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Sunday, April 16, 2017

VIDEO: Sarkodie – Gboza

VIDEO: Sarkodie – Gboza

Sarkcess Music presents the visuals to Sarkodie‘s recently released single titled – ‘Gboza‘.

It features the hilarious comic – Dabo, playing the lead role.

Gboza was directed by Prince Dovlo.


If I have a second chance at marriage, I'll keep it lowkey' - Teebillz

For the first time since his marriage with Tiwa Savage broke down, Teebillz spoke publicly about the marriage and what he would have done differently.

Yesterday, Teebillz was invited by his mentor and life coach, Lanre Olusola to speak as a panelist at Mind the Gap X, a love and relationship class for single, married and divorced people. At the event, Teebillz was quoted saying,

‘If I have the chance of doing my marriage over again, l will put God first and not have an elaborate wedding, It’s the 21st century and as men, most of us want to live like we are the lords of the marriage. You’re a partner. It’s about our weaknesses, we’re here to help each other.’

The female fan 50Cent punched is now planning to sue him

The female fan who 50 Cent punched in the chest for pulling him off stage during a rap concert last week is now planning to sue him.

After his assault, 50 Cent invited the victim, now identified as Donnetta Derr on stage to make up for the incident and she even twerked during his performance, making people believe all was forgiven only for her to decide to sue. Some lawyers must have approached

According to a TMZ report, Donnetta has a law firm behind her that will sue 50 early next week. She will also sue The Lox, with whom Fiddy performed, and the venue, Baltimore Soundstage.

Confirming the report, one of the victim's lawyers, Warren Brown told TMZ that Donnetta went to the hospital the next day and hired him Monday.

Actresses, Mercy Johnson and Ebube Nwagbo stun in new photos

Beautiful ladies! See another photo after the cut...

Photos: Body of beautiful Fashion Design student declared missing in Lagos, found in a morgue

Odeleye Remilekun, who was declared missing on April 9th, days after she left her hostel to attend a party at Lagos Island has been found dead. The Fashion and Design student died in a motor accident on Third Mainland Bridge on April 1st and her body was deposited in a morgue.

It will be recalled that friends and family members took to social media to ask for information concerning the deceased's whereabouts. According to her friend, Dewumoh Mary Medese, she was last seen leaving her hostel in Gbagada to a house party on the Island with a friend that Friday. All attempts to reach her on the phone after was unsuccessful.

Dewumoh Mary Medese confirmed her her death in an Instagram post published yesterday.

"Ok I tot u were missing babe. I tried to look everywhere for u but alas u had died in an accident the next day u left home, we tot u were missing never knew u had gone to never come back with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart I pray u Rest well cos we are all going to die and yours came a lil early my regards to your dad,my dad and my mummy and pls take care of your self baby . We are going to forever miss you baby, I am going to be strong not because I am capable but for u my happy soul who loved with all her heart you lived a short life but u touched my heart with your love and happiness. Now to u who lives your life trolling, backstabbing, judging and saying hurtful things about people u know nothing about I hope u are happy your wish came true yes she is dead but she was not a prey of what u thought and hoped it was, she died in an accident on eko bridge April 1st 2017,and yes she was never a call girl or whatever name y'all have for it, I hope this makes u sleep well tonight and makes you fulfilled. Good night Remilekun @remmy.t Mi I love u endlessly nothing is ever changing this even death baby"

Photos from the traditional wedding of former Mr Nigeria, Kenneth Okolie and US-based wife

Nollywood actor and 2010 Mr Nigeria, Kenneth Okolie and his US-based wife Jessica Nwakah had their traditional wedding yesterday Saturday April 15th. The couple dated for a while and got engaged in January, 2017. Congrats to them. More photos after the cut...

