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Monday, March 6, 2017

Apostle Suleman accuses Canada based singer, Stephanie Otobo, of N500m blackmail

You have read Stephanie Otobo's version of events. Below is Apostle Suleman's version of events, sent in as a press statement.
A Toronto, Canada based female singer, Stephanie Otobo, is presently in the police net allegedly for leading a 5-man gang to demand N500 million from famous Nigerian preacher and president of the Omega Fire Ministries Int'l, Apostle Johnson Suleman.
A statement from the church alleged that the lady who claimed that Apostle Suleman was her lover and that he promised him marriage was found to belong to a cartel
Comprising four male members who were identified as serial blackmailers by the police. Stephanie was said to have been arrested about two weeks ago by the IG Intelligence and Monitoring Unit alongside one Wisdom who is said to be the gang leader. The culprits are said to be talking to detectives at the Force Headquarters, Abuja, on their involvement in the alleged racket.

Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo, according to the church statement, backed Stephanie and her gang claiming that the lady was his client while he allegedly insisted that the Apostle pay her the said sum.
On investigating, the statement reads further, it was discovered that the lawyer was sympathetic to the gang's cause given his desperation and open aggression to force their illegal demand.

Below is the full texts of the statement from the church admin department submitting what it said was the genesis of Stephanie's acclaimed familiarity with Apostle Suleman;

"In 2015, the servant of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman went to Canada to preach the Gospel. After the event, a lady called Papa and introduced herself as Stephanie Otobo. Asked what did she want, she said she attended the Apostle's crusade in Canada, it transformed her and she wanted to give her life to Christ. The man of God asked her what her job was and she said she was a stripper, that she danced naked at the nightclub. That was the first surprise. The Apostle told her bluntly that what she was doing was pure prostitution but he could help her out if truly she was ready to go back to God. Because it is of God to save and bless souls, the Apostle offered to help her.

Apostle Suleman prayed for her on phone and never asked to know her physically because that is his nature. He blesses anyone to whomever he is directed by the Holy Spirit. After the prayer, the lady begged Apostle Suleman if he could also help her financially in order to start a new job as she was tired of her dirty life as a stripper. The man of God asked what kind of job she wanted and she said she would like to open an African Store where Nigerians abroad could be buying Nigerian foodstuffs, vegetables and other local items. The Dollar rate at the time was N150. She was sent money enough to set her up. Later, she was sent more money because she had familiarized herself with the Apostle that she was calling him regularly and praying for him for his humanitarian help. She started attending places where Apostle held crusades. It should be noted that Apostle Suleman never met the lady one-on-one.

However, the servant of God begun withdrawing from her and ignoring her calls when during one of the phone interactions she told him that a part of her dirty past life included blackmailing men! In fact, she listed men she said she had dealt with in the past. At such weird confession, even a man of God would have a rethink fraternizing with a person of the lady's nature. Apostle Suleman withdrew completely from her right at that moment.

Surprisingly, late 2015, perhaps out of frustration, this lady devised a way to get at the man of God for shunning her. She met members of the Apostle's ministry and threatened to go to the media to expose their leader unless she was given a certain amount of them. When asked for what, she said that she was promised marriage by him and that they had introduction ceremony already. Such a mystery!
The questions now begging for answers are; where are pictures of the purported marriage introduction? Who are the other persons and even family members that witnessed the purported introduction and the pictures, and where and when did the purported introduction took place?
To answer these questions, the police have met with Stephanie's father, who was shocked at their inquiry. The old man told the police that he was never aware his daughter was in Nigeria! He also confirmed to the investigators that Stephanie had always been involved in messy stuffs while he said he knew Keyamo to be a controversial character.

Now, if anything, what is baffling to us is the involvement in the matter of Barrister Festus Keyamo who we heard that the blackmailing lady has hired to defend her illicit act. Keyamo is known to be a controversial lawyer and we have found out that he was threatening to pursue the case which in its entirety is a hoax. Besides, while investigating the lady after her plan to extort the man of God, it was discovered that the lady had a connection with Keyamo.

Also, recorded voices of Stephanie and Wisdom revealed that the gang has a link with the dreaded Boko Haram because the gang had earlier threatened to unleash Boko Haram on Apostle Suleman should he refuse to release the N500 million to them."

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