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Friday, December 28, 2018

The suspect’s confession is a lie, our son was broke – Alex Badeh's family opens up

Family of late former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Vice Marshal, Alex Badeh, have refuted claims by a suspect in custody of the Police that the late Military Chief was killed while they were attempting to rob him of huge sums of money.

A leaked video that went viral on social media last night showed the suspect saying that he and his brother planned the robbery because they learnt that the late Badeh was conveying huge cash to buy a parcel of land in Nasarawa state.

The suspect said that they had only planned to rob the late Badeh, but when his car tried to run them over, they dodged and then opened fire which led to his death. However, the family countered the claim by the suspect, saying that the late Military Chief did not even have up to N500 cash on the day that he was killed.

The family insisted that contrary to the claim, Badeh did not discuss any issue about the acquisition of land. They described the confessions of the suspect as a “cook-up story to deceive the public and hide the killers and their intentions.

The family spoke with Vanguard Newspapers at the residence of the late Chief of Air Staff in Abuja to react to the claim by the suspected killers.

The family delegated only one member to speak on the condition that his or her name will not be mentioned in the report.

“We called you here because we have been following your report in Vanguard since our son and brother, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, was killed by yet-to-be identified people.

“We are not happy with the report being put out to the public there on the circumstances that led to his death.

“We as a family, believe that some people responsible for his death want to deceive the public by hiding the facts of what happened, how it happened and those responsible.

“I want to emphatically tell you here that contrary to the claim that he went to his farm on the fateful day with huge amount of money to buy additional farmland, there was nothing like that.

“In fact, he had no money on him that day, not even N500 in the vehicle. “As I told you, no money, I repeat, no money was in that vehicle. Not even N500 was in that vehicle on that day he was killed.

“I repeat that no N500 not even N1000 was in that motor he drove that he was killed that day.

“Before his death, a villager who knew he was on the farm that day went to meet him to get money to buy paracetamol tablet for his headache he could not afford the money for him. Instead, he asked the person if he could go to Panda Market.

“When the man said he could, our brother told him to pick 10 mudus (measured quantity) of maize to sell in the market and buy drug for himself, saying that was the only help he could render to him since he had no cash to give out.

“He took time to narrate to the person that as he was talking to him, there was a huge refuse dump at his house in Abuja and the people responsible for packing it, that is the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, had refused to do so because he had no money to pay for the packing.

“He added that his cook and the cleaner in his house had not been paid, explaining further that those were the reasons he went to farm on that day to pick some bags of harvested maize, like 100 bags, to sell so as to raise money to settle those issues.

“Again, he told his workers on the farm that since they have blocked his pension, his only source of getting money, only three out of the eight working for him can remain as he wouldn’t have money to pay all the eight anymore.

“He said ‘I’m sorry to tell you this but this is the reality, I can only retain three workers now, the five of you have to go so that I won’t be owing you salaries. He said I can be selling maize and be paying salary for the three that I will retain.

“He did not have N500 on that day they killed him, I swear to God. All this you are hearing is a cook-up story.

“He went to farm to pick some bags of corn to sell so that he could raise money to pay the workers on the farm, the cook and cleaner in the house as well as for the packing of refuse dump here in the house.

“You can see the huge refuse dump here near the wall. If you see this refuse, they had to shift it from this wall closer to the primary school there because of the odour oozing out from the waste bins. You can see the dustbins there (pointed to it). “So where did they get the information they released to the public from?”

See lovely photos Miley Cyrus posing with her parents Tish and Billy Ray at her low-key wedding to Liam Hemsworth

On Sunday, American singer, Miley Cyrus married the love of her life, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth in a low-key wedding ceremony which took place in Tennessee.

Her mother, Tish Ray shared these lovely photos with her husband, Billy posing with their daughter after the singer said 'I do' to Liam Hemsworth.

She captioned one of the images, 'This makes my heart so happy.'

Miley and Hemsworth who dated off/on for 10 years met on the set of their 2010 movie 'The Last Song.'

On Thursday TMZ revealed the 26-year-old Party In The USA singer and the 28-year-old Hunger Games actor obtained their marriage license five days before the nuptials. The date was December 18.

