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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Single vs Married: The Richard saga - the problem Nigerian females have

A lady who agrees with our millionaire CEO. She has more to say. Read below...

After reading the (hate) comments posted on the single vs married article, I could not resist the urge to air my thoughts on the whole issue(big shoutout to Richard by the way...the article was on point)
Despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century with advance development in technology and infrastructure, it's still so sad to see that people(especially Africans) are still living and thinking in an archaic manner(1800 type of thinking) especially when it comes to issues of relationships and marriages.
I laughed when I read some of the comments posted on the article from women because they are ladies who are not willing to learn.

Gone are the days where a man stuck to his woman whether she cooked or not and looked like beyonce or squidward. That was in the primitive era when there was nothing like a TV set where men could sit down and gawk at the kim k's and the beyonce's. The 18th century man was satisfied with the occasional missionary sex he got from his wife and his own self help(you know what I mean ;) ).
However, you cannot liken that man to the man of the 21st century who has been exposed to the likes of kim k's on TV, playboy magazines and undiluted porn! The man that has been exposed to various types of intercontinental dishes from various restaurants(be it burka or Chinese) who faces serious temptation at his place of work with females colleagues with ungodly shapes(the type that makes you sweat under Ac lol) with his libido working overtime! The man who is now a self acclaimed gym freak e.t.c(the list goes on and on). If after all these description you can still sit there and tell me that if he has unconditional love for you, he wouldn't cheat then my sister it is either you're high on weed of SUPERIOR quality or you are just plain stupid.

Let's put it this way, if your partner is given the opportunity to sleep with kim Kardashian, Do you think he would reject it because of the unconditional love he has for you(even when you're out of shape and lazy in the bedroom) I pray ooo! #lovegbakwookwu. Take a look at our parents for example most of them are miserable in their marriages(especially the men) think about it for a split second and ask yourself the silent question why. How many of you can swear that your father has never cheated on your mother(let's be honest) close to none actually! Pause again and ask yourself why? Yes your guess is as good as mine.

Every nigerian female is caught up in her own world where a guy comes and sweeps her off her feet and gets married to her in front of the whole world with his being faithful to her 24/7( hehehe fairytale) you need to wake up real quick..all those things only happen in a 3D Award Winning Romance novel/movie. None of it is really!

If you think that just because you're married,you can afford to let yourself go and your man would still be faithful then I am deeply sorry for you. For those of you who don't want to even go through the stress of doing the things stated in Richards list, just save yourself the stress of getting married because you are definitely not ready for it. Be like me!!(I am not interested in getting married...ITS NOT BY FORCE!).

To those who would actually take the advice given to them by Richard, I respect you a lot and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

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