VIDEO: Lil’ Dizzie – Booty Overdose Ft. Spicer

VIDEO: Lil’ Dizzie – Booty Overdose Ft. Spicer

Industrious and tireless, Lil’ Dizzie continues to prove his steadfastness for his musical craft as the Nigerian rapper who’s been poised and known for moving in and gaining control of international features as an Indie artist once again leaves the shores of Nigeria and puts out a collaboration with Ghanaian recording artist, Spicer, with production from Base Records (BRMG) Ghanaian producer, Dr. Spooky; the seamless offering titled “Booty Overdose,” follows up on Lil’ Dizzie’s vibrant year following previous releases like the Zimbabwean/South African collaboration titled “Feeling Her Ways,” with EL Deeper and Brythreesixty, the EL Deeper mix-up titled “Go Down” and more recently, the MajorSlim_DJ/J.Fitts tune titled “Ballin’.”

Not only is Lil’ Dizzie out with a new piece, he’s also under a UK-based record label/management team, AK Smalls Records/AK Smalls Entertainment owned by Ayokunle Bisiriyu, son of Nigerian Business Mogul & Philanthropist, Alhaji F. Bisiriyu).

The visuals for “Booty Overdose” is currently in focus and would be shot on location in Ghana with a few shows already lined up in the same zone – delivering his piece in his mother tongue, the Yoruba language, Lil’ Dizzie shines alongside Spicer who delivers a lovely chorus and an amusive/entertaining verse over the Dr. Spooky instrumentation – listen up and share your thoughts, likewise, check out the self-directed visual which was shot on location in Accra, Ghana, and is nothing short of fascinating and riveting in all ways.


VIDEO: Wale – Fashion Week ft. G-Eazy

VIDEO: Wale – Fashion Week ft. G-Eazy

“Fashion Week“, Track 5 off Wale‘s forthcoming album – SHINE – gets a clean-cut video!

The G-Eazy featured track serves as a fresh appetizer as we await the May 5 release of Wale‘s 5th studio album. The album features fellow Naija boys, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, and the likes of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and many others. Peep the clean visuals below.

North Korea flashes its military muscle in parade as soldiers chant towards Kim jong-un 'we will die for you' (photos)

The North Korean government on Saturday showed the world how big its military has become as they carried out drills with thousands of soldiers marching in formation alongside tanks, balloons and enormous crowds to celebrate the country's 'day of the sun' holiday, a day set aside to mark the 1912 birth of Kim Il Sung, grandfather of Kim Jong Un and founder of North Korea.

Kim Il Sung died in 1994 after leading his country from its establishment in 1948 until his death. He passed the leadership to his son, Kim Jong II who in turn passed it to Kim Jong Un, the current 'supreme leader' of North Korea.

Leader Kim Jong-Un, dressed in a black suit, watched the military parade pour into Kim Il-Sung Square, Pyongyang, accompanied by top military and party leaders, state television showed in a live broadcast.

According to North Korean run media, and multiple foreign media houses invited to the parade, the soldiers in their thousands could be heard chanting towards Kim Jong un 'we will die for you' as they paraded their weapons of warfare.

Meningitis: Zamfara state governor replies Emir of Kano

On April 5th, Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II took a swipe at the Zamfara state governor, Abdulaziz Yari, over his recent controversial statement that the current meningitis epidemic is as a result of the prevalence of immorality in the country. The Emir of Kano in a post shared on his IG page, said Yari's statement had no basis in Islam. In recent times, the monarch has been canvassing for a change in the thought process of Muslims in Nigeria, particularly towards embracing science and modern day techniques.

In a statement released by his media aide, Yari kicked against the monarch new found stance against the practice of Islam in Nigeria. He says the Emir's reaction to his comment doesn't change the fact that everything must be linked to good whether fair or foul. Read his statement below
For those who consider the emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II to be anything but a first class intellectual, a consummate banker and a bona fide member of Nigeria’s royalty, the last couple of weeks were a dizzying spectacle of mixed messages on integrity, royalty and wisdom.
Within a perimeter of weeks, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II, whose royal tentacles and social networks traverse the length and breadth of this country, lambasted the nation’s economic framework, the northern elite, sub-national leadership especially the governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar and the traditional institution of marriage.

