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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Singer, Blackky Inyang, calls out Nigerian entertainers that abuse drugs and glorify the act through their songs

Veteran singer, Blackky Inyang has called out his colleagues in the industry that abuse drugs and glorify the act in their music. Posting on his Facebook page, the singer wrote;

I am deeply worried about the high level of drug abuse amongst some of my colleagues-Artistes..musicians...etc

The abuse of tramadol,codeine,Indian hemp, etc have become so rampant these days and to make matters worse some of these Artistes go ahead to glorify these highly destructive hard drugs in their songs thereby encouraging their listeners and fans to experiment with them.

This must stop!

To those Artistes/Musicians doing this, they must realise that music is so POWERFUL and capable of destroying an entire generation or even generations unborn so they must be careful what songs they put out there.

They must also realise that they do NOT need any hard drugs,Indian hemp etc to compose good music,perform on stage or even face a crowd....all this will come NATURALLY......Ovastand??

These drugs are capable of destroying you so please stop the abuse!


The Blackman.

Photo: Manager of Dangote Cement plant shot dead

The manager of the Dangote cement plant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Deep Kamra, was shot dead by unknown gunmen yesterday May 16th.

According to reports, Kamra, his secretary and driver were returning home from the factory when the assailants attacked his car. Kamra died from the gunshot wounds he received. The driver and secretary were also shot at during the shooting. There current state of health is yet unknown.

Billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote, is reportedly scheduled to visit the plant today May 17th.

The Dangote plant, one of the ten established in Africa and outside Nigeria, was commissioned in May 2015.

'Somebody's Herrrrrrre!' - Chrissy Teigen announces the birth of her second child with John Legend

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have welcomed their second child, a baby boy.

The excited model, 32, shared the good news on Wednesday, May 16. “Somebody’s herrrrrrre!” Teigen tweeted along with baby bottle emojis.

Somebody’s herrrrrrre! ????— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) May 17, 2018

Chrissy who didn't reveal more details about the newborn child also shares a two-year-old daughter, Luna May with her husband, John.

Congrats to the couple.

Increase in minimum wage and subsidy are not included in the 2018 Budget

Senator Danjuma Goje, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Appropriation has said that no provision was made in the 2018 Budget for any increase in minimum wage during the year.

Goje made this known while briefing newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja shortly after the passage of the 2018 Appropriation Bill saying the failure to capture the wage in the budget may have been because deliberation on the issue had not been concluded by the Executive.

“The government has not brought it. I think that the issue of minimum wage is still under consideration. It is still at the committee level with the Executive. When they bring it to us we will look at it; ours is just to make law. If the Executive decides to pay workers N100, 000 per day or whatever it is, if they bring the Bill and can justify it, we will pass it. When they bring it, we will consider,” he said.

The lawmaker also said that subsidy on oil was not captured in the budget.

He said “the issue of subsidy was raised on the floor. It was explained that the Federal Government officially abolished subsidy. So, it is not for us to introduce subsidy. If they want to pay subsidy in accordance with the law they have to bring it to us to appropriate. If they bring it, we will appropriate. For now, officially there is no subsidy”

Wedding cancelled as fire kills groom's mother and injures others in Abia; Groom's brother accused of using them for rituals

A man's wedding day was ruined after members of his family were involved in a fiery accident on their way to his traditional wedding in Umuahia, Abia state, Nigeria.

Ezemoro John Ifeaghochukwu said fire broke out after the accident and it killed his mother, one other, and injured many others. This led to the cancellation of his traditional marriage.

But the tragedy didn't end with the death of his family members. His family's name is now being dragged through the mud as their kinsmen claim his elder brother is responsible for the deaths. They claim he used them as sacrifice to perform rituals. These accusations have served to increase the distress of the groom who just lost his dear ones on a day that was supposed to be his happiest.

Grieving groom

The groom wrote on Facebook:

May 12 2018.

An unforgettable day in my life.

My supposed day of joy that suddenly turned into an unbearable sorrow.

A day of my traditional marriage which never take place anymore.

What a fire outbreak that took the life of my mothers and injured many on the way of my traditional marriage at umuahia.

Many things have been said, my families name dragged into mug.

My elder brother (SAMMYSOLO)has been accused of using those victims for rituals.

Pls friends and wellwishers,pray for me and my family to overcome this unthinkable evil.

We're bereaved right now, may God Almighty grant the injured victims a quick recovery. Grant the deads eternal rest.

