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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire announces the birth of second child with fiancée Fern Hawkins

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire and his fiancee Fern Hawkins have announced the birth of their second child, a baby girl.

The 27-year-old center-back took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon to share the good news and revealed they have named the newborn child, Piper Rose Maguire.

He shared an adorable image of him and his fiancée with their newborn in the hospital and wrote: "Welcome to this crazy world our second baby girl Piper Rose Maguire xxx You are SO loved."

Maguire and his fiancée Fern now have two girls. They welcomed their first child, Lillie Saint Maguire in April 2019.

Obama describes the way Trump has handled the Coronavirus pandemic as an 'absolute chaotic disaster'

Former US President Barack Obama has described Trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic as "an absolute chaotic disaster".

Obama said this in a private call on Friday night with people who worked for him in the White House and across his administration. The blistering assessment came on a call intended to encourage over 3,000 members of the Obama Alumni Association to engage with former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

In the 30-minute conversation, Obama stated that the response to the coronavirus outbreak served as a critical reminder that a strong government leadership is needed during a global crisis

CNN reported that the former US President said;

"This election that's coming up — on every level — is so important because what we're going to be battling is not just a particular individual or a political party.

"What we're fighting against is these long-term trends in which being selfish, being tribal, being divided and seeing others as an enemy — that has become a stronger impulse in American life.

"It's part of the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anemic and spotty.

"It would have been bad even with the best of governments. It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset of 'what's in it for me' and 'to heck with everybody else' ... is operationalized in our government.

"That's why, I, by the way, am going to be spending as much time as necessary and campaigning as hard as I can for Joe Biden."

The comments were first reported by Yahoo News, which obtained an audio recording of the call. A spokesman for Obama declined to comment or elaborate on the former president's remarks when CNN reached out.

Recall Obama formally endorsed Biden last month, and he also disclosed that he would be deeply involved in the campaign to his former Vice President win the White House.

A White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany however dismissed Obama's comment, and further said in statement that "President Trump's coronavirus response has been unprecedented and saved American lives."

Kayleigh added;

“While Democrats were pursuing a sham witch hunt against President Trump, President Trump was shutting down travel from China. While Democrats encouraged mass gatherings, President Trump was deploying PPE, ventilators, and testing across the country."

National polls show a tight race between Trump and Biden with six months to go until the election. Biden leads in several battleground states.

Nigerian man reveals "why men don't like receiving gifts from women in romantic relationships"

A Nigerian man took to Twitter to reveal why he thinks men don't like receiving gifts from women in romantic relationships.

According to @MrOdanz, women always haunt men with material things they gave out in a romantic relationship when things go south.

He further said that men seldomly cry out for help or harrass their ex-girlfriends when they get dumped in a relationship they spent a lot in.

He tweeted;

Dozens of Igbo men have sponsored the life and education of women they want to marry till graduation. Most of them get dumped at the end of their sacrifice.They drink it down with beer, wail to their friends and move on You don't see them crying for help and harassing their Ex

Some men even rented houses for their Exes, fund their lives and the lives of all their family members. Sometimes in expectation for nothing. When things don't work out, they pack up and leave in dignity. No drama, no emotional blackmail, no victimhood Olympics

But it is the SUPERIOR GENDER that will go beserk if they spend 10 Naira on you and it later doesn't end up in marriage. They'd tell the story to the whole world, they'd haunt you, they will curse, they will harass. If there is a way to destroy you, they'd jump at it.

Right there is a reason why men don't exactly like taking gifts from women. They'd prefer to be the ones giving. Because things can go south and they'd go about talking about how "I MADE HIM, I FED HIM, I CLOTHED HIM, I GAVE HIM AIR."

If you know you are giving your lover any gifts or money in expectation for something, please put it into a written agreement so we know you are mad. Coming back to haunt the person after things go South is outrightly wrong and evil. Women indeed need to do better with that

A lawyer who contributed to the tweet wrote;

Another Twitter user wrote;

Oyo Head of Service’s son caught in ‘ghost job’ scandal

Ayobami Agboola, son of Oyo state Government Head of Service, Amidat Agboola ignited an uproar after his conversation with a social media user about a ‘ghost job’ came to light.

A ‘ghost job’ is a common practice in state and federal civil service whereby names of non-workers widely known as ghost workers, are added into the workforce and used to receive illegal pay.

Ayobami's role in the 'ghost job’ scandal was made public after he and a former acquintance, Sulaimon Adesola got into an argument over the response of Governor Seyi Makinde's administration to the Coronavirus pandemic in Oyo state.