All frontiers that we hold so dear
With due respect to our highly revered traditional institutions and royal fathers, as a blue-blooded family member himself, Hon Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar holds the emir in very high esteem. He believes that the emir as a brother and co-occupant of elite positions in Nigeria, he could advice governors and those in positions of authority in several chains of communication that are richly available to him. But he preferred the public platform, for reasons best known to him.
Governor Yari firmly believes that a country that goes to its pastors and Imams who recommend prayer and fasting as the solution to every social misfortune, from matrimonial disagreements, to social and economic complications needs to be wary of the wrath of God in the event of an epidemic of unquantifiable proportion such as Type C meningitis. And as a country that succumbs to the supremacy of Allah, we must continue to link Him with all things, fair or foul.
Those who want to equate science with God, like HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II can denounce Yari’s statement from the rooftops but that will not change Governor Yari’s beliefs in the omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence of Allah.
By a certain bizarre coincidence too, like a prophesy foretold, Sheikh Mahmood Jaafar had before he was assassinated named Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as one of those whose hypocrisy would bring an epidemic of monumental proportions to this country. The tapes are very much in circulation long after Sheikh Jaafar death,
He had argued in that sermon that “Sanusi Lamido is one of the enemies of Islam who would assume all traits of a good Muslim but deep inside them is a hatred of Islam, and the people far beyond human imagination.” Could this be a prophecy foretold?
However, the emir should be aware that Allah who gives power to whoever He wills at His own time, also takes it away at the most inauspicious time. As elected officials, we are obliged to serve people just as we serve God. Within this precinct Governor Yari has done his best. As representatives of the best of our traditions, our Emirs, chiefs, kings and queens are also obliged to lead by example, show empathy, adjudicate with compassion, display wisdom and embrace the fear of God, in all they do. In this HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II is struggling.
Recently, our erudite emir has been mired in several controversies, which rather than enhance his profile and the integrity of royalty, has put him very much on the spot. And the emir has put up a spirited defence of all the allegations against him. But he was not transparent enough, as he always accused officials, especially governors, to tell the public what he found in the Kano Emirate palace coffers when he ascended the exalted throne. This is the least of his people’s expectations of him. It was the first that our finest royalty would offer.
Sacrifice is another attribute known to our royal fathers. But when an emir pledges to commit his hard earned resources for the face-lifting of the palace where he alone would reside and eventually transfers the burden to his impoverished subjects, there is a breach, or a problem.
Late Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki, of blessed memory, used his money to rebuild the Sultan’s palace in Sokoto to his taste, but until his demise, he never tendered the bill to his subjects for reimbursement.
Over time, we know our traditional fathers for their compassion. When their friends from far and near offer to assist them, they would rather the assistance was given to alleviate the sufferings of their people in cash or kind. But for a traditional ruler who identifies the problems of his people and utters these words: “We are in denial. The north-west and the north-east, demographically, constitute the bulk of Nigeria’s population, but look at human development indices, look at the number of children out of school, look at adult literacy, look at maternal mortality, look at infant mortality, look at girl-child completion rate, look at income per capita… The north-east and the north-west Nigeria are among the poorest parts of the world,” and yet when his friends offered help, he asks for a Rolls Royce.
There is more than a fundamental problem. There is a big disconnect. Like Governor Yari has always said, his respect for our creator will never waver. He will also rue joining issues with royalty, in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. He maintains that his reverence of the institution that HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II represents is also unshaken. Hon Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar is only asking HRH to either practice what he preaches or forever keep his peace, because in a situation where epidemics are taking our children, maternal mortality, uneducated youth, social vices and incompetent leaders are the national scourge, to borrow the words of the emir, and all he wants to do is ride a Rolls Royce in the face of palpable poverty, he shouldn’t engage in throwing accusations at others.
Kano kingdom is an important kingdom amongst the kingdoms in Africa. It is also an important and strategic institution in the history of Nigeria. The occupants of the seat before HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II played a significant and dignified role in making Nigeria what it is today. They respected themselves. HRH should emulate his predecessors and not play to the gallery in a manner that ridicules his own heritage.