Deji Adeyanju challenges Hush Puppi to a debate in front of EFCC office

Two days ago, politician Deji Adeyanju called on the EFCC to investigate the source of wealth of flamboyant Instagram celebrity, Hush Puppi. Deji made the appeal while reacting to the arrest of 12 suspected internet fraudsters in Lagos last week. His tweet suggested that Hush Puppi was an internet fraudster aka ''Yahoo Yahoo boy''.
Hush Puppi on his social media yesterday said all those asking EFCC to investigate him will be killed by Ogun, a yoruba diety. He also said he would soon denounce his citizenship as a Nigerian.

Deji has now replied Hushpuppi. According to the politician, it is only those that steal from other people that get killed by Ogun. See his reply which he posted on twitter below

The seven cardinal attributes of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State... The Pen League

A game changer is in the Enugu State Lion Building, the seat of power. Before the assumption of office of Chief Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi what held sway as an article of faith were the words of Shakespeare spoken by Macbeth, “mock the time with fairest show; false face must hide what the false heart does know.” Mere showmanship was dramatized with the razzmatazz of political singsong.

false in politics was elevated to a lofty height and endorsed by a Cambridge University don David Runciman who in his book Political Hypocrisy says that there is nothing like ‘political hypocrisy’ because politics by its very essence is essentially hypocritical. Governor Ugwuanyi turned that pedantry on its head by demonstrating character in politics.

Although politics is an adversarial business, the basis of political order is meaningful communication. This is why we have chosen to use this medium to outline the seven attributes of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi that entitle him to receive the key to the Government House for a second term.

Governor Ugwuanyi resembles Moses in godliness, Gandhi in humility, Obama in friendliness, Churchill in pragmatism, Zik in eloquence, Okpara in resourcefulness and Kemal Ataturk, the father of modern Turkey in development strategy.

The most outstanding attribute of the governor is godliness. Ndigbo are like the Israelites trapped in slavery and need a Moses to release them from the trap before some begin to acquiesce in it as a way of life because they have not known any other life. The man who started the Boys’ Brigade thought that the best man would be one with the courage of a soldier and the faithfulness of a Christian. By the same token, the best leader is a priest-politician, in other worlds, a mystic and a king rolled into one. Such a rare combination is in Governor Ugwuanyi’s DNA.
man who resembles seven iconic world leaders is not born every day. The population of England today is sixteen times what it was when Shakespeare lived, yet since his death in 1616, England has not produced another Shakespeare. To think that it is every day that you come by a leader with near magical qualities like Chief Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who takes to governance like fish to water is self-delusion.

At the thanksgiving service of Justice C. C. Nweze for his elevation to the Supreme Court, Governor Ugwuanyi reprimanded his police orderly for heckling a poor woman with a baby on her back who came to greet the governor. “These were the people who elected me, allow her to come close to me,” he said and shook hands with the woman. This is the Gandhi-touch in Governor Ugwuanyi.

In the latest cabinet reshuffle, the person appointed a commissioner in Enugu State was a man who contested for the same post of governor with Chief Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi on the platform of another political party. Governor Ugwuanyi, like Obama, knows that in politics there are no permanent friends or foes, but permanent interests.

As all soldiers know, taking on your enemy requires different rules of engagement. When Nimbo was attacked, the sight of dead bodies in a large number would have moved some people with the state punitive apparatus at their disposal to return fire for fire. Governor Ugwuanyi visited the scene of the crime and characteristically understood the bigger picture and Enugu State is calmer and better for that non-violent decision. Governor Ugwuanyi’s pragmatism makes Winston Churchill turn in his grave with envy.

When Governor Ugwuanyi mounts the public podium at any rally, you see the incarnation of the great Zik of Africa in him. You hear words deployed for purpose and effect without political innuendos, rhetorical deceptions and the empty technical language of schoolmen full of falsehoods.

Lastly it is the singular fortune of the people of Enugu State that Chief Dr Ifeany Ugwuanyi is veined with the resourceful streak of Dr M. I. Okpara and the wizardry of Ataturk. Workers get their bank deposit alerts by the 25th of every month when some oil-producing states are in arrears of payment of salaries.

“I dare do all that may become a man,” says Macbeth, “who dares do more is not one.” The track records of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi are in the superlative degree hence all across the state, people are saying to him, “Please come again.”

Actress Uche Ogbodo celebrates her birthday with sexy new photos

Nollywood actress and mother of one, Uche Ogbodo who is a year older today, released these very stunning and sexy photos to celebrate her birthday.

