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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Deejay Budetee A Must read By All EU Based Artists:

Exclusive Interview with Deejay Budetee
 A Must read By All EU Based Artists:
 Reason Why EU Based Artists are still behind!!.
 Many EU based Artist just don't know how they got it all wrong or what to do, many just go to the studio make music upload to youtube and Facebook, they sit down to write another song and call themselves EU based Artist. 
They hit the studio without making a dine from the first one, second single, third single, even their neighbours don't t even know them, not even one show or download links to their music, is been downloaded by Any deejay based here in Europe or Naija, thier video has less than Ik view.
 They borrow money to make beat, pay studio time and then do video, upload to youtube and wait for miracles to happen, they parade the street without a single performance either in clubs, bars or parties in Europe where they live, they send their music to a relative in Nigeria who turns errand boy for them, they want their music on VEVO, they want the Naija Based dj to put thier music on mixtape, they want to Blow from Nigeria but they have never visited Nigeria themselves since they left. 
On the street of Lagos to Abuja no one have seen them or heard their music yet they keep paying the supposed deejay and they live in Europe  they don't do promo here but want to make it from Nigeria! 
How is that possible? When you are not there, if you want to make it in Nigeria move to Nigeria, Dbang moved to Nigeria to make it there, you cannot visit Nigeria for two week and expect to make it just like that, you have to be there. 
They will not invest on deejays here in Europe where they live they prefer deejays in Nigeria who collect money from them without playing their music. 
Here in Europe we have known deejays that play every week in clubs, parties and Bars, deejays such As Deejay Ike Naijamostwanted, Deejay Notorious Marshal, Deejay Dynamite, Deejay Eddy, Deejay Nos Brown, Deejay Untee, Deejay Wal, Deejay Don Luciano, Deejay Mikey Star, Deejay Kings, Deejay ChuckyG, Deejay Martins, Deejay maxwell, Deejay Maxkings, Deejay Dickney Festus, Deejay 333ga, Deejay Blaze,Deejay Lanky MasterMindz, Deejay Darmix, Deejay Favour, Deejay Yemster Safiu, Deejay Hussla, Deejay Faith, Deejay Cudjoe, Deejay Locco, Deejay Timmy, Deejay Skoolfees, Deejay kingsley Idehen, Deejay Yemoo Adeniji, Deejay Kelvin, Deejay Okey, Deejay Roland, Deejay starboy Deemex, Deejay Sunny, Deejay Flexy, Deejay Timmy, Deejay Temix,Deejay 2miles, Deejay Cool, Deejay Budetee, and many more. 
Why not patronize these people to play your music?, What makes you think you are going to make it from Naija when you dont leave there?, who are the best people to get you shows is it the Naija Based dj that you have never seen or only heard of, or the ones you begged with your money to put your music on mixtape. 
Apart from promoting music with Eu Deejays, which other means they can promote their music?
They can also promote their music on Blogs ,Radio and Tv.
which of the blogs , Radio and Tv they can promote thier music?
they can promote their music in one of the outstanding musical website which currently even doing better than many other website in nigeria now which is , Young Blizzy Radio station and Africa Inheritage Radio in germany, Budetee TV, Holland.
They can contact DABLISS OR TONY AIR for live interviews.

You all live here in Europe, make yourselves known here first, build a fan base, get shows do more promo, forget about VEVO, Patronize the deejays, the promoters make them your friends at least if you cannot pay. Stop seeing EU deejays as nothing but hussla like you, if you think they are Hussla what about the Naija Deejays you are sending your money to? Even when music was hard dr Alban made it from Sweden and was known in Nigeria, Seal made it from London, Spicevision made it Spain, Jfroze made it from Italy, Manfesto made it from Spain, just to mention but a few. 
Stop saving your money and bringing it to Nigeria to waste, use the Euros here if you want to succeed in this bussiness get the right connections, when you make yourselves known here believe me Nigeria will be looking for you. 
There are those that are in it for the ladies, there are those that are in it to impress, but the serious ones that want to make life out of it, this is for you.
 Shalom. By deejay Budetee.

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