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Monday, February 17, 2020

US Prosecutors accuse Florida surgeon of stealing $26million from health insurers to fund his political ambitions in Ghana

A Florida surgeon, Dr Moses deGraft-Johnson has been charged by US prosecutors to the tune of $26million in healthcare fraud, after they found out he allegedly defrauded government and insurers with fake surgeries so as to fund his political ambition in his native Ghana.

A federal grand jury early this month unsealed a 58-count indictment alleging that Dr Moses falsely billed insurers, including Medicare and Medicaid, for work he did not perform.

According to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services investigations, deGraft-Johnson claimed to have performed over a five-year period more than 3,600 atherectomies and angioplasties, surgeries that were never performed.

'He used his access to the hospital's daily census to poach patients for his scheme to defraud, instructing his staff to cold call patients from the hospital so that he could use their presence to fraudulently bill health care programs,' prosecutors said in court documents.

Prosecutors asked the judge to keep the doctor in custody as his long term goal was to be the president of Ghana suggesting he was a flight risk.

US Magistrate Judge Charles A Stampelos agreed and ordered deGraft-Johnson held until trial, set for March 23.

Johnson's assets were freezed after Investigators said they looked into the doctor's bank accounts and discovered at least $1.8million in international wire transfers to entities and associates in Ghana plus the fact that he has a relative who was the vice president of Ghana in the 80s.

'He's a wonderful doctor, and I will defend him vigorously,' said William Bubsey, the attorney who represented deGraft-Johnson during Friday's detention hearings, even though he isn't sure he will represent Johnson when the main trial starts.

Bubsey also said the allegations against Johnson were false as the money he sent home was used to help poor people in Ghana and not for any political ambition.

Justin Bieber finally shaves off his mustache after fans begged him, his wife Hailey Baldwin happily reacts

Justin Bieber is rocking a new look after listening to his fans who begged him to shave off his mustache.

In the video the 25-year-old pop star shared, he was spotted facing the mirror in the bathroom. He began shaving off his mustache without hesitation and expressed a happy look with the result he got.

Bieber also shared a selfie in which he showed off his major transformation and it came with the caption;

I shaved. MUSTASHIO went on holiday, but he will be back in due time

The singer's wife, Hailey Baldwin who seemed happy with the new look was in the comment section of the Instagram post. She wrote "Yeeeee" along with a heart eyes emoji.

Justin Bieber has also began opening up on the several transformation he underwent in the last few years.

In "Forever" which is one of the tracks in his recent album "Changes", Bieber insinuated that he is living his best life. He said;

"Never thought I'd settle down, I cannot lie to myself / I was busy focusin' on bein' by myself / Set my feelings to the side, they all got dusty on the shelf / You wiped them down when I had nothin' left."

Comparison with those on social media is one of the things killing people today - Nathaniel Bassey

Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey on Monday morning appealed to Nigerians, particularly the youths, not to allow themselves slip into depression by comparing their lives to people on social media.

In a post shared on his IG page, the singer stated that as a youth pastor, he has come to understand that many of the problems youths face is because they compare their lives to others, forgetting all the benefits of God towards them. He encouraged everyone to remmber God's goodness and stay giving thanks always.

He wrote

As a youth Pastor myself, I get to speak with a lot of young people. And many times when I trace the root of their issues, one of the things I find, amongst other things, is this. The era we live in is one of “make belief”


I have seen people take sad trips because all they do, all day, is focus, ruminate & meditate on the shines & blings that, some times, others intentionally want them to see, especially on social media, while forgetting the ENORMOUS goodness and mercies of God in their own lives. And the moment you cease to see how good HE has been to you, you open a door to these tormenting spirits. And all they make you see is how “terrible” your situation is. And as you feed on this, you begin to get “weighed” down. DEPRESSED. “THE- PRESS” begins to act on you- then you begin to make DECISIONS based on these feelings. And the end of these decisions play out the lies you were told by the devil. And later you tend to feel a sense of justification about the way your felt at first.

PLEASE GIVE THANKS! Spend more time in the word. Focus on His goodness. Literally COUNT THEM. As as you do, the Holy Spirit would shed more light on then bringing to your remembrance God’s faithful acts in your life . Then even the things you are expecting and waiting on would begin to fall in place one after the other !
Nothing wrong with looking at other people’s successes. But do so and be truly grateful for them, without necessarily doing so against the backdrop of your own situation.
This week BE GRATEFUL !