More photos below...

VIDEO: Caise x Xerona – In The End

Popular radio DJ and Radio head formerly known as DJ Caise and Xerona have released the joint entitled‚”In the End”, an urban pop inspired tune. Mr and Mrs ‘Caise’ Phillips have released their first single since tying the knot. The brand new couple who got married in April, danced into their new lives as husband and wife with this upbeat ditty at their wedding reception and have decided to capture and share this moment of their love story with fans and lovers of good music.
The new single titled ‚’In the End’ was produced by Robbie Celeste and is laced with vocals by Caise and Xerona. Caise delivers yet another pleasing to hear jam that follows up his fan favorite hits ‘Number One’ featuring Waje, and ‘By the Fire’ featuring Bez, Waje and Toya Delazy.
The video was shot and directed by Matt Maxx. There are captivating visuals and scenes to gush over with the newlyweds doing their thing! This is Xerona andCaise’s first single in 2018, in advance of Xerona’s much anticipated Extended Play album, and this has given us ataste of things to come. Watch, share and enjoy.
Search your favourite platforms to download and stream “In The End” Caise x Xerona

VIDEO: Superbalat – Mama

VIDEO: Superbalat – Mama

VIDEO: Superbalat – Mama

“Super World Class Entertainment Act, SuperBalat has finally set out his vibes on releasing his debut song video (Mama). SuperBalat with the real name Balogun Lateef Lekan is a promising vast artiste with his spontaneous energy and delivery. This video was directed by Frizzle and Brizzle Films.”

Argentina FA gives players tips on how to have 'sex 'with Russian girls ahead of the World Cup (Read)

Argentine Football Association (AFA) has raised eyebrows for giving an outrageous advice on how to have sex and get lucky with a Russian girl at this year's World Cup.

The guidance is said to be part of a manual on Russian culture delivered to executives, coaches, players and journalists travelling with the Argentine team to the tournament.

According to Mail Online, the seminar was delivered by Russian language expert Dr. Eduardo Pennisi and organised by the Social, Sports, and Sustainability Commission of the Argentina Football Association (AFA).

It was reported that those traveling with football star, Lionel Messi and other players to the were shocked to be given tips during a seminar which took place on Tuesday.

In one of the chapters posted on social networks was entitled: 'What do I have to do to get lucky with a Russian girl'.

Advice included: 'Russian girls, like any other girl, pay close attention to whether you are clean, smell good and are well dressed.

'The first impression is important to them, so pay attention to your image.'

Another paragraph read: 'Russian girls do not like to be regarded as objects, and hate annoying men. Don't be negative. Don't ask the same old questions, be original.'

It continued: 'They like men with initiative. If you don't have it, practise with other women beforehand.'

'Many men, because Russian woman are beautiful, just want to get them into bed.

'Maybe they want that too, but they also want to feel important and special, so you should treat the woman in front of you are someone who has value, with their own ideas and desires.'

Another part of the chapter tells the men travelling to Russia: 'Do not ask stupid questions about sex. For Russians, sex is something very private and not discussed in public.'

The manuel also hinted that the delegate of the Argentine Football Association will find plenty of beautiful Russian women to seduce so they can afford to be 'selective'.

It says: 'Normally Russians girls pay attention to the important things. But of course, you will find girls who are concerned about material things, how much money you have, if you are handsome.

'But don't worry, there are many beautiful women in Russia and not all of them are right for you. Be selective.'.

The UK Sun also reported that while the seminar was going on, images from the manual began circulating on social network sites, before staff noticed and reportedly took back the guides away from participants.

Dr. Eduardo who gave the tips out later claimed he had copied the seduction techniques from a blog and said the Argentinian Football Association had been aware of the content of the manual.

He reportedly criticised those who had posted the material online 'in bad faith'.

Meanwhile, following the backlash received online, the Argentine Football Association has apologised claiming that they didn't go through the material before authorising it.

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard and wife Christine expecting their first child together

Chelsea and England legend, Frank Lampard and his wife, Christine Lampard are expecting their child together.

The former footballer, 39, shared the good news on Instagram, alongside a family photo with daughters Luna, 12, and Isla, 10, from his previous relationship with Elen Rivas and his wife current wife, Christine.

He captioned the cute photo:

'We have some exciting news we wanted to share with you. The Lampard family is growing! My gorgeous wife @christinelampard is pregnant and we all couldn’t be happier!!!'

The couple who have been together for six years, tied the knot in a lavish London wedding back in 2015.
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