office, I couldn't reach him anymore, he changed number or blocked me, yesterday I was telling some guys that BankyW is gonna do so much when elected, they told me to shut up, why? DESMOND ELLIOT

How we hurt ourselves.— FILMMAKER??? (@DirectorSolomon) February 21, 2019

Desmond Elliot: this toilet project is very important to the economy. people can easily poopoo whenever they want to. we even have water so you don’t have to come with your bucket of water. nigeria will be better if we all poopoo v.well.

everyone: ??— Son Of A Prophetess? (@Handofthe_QUEEN) February 22, 2019

If you want to be made useless in life join @APCNigeria

Desmond Elliot commissions ?200k public toilet project he built for his constituency— Maetrix (@MaetrixOgbu) February 21, 2019

Dear Nigerians, we can now see, from Desmond Elliot and Buhari's incompetency, that visionary leadership has nothing to do with age. In the coming elections, look for candidates with capacity and cast your votes for them. Do not support blindly this time. #NigeriaDecides2019— Shaky Shaky Daddy (@ShakyShakyDaddy) February 22, 2019

I don't understand why Desmond Elliot is being dragged for commissioning a toilet. There are communities where 'simple' things like that are very much needed.

On close observation, most young people don't know what they really want.— TweetaminE K (@kene_Maestro) February 21, 2019

When Desmond Elliot was campaigning then I supported him but till now how many of you have heard of him or what he has done for the youth. Even common community match he didn’t organize— Rawlings Onyi (@Whisper2raw) February 22, 2019

I really don't think the toilet "Desmond Elliot" built was a bad thing as some communities in Nigeria don't have basic amenities as normal as this...but the fanfare around the commissioning was were they fucked up.— D Bil'ionaire (@itzKay_B) February 21, 2019

This is Desmond Idiot, sorry Desmond Elliot commissioning a public toilet he built for his constituency. APC na disaster— #Atiku4Nigeria? (@iamJimmyGentle) February 21, 2019

Is it okay for me to disappointed in Desmond Elliot?— 'Fúnmil??lá (@eniitan_) February 21, 2019

Photos: 48-year-old married father of two allegedly on the run after defiling a 6-year-old girl in Anambra

48-year-old married father of two identified as Chikaodi Unanah, pictured above, is said to have gone into hiding after he was accused of allegedly raping a 6-year-old girl in an uncompleted building in Ogboji, Anambra State.

Humanrights activist, Harrisson Gwamnishu who shared the story online, wrote''

Yesterday, was tagged by Anwulika Udanoh on a facebook post.

At about 9:45am, we arrived Ogboji, Orumba South LGA, Anambra State and quickly proceeded with our fact findings.

Little Onyiyechukwu was raped by Mr. Chikaodi Unanah (48yrs old married man with two kids) in an uncompleted building belonging to Mr. Nwike Ofoezie (Known politician in Ogboji).

6yrs old Onyiyechukwu was lured into the building by Chikaodi and there he removed her pant and penetrated. Little Onyiyechukwu's cried home and her grandmother discovered her little grand child has been raped and
rushed to Government owned health centre in Ugboji.

As at this moment, Chikaodi is hiding from arrest and only Mr. Nwike Ofoezie knows his whereabout. He paid N10,000 and pleaded with Onyiyechukwu's grandmother to let the issue die.

Share and help us fish out Chikaodi Unanah.

For support/donation, Call or Whatsapp 09067773333
Behind Bars Rights Initiative

More update soon

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