While Ayobami insisted that Adesola's criticism against Makinde's administration was because he could not secure a “ghost job” under the government, Adesola fired back by stating it was the head of service's son who promised to use his mother’s influence to secure him a slot.

The screenshots Adesola shared to back his claim compelled Ayobami into admitting that they had the conversation. The Head of Service's son however denied being involved in a racketeering scheme and only egged him on because he was doing a pro bono work for him.

See the chats Adesola shared and Ayobami's counter statement below;

Emeka Ike slams follower who said his ex wife 'fits him more' than his new wife

Emeka Ike went ballistic on some of his followers following comments they dropped on a short video he shared with his son and his South African wife, Yolanda Pfeiffer on Instagram.

One of the veteran actor's followers had stated that his ex wife, Suzanne Emma "fits him" more than his new wife, Yolanda.

Emeka who fired back at some of his followers over their comments, also alleged that his ex wife is using a fake account to troll him.

The exchange was captured in screenshots below;

In 2015 the actor's first wife, Suzanne Emma filed for divorce from him on grounds of domestic violence. Though Emeka Ike denied the divorce rumours at that time, a Lagos Island Customary Court dissolved the marriage in March 2017.

Emeka Ike and Yolanda Pfeiffer welcomed a baby girl in October 2019.

Police rescue Lebanese-born Nollywood actor Bilal Nosser 'Mr B' who was kidnapped in Rivers state (photos/video)

Kidnapped Lebanese-born Nollywood actor, Bilal Nosser a.k.a Mr B has been rescued by the Rivers State Police Command.

The actor who was being taken to Ndashi forest in Etche Local Government Area of the Rivers State by his abductors, was rescued by a police team attached to Okehi Police Station in a sting operation carried out on Saturday May 9.

Nosser's Toyota Venza which was also seized by his abductors, was recovered by the police team.

Recounting his ordeal after being rescued, Nosser said he was lured from his residence in Owerri with a fake business and movie deal by the suspected leader of the criminal gang who introduced himself as Clifford.

“I woke up around 9a.m on Friday, after my Ramadan fasting and night prayers, I saw a message on my iPad Phone, that said, Mr. B, please call me I have a business for you.

“I dialed the number, his photograph pooped up, then I asked who he was, he introduced himself as Mr. Clifford and quickly added that he has a business for me.

"He continued, there is this new hotel we will like you to take over its management and again we are also making a new film, we need a White man and we know that your an actor and stays at Owerri, so you have to come over let’s discuss it.

“He then told me where i will meet with his driver somewhere around Imo Airport junction, who will come and bring me to the said hotel for me to see it and thereafter, we discuss the business.”

“Mr. Clifford gave the driver my phone number, and equally gave mine to the him (the driver), when I got to the place (Arab contractors), I called the driver and informed him that I was there, in less than two minutes the driver was already standing before me, he asked if I was Mr. B. I said yes.

"We continued to run inside lonely bush part, in villages, I began to pray inside of me, then we got to an isolated area, some persons rushed out from the forest, they began to beat me with cutlass, they had one locally made gun, they were beating me all over, my mouth, face, back, neck they was saying, today you don enter, all the money you have in your bank account you must use your ATM to transfer all to us today otherwise we will cut you into pieces, they continued to hit me.

“I was shocked confused over what was happening, because in the last 30 years i have been in this country, Owerri precisely, I have never been attacked any day.

“After, those people that beat me, joined us in the car, they were pushing and hitting me to enter the car, by now the vehicle was tight, they were three in number, I managed to squize myself in the middle."

The State Police Commissioner, Mr. Joseph Mukan confirmed the rescue of the Lebanese and arrest of one of his captors identified as Faith Nwagor.

Mukan said;

“Operatives of the Okehi Police Station led by the DPO in a sting operation last night stormed a forest in Ndashi, Etche Local Government Area, where they rescued Mr. Bilal Nosser, popularly known as Mr. B.

“Bilal Nosser is a renowned Nollywood actor, who was kidnapped in Imo State and taken to a forest in Ndashi, where he was rescued by the DPO and his team.

“In the course of his rescue, one of the members of the gang by the name Nwagor Faith ‘m’ who was keeping watch over him was arrested, while others took to flight. He has made useful confessions and named other members of his criminal gang.

“Also, the Toyota Venza belonging to the victim has been recovered."

Efforts have been intensified to arrest other fleeing members of the gang and also recover their operational weapons.
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