The site had a copy of the 'marriage record' which was dated December 18, 2018 and was taken out in Williamstown, Tennessee.

According to PEOPLE, the floor-length dress was custom-made by Vivienne Westwood’s couture team and costs an eye-watering $8,600.

Kizz Daniel unfollows Davido on IG

Following last night's saga, Kizz Daniels has unfollowed Davido on IG. Davido and his gang members were accused of slapping Kizz Daniel's manager, Tumi, during the concert.

See screenshots below

Meghan Markle boasted about serving Marijuana to guests at her first wedding, leaked email claims

Meghan Markle's estranged father, Thomas Markle Sr, said last month that wedding guests at his daughter' first wedding in Jamaica were given an extra something. Now, it has been claimed that the Duchess of Sussex boasted to friends about serving illegal marijuana at her first wedding.

Leaked emails reveal that Meghan Markle had plans to put the marijuana in the party bags distributed to guests as she tied the knot with Trevor Engelson. In the email obtained by The SUn UK, Meghan was urged by a friend to buy a certain type of bag for the cannabis, which was to be served at her 2011 wedding.

According to the Sun, Meghan allegedly replied to the mail, saying:

Already ordered ’em. And teeny ones for the pot that say ‘shh’.

The future royal then signed off the email with a jokey smiley face.

Meghan’s estranged father Thomas revealed last month that wedding guests were given a bag of marijuana. He, however didn't state if Meghan was aware or involved in this. Now, the emails claim to show for the first time that Meghan was involved too.

Sources told the Sun that Meghan's groom, Trevor Engelson bought the marijuana through a member of staff at their hotel. They also claimed that Meghan helped roll the joints and insert the filter tip.

At the time of the wedding in 2011, any possession of cannabis was illegal in Jamaica. It wasn't until 2015 that the laws were relaxed to make possession of small amounts a ‘petty offence’ and unlikely to lead to a criminal conviction.

Drama as lie detector exposes a bride to be's 5-years secret affair with another man in the presence of her fiance (Videos)

A bride-to-be found herself in a complicated situation after her fiance made her take a lie detector test which exposed her 5-year secret affair with another man who she met at the gym.

When the results were being read to the couple, it was revealed that lady had unprotected sex a few days ago with the fitness trainer.

While trying to deny she cheated on her partner, the lie detector experts disclosed that her husband-to-be hired them to secretly follow her around. While still trying to prove her innocence, the fitness trainer was then invited into the room where the couple were arguing.

The argument got a bit fierce. The fitness trainer started accusing the lady of playing him for 5-years while she was engaged to someone else. The confused lady can be heard saying she's in love with him while her heartbroken fiance stood next to them.

The video ended with the fiance walking away from the room after he demanded the ring he gave her be returned.

According to the Twitter user who shared the videos, he disclosed that the man got the ring back and broke up with his cheating partner.

Watch the videos below.

Her fiancé made her take a lie detector test to see if she cheating turns out she be getting raw dogged by another nigga ?— ???? ?? (@theosmoov) December 26, 2018

Pt 2— ???? ?? (@theosmoov) December 26, 2018

Pt 3— ???? ?? (@theosmoov) December 26, 2018

Pt 4— ???? ?? (@theosmoov) December 27, 2018

Pt 5 and follow ya boi for entertaining y’all TL— ???? ?? (@theosmoov) December 27, 2018

Photos: Man shot dead by gunmen in Ekiti state

Unknown gunmen killed a man at Ajilosun area of Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State Capital on Thursday.

The victim identified as Ayaga Adetayo,was said to have been shot in the head and stomach in front the popular Tosin Aluko Motor Park at 6.15am while driving along the Ado-Ikere highway.

His corpse had been taken to the morgue of the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti. An eyewitness narrated:

“The deceased was in the car and the vehicle conveying the gunmen hit his car from the back at that spot. He then alighted from the car to complain over the reckless driving not knowing they were armed robbers and the daredevil bandits opened fire on him and he died immediately”.

The spokesman of the state police command, Caleb Ikechukwu, who confirmed the incident, said:

“we have got a report about the killing and our men have swung into action. We are yet to know the identities of the deceased, but investigation has begun into the killing “.

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