Kelly Osbourne says everyone is gay and love has no gender

In an interview with LGBT magazine, PrideSource, 32yr old Kelly Osbourne disclosed that while she has never dated a woman, she is open to dating anyone regardless of gender saying one 'can't put a gender on love.' The former Fashion Police hostess said, 'You know my honest opinion? Everybody's gay. It is a strictly human thing. You can't put a gender on love. I'm open to loving anybody. It's about the person. I don't think it's about sexuality at all.'

And whilst the singer and television personality has never been in a relationship with a woman, she's open to exploring. Asked if she labels her sexuality, she added:

'My whole rule is, never say never.

'I've never been in a relationship with a woman, but I don't know that it's not a possibility. But I also don't like it when people claim to be gay and then aren't.'
'There's this whole generation of young Hollywood girls who can't find love where they think it's supposed to be, and then they come out being gay and two weeks later they have a boyfriend.'
She expressed her annoyance with young Hollywood stars who come out as gay only to later claim it was all a phase.
'It drives me nuts! I think it takes all the proactive work the LGBT community has done and sets them back. Oh, so now you're gay? Then two weeks later, "Oh no, that was just a phase." You don't get to do that."
'I'll tell you who's the worst with it: young female celebrities. And I'm like, I know you. I've known you pretty much since before you used to s**t outside of a diaper.
'You are not gay!. But I think outing somebody in that way is just as bad as outing somebody who has not come out of the closet.'
'It's one of those things I have to keep to myself ... and it drives me f***ing crazy!'
'I've marched till my feet bled for the right of equal love in the gay community, and you're just gonna step in because it looks cool for you and now tell everybody that you're a lesbian when you've never even seen another puss that's not yours so you can get attention?'

WTF happened to K Michelle's figure? (photos)

There were rumours she got two of her ribs removed and with this new photos...once is forced to believe it...

'We are ready for all out war, we will hit with nuclear attacks of our own'- North Korea tells U.S

The North Korean government, led by supreme leader Kim Jong-un, after its military parade on Saturday to celebrate the birth of its founder and Kim Jong-Un's grandfather, has warned the U.S and all its neighbors (Japan, South Korea and even China) that the secretive state is ready to attack anyone who provokes them.

The U.S has deployed its navy strike team 'US Carl Vinson' and the 'armada' to the Korean Peninsula and is ready to attack North Korea if they carry out any further nuclear tests , but North Korea seem undeterred and following the massive weapons on display during the parade on Saturday, a war between both or more nations is imminent.

We're prepared to respond to an all-out war with an all-out war and we are ready to hit back with nuclear attacks of our own style against any nuclear attacks," Mr Choe Ryong-Hae, North Korea's number two man said in a speech broadcasted by the state run KCNA.

"Today's parade will provide a chance to display our powerful military might," a male voiceover added on the TV broadcast.

'Such reckless acts of aggression" would be countered with "whatever methods the US wants to take." The voiceover concluded.The ceremony held on Saturday in Pyongyang is to celebrate the birth of Kim Il-Sung (Kim Jong-un's grandfather) - a date known as the "Day of the Sun" in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the country's official name.

Beyonce and Jay Z slip off to Bora Bora for a little r&r before the twins arrive...

According to E! News

A source tells E! News, "Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their anniversary and babymoon in Tahiti. They spent five nights at the Intercontinental Bora Bora and Thalasso Spa."
"They stayed in a secluded overwater villa on a private island only accessible by boat," our source said.
Just to put that in perspective, a one-night stay at one of these villas is about $1296, meaning their total trip costs approximately $6,480.
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