Piers Morgan and Jameela Jamil drag each other on Twitter and it ends with Jameela blocking Piers

Jameela Jamil has been forced to block Piers Morgan after they both went at each other for days on Twitter.

It all began on February 13 when the TV host taunted the British actress amid claims she has Munchausen syndrome.

For every tweet Piers shared mocking her, Jameela hit back. It got to a peak today when Jameela responded to Piers' taunts.

She tweeted at him: I'll be remembered one day for being the annoying woman who changed global policies and worked on laws to protect/destigmatize the mental health of our youth. You will be remembered as the annoying rent-a-gob and celebrity stalker who was on literally EVERY wrong side of history."

And Piers responded: "You won't be remembered at all."

Jameela later revealed she has blocked Piers.

See their tweets below.

People who shout in church are selfish - Vector

Nigerian rapper, Vector has taken a swipe at people who believe that ''God will hear them more when they shout in church.''

According to the rapper, such act shows how selfish people are because they want God to answer them first.

Vector tweeted;

Why the hell do people shout in church believing God would hear them more. If anything, it shows how selfish we are cos the volume increases mostly cos the individual vuvuzela wants “God” to answer him/her first. That! My brethren, isn’t Christian. That’s competition.

'Go f*** yourself': Porto and Malian striker, Moussa Marega blasts Vitoria SC fans after he was racially abused (photos/video)

The Primeira Liga game between Porto vs Vitoria Guimaraes was marred by yet another show of racism in football as Malian striker, Moussa Marega was racially abused by Vitoria SC fans after he scored his side's winner on Sunday.

When the 28-year-old striker scored in the 60th minute, he celebrated his goal by pointing to the colour of the skin on his forearm, which prompted monkey noises and chairs to be thrown from the stands.

Marega even celebrated with one of the discarded plastic seats but then made his way to the side of the pitch, with his thumbs down and seemingly booing the home supporters.

He was shown a yellow card for the reaction and after the abuse continued he attempted to angrily leave the pitch, but was restrained by his teammates and opposition players, including Porto coach Sergio Conceicao.

The Malian striker who spent a season on loan at Vitoria in 2016-17 was later substituted in the 72nd minute and replaced with Wilson Manafa.

After the final whistle, Marega took to Instagram to blast the racist supporters: 'I'd like to tell those idiots that came to the stadium to shout racist abuse... go f*** yourself.

'I also want to congratulate the referee for not protecting me and showing me a yellow card because I'm defending my skin colour.

'I hope I never meet him again on a football pitch!! YOU'RE A DISGRACE!!!'

His coach, Conceicao also spoke about the incident while speaking in his post-match interview.

He told reporters: "We are completely indignant,"

"They insulted Marega since the warm-up. We are all a family here, regardless of our nationality, skin colour, height or the colour of our hair and we all deserve respect. What happened here is outrageous.

"I know the fans here are very passionate about their club and many fans are not represented by some of the people who were in the crowd today."

Watch the videos below.

GOLO! FC Porto, Marega aos 60', Vitória SC 1-2 FC Porto #LigaNOS #VSCFCP
??— VSPORTS (@vsports_pt) February 16, 2020

Moussa Marega incident for those that haven’t seen it, 100% within his rights to want to leave the field. FC Porto, Sérgio and the Liga need to stand by him and make sure that this incident goes punished.

( ? courtesy of @vsports_pt)— Próxima Jornada (@ProximaJornada1) February 16, 2020

Nigerian man cries for justice as he accuses SARS of cutting off his father's locs for no reason

A man took to Facebook to accuse SARS operatives of cutting off his father's locs for no reason.

Divine Michael Jackson, who lives in Port Harcourt, shared a photo of his father's hair before it was cut and another photo taken after his long natural locs had been scraped off.

He accused SARS operatives of being responsible and added that they seized the chopped off locs and asked his father to return on Tuesday to collect his hair.

"Am so sad we need justice to take place. we need human right please B4 they will kill my poor dad 4 me (sic)," Divine MJ wrote, adding, "Let justice take place even if we are poor." he wrote

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